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Chapter 72 Tian'er is washed like a potato


Tian Yuan’s hair was damp from the warm water, and his arms were still twisted behind his back.

He could only allow Pan Lei to assist him in taking a bath.


Pan Lei took a dollop of the shower gel, turned around, and noticed Tian Yuan had softly closed his eyes.

His slender body had a pale pink tint, coated with water drops.

With his limbs twisted and his head against the wall, he resembled an ink painting.

He looked like a poignant beauty who had been mistreated no matter how he looked at him.


Pan Lei mistook him for an actor in one of "those" videos for a moment...


Pan Lei took a deep breath, sipped some water, and reminded himself that this was Tian Yuan, not some random guy, and that he needed to be careful with him and cherish him.

'Fuck, I want to pounce on him and devour him...'


Tian Yuan felt drowsy.

He was utterly exhausted those few days, and after eating his fill, he felt sleepy after taking a hot bath.


"Hurry up.

After I finish cleaning up, I'd like to go to bed."


Tian Yuan mumbled, closing his eyes, and missed Pan Lei's yearning expression.

It was exactly what Pan Lei said.

He was so pampered that he took Pan Lei's service as his due.

Tian Yuan knew he was in the right, but he was tied up, so he couldn't take a bath by himself.

It was natural for Pan Lei to assist him with his washing.

Besides, he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep once he washed.

He didn't notice Pan Lei's expression because his eyes were closed.


Pan Lei appeared to be a famished wolf who had been hungry for three months during the winter and had finally seen a tasty meal.

He gulped when he saw Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was relaxed, but Pan Lei was as taut as a bowstring next to him.


Pan Lei hummed, his hand speeding up.

He couldn't have wicked intentions at this time.

He was a soldier.

He couldn't take advantage of the situation by looting a burning house.

Tian'er appeared delectable, his silky appearance the epitome of seduction.

He was dying to kiss him.

They hadn't seen one other in a long time.

It was quite natural to touch a few times.

After all, they'd known each other for so long.


Pan Lei felt compelled to act.

He had to do something.


He saw Tian Yuan's sleepy and casual appearance; he looked at his skin, which had become more fair and beautiful after being moisturized.

His eyes were drawn to the little red and delectable fruit on his chest, then to his flat tummy, and last to the little head buried in some scant hair.

Little Tian Yuan looked appealing no matter how he looked at it.

'I really want to touch it, rub it, hold him in my arms and shower him with care,' he thought to himself.


Pan Lei was a 30-year-old virgin who had amassed 30 years of excitement and strength.

It would not be able to calm down overnight once it had erupted.

His sweetheart was by his side and looked delectable.

Pan Lei desperately wanted to eat him, savor him, to leave his own breath and hickeys on him; he wanted Tian'er to be his - heart and soul.

His actions turned sluggish as a result of this thought.


Pan Lei was struggling to keep his hands off Tian Yuan.

He desperately wanted to touch him.

Tian Yuan snorted as he was ready to reach out and touch his lower abdomen.

He didn't open his eyes, only shifted his body—his arms were hurting.

He grimaced and fixed his gaze on Pan Lei.

Why was he still tied up by this jerk His arms were aching and his wrists were numb.


"Aren’t you an expert at taking quick showers Don’t you consider yourself a potato that can be washed casually"


Pan Lei could shower in a mere five minutes.

Why was he moving so slowly today Tian Yuan was dissatisfied as he rubbed the shower gel back and forth on his back without washing him.

He also forgot that they were in the middle of an argument when he gave the command.

He didn't need to peel off the skin; he just needed to wash.


Actually, the way the two of them fought was unheard of in the world.

Pan Lei didn't forget to cook and bathe him even after they argued.

Tian Yuan assumed that was normal.

If he had observed other lovers' quarrels, he would have realized they were quite different from other couples.


A master of the rapid shower Tian Yuan was right.

He was a soldier.

He couldn’t violate law and discipline.

Pan Lei took a deep breath and tried not to let his little brother stand up and become a general as he endured the burning in his lower regions.

He withdrew his ill-behaved hand, hastily cleansed Tian Yuan’s lower abdomen, and lightly washed his back, thinking in his heart, 'Tian Yuan is a potato.

Only a potato.

Tian Yuan must be treated as a potato.

Just wash it, wash it, wash it’.

He bathed Tian Yuan with his eyes almost closed.


In his heart, he loathed the potato for being so appealing, yet he couldn't eat it.

It was slippery, felt wonderful, and the skin felt as smooth as silk to the touch.

He was especially eager to get his hands on the area below the waist.

However, there was nothing that could be done.

He had to put up with it.

Pan Lei was about to burst.

He rinsed away the foam on Tian Yuan's body, wrapped him in a bath towel, and pushed him out of the bathroom, feeling suffocated.


Pan Lei inhaled deeply.

At the very least, he didn't make a mistake in the bathroom.

Then he began to take a shower, and he took it joyfully.

He washed for a long time—about 30 minutes.

When he emerged, his hands were wrinkled.

He couldn't explain why he took so long to wash his hands but he didn’t have to.

The reason was obvious.


It was impossible for Tian Yuan to sleep comfortably with his hands tied.

He couldn't lie flat because his shoulders had been wrenched for so long, and the pain was unbearable.

His head and shoulders were placed on the bed, and when Pan Lei emerged from the bathroom, he immediately yelled at him.

He wanted to sleep but was unable to do so.

He was furious when he saw Pan Lei.


"Untie my hands.

How long are you going to keep me tied up My arms hurt, and I’m unable to sleep."


Pan Lei ignored him.

He tossed away the towel, and lay beside him.

