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Chapter 67 I'm Sorry


Tian Yuan felt like a prisoner chained to an execution site.

The executioner held the blade aloft, ready to behead, but he did not lower it.

The prisoner feared that he would be executed suddenly, and hoped that the executioner would not take off his head.

Tian Yuan felt the same way.


Pan Lei’s "You wait for me!" kept reverberating in his mind.

One thing was certain - he needed to keep an eye out for him.

There was nothing else to do but wait for him.

Instead of waiting for him, Tian Yuan intended to flee so Pan Lei couldn't find him.


In fact, Tian Yuan was not terrified of hooligans, but of educated hooligans.

He wasn't afraid of bandits; he was afraid of this bandit's military prowess.

After all, it was quite frightening.


They were stationed in the wilderness again that evening.

The camp was put up, and there were four or five bonfires.

Tian Yuan was so nervous that he couldn't eat, and he didn't have much of an appetite.

He had eaten cold steamed buns for three days in a row and had formed an unfavorable opinion of them.

While resting in the tent, he played Pan Lei's lullaby, sighing, 'Hey, Pan Lei is cute when he's not furious, and he treats me nicely.'

There was a sudden boom of propellers in the sky, accompanied by a powerful wind that swayed the trees.

It attracted the attention of the doctors.

What could have sparked such a massive stir


Tian Yuan was no different.

He dashed out of the tent and watched as a helicopter slowly descended a few hundred meters away.

The helicopter appeared to be camouflaged.

In other words, the army owned the helicopter.


The moment Tian Yuan's right eyelid began twitching, he realized it was game over.

He was aware that he was about to suffer.

He thought to himself, 'Run, run fast; if I don't run now, Pan Lei will capture me and torture me to death.'


Tian Yuan took a step back and began to run.

When the person who had leapt out of the helicopter noticed Tian Yuan turning to flee, he hurried over at the pace of a raider focused on loot.


"If you dare to take a step, Tian Yuan, I will break your legs!"


Tian Yuan froze in terror and didn't dare to move.

When the bandit arrived, he didn't even attempt to flee.

Someone had sent a helicopter to apprehend him.

Could Pan Lei have dispatched the special forces to search the mountain


Pan Lei was already behind him while he was stunned.

He grabbed Tian Yuan’s shoulders, spun him around, and raised his left hand involuntarily.

He noticed Tian Yuan's sharpened chin and trembling lips glancing at him, and looking at his uplifted hand with horror.


Pan Lei reined in his anger when he saw Tian Yuan’s frightened expression.

He had considered how to handle Tian’er on the way.

He would beat Tian Yuan, tie him up, and carry him home if he dared to flee.

If he dared to run, Pan Lei would dare to break his leg, preventing him from running away the next time.

But as soon as they met, even as Pan Lei's rage was boiling over, he was hesitant to hurt Tian Yuan.


How could he hit Tian'er No, he couldn't do it.

He was reluctant to hurt even a single strand of his hair.

How could he be willing to beat him up He loved Tian’er like a treasure!


But Pan Lei’s hand had been lifted, and he couldn't retract it.

He slammed into the tiny tree on one side, snapping it.

The barely matured tree, the thickness of Pan Lei’s wrist, snapped.

Tian Yuan trembled.

If that fist dropped on him, his bones would be broken, right


The doctors were all terrified.

Wasn't this a soldier What mistake did Tian Yuan commit that required helicopters to be dispatched


Pan Lei quickly grasped Tian Yuan's wrist and dragged him away, almost like dragging a seven or eight-year-old child.

His expression was too frightening.

It was the kind of savagery that saw Buddha and murdered Buddha, saw demons and killed demons.[1] 


"Come back with me right away! If you say another word, I'll beat you."


"I'm afraid I can't go, Pan Lei.

I need to be in the countryside."


Tian Yuan was still under the impression that he was in the countryside and would have to stay for two months before returning.

He struggled to free himself from Pan Lei's grip on his wrist.

He hoped that Pan Lei, who was enraged, could hear what he was saying.


"Pan Lei, let's talk about this, okay Pan Lei!"


Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan to his side, gripping him hard and not letting go, allowing Tian Yuan to see his suppressed wrath up close.

"Just walk with me if you don't want to get thrashed.

Talk We'll go home and talk about it."


"Pan..." Tian Yuan's heart sank as soon as he heard the words "go home." Going home would be the start of Pan Lei's full-fledged rage.

Who would venture to share a room with a fire-breathing T-Rex


Tian Yuan wanted to say something but Pan Lei seized his belt with one hand, his shirt neckline with the other, and placed Tian Yuan on his shoulders a little forcefully.

He marched towards the helicopter with this “baggage”.


"He has completed his trip to the countryside and will not return in the future.

I'm going to take him away.

There is no need to contact the authorities.

I'm a soldier, and he's my man."


Pan Lei carried Tian Yuan like a sack.

His head was down, his legs swinging, and his stomach lay on Pan Lei's shoulder.

A grown man was being carried on someone’s shoulders.

This was beyond embarrassing.


Tian Yuan became agitated and punched Pan Lei on the back with his fists.


"Let me go! You bandit, you rogue!!"


Pan Lei slapped him across the buttocks but felt that a slap was insufficient.

If appeared Tian Yuan couldn't comprehend how worried and angry he was.

He even borrowed a military helicopter to locate him, yet Tian Yuan still wanted to argue with him


A few smacks covered Tian Yuan's buttocks, louder than before.

"You disobeyed me by fleeing.

Will you risk it again the next time"


Tian Yuan remained silent.

How many people were spanked like a child and still had their dignity


Since he couldn't beat Pan Lei, he began pinching his waist.


"Jerk, bandit! You're not a human being!"


Pan Lei loaded him into the chopper, then hopped up, shut the cabin door, and signaled for the pilot to leave.


Tian Yuan pounced on Pan Lei and was about to fight him to the death.

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan and used his body as a cage to entrap Tian Yuan in his arms.

Pan Lei grabbed his two arms and cradled them in one hand.

Tian Yuan was unable to break away.

He couldn’t kick Pan Lei even if he wanted to since Pan Lei was sitting behind him.


"Stop making trouble! I’ll really beat you."


The pilot smiled as he turned his head to face Pan Lei.


"Major Pan, right Is this the man you want to capture"


"Yes, when I was not at home, my family’s man ran away by himself while being rebellious.

I caught him and now I’m going to beat him for a long time.

He will not dare to be disobedient again."


"Are you really willing to, Major Pan"


Tian Yuan was stunned when he heard the words 'Are you willing to'.

Wasn’t Pan Lei going to return and bash him up


"No, I don’t want to beat him."


Pan Lei bowed his head and nipped Tian Yuan on the neck.

Tian Yuan screamed in agony.

Pan Lei licked the bleeding tooth marks and moistened his lips.

He smiled, his gaze fixed on Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan was crying without tears, his back was strangely cold, and he believed he would die soon.




[1] It means to be so focused on something that anything or anyone becomes an impediment to be overcome.

Basically, Pan Lei is rampaging.


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