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Chapter 84 A close call


Tian Yuan handed the child over to the deputy team leader and gently pushed him away when he wanted to accompany him.


"I want to make certain that Pan Lei is safe.

Please accompany him down."


Tian Yuan spoke quietly to the deputy leader.

There were patients, doctors, and nurses present.

How could he have been the only one to leave


The deputy team leader smiled.

Indeed, Devil Pan and his wife were madly in love.

They wanted to live and die together.

If one party was in danger, the other would be concerned.

There would be no problems with Devil Pan right there.

Although the deputy knew that if he didn't take Tian Yuan away, Pan Lei would become enraged, he was sympathetic to the couple's love.


He hugged the baby and didn't say much.


Tian Yuan hid near the elevator, trying to remain silent so that Pan Lei would not notice him.

He'd be pissed off if that happened.


Pan Lei assumed Tian Yuan had gone downstairs, releasing him from his shackles and allowing him to play as he pleased.


As soon as the assailant saw Dr.

Li, he went insane.

She was the murderer.

His wife's treatment would not have been delayed or she would not have died if it hadn't been for her! He wished he could blow the damned woman up and bury her alongside his wife!


"You push her over! I want to kill her, I must kill her!"


When Dr.

Li saw the explosives on the assailant's waist, as well as the detonator and lighter in his hands, she cried out and clung desperately to Pan Lei.


"If I go over, he will kill me, he will definitely kill me! Please, don't push me over!"


Pan Lei really wanted to kill this loud mouth.

Was it only now that she was afraid Why didn't she consider the patients' families at the time


"Don't wipe your tears and snot on my body; it's disgusting.

Didn't you fight Tian Yuan with all your might Things have progressed to this point entirely due to your actions.

You're scared now Why didn't you consider them when you cold-bloodedly destroyed a family He is too soft.

If you treat me this way, I will kill your whole family.

Damn, dead woman, you deserve to die!"


Pan Lei pushed Doctor Li away so she wouldn't rub her snot and tears on him.

He was able to eat Tian Yuan's leftovers, and he and Tian Yuan competed for the food in his mouth.

However, this woman made him ill.

Even the smell of her perfume made him disgusted, let alone her character.


"Hey, I don't care if you kill her.

Killing her is good, extorting her is also good.

I don't care if you blow her to pieces.

But first, you should let these people go, right They are innocent.

You want to exact vengeance on this damned woman, right Aren't you afraid that if you implicate them, someone's family will exact revenge on your son Will they not seek retaliation as well Let's strike a deal.

Allow the crowd behind you to disperse, and I will bring them down immediately.

I'll ask my team to keep the police busy for a half-hour.

What do you think You're free to do whatever you want with her.

How about it Half an hour is enough for you to kill her twenty times."


The assailant did not hesitate at all.

As long as he got Dr.

Li, as long as she was killed, the rest could be ignored.


He stood aside and let the person behind leave quickly without any delay.


Pan Lei kept his word.

When the last patient left, he yanked Dr.

Li's arm away from him.


"Don't hold me.

If my family’s Tian'er sees it, he might misunderstand.

Go away.

Pay for what you owe."


"I won't go, I won't go, he will kill me!"



Li's head was about to shake off.

She clung to Pan Lei, not daring to take a step forward.


Pan Lei shoved her forward and then kicked her from behind.

He'd been wanting to kick her for a long time.

He finally got his chance today.


Doctor Li stumbled and was grabbed by the assailant.

His eyes turned red, and he burst out laughing, tightly clutching her arm.


"Like I said, if anything happens to my wife, I will bury you alongside her! You enjoy messing with other people’s lives, right You destroyed my family.

Now you will pay for my wife's life.

I'm going to strangle you and blow you up.

I want to kill you!"


The assailant did not follow Pan Lei's rule of not hitting women.

He slapped Dr.

Li several times, causing her nose and mouth to bleed.


Pan Lei remained motionless.

He was fairly upbeat about the show.


"Hey, I suggest you don't use explosives.

If you blow her to pieces at once, you can't appreciate her pain at all.

It's better if you carve her with a knife.

Oh, I forgot! You don't have a knife, right It’s okay, I have one.

I’ll give it to you.

Think about how you want to kill her.

Watching her cry, watching her snot and tears, watching her begging you, won’t you be more satisfied"


Pan Lei did, in fact, have a knife.

He was always armed with a self-defense weapon.

His cold weapon would not leave him even if he didn't wear his uniform.


He hadn't used it before because Tian Yuan was in the hands of the assailant.

He dared not to jeopardize Tian Yuan's life in any way.

Even though Tian Yuan was now safe, the other hostages remained.

He was concerned that the assailant would become agitated and set off the detonator.

The two dozen hostages would all meet their maker.

Now that everyone is safe, it was time for him to act.


Under the assailant's gaze, Pan Lei squatted down and drew a saber concealed between his trousers and calf.

This type of saber was carried by every special soldier.