He clasped his shoulders, wrapped his arms around his waist, and turned over, allowing him to lean against his chest until he fell asleep.

He made sure Tian Yuan was comfortable while sleeping.


"Admit your mistake.

Say you're not going to run anymore, that you're not going to ignore me, that you're not going to defy the family rules anymore, and I'll let you go right away."

Pan Lei hadn't forgotten about their ongoing squabble.

He wanted Tian Yuan to acknowledge his mistake.

He had washed and fed this little rascal.

He must now admit his fault.

He was probably the only person on the planet who was so low and humble.

He was clearly not the one who made the mistake, but he still had to do this and that for the culprit.

He couldn't be cruel and truly punish him.

He just wanted Tian Yuan to accept and admit that he was mistaken.

After all, Tian Yuan was his beloved.

‘Lao-tze[1] taught us that knowing and fixing our mistakes was a positive thing.

Why didn't Tian'er see his errors’


After having a bath, his rage had diminished somewhat.

He'd calmed down a little bit.

The roots of his teeth were no longer itching as a result of his rage.


"Bah! I'm right, and you're wrong.

Am I not allowed to oppose hegemony There will be resistance where there is oppression!"


Pan Lei was not unconcerned.

'If you are obedient, it would be amazing,' he thought as he massaged his back and hair.

He was willing to wash his feet all day, not to mention bathe him.

But he refused to obey and was continually looking for ways to defy him.


"Then stay tied up.

When you admit it, I will untie you.

It’s not like I’m the one in pain."


It wasn't as though Pan Lei hadn't before tied up people.

Occasionally, the prisoners he had apprehended would be strapped for three days.

He'd bind Tian'er for three days to see if he admitted his mistake.


Tian Yuan found it was hard to sleep while tied up.

The more he reflected on it, the more enraged he felt.

He was rational.

He, too, wished to oppose this hegemony to the utmost extent possible.

Did Pan Lei believe he was a tiny sheep who could be bullied whenever he pleased He wouldn't know Tian Yuan was not someone to be provoked if he didn’t teach him a lesson.


Tian Yuan opened his jaws to bite the muscles of Pan Lei's chest and chomped down with a hard bite.

Pan Lei almost jumped up and shouted.


It was obvious “somebody” was a dog.


Pan Lei slapped Tian Yuan’s back, and the extinguished flames of Pan Lei’s fury rushed up again.


"Let me go!"


"Untie me!"


"Then you admit your mistake immediately!"


"I'm right, I admit it!"


Tian Yuan yelled at Pan Lei at a tone one tone higher than Pan Lei's.

Who was scared of whom Was there ever a tortoise who was scared of a hammer Why bother tying him up like this if he didn't have the power to argue This violent rogue, this bandit, was robbing his own family.


Pan Lei was used to spoiling this unrepentant rebel.

He'd never learn if he didn't teach him a lesson! Pan Lei reasoned that adding sugar to the stick would let Tian Yuan realize his faults.

How could he have known that this jerk would dare to point at him, be choosy while he waited on him, speak arrogantly, and confront him If the tiger didn't demonstrate his strength, he'd be mistaken for a cute tiger cub, right!


Pan Lei lifted his upper body, flipped Tian Yuan, this time allowing his back to face him.

With a sweep, he removed his pajamas and even his underpants up to his knees.


Pan Lei stripped as well, pressing his skin against Tian Yuan's skin and his lower abdomen against his buttocks.

Pan Lei's little brother became wedged between Tian Yuan's legs, the most delicate spot between the thighs.

What emerged was not simply rage, but also pent-up desire.

He'd put up with it in the bathroom, but now that he'd been provoked again, he was completely out of control.


Pan Lei has wanted to do this for a long time.

He wanted to strip Tian’er and devour him.

He desired to invade Tian Yuan's body and cause him to cry and beg for mercy.

He had planned to let Tian Yuan prepare psychologically.

They'd talk about it and take things slowly, enjoying the process.

But now he was enraged and a touch rough.


He pinched the small pink fruit on Tian Yuan's chest and squeezed it hard as soon as he stretched his hand.

Then one hand went down effortlessly, pinching Tian Yuan's little brother.


Tian Yuan was slow to react, but he was aware of the weapon hidden between his legs.

He broke out in cold sweat, urgently trying to get away from this insane man.


"You won't know how to repent until you die.

I'll teach you a little lesson today, and you'll understand where you went wrong."

Pan Lei straightened his waist, allowing the sword wedged between Tian Yuan’s legs to go deeper.

Despite the fact that he did not penetrate his body, he could feel his little brother rubbing against the underside of Little Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan desperately squeezed his legs, giving Pan Lei a sense of pressure and tightness, as if he was finally where he wanted to be.


"Damn you, Pan Lei! Let me go! Pan Lei, let me go!"


Tian Yuan’s face grew pale with fear.

He was well aware of what this meant.

He shivered with fright.

It couldn't be at this moment, it couldn't be in this kind of situation.

Even if it was done, it should not be done in a fit of anger.

If done in this manner, it was as if he were being forced.


Pan Lei was unconcerned by his threats.

He bit him as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

He licked his shoulders, nibbled his neck, and caressed his back.

His breath was scorching, and he couldn't keep his hands from trembling as he kissed him.

He wanted to eat the man he longed for.

He wanted to shower his affection on the man he had missed for a long time.

After seeing and touching his beloved, he now wanted to eat him.

He couldn’t wait any longer.




[1] Laozi or Lao-tze (c.

500 BC), was a Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism.

He is the author of 'The book of Dao' , considered to be the sacred book of Daoism.

And yes, he is the one being referred to when characters in CN novels refer to themselves as 'Laozi'.


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