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Chapter 81 Things get worse


The emergency room(ER) doctor helped up the patient's husband while glaring at Dr.

Li with gritted teeth.


"You are not qualified to be a doctor."


"Is Tian Yuan qualified to be the deputy director"


"I will start the surgery.

Once Tian Yuan is free, let him quickly help me."


The ER doctor spoke to the young nurse.

The departments were clearly distinguished, and the patients who were admitted to ER were treated by the doctors from the surgery department.

Since all the doctors from the surgical department were busy, the ER doctor decided to go ahead with the operation.

He had no other choice.

Time was critical, he couldn’t just watch the patient die.


The ER doctor was not qualified to perform the operation.

By taking this risk, he had jeopardized his future.

He could be suspended from his job and may be thoroughly investigated by the health department.

And yet, he couldn’t help but take the risk.

A life was at stake.

He couldn’t just sit back and watch the woman lose her life and watch as their family was broken.


All doctors were accustomed to seeing life and death, but it did not mean that they were cold-blooded and had no emotions.


He was betting on his own future, in order to save someone.


The ER doctor scowled at Dr.

Li and turned to leave.


The patient’s husband was at a loss.

He looked at the ER doctor who walked away, and turned to look at Dr.

Li, who was hale and hearty, and could only say some harsh words.


"If my wife suddenly dies, I will fight you at all costs!"


"You have found the wrong person.

If your wife dies, you can blame Deputy Director Tian.

His medical expertise is a scam.

He’s not proficient.

If he doesn’t have the ability, he can die."


The ER doctor went ahead with the preparations, while the patient's family waited outside the operating room.

As soon as Tian Yuan came out of the OR, the young nurse greeted him and told the story angrily.

Tian Yuan frowned.


"I'll go, he can't make this mistake."


The patient's family grasped Tian Yuan and begged.


"Doctor, help me, save her."


Tian Yuan didn't have time to comfort him, so he quickly changed the surgical gown on his body and put on a new sterile gown.

He arrived just in the nick of time.

The ER doctor was about to start the operation, a scalpel in hand.


Tian Yuan took the scalpel away.

He couldn’t let him risk his future.

However, that damned woman had to be expelled.

The hospital would not keep such a person, a scum with depraved morals and a loss of medical ethics.


When the patient's abdominal cavity was opened, blood spurted out.

The internal organs were damaged and the patient had broken bones.

These were not good signs.


The injury was too serious and the amount of bleeding was too great.

If the operation had been performed immediately, the amount of abdominal bleeding would not be so high.

The blood pressure did not rise even after 2 units of blood transfusion.

The liver was bleeding and in the end, the heart stopped beating.


Tian Yuan hurried to give first aid.

He performed CPR, silently counting one, two, three, and four, administering chest compressions one after another and delivering rescue breaths.


Everyone was waiting anxiously, wishing to see the heart beating again.


Tian Yuan sweated slowly on his forehead.

Ten minutes had passed, and the patient’s heart showed no signs of resuscitating.



Fifteen minutes passed, and the ECG showed a flatline.


Tian Yuan did not give up, and was still doing resuscitation, asking the nurse to quickly prepare an intracardiac injection.

The nurse looked at the instrument, saw that the blood pressure and heart rate were zero, and shook her head.


The patient died.

The half-hour emergency treatment could not save this woman who had lost too much blood.


Their family was broken, and her husband would be devastated.

Fate was impermanent.

The couple went shopping, and suddenly had an accident.

Yesterday, they were together and in love; today, they had been separated forever.


Tian Yuan took off his mask and sighed weakly.

This was what doctors feared the most.

He had desperately tried to rescue the patient, but in the end, still could not manage to save her life.

He was just a doctor, unable to defeat death.


"The delay was too long and the amount of bleeding was too great.

If she had been taken in a little earlier, she might not have died."


Tian Yuan felt that he couldn't face the man outside the operating room.

His feelings were so deep, but his wife died.

On the one hand, the injury was serious, but the bigger reason was the doctor's delay.

As a doctor, he felt he was a failure.


Everyday people die in the hospital, leaving behind their crying family members.

But this woman was too young.

Her family could not recover from this loss.


However, the fault lay with Dr.


He had to inform the dean immediately about this matter.

He wanted to expel this woman.

Even if he had to bet on his title of deputy director, he would rather fight the director to the end than not do anything.

No one could be allowed to work like this.

This kind of doctor should be revoked of her qualifications to practice medicine, and she should not be called a doctor.

It was too embarrassing to be a colleague with this kind of person.


Facing the hopeful eyes of the patient’s husband, Tian Yuan felt very sorry.

He was really not omnipotent.

He was just a doctor, not a god, not Yama[1].


"Sorry, the patient was hurt too badly.

We tried our best."


The husband’s eyes widened in an instant.

All his hopes had been shattered.

His wife was dead and his world collapsed.

His wife, whom he had been with since childhood, could no longer grow old with him.


He sat on the ground with a plop.

He had exhausted his tears and wailing was useless.

He wanted to deny everything but he couldn’t.

On seeing his wife being pushed out of the operating room, the man went crazy.


He threw himself at his wife, hugged her, while howling and crying.


