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Chapter 75 Kneel down and admit your mistakes


Lin Mu put on a stethoscope, listened to Tian Yuan’s heart and lungs, and then gently pressed his fingers against his rib cage.

He inquired: "Is it painful here Do your lungs hurt Is your lower abdomen hurting"


Tian Yuan made a shaky motion with his head.

He was only dizzy and weak.

The rest of his body was fine.

If Lin Mu insisted on knowing where the pain was, it was in his legs.

Pan Lei had 'massaged' them too much the night before.

They were swollen and had some broken skin.

It was, however, impossible for him to say this.


"The heartbeat is a little fast, there is no murmur in the lungs, the ribs are good, and there are no evident bruises on the body," Lin Mu said.


Lin Mu double-checked before carefully removing Tian Yuan's nightshirt.

He had to carefully examine Tian Yuan's shoulder.

He had to be very careful if it was badly twisted.

The hands and shoulders of a doctor were equally significant.


Tian Yuan remembered last night's action as Lin Mu removed his nightshirt.

His cheeks reddened, and he grabbed the shirt to put on.

Lin Mu chuckled, his gaze wandering ambiguously over him.

‘Ahem..., try to relax.

I am a physician.

I can't intrude on a patient's privacy.'


Pan Lei had left huge and little marks on Tian Yuan's back, neck, and shoulders the day before.

His bites left purple-red hickeys and tooth marks.

There weren't many marks on his chest because they had leaned against each other while Pan Lei spooned him from behind.

Pan Lei had gnawed and bit him, leaving marks behind.

His back was covered with small purple-red flowers that were in full bloom.

Pan Zhan, Pan Ge, Huang Kai, and Zhang Hui simultaneously nodded, their voices spread out, and they all shouted oh~~~ at the same time.


They all had the same thought, thus the responsibility was placed on ‘that activity.' In comparison to the typical absolute destruction, it was a good deal to instead ‘eat' pleasantly ah! It not only punished Tian Yuan, but also alleviated his lovesickness.

In terms of Tian Yuan's error, Pan Lei's rage must have vanished with a few words from Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan had to have been devoured completely.

His fever was probably caused by Pan Lei’s inability to control himself.

"What Oh~, we're a brand-new young couple.

If we do something, it won't be a big deal.

Don't act like you're a virgin.

You've all been through a lot of battles."


Pan Lei stood in their way, preventing them from continuing to examine Tian Yuan's back.

He was utterly shameless but Tian'er had a thin face, so he couldn't be allowed to feel bashful or suffer.


Lin Mu sympathized with Tian Yuan's thin-skinned face and did not request that he remove his pants for a thorough examination.

In reality, if he had checked, he would have discovered that the two of them accomplished nothing yesterday.

Even if they accomplished something, they wouldn't be able to communicate such fundamental concepts in simple terms.


"When you sprain something, do you have any medicine to relax your muscles and enhance blood circulation, or should I send you some You have a fever, so you should take some medication.

It's not serious, and it will go away after a while.

Abusing antibiotics is not a smart idea."


"I have medicine on hand.

I told him that I was fine, but he had to make a big deal out of it."


Lin Mu rummaged through the medicine cabinet for it.

Finally, he discovered an aloe vera gel and presented it to Tian Yuan.

He had a twisted smirk on his face, and his attractive face was slightly warped.

He was animated and appeared to be an indecent stranger in a white coat.


"Don’t be so intense next time.

This medicine has an anti-inflammatory effect.

You can apply it to the wound yourself.

Next time you should know what to do.

Remember to buy a lubricant.

There are several brands of lubricants that are good.

I can recommend some to you."


"Lin Mu, you are a doctor!"


Thanks to his white coat, he looked like a doctor who healed and saved people.

In fact, he was a dark and evil spirit.


"It’s a major diet for men and women.

You haven’t had access to a website for a long time, Leizi, so it’s not surprising.

But don’t be too fierce in the future.

I am a surgeon, not a proctologist.

As a result, I can't always treat him."

Lin Mu smiled arrogantly and smugly, his eyes swept down his waist and he smiled happily while touching his chin.


Tian Yuan had a strong desire to throw the aloe vera gel at Lin Mu and knock off the strange smile on his face: I truly want to thump the bed and yell.

What ‘be careful next time’ They were really a bunch of scumbags.

These scumbags were even worse than Pan Lei!


Pan Zhan and Pan Ge didn't chuckle arrogantly like the others.

The two brothers exchanged glances and nodded slightly.


Pan Ge dragged Pan Lei to the bed, right next to Tian Yuan, and then Pan Zhan kicked him in the knees.

Pan Lei was caught off guard and knelt on the ground on one knee.

When Pan Lei attempted to stand, he was pressed down on his shoulders, forbidden from standing, and asked to kneel on one knee.

Kneel before Tian Yuan.


"Kneel down, kneel down.

If you do something wrong, there is no shame in kneeling and acknowledging your mistake between lovers."


Zhang Hui whispered in Huang Kai's ear: "Posi'er's technique is quite good.

It appears that when he goes home, he often kneels for his wife."


Huang Kai looked at Zhang Hui very contemptuously.


"To be afraid of your wife is to love your wife.

I don't understand.

What's wrong with kneeling He’s your man.

Rest assured.

You can even let him sit on your head, let alone kneel to him."


Tian Yuan hurriedly went to pull up Pan Lei.

How could this work This macho man could kneel down for his parents, but not for him.

Despite the fact that he was only kneeling on one knee, which was nearly the same as proposing marriage...


