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Chapter 69 Not admitting mistake, getting tied up

When they arrived home, Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan out, brought him to the door, and forced Tian Yuan inside.

The lock was released as the door slammed shut.


Pan Lei started taking his clothing off.

He was still dressed in camouflage.

Field trousers, high boots, a leather belt, sleeves cinched high to display his strong arms, and a black beret slung over his shoulders.

Tian Yuan pondered—how did he end up as a criminal being interrogated


"I don't want to pursue the matter about you sneaking away without notifying me.

I only have one question for you.

Do you realize you're wrong Do you realize why you're wrong Will you take the risk again in the future"


Pan Lei's rage would fade as long as Tian Yuan stated he was wrong and would never do it again.

Wouldn't the fact that he had Tian'er back preclude him from travelling to the countryside He couldn't go any further; everything else was simple.

Then Pan Lei would teach him a lesson and demonstrate who was in charge of the family, who had the final say, and whose judgment could not be challenged.

Tian Yuan must live a life centered on him in the future, talking to him about everything, major and minor.

He was not going to punish Tian Yuan if he admitted his mistake.


It was, after all, late at night.

Tian Yuan's chin was sharper, and he couldn't eat or sleep well these days.

He'd prepare a dinner for him and wrap his arms around him to sleep.

Tian Yuan would then resign the following day and begin work at the Armed Police Hospital at the earliest.

Pan Lei didn't make a big request.

Nothing would happen as long as Tian Yuan obediently recognized his error.


"I’m in the right."


Tian Yuan didn't believe he was mistaken, so why acknowledge it It was necessary for him to travel to the countryside for work, and it was not inappropriate for him to work at the city's No.

1 Hospital.

Pan Lei's arguments were absurd, and he was at fault for bringing him back.

He was convinced that he was correct.

He had committed no wrongdoing.


Pan Lei's veins popped as he clenched his fists.


"You still don't think you're to blame I told you that you couldn't go, but you didn't listen.

You've never taken my statements seriously.

I set up an excellent job for you.

If you are bullied, you simply bear it without caring whether you will survive or die.

Do you believe people will make a way for you Why don't you listen to me"


"I've made it obvious to you as well.

When I return from the countryside, I will still be the deputy director.

They're trampling on me right now.

When I return, I shall exact my vengeance.

I’m in the right, so why should I resign What is the point of going to the Armed Police Hospital You believe that whatever you say is correct.

Whatever! I'm not going to listen."


Tian Yuan raised his head to confront Pan Lei.

He was correct from start to finish, so why should he be punished Pan Lei was a real-life bandit.

That was his concern.

Just wait and watch if he dared to vent his bandit rage on him! When provoked, no one was easygoing.

Was he a toy that Pan Lei could pick up and keep wherever he pleased


"I’ll ask you one more time.

Are you willing to accept your mistakes"


Pan Lei was fighting to keep his cool.

Tian Yuan refused to repent and was eager for a fight, so he granted him a second opportunity.

If it had been someone else, he would have thrashed them at this point.


"I’m in the right!" Tian Yuan yelled.

"Did you hear it clearly I’m right!"


Pan Lei’s fury exploded like a volcanic eruption.

His anger surged up like lava, and white smoke could be seen above his head.


"Very well! You’re not going to admit your mistakes, and you’re not going to listen to me.

If I don't teach you a lesson, you won't know what’s good for you."


Pan Lei looked around for a rope to tie Tian Yuan up and hang him to teach him a lesson.

He was rebellious as a child.

His father used to beat him in this manner.

Tian Yuan must now be taught family law.


He couldn't find a rope after a long search.

He noticed the belt around his waist and took it off.

The copper belt buckle fell on the ground with a thud.


Pan Lei flipped the belt with one hand.

It’s sound was startling enough to make others numb.


Tian Yuan was shocked.

He looked at the belt and asked Pan Lei, "What are you up to"


The belt was three fingers wide and made from cowhide leather.

If it was used to hit someone, it would definitely break bones.


"What am I up to You'll know in a minute.

Aren't you a tough cookie Don't you believe you’re right I’ll help you think it over.

Come here!"


Come here Was he a fool to simply hand himself over Would he take the initiative to send himself as a meal to Pan Lei's mouth


"Come here, your uncle! Pan Lei, just try hitting me!"


Tian Yuan whirled around and dashed away.

He wanted to flee inside the bedroom and shut the door, preventing Pan Lei from entering.


Pan Lei strode to pursue Tian Yuan as soon as he observed him turning and fleeing.

When Tian Yuan dashed into the bedroom to shut the door, Pan Lei followed him and kicked it open.

Tian Yuan was so terrified that he dashed over to the bed, snatched up a pillow, and hurled it at Pan Lei.

The quilt and items from the bedside cabinet were next.

Pan Lei's shoulder was grazed by a slipper.

Pan Lei was really enraged.

He dashed over, grabbing Tian Yuan's arm and twisting it back.

Tian Yuan yelled out in agony.

When twisted back, anyone's arm would hurt.


"You won't know I'm the master of the house if I let you run, if I let you be rebellious, if I don't punish you correctly!"


Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's other arm and pulled it behind him.

Could Tian Yuan, a non-exercising doctor, compete with a special forces squad instructor Tian Yuan was subdued with a single grapple.

Tian Yuan's short arms curled to the back, Pan Lei's legs crushed into his lower back, and no matter how hard he hurled, he couldn't break free.


"Do you dare to hit me, Pan Lei, you self-centered show-off, you bandit My parents have never beaten me in all of my years of growing up.

We're done if you dare to touch me! Over! Do you hear what I'm saying We're done if you hit me even once!"


Pan Lei's hands did not stop moving.

He tied Tian Yuan’s hands and wrists with the leather belt.

Was Tian’er trying to break free Humph! He would find that even moving his wrists was difficult.


"Don't think I don't know about your mother beating you when you were a child.

We’ll be over you say Let me assure you that our relationship will not end until I’m dead and cold."


He stood up and pushed Tian Yuan up onto the bed.

Tian Yuan could only face down, lying sideways on the bed, with his arms behind him.


"Do you think I’ll hit you I can't bring myself to hit you, but if I don't teach you a lesson, you'll never know how well I treat you.

I must remind you and make you realize who has the final say in this household.

I am the family head and your man.

You must pay attention to what I say!"


He yelled at Tian Yuan while tying him up.

He was the head of the household and the family's authority.

Even If he couldn’t bear to beat him, he had to punish him.

Tian Yuan would never learn his lesson until he was severe.


"I love you and pamper you to the point where you are lawless.

You believe I can't bear to hit you, so you'll throw something at me to test my resolve.

Today I will teach you about family law.

Normally, I spoil you in anything you do and let you have your way.

I cherish you like an ancestor, but you've never taken me seriously.

Today, I'll show you how amazing I am and see if you dare it the next time."


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