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Chapter 73 You will remember this punishment for a long time


Tian Yuan shrank his neck in an attempt to hide, but he couldn't avoid Pan Lei's motions.

Pan Lei squeezed his little Tian rhythmically while massaging, touching, and squeezing the fruit on his chest.

Their bodies were fused together, with no space between them.

Tian Yuan was trapped in a cage created by Pan Lei's body.


"You're upset with me, but why aren't you obeying I coax you, spoil you, and you still don't listen to me.

I told you not to go, yet you did.

What will you do if you are unwell and suffer You don't give a damn about me.

My training was finally completed.

When I arrived home, I wanted to see you.

You fled, leaving an empty house for me.

Didn't you irritate me I requested you to wait for my return.

Tian Yuan, will you never accept me as your man until I take you If so, I'll take your body today and we'll become a real couple.

You must have me in your heart.

I am your man.

You must pay attention to what I say!"


Pan Lei's lips extended to the back, nibbling, kissing, and licking once more, leaving a scarlet imprint on the skin he kissed.

His fingers were rubbing, tugging up, and pinching the fruit on his chest till it was swollen and erect.

Then he lingered on the waist, kissing and delicately licking with the tip of his tongue.


Tian Yuan became pale with nervousness as a result of the chill.

He had never expected Pan Lei to treat him in this manner.

He expected them to toss things and have a major fight, followed by a few days of cold war to see who could keep their cool and who lowered their head first.

When confronted with an opponent in a narrow alley, the brave prevailed.

Tian Yuan truly believed that whomever admitted his error first would lose and the other would triumph.

He had never considered Pan Lei's alleged punishment to be such a thing.

Tian Yuan's face abruptly became white.

His wrists and arms were sore as a result of his struggle.

Every time he moved, he could feel little Pan Lei greeting him.

Pan Lei drew closer, his breath heavy and heated.

It gave Tian Yuan the illusion that he was scorched, as if the hot breadths had melted into his skin.

There was a dense atmosphere of danger around him, like a tiger holding a rabbit in his mouth, making him shake all over.

He was nervous, thus it was natural for him to be upset.

He was uneasy because he felt a kind of unrest in his body.


"Pan Lei, let me go.

This isn’t going to work, so let me go!"


Tian Yuan yelled.

He was scared.

He was terrified of what Pan Lei might do.

He wasn't mentally prepared, and he was afraid that Pan Lei, in his desire, would take possession of his body forcibly.

He could only yell uncomfortably, "No, let me go!" Fear spread throughout his body, causing him to tremble from the inside out.

He wasn't sure if it was due to Pan Lei's touch or his own anxiety.

He could only shiver and yell.


"Let you go You'll never know where you're wrong if I let you go.

If I don't teach you a lesson, you'll run for the second and third time.

I must punish you today and make you remember the agony.

There will be no more blunders."


Tian Yuan attempted to shrink his body but was unable to do it.

Pan Lei's hands rubbed his body, caressing back and forth three inches below his navel, all while kissing on his waist.

Tian Yuan's body went soft, as if he were in a melting pot.

Pan Lei created strange feelings in his heart and body from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.

His fear and shyness were intertwined.

He was so ashamed by his own feelings that he almost despised himself.

Pan Lei had threatened him, and he was doing such shameful things to him, but he still reacted to his acts.


"I won't make a mistake again.

Pan Lei, calm down.

Let me go, let me go."


Tian Yuan felt wronged, ashamed, and embarrassed as all the ups and downs poured at him, as if overturning any logic.


Pan Lei had always been very nice to him, and he was treated as if he were a baby, just as Pan Lei put it.

Why was Pan Lei acting like a bandit who went up the mountain, forcefully robbing a pilgrim girl He was being haughty and unreasonable, and still cried bloody murder.


Pan Lei insisted he was wrong, but he was also victimized.

He was doing his duty as a doctor.

He couldn't do anything when Pan Lei had taken him away.

Going to the countryside was not a sin.

It was also an honor.

Was there a reason why Pan Lei had tied him up, threatened him, and still wanted him now His trembling was caused by the threat that could frighten anyone, the body that caused chills to run down his spine, and this wicked jerk.


"I'll give you something to remember.

I'm your man.

I am the head of the family.

This family's pillar is me.

You must pay attention to what I say! Say that you will remember!"


Tian Yuan bit his lower lip and remained silent.

Pan Lei said everything on his own.

Why should he suffer such a grievance


"How about not saying anything"


Pan Lei drew his hand back and parted the fleshy mounts.

His little brother, who had been saluting like a general for quite some time, promptly found the location.

Tian Yuan would never know to be afraid if he didn't give him a little brutality, and he would never regard him as the most important person in his life if he didn't.

Tian Yuan would only learn to behave if he gritted his teeth and gave him a lesson.


"I admit my mistake, okay I will no longer run, and I will absolutely listen to you in the future.

Don't do this, Pan Lei.

Let me go."


Fear gripped Tian Yuan’s entire body when the throbbing little Pan Lei struck his behind.

Tian Yuan understood that if he remained hesitant, Pan Lei would force him to do it.

The first encounter between them would be forced.

His heart would break, and all of his tender feelings for Pan Lei would vanish.

