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Chapter 80 A damned woman who owes death


Pan Lei's heart itched as he saw Tian’er smiling.

He took him into the elevator, immediately pressed the close button to prevent anyone from entering, kabedoned Tian Yuan against the wall, and kissed him passionately.

Tian Yuan was both shy and terrified, fearful that someone would walk in and catch them in the act.

Pan Lei's scorching kiss made him dizzy, and he could only kiss him back with his arms around his neck.


Pan Lei was ecstatic.

Since when was his family so well-behaved that he could easily kiss him It was truly a honey-smeared mouth.

Pan Lei became engrossed in their kisses, unable to let Tian Yuan go.


Then he kept pressing the elevator's close button until it reached the top floor.

He got sidetracked and touched the first level button before returning to the top floor three times.


Everyone in the hospital waiting for the elevator glanced at the indication lights in unison, watching as it traveled up and down for a long time without opening the doors.


What was going on It piqued everyone's interest.


When the elevator reached the first floor for the fourth time, the doors slammed open, ejecting a man.

He rolled on the ground, then triumphantly smiled at the person in the elevator.


"Get lost!"


Tian Yuan was panting heavily.

His cheeks were flushed and his lips puffy.

As he gasped, a bright red kiss mark appeared on his neck.

This bandit was like a monk (monks are vegetarian) who traveled down the mountain and wouldn't let go when he saw meat.

Holding him and caressing him, nibbling till his neck was numb, it had to have left a mark! He was so enraged that he kicked Pan Lei out of the elevator after pressing the door open button.


Pan Lei rose from the floor, kneading his waist.

He blew a kiss to Tian Yuan in the elevator as he stared at him with his piercing eyes.


"Wait for me to have lunch with you, honey."


Tian Yuan raised his chin.




On the first floor's lobby floor, there was a tall man with a silly smile.

That mistress was hardly the most attractive woman in the hospital.

His family should be the most attractive.

Look at that little face, scarlet with shame and wrath, at that kiss swollen mouth, and at that angry expression.

He was so lively.



Li was terrified and went to the director of surgery in tears.

The director of surgery was powerless as he had his chin bandaged.

He lacked the fortitude to care.

Tian Yuan had a strong support system, and touching him meant you didn't want to survive.


"Don't cause a commotion and don't cry.

You stated that he went against you.

I did not appoint him as deputy director.

It was the dean's decision.

If you have the ability, you can seek guidance from the dean."



Li realized the director of surgery was ignoring her as soon as she heard that.

She had a slew of complaints, but nowhere to air them.

Because a doctor couldn't run to the dean to talk, her tears flowed once again, and she turned and ran inside her office, intending to cry all day.


The little nurse took care not to provoke her.

She had a nasty temper and looked particularly awful today.


The other surgeons were forced to take up all of the work.

When women's tempers were aroused, it took time for them to settle down.

There was no reason to be concerned about her.


It was up to them to manage the outpatient clinic, a doctor’s visit, a ward round, or a surgery after consulting with multiple doctors.

It was pointless to try to reason with the sobbing woman.


Everyone was aware that Dr.

Li had a nasty temper.

On the one hand, she was the director of surgery's spoiled pet, and on the other, it was the connivance of these surgeons.

Someone should have slapped her in the face and admonished her while pointing to her nose, “If you want to cry, go home and cry.

You must be committed to your task when you arrive at work.

Don’t bring your personal issues to work.” It was certain to be useful.


As a result of her deeds, she deserved to suffer.


All of the doctors were extremely busy that day, and all of the surgeons had to do surgeries.

Tian Yuan ate his lunch quickly.

Pan Lei had hoped for a “see-you-later” kiss after lunch, but he was let down.

He had to gather his belongings and return home.

Tian Yuan was scheduled to have surgery in the afternoon.

He could only come to pick him up and teach him to drive after he finished work.


Would Tian Yuan be too tired Should he prepare a dish that nourishes the kidney and spleen for dinner Pan Lei trudged back dejectedly, pondering about what to make that night.

An ambulance approached him at that moment, the door burst open, and a woman in her thirties was pulled out.

She was drenched in blood and appeared to be gravely injured.

A man clutched her hand hard, his face pallid.



Wife, don't leave me.

Wife, look at me!"


Pan Lei gazed back at them as he passed by, praying that the god of luck would not separate the couple.


He didn't linger much longer and returned with the lunch box.

He needed to begin preparing dinner right away.

Cooking soup with large bones was extremely difficult.

It would need to boil for a long time before it was ready to eat when Tian Yuan returned home.


The emergency department doctors and nurses all ran out and took over the female patient.

An examination revealed that her ribs were shattered and her lungs were perforated.

Due to the spleen and liver rupturing as a result of the severe hit, her stomach had become a pool of blood.

She needed surgery as soon as possible.


"Inform the surgery department so that they can prepare for the operation."


The doctor in the emergency room quickly directed the young nurse to call the surgical ward.

The surgical nurse informed her of the following: "They're all doing surgery.


Tian has been in for half an hour for lymphatic lump surgery.


Wang is doing liver surgery.

The other two doctors are treating patients with early-stage esophageal cancer.

Nobody can get their hands free."


There were far too many patients today.

The physicians and nurses were both racing around.

Nobody anticipated seeing another critically ill patient at this time.


The phone was grabbed by the ER doctor.

There was no more time to waste.

If there was any delay, the patient would be in grave risk.