"Wife, wife, we have known each other since we were two years old.

How can you leave me behind after accompanying me for more than 30 years.

Wife, I can't live without you.

Wait for me.

I will avenge you!"


The patient’s husband went crazy.

He rushed away in a frenzy, his eyes red.

If the doctor didn’t waste time, his wife would definitely not die.

It was that woman’s fault, the hospital’s fault, and all the surgeons’ fault.

If the hospital management had been strict, there wouldn’t have been such a bad doctor.

His beloved wife had died, and he would go to accompany his wife.

But before accompanying his wife, he wanted revenge.

He would bury everyone along with his wife, especially that b***h.


The young nurse beside Tian Yuan wanted to call him back, but no one could stop him.

He rushed out of the hospital all the way.

No one knew where he went.


Tian Yuan asked the nurses to send the patient to the morgue.

He didn't bother to take off his surgical gown and knocked on the dean's door.



Li's delay had caused a medical accident resulting in the death of a patient.

This responsibility must be investigated.


The dean was furious.

According to Dr.

Li's work attitude, it seemed like they did not open a hospital, but a morgue where patients came and died one by one.

She had no medical ethics.

He called the director of surgery.


The director of surgery showed up with his bandaged chin.

Although Pan Lei was taboo, Pan Lei was not present at the moment.

He looked at Tian Yuan in dislike.


"Look at your good doctor.

She left the patient in the operating room, and refused to perform the surgery.

She asked them to wait for Tian Yuan to perform the operation.

Can a patient’s life wait Look at this disaster.

The rescue was delayed, and the patient died.

Is this how your Doctor Li works You call her, and fire her immediately.

I don't want this kind of person in my hospital!"


The director of surgery had always protected his little mistress, and even this time, he continued to protect her.


"Today she is on vacation, she shouldn't have gone to work.

She was off work long ago.

It has nothing to do with her delaying the patient's death.

This only shows that the doctor who performed the operation is not working properly."


"She is on leave Why is she still in the hospital if she’s on leave She ran away after an accident.

Does she have any moral conscience Besides, even if she is on leave and the hospital is not sufficiently staffed, she should arrive as soon as possible, and help the hospital.

She didn't do anything in spite of being in the hospital and watched the patient die.

This is simply not a human being."


Tian Yuan was so angry that he slapped the table and shouted at the director.

He wanted to quarrel with him for a long time.

This shameless villain even forgot his ethics for love and lust! Pan Lei had beaten him too lightly! He should have broken all his teeth.


"She was upset and said that she will be on leave today.

She tried to calm down before leaving the hospital.

Even if she did the operation, it would have been impacted by her upset.

She didn't perform the surgery to avoid a medical accident."


They were a pair of dogs.

How else would they hook up together They were simply animals in human skin.

They did not have even a shred of humanity.


"Tomorrow a criticism assembly will be held in front of the entire hospital.

I will criticize and admonish her severely.

If she doesn't repent, fire her!"


"Dean, that is a human life.

Can criticism and admonishment make that person alive This kind of doctor is no longer qualified to practice medicine and should be expelled."


"Deputy Director Tian, ​​you are making your move as soon as you are promoted, right Dr.

Li has a little friction with you.

Your boyfriend helped you out today.

You still want to cut off the core of the friction.

Being lenient with others is being lenient with yourself.

Don’t rush to kill."


The director of surgery had sworn to protect his little mistress.

Tian Yuan refused to give up, but instead let him hold the handle.


Tian Yuan slapped the table and was about to shout.


The dean raised his hand to stop the quarrel between the two of them.


"I will handle this matter impartially, both of you can leave."


Tian Yuan was indignant.

He pulled off his surgical gown, and held it in front of the dean.


"Dean, it’s a human life.

Her blood on my clothes hadn’t even dried yet.

The patient died due to negligence.

You have to give her justice."


Dealing impartially was complete nonsense.

The director had sworn to protect his mistress, and fought with him.

Causing a patient’s death was a big deal, but no one seemed to care.


The dean dared not say anything.

Even if Tian Yuan did a little too much, he didn't dare to say anything because of Pan Lei.

Furthermore, this incident was originally due to Dr.

Li's fault.

This doctor was really a scum.


Tian Yuan called Pan Lei while changing his clothes.


"Come and pick me up.

I'm so angry.

I'm going to get off work and go home immediately."


Pan Lei didn't know why he was angry.

Since he wanted to leave, he would pick him up immediately.


"I'll be there in ten minutes.

Wait for me."


Tian Yuan was about to get off work after he changed his clothes.

As soon as he got out of the office door, he saw the husband of the deceased rushing over with a lighter.

Everyone screamed and fled in fright.

Before the situation was clear, he heard the family member yelling.


"Stay where you are! Don’t move.

No one is allowed to leave.

If anyone moves, I will immediately light the explosive and everyone will die together!"


Tian Yuan had never encountered such a thing.

No one dared to move; Tian Yuan didn’t dare to move.

Only then did he see that the husband of the deceased had explosives tied to his waist, and held a fuse in one hand and a lighter in his other hand...


[1] King of Hell.



A twist in the tale.

I thought Tian Yuan would manage to save her.

Guess not.


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