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Chapter 08: Shameless

“Ah, someone jumped!”

A loud exclamation came from behind.

With a doctor’s instinct, Tian Yuan quickly turned around in response.

But seriously, committing suicide in the hospital Isn’t this an obvious reproach for somebody in the hospital

When he turned around, he saw a dark shadow that quickly swept down, and his heart also dropped in sync with the downward movement.

The medical treatment building is ten stories high, and if you jumped off from it, you’ll surely break into pieces like a smashed watermelon.

He quickly ran to the scene of the accident.

He is a doctor.

He has an instinct to save life.

“Jumped off from the fourth floor He will not die.

Even when he heard what the other people were saying, Tian Yuan’s footsteps did not come to a halt.

Will not die Jumping off from the fourth floor is not dangerous! Not only will he fall to his death but also, his end will definitely be tragic.

Getting a fractured bone is not funny either.

Looking at the lively onlookers who have surrounded the hospital, Tian Yuan also followed up and saw the little nurse straining her neck to shout: “Prepare the stretchers! Call orthopedics and prepare for surgery!”

Pan Lei, however, was a special forces soldier.

Jumping off from the fourth floor was a piece of cake for him.

As he was descending, he took advantage of the momentum to hit the ground with his back first, then immediately rolled to his side and thus, eliminating the impact of falling down.

Compared to landing on the ground with your legs, this move was surprisingly effective.

Once he rolled, he immediately stood up right after. {T/N: If you are curious on how Pan Lei survived the fall, click here. }

Pan Lei clapped his hands and stood up unscathed.

At this time, Tian Yuan had also rushed forward.

He was thinking that he would see the patient with twisted bones all sticking out.

Who would’ve known that the crowd would give way to the ‘dying’ Pan Lei, who is now standing before him.

“Ya, what a skill! Jumping off from such height, and he still looks perfectly fine.

A talented person, indeed!” In the crowd, nobody knew who exclaimed those words but they’re all staring at Pan Lei with blatant admiration.

Pan Lei is also tall so he immediately saw his Tian’er when he looked around.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was looking at him with a stunned expression.

“Tian’er, I told you to wait for me but you just didn’t listen.

Must you let me do this kind of highly risky stunt Even if I get injured, you won’t even feel distressed.”

Tian Yuan gnashed his teeth.

He really wants to rush up and beat him good! Since he has the ability to jump down from the fourth floor and still come out fine, then he’ll beat him up until he gets a cerebral apoplexy, brain disability, limb paralysis, and then be incapacitated.

Tian Yuan keeps telling himself that he is a doctor, he only saves people, and not kill them.

So he better not see this bastard again, not even a glance; else his doctor image will all be ruined.

“Humph!” Tian Yuan turned around and walked away in big strides without even stopping for a second.

“I’m a darn fool,” he murmured.

“I should’ve ignored him even if he died.”

Pan Lei patted his clothes and chased after him and then grabbed him by the arm.

“Tian‘er, I especially came here today to see you.

Yesterday, I told you that I would be coming over to look for you today, you forgot Even if you forgot, I told you to wait for me.

This is not good, ah.

You’re still young but you’ve somehow turned deaf or have become forgetful.

This can’t be.

But it doesn’t matter.

I don’t mind you being deaf, as long as you know that I like you.

Hey, Tian Tian, don’t drag me away.

Where are you going, ah My car is in the parking lot.

This guy, you are trying to commit a violation, but anyway you have me as your backer, so it’s okay.

Don’t leave.

We’ll go on a date today.

Which bus will you be hopping on”

Pan Lei clutched Tian Yuan’s arm but the latter ignored him and headed forward.

Pan Lei feared that if he dragged his arm, he will not be able to let go and that would hurt Tian Yuan’s arm, so he walked by his side instead.

Tian Yuan is his baby, and cannot hurt him even a little.

He can fling away a 200 jin person with one hand, not to mention this kind of body with such small ribs.

However, this person is Tian Yuan, his Tian‘er. He must hold his hands before it is too late, that’s why he willingly jumped off to chase after him.

Who would have imagined that Tian Yuan, this closed gourd [1], did not even say a word, and just continued to walk forward and then looked at the bus information board.

Pan Lei stopped walking, then he extended his other hand and held his shoulder.

{T/N: [1] closed gourd – taciturn person}

“Okay, I was wrong.

I won’t jump off from the fourth floor next time.

I know you were worried about me.

Hey, my Tian‘er, this is uncomfortable.

Stop it.

Let’s go and eat.

I know a very nice restaurant that serves authentic food.

Afterwards, we shall go to the cinema and watch a movie.

It was said that the newly released “The Grudge” is very interesting.”

Will you watch “The Grudge” on a date His brain must have been thrashed!

Tian Yuan bowed his head.

He repeatedly told himself that he is a literary man.

He is knowledgeable and well-educated.

He went to medical school for five years, and he studied for two years for his masters degree.

He had received more education than others.

He is the hospital’s most mild-tempered surgeon.

He can not act rashly.

“Well What are you doing with your head down Lift your head up and look at me.”

Pan Lei, just like a little boy flirting with a little girl, moved as if he’s taking liberties with Tian Yuan.

He gripped the other man’s jaw with his thumb and index finger, then lifted it up.

He feels like dying.

He had not seen him for more than thirty hours.

It was so difficult for him to find someone whom he loves dearly and now that finally he was able to face him again, he can’t help but want to continue looking at his precious baby.

How can he not think so It is important to understand that a man who just had his first taste of love can be overbearing and foolish at the same time when he sees the person he likes.

In a split second, all reason blew off as the gentle doctor Tian Yuan slammed Pan Lei’s hand down.

Even if he couldn’t beat him, he must at least punch him.

“I won’t date you.

I don’t want to meet you.

I hate to see you.

You’re a haunting bastard! If you like me, then I must like you, ah! Get Lost! Do not appear before me again.

Be careful that I might anesthetize you and send you directly to the autopsy table! I’m warning you, don’t mess with a doctor! Just disappear from my sight!”

As Pan Lei looks at Tian Yuan’s face that reddened in anger, he thought that it looks much better than his pale complexion earlier. Even his angry look is so lovable.

He is really spirited and bold.

He dares to stand in front of the bus station to roar at him saying that he does not like him.

His courage isn’t really small.

They’re not a man and a woman who would quarrel like a normal little couple.

They are two men, and real men at that.

With Tian Yuan bellowing ‘I do not like you’ at him, isn’t this like telling the whole world that they are in that kind of relationship Since he is not afraid, then he must not be afraid of anything.

Pan Lei held the other man’s hand, and then he laughed.

“Tian‘er, I like you.

Don’t make a fuss.

There’s a lot of people here.

Why don’t we go home and talk.”

Tian Yuan swung open his hand, and quickly turned.

“Disappear before my eyes… beat it!”

Pan Lei took another step forward and grabbed his shoulder.

Tian Yuan was really mad that he wasn’t able to pay attention to traffic conditions.

This is the platform and buses frequently pass by here.

Tian Yuan yanked off from Pan Lei’s control and sprinted over to the bus route.

At this moment, a bus is rushing over.

The speed was so fast that it is charging straight to Tian Yuan.

For an unknown reason, the bus driver had sped up and the bus flew straight ahead.

The distance was only three meters away and when Tian Yuan saw it, the bus had come.


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