Pan Lei would no longer be the person he liked, but a true bandit who exploited the situation.

If this type of thing arose as a result of force and strength, their relationship was done for.


'Don't you see me as a treasure' Tian Yuan lamented.

‘Don’t you refer to me as "baby" Why are you behaving this way toward me I was so terrified that I cried and yelled loudly that I was wrong and that I would never make the same mistake again.' He didn't dare to speak louder, and he didn't dare to make a joke about the horror in his heart; he was terrified.

Pan Lei stormed in and ripped his stubbornness to shreds.


Pan Lei's movements came to a halt; he gnashed his teeth and stopped abruptly.

He pressed up against Tian Yuan's ears, panting for air.

He had stopped at the most vital point, at the gateway to happiness in his heart.


"Do you really admit you were wrong"

Tian Yuan closed his eyes, pallid as snow, his body and lips shaking, compromising.

There was no way to avoid a compromise.

Despite being wronged, panicked, and quivering in terror, he was afraid that his nightmare would come true.

As a result of this disaster, he clenched his teeth, and closed his eyes, tears streaming from the corners of his eyelids.


"I was wrong, I won't run anymore, I really won't run again.

Don't Pan Lei, don't do it.

I beg you."


'Don't do it, don't be forceful in this, let’s not hurt each other at this angry time.


Don't hurt me.'


For the first time, he truly believed Pan Lei was a barbaric soldier and bandit.

He was unreasonable.

He was overbearing and ruthless, and relied on his brute power.


Pan Lei touched Tian Yuan’s face - cold sweat on his brow, frightened tears, shaking body, pale face - vowing never to do anything wrong again.

Tian Yuan appeared to be terrified.

The lesson could not be overdone since it would produce a schism between them.

Pan Lei didn't want to hurt him, and he hated seeing tears on his face.


He hugged Tian Yuan, and when he was kicked, he paused for a moment before kissing him once again for comfort.


"As long as you are obedient and admit your mistakes, I’ll not punish you."


Pan Lei stayed still and clutched Tian Yuan as if he were a treasure.

Tian Yuan had accepted his mistake, and any punishment was over.


"You must be good and obedient.

I treat you like an ancestor and adore you.

I'm busy at work and sometimes can't take care of you, but please know that no one will hurt you as long as I'm here.

When you are unable to solve a problem, I will assist you in resolving it within a few days.

Believe me, Tian'er.

Darling, we're a pair.

We should value and get along with one another."


Tian Yuan sobbed in his arms.

He was twenty-eight years old.

An adult man was bullied to the point of tears.

He was enraged and felt wronged.

Pan Lei shifted his weight.

His little brother was still at attention and wedged between Tian Yuan's legs.

As soon as he moved, his little brother looked for a place to attack, located the thigh gap, and smacked him again.


"Pan Lei, don't do this.

Please, don’t."


Tian Yuan was terrified of that thing stuck there, which made his entire body rigid.

He feared that Pan Lei would rush in, pleading with him not to do it, at least not now.


Pan Lei teeth were clenched so hard that they were almost ground to dust.

Tian Yuan sobbed and pleaded with him, making him want to scream.

He kept a tight grip on himself.


"I won't do it.

We won't do it today."


Won’t do it He promised Tian Yuan, but his little brother refused to cooperate.

It turned purple.


Pan Lei spooned Tian Yuan, turning him so that his back was to him.

He leaned in close, kissed Tian Yuan fervently, and caressed little Tian Yuan.

"Let him taste a bit of sweetness.

I won't go in."


"Pan Lei, you said you wouldn't.

You promised me."


Tian Yuan was scared of Pan Lei’s little brother that didn't disappear and his frantic and intense kisses.

Pan Lei kept talking, promising him that he wouldn't go all the way.

But if he kept kissing and stroking him, would he be able to walk away


"I won't do it, baby, we won't do it today.

I promise not to go in.

Please, clamp your legs!"


Their nude bodies were entwined, Pan Lei's little brother was against his family jewels, and he was still frantically pounding along the thigh gap.

His large hand controlled Tian Yuan's legs, allowing him to position them side by side and tighten them to produce an area similar to the inside of his body.


Pan Lei's little brother retracted farther, allowing him to reach Tian Yuan's buttocks and enter the crease.

He would sometimes massage his entrance, which drove Pan Lei insane.

He tightened his arm and pressed Tian Yuan's leg with one of his thighs, letting his legs clamp his little general, kneading the wilted little Tian Yuan, making his baby salute like him.

He was quite energetic, moving in a rhythmic manner and kissing at random.


Pan Lei couldn't stop chanting, "Baby, Tian'er, my sweetheart," as the heat in his body rose again.

Tian Yuan finally believed Pan Lei’s words.

He began to grow accustomed to the fervor.

He yielded to the heat, surrendering under Pan Lei's lips.

His body softened, forgetting stress and fear.

Pan Lei’s hands appeared to be endowed with magical abilities.

He quickly assuaged Tian Yuan's concerns and unease, so all he had to do was stay with him and listen to his passionate remarks.

He listened to his hard breathing, felt his little brother move between his legs, and his abdomen tightened.

They erupted together.


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