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Chapter 71 Counterattack


Pan Lei entered with a bowl and a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

He wore an apron and looked ridiculous—imagine a bandit going down the mountain and robbing people while holding a dagger in his left hand and a baby in his right.


Tian Yuan fell asleep while muttering to himself.

Even though he was restrained, it was still a familiar room and his bed.

He mumbled at Pan Lei and promptly fell asleep.


Pan Lei felt stifled to death when he noticed Tian Yuan was asleep.

He was preparing food in the kitchen, still enraged, while this jerk fell asleep Why was he so hardhearted


He cradled Tian Yuan's head, placed his lips on Tian Yuan’s mouth, and exhaled the cigarette smoke after taking a big intake of the cigarette.

Tian Yuan coughed as soon as he took a breath.

Then Pan Lei grabbed his nose and jolted Tian Yuan awake.


"You just know how to sleep, eh After eating, go to bed.

I must have owed you a big debt in my previous life.

You irritate me so much, but I still have to serve you like my ancestor."


Tian Yuan looked away stubbornly and ignored him.

Pan Lei grabbed his waist and lifted him up, allowing him to recline against the headboard.

But, he didn't release his hands.

Just left him sitting on the bed, tied up.


"Untie me quickly! Tell me, how can I eat like this"


Pan Lei stood by his side, stirring the porridge bowl to speed up the cooling process.


"You still don't get it.

I won't untie it for you if you don't admit your mistake."


Pan Lei would never compromise on matters of principle.

If Tian’er did not accept his errors, the penalty would continue.

Cooking for him did not imply forgiveness.

He was just concerned that Tian'er was hungry.


"Get the hell out of here!" Tian Yuan glared at him.

‘Leave right now! Get lost! Never appear again!’


Pan Lei broke a piece of the bed.


"Don’t be noisy! I can't spare you.

Eat! Open your mouth!"


Tian Yuan glared at him fiercely, refusing to open his mouth.

What could Pan Lei do if he didn't want to eat and didn't open his mouth If there was no way to make him leave, he would irritate him!


Pan Lei took a spoon of porridge and placed it in his lips.

Tian Yuan locked his gaze on him but did not open his mouth.

"I'll force-feed you if you don't open your mouth.

What age are you You've retained your childish temper.

Are you so naive Are you really not hungry and don't want to eat"


Tian Yuan pouted.

Hungry Of course he was hungry! But he was also enraged.


Tian Yuan misjudged Pan Lei's tenacity.

He had the audacity to feed him mouth-to-mouth.

Tian Yuan bit the spoon and swallowed a mouthful of porridge, refusing to open his mouth.


"You might be starving, but you can't eat a spoon, can you Let go if you're starving."


Tian Yuan didn’t want to eat while biting the spoon any more.

He examined the gleaming white porridge, which he hadn't tasted in a long time.

For three days, he only ate cold steamed buns.

The first several days were filled with pickled veggies.

He was particularly eager to consume meat.

He was tired of looking at those clear soups and watery stuff.


"Come on, have some more porridge.

I repeat that you will not be permitted to visit the countryside.

Take a look at how much you’ve suffered over the last several days; your face is a little slimmer.

Can you handle that type of hardship Who will look after you if you get sick"


Pan Lei couldn't stop himself from nagging.

He was set to become the neighborhood committee's aunt.

He had the misfortune of falling in love with this jerk who continuously worried him.

He admitted to being concerned.


He scooped another mouthful of porridge and placed it in Tian Yuan's mouth.

Tian Yuan refused to comply this time.

He pursed his lips and stopped eating.


"Ancestor, open your mouth.

I’m personally feeding you! What are you thinking about"


"I won't eat porridge, I want to eat meat!"


Tian Yuan averted his gaze and declined to take another bite.

He wanted to eat meat! He wanted to eat spare ribs braised in soy sauce.

Not this kind of bland food.


Pan Lei had a strong desire to strangle him.

Did he have any idea he was a prisoner on trial He erred, yet he still demanded food like an arrogant idler.

Did he believe he had worked hard and deserved recognition He was already lucky he hadn't beaten him up! He still dared to be picky about food!


He locked his gaze on Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan returned his stare with no sign of weakness.

Whatever the case may be, he must consume meat.

He wanted to eat meat! He wanted it right away!


"Ancestor, you’ve come to collect debts from my former life, haven’t you"


Tian Yuan's head was flicked by Pan Lei in rage.

He couldn't bring himself to punch him and could only flick his brow.


Pan Lei returned to the kitchen and kept cooking the porridge before cutting the meat and sprinkling it on top to produce a bowl of meat porridge.

Then he located a bunch of green onions, cut them, and added them to the porridge, stirring and mixing as he did so, and tasting it.

It was delectable.

He returned with the bowl to feed Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan deigned to open his mouth.

There was no fish or shrimp, and while he couldn't eat meat in large mouthfuls as desired, it wasn't unpleasant.

He was stuffed after consuming two enormous bowls.

"Add some shrimp and coriander the next time you prepare it.

It’ll taste better than this."


Pan Lei wished he could beat up Tian Yuan till he cried for mercy.

This little scumbag who ate yet was still picky! What evil did he commit in his previous life In this incarnation, Tian Yuan had surely come to collect debts from him.


Tian Yuan glanced at him calmly, noting that Pan Lei did not appear angry, and his heart relaxed slightly.

He could smell his own body when he dropped his head.

He hadn't had a bath in three days and felt extremely uneasy when he got home.


"I'd like to take a bath.

Untie me!"


Pan Lei went back to the bedroom after cleaning up the kitchen.

He leaned against the door, repeating the same thing, "Do you know your wrongs Say you were wrong, and promise you won't do it again.

I will immediately free you."


Tian Yuan had principles as well.

Why should he accept his error when he hadn't made any He gave Pan Lei a harsh look as he struggled to get out of bed.

He needed to use the restroom to take a bath.

He was certain that Pan Lei couldn't just sit there and watch.

They'd break up right away if he could sit back and watch him turn on the faucet with his mouth!


Pan Lei pulled him onto the bed roughly and refused to let him go, but that didn't mean he wouldn't let him bathe.

He took Tian Yuan's pajamas from the closet before pulling him up and unbuttoning his shirt.

"How can I undress and take a bath like this Let me go! Hurry up and untie me!"


The smile on Pan Lei's face was pure wickedness.

It was quite straightforward.

He could still undress Tian’er without removing his bindings.


Pan Lei grabbed the shirt's two sides, and yanked them apart.

The shirt was ripped open, and after a few more pulls, it was reduced to rags and dumped on the floor.


Tian Yuan gazed at his newly purchased shirt, heartbroken.

This was the new shirt he purchased a month ago.

He only wore it a few times before it became a heap of rags Pan Lei ripped off his money!


"You jerk, tear your uncle's shirt! The shirt cost me 500 dollars!"


Pan Lei loosened his belt and drew his pants down.


"I'll buy you a thousand shirts.

I will purchase you ten thousand shirts as long as you are obedient."


Pan Lei coerced him into sitting on the bed.

He knelt down to remove his pants and everything else.


"Put your foot up." Pan Lei held his feet, removed his socks, then his trousers, and lastly his underpants.

Tian Yuan was now in his birthday suit in front of him, still upset over his new shirt.


Pan Lei thought roguishly, 'I’ll take care of Tian'er by helping him take a bath without untying his hands.'


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