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Chapter 65 Tian Yuan, Just You Wait


Tian Yuan began to learn about the game hunted in town.

He consumed three meals of corn on the cob, noodles, and pickled vegetables, which caused him acidity.

He also treasured the memory of a small group of people living together.

He was on night watch in the middle of the night from two to five, when he was the most sleepy.

He could only hold his phone and listen to Pan Lei repeatedly perform the song "green flower in the army" to him.


He won't be willing the next time they send him to the countryside.

He'd previously gone to the countryside once, so he knew he was being bullied.

Don't even bring up next year.

Another two months would be required to travel far into the Yunnan-Guizhou hilly region and visit every old farmer's home.

He was concerned about those impoverished individuals, it was merely that there was an unspoken rule in the hospital that doctors who had gone to the countryside would not be allowed to participate for the second time.

But it had been two years in a row for him.


When he returned, he would devote all of his attention to Dr.

Li, primarily to catch her in error and fix her to death.

Tian Yuan, after all, was not a piece of cotton that could be bullied.

He was keeping track of all his grievances against Dr.

Li in a ledger.


Pan Lei called early in the morning and sounded excited.

He stated that he would lead the team to compete in the military tournament.

It was a martial arts competition, and the special forces could not afford to lose.

They had to ensure the regular forces understood why their special forces were so ferocious.


Tian Yuan was still afraid to inform him he had arrived in Yungui Mountain.

He continued to chat to him and cheer him on, asking him to get the award.


Someone on the other end informed Pan Lei that the team had been assembled, and thus, Pan Lei did not inquire as to why he was apprehensive.

He just stated, "Wait for my call at night."


Tian Yuan sighed and continued on his way.

They climbed the mountain, and Pan Lei competed in a three-day race.


The medical team included numerous female doctors, all of whom were specialists in gynecology and pediatrics, thus the medical equipment and medicine boxes were all carried by male team members.

The road was difficult to walk on.

Those women were delicate, and they needed assistance crossing the river and climbing the mountain.

As a result, they moved more slowly, and they were all exhausted.


They were all inactive masters in the office, fatigued after mountain climbing.

Tian Yuan leaned on walking sticks as he climbed up with the large medicine box on his back.

As she walked, a girl made jokes and sang.

He planned to make his way up the hill, one step at a time, while carrying the hefty box on his back.


It wasn't that he couldn't tolerate the difficulties.

He observed the old farmers being treated, and the team was repeatedly thanked.

Climbing mountains and ridges seemed to be worthwhile.


Many people in this location could only fight to survive when they were sick because there were no doctors or medicines.

It began as a small ailment, but the wait exacerbated it.

Children were usually underweight, and the elderly were suffering from rheumatism.

The young and strong went to work, leaving the elderly, sick, and crippled behind.

It would be difficult to get out of the mountain without strong exertion, and it would be impossible to receive prompt treatment in the event of a disease.

Tian Yuan thought that travelling to the countryside wasn't such a horrible idea because it assisted a lot of people.


The mission of a doctor was to save the dying, heal the injured, and assist everyone.

He never regretted his career choice, and it made him glad to be able to help people to the best of his ability.


In the evening, Pan Lei called.

Tian Yuan examined the steamed cornbread, pickled vegetables, and a few charred bits of smoked meat prepared by the old farmers for them.

He yearned for Zhang Hui's delectable nibbles.


"How was the first day of the competition" Tian Yuan took a bite of the steamed cornbread.


"The first match was target shooting.

When compared to our special forces, naturally their results were devastating.

Our snipers are all sharpshooters who have been trained in their marksmanship with bullets.

We employ actual bullets, whereas other armies use blank rounds.

When the training is through, the shells are recycled in a big barrel filled with gasoline.

We overcame all of the problems on the first day.

Let me tell you, my aim is superior to theirs.

When I get the chance, I'll take you hunting and show you my skill as a marksman."


"What are the events for tomorrow"


"Fighting abilities, hostage rescue, and explosive demolition The day after tomorrow is a long cross-country trip.

Tian'er, I have a few days off after this competition and will return to see you.

I'd like you to wear the medal around your neck."


Pan Lei was overjoyed.

Competing against special forces was a recipe for humiliation.

Pick any special forces soldier and he'll be able to defeat them all.


Tian Yuan laughed along with him, but his laughter was a bit nervous.

Pan Lei would be enraged two days later, without a doubt.

What would he do if Tian Yuan informed him Because of Pan Lei's explosive temper, it was difficult to handle him.


"Would you like some wild vegetable soup, Xiao Tian'er The flavor is good.

I topped it with a lot of peppers while eating it, and it warmed up my body." A doctor arrived with a bowl of steaming soup.

He didn't worry about disturbing Tian Yuan's call and simply asked him.


Tian Yuan swore quietly, 'This is bad, this is bad.' Everything would be finished if Pan Lei heard this.

He instantly motioned to the doctor for silence.

He couldn't afford to be sloppy and let anything slide.


Unfortunately, Pan Lei heard it clearly.

Warm up Wild vegetable soup Was the temperature particularly cold to make Tian’er want to drink this kind of stuff Why did he need to get his body warmed up Where had he gone Was he at home Unlikely.

Was he in the hospital That was even more improbable.

Had he gone out for dinner Once again, it seemed doubtful.


Pan Lei narrowed his eyes as he had an epiphany.


"Tian'er, where are you"


His voice was especially dignified when he wasn't kidding.

It wasn't fury, but a type of natural strength, especially when he asked questions; the kind that usually startled people and made them anxious.


"I, I..."


Tian Yuan had never heard his solemn voice before.

He was an honest young man who never lied.

He had no idea what to reply when he was interrogated like that.


"You went to the country, didn't you Tian Yuan, you're bold, and you mistook my remarks for a fart Didn't I tell you you weren't permitted to leave You will resign if the hospital does not agree.

When the work at the Armed Police Hospital has been arranged for you, I will take you there to go through the paperwork, and you will be able to begin your employment there.

But you went to the countryside, didn’t you You're used to my treating you like an ancestor, aren't you Because you know I won't beat you, have you become lawless"


Pan Lei struck down, and with a crash, a hole appeared in the table.

Tian Yuan could hear the sound since it was so loud.

In fear, he shrunk his neck.


"Pan Lei, please allow me to explain."


"I'm not going to listen to your explanation! Tian Yuan, if you didn't listen to me and went to the countryside, just you wait.

I will definitely catch you and sort you out until you are well-behaved.

You only have to wait!"


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