"Isn't Doctor Li on duty"


"She has been sobbing all day, from sunrise to afternoon.

None of us are brave enough to call her."


The ER doctor blew up.

Was it more necessary for her to cry or to save someone's life


"Go ahead and call her.

The patient is being escorted into the surgical operation room.

Tell her to be ready for the surgery as soon as possible.

 The surgery cannot be delayed."


A yell was directed towards the surgical nurse.

In reality, any hospital was always like a battle zone, with death all around.

You would lose a lot of lives and leave too many regrets if you didn't race against time.


The nurse hurriedly called Dr.

Li's number.


The patient's husband was the one who had been yelling at his wife, "Wife, don't leave me." His nerves were frayed, and he refused to let go of the ER doctor's hand.


"I beg you, save her.

I can’t afford to lose her.

There is still a two-year-old child in the family.

If anything happens to her, our family will be destroyed.

We finally got together and swore to love each other for the rest of our lives.

Doctor, please, please!"


The ER doctor patted him on the back.


"I’ve already called the doctor to have the operation done on her.

Don't worry.

Go to the surgery department right away.

Your wife is going to be okay."


These kinds of genuine emotions were uncommon, and no one could remain apathetic in the face of this man's begging eyes.

For couples who relied on and loved each other, one party's accident was the equivalent of their world collapsing.


The surgical nurse went to Dr.

Li's office and knocked.


"Get out of here, don't bother me!"


Doctor Li screamed from within.

She was enraged, and whomever called her would be reduced to ashes.


The small nurse was rendered speechless.

She'd been crying for a long time, and it appeared that she was still enraged and hadn't calmed down, but now wasn't the moment for her to cry.

There were patients waiting for her assistance.



Li, there is insufficient personnel; all of the doctors are performing surgeries; a critically ill patient requires immediate surgery; please proceed to the operating room as quickly as possible."


"I'm not going.

Isn’t Tian Yuan very capable He is the deputy director.

He should put in more effort since he is so capable.

You request that he perform the procedure."


Doctor Li was getting her nails done at the workplace.

Doctors were not permitted to have long nails.

She took a nail file, buffed her nails, then held out her hand to inspect them before continuing to file them.

She cocked her head, yelling at the young nurse outside.


Tian Yuan has the talent, and he was a role model for doctors who cured wounds and saved lives, correct He would have to work harder to establish his skills now that he had been appointed deputy director.

Then send him to the operating room.


"Everyone is really busy right now, and Dr.

Tian is also performing surgery."


The little nurse wished she could punch someone.

She wished she could grab hold of this shameless woman and smack her across the face.


"Then you should wait for Deputy Director Tian Yuan.

If he is unable to do this operation, he may leave the surgical department alone."


The little nurse stomped her feet and despised herself.

Why didn't she pursue a career in surgery at the time Why did she pursue a career in nursing She would not have come to meet this mistress if she had medical expertise.


"With a life on the line, how can you act like this"


"Then you go ahead and do it."


The nurse wished she could strangle the woman.

She turned around, hoping to find the ER doctor so he could inform the dean of the matter and dismiss this horrible woman.


She ran into the arms of the ER doctor as soon as she turned around.

The ER doctor arrived with the injured victim's spouse.

The patient had been pushed into the surgery room, along with the inspection report.

The nurses were likewise prepared for the procedure.

Why wasn't the surgeon present He dashed over to investigate.



Li stated that the patient should wait for Dr.

Tian to perform the surgery."


"Nonsense! Can this wait It's a question of life and death!"


Time was life.

Wait Should the patient wait for death Could she still be referred to as a doctor She was a beast disguised in human skin.


He slammed open Dr.

Li's door and glared fiercely at her.

Did she have the appearance of a doctor She was buffing her nails with a nail file, looking up at him calmly, and continuing to buff her nails.

She was very unconcerned.

She didn't appear to be interested in treating or saving people.


"This is a matter of life and death, Doctor Li.

The patient is unable to wait much longer.

It is your responsibility as a doctor to save the dying and heal the injured.

What exactly are you doing Hurry up and complete the operation."


Doctor Li, as cool as a cucumber, extended her hand to examine her nails.

People were yelling at her, and a patient was waiting for her.

She, on the other hand, was entirely unconcerned and refused to go.


"Deputy Director Tian's medical abilities are divine.

I can't perform this type of surgery; let's delegate it to Deputy Director Tian."


With a plunk, the patient's husband knelt on the floor.

If he hadn't been desperate to this point, a grown-up man would not have knelt in front of others.


"Please, I beg you, my wife and I have known each other for more than 30 years.

We've been friends since we were about one or two years old, and we've never been apart.

We adore one another.

She can't have an accident.

She is everything to me.

There would be no home without her.

Doctor, save her and don't let her abandon me."


"Find Deputy Director Tian and make an appointment with him for the surgery.

I'm not on call.

My boss has given me permission to take the day off."


He wanted to pull her over and slap her big mouth after seeing her total disdain for someone's life.


WTF! I had spinal surgery and had to stay in the hospital for one month.

I would have lost my ability to walk if it hadn't been for my neurosurgeon and physiotherapy.

It was so serious that, despite the operation, I've been barred from doing anything that puts pressure on my lower spine for the rest of my life.

This portrayal is very off-putting to me.

I am sure no doctor will behave like this in real life. I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction I am probably being oversensitive, but Dr.

Li's callous characterization bugs me a lot.  


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