It was 33 cm long, had a very thin blade, and a very sharp tip, and cut iron like mud.

It could be used to slash, cut, and stab.

It has the potential to play the most significant role.


He raised the hilt of the saber, pointed the blade at him, and advanced the hilt.


"Take it.

This knife is razor-sharp.

If you could easily sever a piece of her flesh.

It is extremely simple to use."


The assailant looked at Doctor Li, then at Pan Lei, then at the saber.


"What happens if you tie all the explosives to her and detonate them Will you be able to feel her anguish Don't you recall how she completely ignored your seriously injured wife Are you willing to let her die quickly Isn't it a little too cheap for her"


The assailant didn't hesitate any longer and reached out to pick up the saber.


Pan Lei was patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.

He slammed forward when the assailant extended his hand, grabbed his wrist and twisted it, grabbed his other arm, and twisted both hands to the assailant's back.

Then he kicked the assailant's knee, causing the shoulder joints to dislocate.

He was confident that he wouldn't be able to cause any trouble with both arms dislocated.


Pan Lei's actions were swift, fierce, and devoid of sluggishness.

In less than a minute, the attacker was half-kneeling on the ground, arms dislocated, struggling as he screamed.


Pan Lei pressed the headset button.


"Mission accomplished.

Send over the bomb squad."


Tian Yuan was shocked as he watched the events unfold.

How exciting! Pan Lei had handled the situation with such ease! He admired him almost to the point of death.

So brave, so capable, and so handsome!! That trick, that fast action, it was more intense than in Hollywood blockbusters.

It was incredible!


Pan Lei turned around and noticed Tian Yuan hiding on the side.

He was enraged all at once.


"You didn't go down Why are you still here Did you take my words for granted again Don't you know it's dangerous here"


Tian Yuan smiled immediately as he watched him approach.


"You're so handsome."


With a single word, Pan Lei immediately raised his chin, accepting his compliment.


"That's a must."


In his heart, Tian Yuan despised him.

This thick-skinned, shameless jerk was far too self-assured.


Meanwhile, the subdued bandit took advantage of the situation.

He probably wanted to put everything on the line in a life-or-death struggle.

He was able to slightly lift his arms, which had been dislocated, ignite the lighter, and light the detonator in his hand.


Pan Lei turned his head as soon as he heard the "click." He noticed the assailant smiling, the detonator was lit, and the fuse was rapidly burning.


"Let’s die together for my wife's funeral!"


The assailant was insane and only wanted to avenge his wife.

He wouldn't be able to die in peace unless he exacts his revenge.

He wanted these people to die with him, no matter how many people were involved!


Pan Lei charged forward, punching the assailant on the chin.

He knocked him out and he didn't move again.


The fuse wire had burned to the ground by this point.


Pan Lei leaped forward and grabbed the detonator.


"Pan Lei!"


Tian Yuan yelled.

It was about to explode! It was about to explode! Why did Pan Lei still want to catch that detonator He would definitely get hurt!


"Get down!"


Pan Lei screamed at him.

The sparks had vanished, and the fire had entered the detonator, where it was about to explode in the next second.


Tian Yuan couldn't stop himself.

He chased Pan Lei because he couldn't stand by and watch him get hurt.

He could see the detonator exploding in Pan Lei's hand and injuring him.

No, no, no, he had to save Pan Lei.

He wouldn't let him get hurt.


Pan Lei swiped the window open and threw out the detonator.

It exploded in mid-air with a bang as soon as it was thrown out.

The glass shattered, and glass fragments flew everywhere.

Many things shattered as a result of the shockwave.


Pan Lei lunged at Tian Yuan and tackled him to the ground.

He clung to his head and wouldn't let go.

He didn't let any glass hit him.

He wrapped his body around him, making sure he didn't get any wounds.


'Pan Lei, Pan Lei, are you hurt That was extremely dangerous! It was about to blow up.

Why did you continue to pick it up Why didn't you just let it blow up Please don't get hurt.

Please don’t have any wounds.

I’m a doctor.

Not a savior, nor Hua Tuo[1] who rose from the dead[2], nor Yama[3].

Don't do anything dangerous in front of me.

Please don't put your life in jeopardy for the rest of your life, okay I can't stand it, I can't stand you getting hurt.

I dare not think your life is in danger, but there is nothing I can do.

This kind of scene, this kind of danger, I never want to see again.

I can't stand hearing about you in any dangerous situation.


I am afraid that if you go on a mission, you will never return.

I'm terrified you'll get hurt.

We should love once and for all since we are together.

This life is about growing old together, not leaving in the middle.'


Tian Yuan listened to his heartbeats while his face was buried in Pan Lei's arms.

All he could do was clutch his clothes and close his eyes.

He shivered as he saw Pan Lei holding the detonator again.


Pan Lei simply patted him on the back for comfort.


"It's okay, it's okay."


[1] A famous doctor at the end of Han Dynasty.

[2] Idiom: an unexpected recovery.

[3] King of Hell.


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