"Remember, Leizi, there is no right or wrong between a couple.

You must put yourself in his shoes and consider him.

Blindly deciding who is right and who is wrong will result in a schism.

In that case, prepare to become enemies.


Who is wrong in this matter I get your point.

Yes, you are worried about his health and fear that he will not be able to eat well.

Your aim is to make him live a better life and be happy with you.

But keep in mind that he is a part of society, not just your life.

In your world of two, he is also a man, and his work is troublesome.

He loves his work, just like you love your army.

Tian Yuan strikes me as a tough man.

He suffered going to the countryside, works hard and conscientiously, is kind, dislikes competition, and is indifferent to the world.


Both of you are correct.

You want him to admit his mistakes and punish him, but your method is wrong.

If you have something to say, can’t  you say it properly Fortunately, you still remember that he is your person, your beloved.

Don’t take action against him.

If he was beaten by you and his nose and face were swollen, are you worthy of him Would you still have the face to stay by his side


This is a disagreement between a couple.

You can discuss it carefully.

You need to respect his ideas and support his work.

You can't monopolize power and practice hegemony.

What is the difference between you and bandits


He is not an outsider.

He is your family and your lover.

You are a couple.

You stated that you would not allow anyone to hurt him.

If others can’t hurt him, why did you run out to hurt him Think about it.

Did you handle this correctly Tian Yuan is tolerant because he cares about you.

He treats you well, and forgives you for your mistakes.

Next time, you are not allowed to repeat this mistake.

Make him admit his mistake, and punish him if he doesn’t.

But if this happens again, I’ll hang you with the help of your second brother and beat you up."


Pan Zhan’s words caused Pan Lei to hang his head in shame.

Initially, he was a bit aggrieved.

It was Tian Yuan who was wrong.

Why should he kneel But when he heard what his elder brother stated, he knew he had learned the right lesson.

He didn't think about this matter rationally.

He insisted that Tian’er disobeyed and fled on his own, but he didn’t think about Tian Yuan.

Last night, Tian’er was so scared that he cried.

His face was pale, he trembled, and his wrists were still blue.

He was a little cruel and hurt Tian Yuan.

He was reckless and frightened Tian Yuan.

The fact was, he was the biggest scumbag.


Pan Lei, who wanted to struggle and stand up, instantly stopped moving.

He hung his head and his shoulders fell, giving the impression that he was confessing his mistakes after being severely criticized by the teacher.

He obediently knelt in front of Tian Yuan on one knee.


"Apologize, tell Tian Yuan you’re sorry.

Be sincere while apologizing, and promise there will be no next time."


Being an older brother was not easy.

The younger brother was in his thirties and had done something wrong.

He still needed his brothers in dealing with the repercussions and apologies.

Pan Ge held Pan Lei’s head, pushed him a bit, and told him to do what their wise eldest brother Pan Zhan stated.


"Tian'er, baby, I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

I will never do anything like this to you again.

I didn't think rationally and didn't consider your views.

Please forgive me.

If you can’t let go of your hatred, you can bind me with a belt for three days, Tian'er."


Pan Lei blamed himself and was annoyed.

If it hadn’t been for his elder brother pointing out his blunder, he would never have recognized his mistakes.

He was a complete moron.

He grasped Tian Yuan’s hand in his and apologized sincerely.

He was wrong.

He was completely wrong, and he would never do something like this again.

Tian Yuan’s mistakes couldn’t be dealt with in the same way that the men under his command were.

Tian Yuan refused to admit his mistake, so he resolved it by force.

He was indiscriminate with his actions.


For a couple like them, there really was no right or wrong.

There was no such thing as a pot that did not touch the bowl in a couple’s life.

Can you investigate whether the pot knocked the bowl first, or the bowl touched the pot first Their situation was nothing but a coin with two sides.

There was no absolute right and wrong.

If one wanted to truly distinguish between right or wrong between a couple, it was no longer an argument, but a war.


Tian Yuan didn’t look at Pan Lei.

All the grievances in his heart poured out.

He was on the run and still Pan Lei wronged him.

He was frightened by him yesterday when he acted so fiercely.

While going down the mountain, he was terrified.

Fortunately, Pan Lei hadn’t gone too far.

Otherwise, they would really have not been able to get together.

Even if Pan Lei stalked or threatened him, he would’ve ignored Pan Lei.


And now, as he heard the Pan family say these things, all his grievances erupted.

He believed he fell sick and had a fever because of being wronged.


“Tian'er, don't be sad.

I'm wrong.

I won't do such stupid things again.

You can beat me if you're angry.

Don't be like this.

I am sorry.”


Pan Lei was a little anxious.

Tian Yuan looked away from him, but he could still see Tian Yuan's red eyes.

Last night, he cried in his arms, his face pale.

Pan Lei was a jerk, so he didn’t let Tian Yuan shy away.

At that point, he grabbed Tian Yuan's hand and struck himself, begging Tian Yuan to stop being sad.


Wasn’t he punishing himself by punishing his man Did Pan Lei feel good after making him cry, seeing him sad and hurt, pale and scared Pan Lei’s heart ached.

He knelt upright, stretched out his hand to touch Tian Yuan’s face, frowned, and apologized again.


Tian Yuan slapped Pan Lei’s hand down, then pinched his own hand in puzzlement.

His turbulent emotions eased a little.




Pan Lei finally realized his mistake.


It took him long enough.


I am out of my funk now.

Thanks a lot to those who bothered to comment (Sorry.

I couldn't resist the snark.)


Once I am done with the final blog changes, posts will follow a new schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy reading~


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