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Chapter 64 Dean mother is formidable

Tian Yuan forgot how he fell asleep the next day.

He appeared to have listened to Pan Lei singing to him, but he couldn't recall the rest.


The buzzing of his cell phone gave him a headache.

As he replied, he grumbled.


"Xiao Tian, it's so late.

The bus is all set to depart.

Why haven't you shown up yet Hurry up!"


"What bus"


‘Stop yelling at me, ah’.

He was suffering from a headache.

He drank far too much the night before.

Those three jerks banded together to pour him drinks.

When Pan Lei returned, they would exact their vengeance on the three b**t**ds.

Tian Yuan drew the quilt and covered his head.


"You are confused as a result of your lack of sleep.

You're on your way to the countryside.

All of the doctors who are going there have arrived and are waiting for you.

Why are you still snoozing Hurry up and get to the hospital in 30 minutes."


Going to the countryside Going to the countryside!!!


Tian Yuan sat up in shock.

How could he have forgotten he was heading to the countryside


"I..." I’m not interested in going any longer.

I quit.

These words had become lodged in his throat.

He was not reconciled.

After all his hard work, if he ran away because of a mistress, how could he be willing He was going to leave.

He had nothing to be afraid of.

It was simply a matter of a couple of months.


"Please wait for me.

I'll be there in a half hour."


He only needed half an hour to pack his belongings.

He took out his suitcase and stuffed his clothing inside.

After a brief period of thought, he packed some additional thick clothing in case the temperature in the mountain area fell.

He bustled about, grabbed his battery charger, and dashed to the hospital.


He didn't dare to dial Pan Lei's number.

He understood he was leaving without listening to Pan Lei's advice.

That jerk would blow up.


The bus drove into the countryside.

Tian Yuan was dizzy from the bumpy road.

He awoke with a hangover, which was exacerbated by the rocky trip.

He was feeling a little car sick.

He ate nothing in the morning, which was a good thing because he would have vomited.


He closed his eyes and fell asleep in the back seat, but as his head hit the window, the agony jolted him up.


He checked his phone and noticed that Pan Lei had not called.

He gave a bitter smile and inquired of a colleague how long it would take them to be at their destination.

It would take another three hours, he was told.


When they arrived in the countryside, they had to rely on their legs.

The distance between two settlements was at least ten miles.

There could be a mountain road or they could have to climb the mountain.

On the ten-mile route, they couldn't see a single house.


Tian Yuan had been in pain all day.

He couldn't eat the banquet full of game prepared by the local mayor.

He simply inquired about the sleeping arrangements before returning to the dormitory to sleep.

They wouldn't be able to have a private room in the following days.

They would have to share lodgings in a town, whereas in the mountains, it was typical for 5-6 people to share a room.


Tian Yuan reasoned that it would be preferable to wait and travel further before alerting Pan Lei.

Even if Pan Lei was enraged, he would be beyond reach.

It wasn't yet safe to tell him.


Pan Lei called at 8 or 9 p.m.

When the call was answered, his voice was a touch hesitant.


"Are you sleeping, Tian'er"


Tian had been uncomfortable all day and had just fallen asleep while listening to the insects and frogs.

Pan Lei's call jolted him awake.




When Pan Lei heard his casual tone, he figured Tian Yuan was still in bed because he had been drunk the day before.

That was fantastic.

He was in bed, which meant he missed the bus that would take him to the countryside.

So he didn't go


"Go to bed.

Rest well."


Tian Yuan felt uneasy after hanging up the phone.

Why was Pan Lei acting so strangely today when he was typically so annoying when he called He just hung up after asking if he was asleep He was still concerned about not informing him, but everything appeared to be normal.


'Sleep, sleep, sleep.

You won't be able to sleep in this comfy bed starting tomorrow night.' It was a pleasure to reside in the old farmer's cottage.

But he was afraid that there would be no such accommodations in the village before or after, and he would have to camp in the wilderness.


Meanwhile, Pan Lei was overjoyed and called his mother.


"I've got him, Mom.

You may resign from your post.

When I get back, I'll take him to the Armed Police Hospital.

He is an introvert.

I'm worried he'll be embarrassed if he sees you alone.

I understand your curiosity, but please be patient.

Do you want to tell your son that if he is not present, you would tear us apart"


"It's a good thing you're wanted by someone, you jerk.

I'll burn incense and kowtow to thank Buddha.

You may be certain that I will give you the board[1] and regard him like an ancestor.

Lest you think a mother-in-law is a bully to her daughter-in-law."


Pan Lei chuckled.

His mother was a force to be reckoned with.

He didn't have to worry about the disputes between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law with such a mother.

Of course, he couldn't let Tian Yuan hear this because Tian'er would strangle him.

Tian'er despised it when he used words like "daughter-in-law," "wife," and other feminine pronouns to refer to himself.


"I admire him.

He's extremely good, Mom.

You're going to adore him."


"I showed the newspaper to your father, and your father proudly displayed it in the military district.

That's a good kid, Leizi.

We have faith in your vision.

But before that, let me say something.

You have a short fuse.

You can't act like a bandit against him if you're upset with him.

You are not permitted to bully him now that you have decided to be with him.

You raised a girl's skirt and asked her to marry you when you were a child.

The girl is now waiting for you.

You can't tell him about it.

It's difficult to have someone who wants you.

You can't let him escape."


"Rest assured, I have established family rules for him, and he will not violate them.

And, mom, can you please quit talking about stuff that happened when I was a kid! What if you say something in my man's presence What will I do if he no longer wants me"


Dang Hong burst out laughing.

She had been worried about this brat since he was a child.

It was difficult to find someone who liked him.

She felt reassured as a mother.


"Treat him well and don’t bully him.

I’ve heard you’re planning to compete Win a prize, please your family, and then bring him home to cement the relationship.

I want you to have a wonderful life."


"Yes! This major obeys the commander's orders."


Dang Hong bluntly mocked him.

'This clown knows to show off,' she thought with a smile on her face.

Her son had matured.

Despite his nasty temper, he would have someone to grow old with.

This was a wish shared by all parents.

She would ask them to adopt a child once he and Tian Yuan had settled down.

It would be ideal for two men living together to adopt a child.

The child would take care of them in their old age and prepare them a befitting funeral when they died.



[1] Kneeling on a board is a type of punishment.

So Mama Pan is stating that Pan Lei, not Tian Yuan, will be disciplined in the future.


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