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Chapter 82 Kidnapped


He looked ferocious with his red eyes.

The dereliction of duty by the hospital doctor had resulted in the patient’s death, and her husband went crazy.

No one expected this matter to be so serious.


The surgical ward was on the fourth floor.

All the surgeons’ offices and wards were located there.

All together, there were 20-30 people on the floor.

If the explosives blew up the building, everyone would be buried together with the assailant.


There were only two exits.

One was the emergency staircase and the other was the elevator.

Tian Yuan looked at the stairs.

They were too far away.

It was impossible to escape.


The assailant was crazy, but he was sober.

The moment he noticed Tian Yuan looking at the emergency stairs, he immediately dismantled a chair and fastened the doorknob with the legs of the chair.

Now, there were no other escape routes, only the elevator.


"I don't want anything else.

As long as you call out that b***h, I will let you go.

It is all her fault.

She repeatedly delayed time and treatment causing my wife to die so miserably.

I want her to pay for it!"


The assailant’s hands shook as he yelled at them.


"Call out that b***h, call her out!"


A nurse leaning against the wall was so scared that she almost cried.

She was just a girl in her early twenties.

She had never faced this kind of situation.


"Doctor Li is off work, please let us go."


"If she doesn't come out, I won't let you go."


The assailant had made up his mind.

He wanted that woman to be buried with his wife.

He blamed her.

Of course he blamed her.

If it weren't for her, his home would still be so happy and warm.

It was destroyed by that woman, and he would never get it back.


"All of you go and stand in that corner.

Come on, move!"


He pointed to the corner.

It was a somewhat remote corner, right in front of the elevator, but away from it.

The doctors, nurses and patients were all driven to that corner.

Tian Yuan was anxious and a little scared.

He glanced out the window.

Where was that jerk Pan Lei He said he would be there in ten minutes.

Did the hospital know about the hostage situation in the surgery department Did anyone call the police There were so many people.

No one would die, right


It was that mistress Dr.

Li’s fault.

If not for that damned woman, they wouldn't be implicated.

Hadn’t the dean claimed that he would deal with it impartially Well then, if they didn't give a satisfactory answer, it was going to cost 20-30 people their lives.


The assailant was sobbing.

He watched all the innocent doctors and patients who were implicated, who also had tears in their eyes.


He held the detonator in one hand and the lighter in the other, trembling as he cried.


"My wife and I were neighbors.

We grew up together and have never been separated.

We had a very happy life.

Whether in kindergarten or university, we were together in the same class.

We got married when we graduated from university and lived happily.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.

We decided to go shopping to buy gifts today.

But she had an accident.

It’s all her fault.

If she hadn’t toyed with a life in her anger, my wife wouldn’t have died.

She is dead.

What should I do What about our child We had promised to grow old together.

Give her back to me! Give her back to me!"


The man deeply loved his wife.

He couldn’t bear her sudden death.

Everyone felt sad for the man.

A good loving couple had been sundered forever by the deep chasm of life and death.

Was it fate, or was it man-made Everyone knew the answer.

Even if the treatment had started five minutes early, they wouldn't blame themselves so much.

Even if the result was the same, they would accept it.

However, Dr.

Li had refused to treat the patient.

For this ridiculous reason, a family was broken, and the couple who had promised to accompany each other till their old age had been separated.


In this turbulent society, such a pure and simple love was really rare and precious.

As per the blessings, they should have loved for a hundred years, so that everyone could witness the existence of their love.

But now, his world had collapsed, forever alone.

Having been together for so many years, the man couldn’t take this severe blow.


Some nurses had red eyes, while Tian Yuan could only sigh.

Position and wealth were intangible like smoke.

He only wished to be at peace and stay together(with his lover) until his head was white.


If the assailant had a smidgen less love for his wife, he would not have gone overboard like this.

His resentment was hard to dissipate, his hatred too deep.

He wanted Doctor Li to pay for his wife’s death.


The assailant wiped his tears.


"I won't kill you.

I just want her to show up and pay for my wife’s death!"


"Calm down.

Our hospital was negligent and the doctor was heartless.

But you can't involve the innocent.

These patients shouldn’t be frightened.

Please let the patients go."


Tian Yuan was the deputy director, and the surgery department was hijacked, so he had to stand up for them.

The patients and the young nurse were utterly terrified.


"Don't talk too much, I am anxious.

I, I can do anything.

Shut up, squat there and don't move."


Tian Yuan didn't dare to speak any more.

The assailant was really anxious.

It would be unsafe for him if he blamed him.

Tian Yuan squatted in the corner and looked out, wondering, “What about Pan Lei Why isn't he here yet”




As soon as Pan Lei entered the hospital, he saw the police car come in with a vroom.

They were from the special police forces[1].

Pan Lei frowned.

What happened Why did the police surround the hospital It was also cordoned off.


Pan Ge also appeared quickly, frowning when he saw Pan Lei.


"You also received the call for help Did Tian Yuan tell you"


Once anything concerned Tian Yuan, Pan Lei would immediately become anxious.


"What's the matter Did something happen to Tian Yuan He called me ten minutes ago saying he was getting off work."


"A few minutes ago, we received the report.

A young nurse was scared into crying, and said that the fourth floor surgical ward was hijacked by a patient’s family member.

That patient died in the hospital and now he is threatening to bomb the entire hospital out of anger.

According to eyewitnesses the assailant is strapped with explosives, with a detonator and a lighter in his hands.

