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Chapter 68 Start of war


Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan off the chopper as it hovered at the side of the highway.


"Please inform the military commander that I will return to thank him later."


The aircraft slowly lifted off and drove away.


There were only two of them remaining.

Pan Lei kept a serene expression on his face as he opened the door of the Land Rover parked on the side of the road and pushed Tian Yuan inside.

Normally, he would warn Tian Yuan not to bang his head.

He was now completely unconcerned and shoved the person in.

He abruptly shut the door, climbed into the car, yanked on the seat belt, and tied Tian Yuan up like a prisoner.


Tian Yuan was terrified.

Pan Lei was too frightening when he was grim.

He had a calm countenance, but his eyes were filled with fury, and his actions were impolite.

He looked at him as if he were a prisoner who had been on the run for ten years and had now been apprehended.

He appeared to be eager to beat him up.


Pan Lei didn't say anything.

He just stepped on the gas and sped back quickly.

It required a little more effort this time to discover Tian Yuan.

He started by looking for the hospital dean.

He pounded the table and chastised the dean before asking for the location in the countryside.

He contacted the commander of their military region and requested the use of a helicopter because the car was too sluggish.

The commander didn't think twice about giving him one.


He parked his car at the highway's entrance.

When the chopper arrived, he glanced around and determined it would be best to search for the medical team at night.

There would be a campfire, making finding it easy.


He expended so much energy trying to discover the person that if he hadn't remembered—this was his baby, the man in his family—he would have slapped him.

The more he thought about it, the more enraged he became.

He was enraged as he recalled Tian Yuan’s sharp chin and then his terrified face, and he stepped on the brake with one foot.


Tian Yuan would have been catapulted through the front windshield if he hadn't been restrained by the seat belt.


Pan Lei took out a coat and draped it over Tian Yuan.


The car zoomed out again at full throttle.


Tian Yuan's head hit the car’s seat.

When they returned, Pan Lei appeared to be ready to thrash him.

He was so enraged that the blood vessels on his arms protruded and blue veins appeared on his forehead.

It was the typical expression of absolute wrath.

This ferocious dragon was furious.


Tian Yuan was extremely nervous.

He reasoned that it would be preferable to clear things up with Pan Lei now rather than go home and suffer.

This person was usually joking around when he first met him, but his brothers described him as angry and impatient.

Who knew what he'd do when he was enraged It was preferable to make things plain first.


"Pan Lei, I don't want to travel to the countryside, but I don't have an option.

I do not wish to resign.

I finally rose to the position of deputy director.

I don't want to quit my job.

I planned to spend two months in the countryside.

When I return, I'll be the deputy director.

I can punish the woman who was trampling on me."


Tian Yuan attempted to persuade him.

Pan Lei’s temper was fiery, but he should have been reasonable.

He should be able to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong.



"I said, you’re not permitted to go.

You take my words as a load of hot air!"


Pan Lei accelerated, and the Land Rover accelerated as well.

It was a military vehicle used by the United States Army.

It was extremely fast.

The speed was comparable to that of a sports car when the accelerator pedal was fully depressed.


"I don't want you to support me!" Tian Yuan's voice rose an octave.


"I've advised you numerous times not to work in that hospital; instead, go to the Armed Police Hospital.

Everything is in order at the Armed Police Hospital.

You simply refused to listen and insisted on traveling to the countryside.

You didn't take me seriously at all.

Whatever I say to you, you dismiss it as a fart.

You have no regard for me.

Don't you have a place in your heart for me Normally, I pamper you and allow you to play with me.

I take care of your likes and dislikes.

If you don't eat well, I'll have someone bring you food.

If you are bullied, I will exact my vengeance.

I treat you very well.

I don't want you to go to the countryside because I'm still concerned that your body won't be able to handle it.

But you, my brother, had to leave.

Do you believe I won't be able to control you if I'm not at your side Tian Yuan, you're ruthless.

Today I'm going to make you realize that the house rules I pasted on the wall are not mere decorations.

I want you to see what happens when you don't listen to me!"


"Don't be unreasonable, Pan Lei.

I told you explicitly that this is my work, and you have no right to interfere."


Why should he listen to him What was he on about An imperial edict[1] What family rules was he talking about They were nothing more than constraints on his freedom, as specified by Pan Lei, and had nothing to do with him.


Pan Lei's teeth were clenched so hard that they creaked.

He slammed his fist into the steering wheel.


"Shut up! I'll beat you up if you say one more word!"


"Pan Lei, I dare you! If you dare to hit me, I will go to the military and sue you! Don't think I’m scared of you!"


Pan Lei could cause a commotion, but he couldn't Tian Yuan pounded the car seat and extended his finger to aim at Pan Lei's nose.


"Just wait and see if you dare to beat me! You cruel and ruthless tyrant, you living bandit, feudal landowner! Family rules, your uncle! You imposed the regulations on your own.

What does it have to do with me Am I a pet bird you’re nurturing What gives you the right to control me"


Pan Lei almost laughed angrily.

'Why did I fall in love with such a small pepper' he wondered.

No one ever tried to chastise him by pointing to his nose.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was unafraid.

He was cursing and pointing at his nose with his finger.

His eyes were ablaze with rage.

Did he believe he was completely in the right He didn't appear to believe he was wrong.

Okay, then.

Simply wait.

He'd clean him up when they got home.


But he couldn't bring himself to let him swear by pointing to his nose.

Pan Lei released a hand, grabbed Tian Yuan's finger that was touching his nose, placed it in his mouth, and bit hard.


"I'll start by punishing you a little.

You can just wait for me to deal with you if you don't accept it when we get home."


Tian Yuan rubbed his finger.

He no longer dared to reprimand him by pointing at his nose.

He couldn't provoke Pan Lei any longer.

Although there was no bleeding, the two rows of deep tooth marks stung.

He could tell Pan Lei was seething with anger just by looking at his tooth prints.

Pan Lei was usually worried too much about him, and he wouldn't even allow him to hold the kitchen knife because he was scared it would hurt his hand.

But, he bit his hand today.

He didn't care because he was too angry.


But he wouldn't compromise either.

Why should he bow his head and admit his mistake He believed that he was right.

He would have to resign if he refused to go to the countryside.

He finally rose to the position of deputy director.

He earned the promotion via his hard work.

Should he allow a mistress to ruin it That was simply impossible.


[1] An imperial edict was formerly a royal order issued by the emperor.

Because the emperor was the supreme authority, no one could defy it.


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