There are around 25 doctors, nurses and patients in the surgical ward."


"Shit! Damn him! Tian Yuan is still inside.

If he dares to harm a single hair on Tian Yuan’s head, Laozi will destroy him!"


Pan Lei was completely angered.

No one could hurt Tian Yuan, not even a single strand of hair.

Regardless of the reason, Tian Yuan was held as a hostage.

He couldn't spare this person.


He took out his cell phone and called Tian Yuan.

The moment it rang, Tian Yuan quickly took out his phone.


Seeing the caller's name, he quickly answered the phone.


"Pan Lei, save..."


He hadn’t finished the sentence, when the assailant rushed over and snatched the phone.


"No calls!"


He broke the phone with a snap.


Pan Lei heard that one word, and knew that Tian Yuan was also one of the hostages trapped inside.


Threatening the lives of special forces personnel was to seek death.

He would blast off this person's head.

How dare he threaten and yell at Tian Yuan! He had scared Tian Yuan, right Unforgivable! Absolutely unforgivable.


"Pan Lei, don't be impulsive.

SWAT is here.

They will be able to rescue everyone soon."


What Pan Ge was afraid of was that Pan Lei would be impulsive and break in single-handedly.

The internal situation was not clear.

It was too dangerous for him to go in alone.


"Nonsense! My family’s in there and you are telling me not to be impulsive I want to tear him up."


Pan Lei directly called the Special Forces Operation Squadron, which was the operation squadron under his jurisdiction.

They went to the border to sweep bandits, went to the Golden Triangle[2] to fight drug lords, and went deep behind the enemy line to assassinate them.

He couldn’t wait around doing nothing.

He didn’t trust SWAT, he only trusted the special forces trained by him.


"There’s an assailant in the City No.

1 Hospital with dynamite strapped to him holding hostages.

My family is one of the hostages.

Come over quickly to help me save people."


The special forces were fast and skillful, and rescuing the hostages would be foolproof.

Even if he was angry, he couldn’t bet on Tian Yuan's life.


Even if the troops were mobilized privately, he would rather face the punishment, then take the risk of being unable to rescue his Tian Yuan.

He had to be rescued unscathed.


"Get me the map and the floor plan, and also find the dean for me.

What is the assailant’s demand Does he want money or revenge"


"The assailant only wants Doctor Li.

It is said that Dr.

Li's delay caused his wife to lose her life."


Pan Lei slammed the car hood, causing a dent the size of his fist.


"That damned woman! Tie her up as well.

This entire fiasco is because of that s**t.

This kind of woman should be cut into pieces.

Brother, you get people to clear the scene and take away all the people who are here to watch the excitement.

Clear everything up to 500 meters.

I will handle this situation.

As long as your police maintain order, my people will come over and organize the rescue.

I guarantee that everyone will be unharmed."


Pan Lei completely emptied the area of SWAT.

Now, he was in charge of the overall situation.

Pan Ge retreated.

No matter how capable SWAT was, it was better to let the special forces take over everything.


The speed of the special forces was much faster than that of SWAT.

Pan Lei made the phone call and was busy studying the floor plan.

At this time, the special forces car arrived with screeching tires.

As soon as the door opened, 20-30 people wearing camouflage field uniforms jumped out.

They were the Armed special forces.


Pan Lei clapped his hands, and the special forces team moved closer to him.


"My family is inside.

I have to rescue him at all costs.

The assailant has explosives on him, and the situation is a bit complicated.

One person from the bomb squad will follow me, and the deputy team leader will direct the overall operation.

Tell the sniper to get into position.

Remember, don’t shoot if you don’t have to.

Rescue team will be ready to break the window at any time.

I will go up to check the situation.

Wait for my signal.

Also, deputy team leader, remember, when that mistress Li arrives, send her to me immediately.

The reconnaissance team will investigate the situation of all the relatives of the assailant.

Get his parents, and any women and children in the family.

This son-of-a-b***h has threatened me with my family, and I will threaten him with his close relatives to see who is more ruthless."


This assailant had touched Pan Lei’s raw nerve.

Doctor Tian Yuan was Pan Lei’s raw nerve.

No one was allowed to touch him.

Now that Doctor Tian was a hostage, Pan Lei was anxious.

No, it was more like he had gone mad.

He looked like he had been possessed by the devil.


Someone handed a bulletproof vest, but Pan Lei didn't even glance at it.

The situation involved explosives, not a bullet with a hardened steel core.

What was the point in wearing it


The team got into position.

Pan Lei entered the hospital.

All the patients, doctors and nurses had been evacuated, except for the two dozen people on the fourth floor.


The elevator went all the way to the fourth floor and slammed open.

The assailant’s muscles tightened due to the tension.

Tian Yuan looked over.

It was Pan Lei, right It was definitely him.


[1] I will use SWAT for this term.

[2] The Golden Triangle is the area where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong rivers.

The name "Golden Triangle" was coined by the CIA. Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent, it has been one of the largest opium-producing areas of the world since the 1950s.

Most of the world's heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world's largest producer.

Source: Wikipedia.


Pan Lei to the rescue~ 

I have used the term "assailant" instead of "the deceased patient's family member" in the raws.

I am sure you understand why

I was wondering why I feel as if I am translating all the time.

Then I did the math and realized I am translating three novels AT THE SAME TIME and posting SIX CHAPTERS PER WEEK.

Ahhhhhh....what was I thinking!!


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