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Chapter 63 He won't come back until he's drunk


Pan Lei called his elder brothers.

Pan Zhan was abroad, and Pan Ge was in some province for a meeting.

The dead guy, Zhang Hui, was still asleep, Lin Mu was working, and Huang Kai had gone horse riding.


Pan Lei slammed the phone down in anger.

‘These jerks! They can’t be utilized at a critical time.’


Lin Mu was more conscientious compared to the others and called him after finishing the operation.


"Leizi, your mother has repeatedly inquired as to when your man will visit her.

Find a time to help him get things done, and then ask him to submit his resume along with the other documents."


"That little jerk is upset with me.

He wants to go to the countryside.

Go talk to him, restrain him, and don't let him go."


"Okay, I will bring him to Zhang Hui’s today.

We will take care of him over drinks.

Don't worry."


The wine table was the best place to discuss matters.

Pan Lei exhaled a sigh of relief.


"Don't let him get drunk.

He lives by himself.

No one will look after him if he drinks too much.

Tell him clearly that he is not permitted to go.

If he dares to go, I’ll deal with him.

You also instruct him to recite the family rules.

Even if he only violates one of them, I will not forgive him."


Lin Mu erupted with laughter.

Was this jerk still discussing family rules It appears these two played around a lot.


"You don't want to take advantage of your family's power, Leizi.

He is a member of your family and lives in your house.

Do you really want to beat him if he annoys you"


"What are you talking about Beat him Won’t it hurt him How can I do something like that! A man who returns home to abuse his wife is a scumbag.

No matter how much he upset me, I couldn't even touch his finger.

But I have other ways to punish him.

You tell him he shouldn't question my reasons."


Lin Mu smiled faintly.

Leizi had a nasty temper, but he was unquestionably a good man.

'Tian Yuan, don't confront him head-on.

This is really going to be a fight.

No matter who gets hurt, it's not a nice thing.'


"Your stinky temper has also changed.

You control him too tightly, and he feels uneasy.

He is also a mature man, not a woman.

It is not appropriate for you to treat him as if he were a woman.

Isn't it only going to the countryside I’ve been there as well.

Helping the locals in the impoverished mountainous terrain is a good thing.

Be a little more considerate.”


"He is in poor health.

You don’t feel anxious because he’s not your family.

If he has difficulties and suffers, if his health deteriorates, if he becomes ill, it is I who suffers."


Lin Mu was shocked into silence.

Could anyone tell him, with so much love and care, how could Leizi get into a fight He was furious, but he prioritized Tian Yuan.

'Tian Yuan, you've found a treasure.'


"Okay, I understand.

Tonight, the three of us will make him intoxicated and leave him in Zhang Hui's presidential suite for a few days.

We’ll look after him till you return.

Then you can resolve any conflicts.

Sounds good"


Pan Lei was satisfied, but he reminded Lin Mu not to get Tian'er too drunk.

What would Tian'er do if he had a hangover and a headache


Lin Mu clenched his teeth.

He'd never heard Pan Lei speak so much.

Was it true that love altered a person's temperament


Tian Yuan didn't say anything to them at the wine table when he went to drink again.

Only Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Zhang Hui were present at the wine table this time.

After all, this was a personal subject for the young couple, and they couldn't interfere too much.

They simply tried to persuade Tian Yuan by saying things like, 'Pan Lei has a nasty temper, don't argue with him.

He's been a bandit since he was a child, and he's grown accustomed to it.

But he's very nice to you, so just listen to him and don't go.'


Lin Mu had been persuading him to resign and submit a resignation letter the following day.

He urged him to go to the Armed Police Hospital the following day for employment.

"Dang Hong, Pan Lei's mother, is the dean and a decent person.

She is much more intrigued after reading about you in the press.

Leizi doesn't have time to take you home, despite her repeated requests.

Working in the Armed Police Hospital is more promising than working at the city hospital."


Tian Yuan remained mute as he drank with them glass after glass.

Huang Kai wouldn't let Lin Mu continue talking in case he expressed something unpleasant at the wine table.

Huang Kai presented Tian Yuan with wine.

Today, each of them would drink and not return until they were completely inebriated.

Zhang Hui concurred.

He wouldn't have to go to work the next day if he drank too much.


Tian Yuan was a touch tipsy after drinking till twelve o'clock and couldn't tell the difference between north and south.

Zhang Hui urged him to stay, but Tian Yuan had to leave no matter what.


In the middle of the night, they sent him home.

Tian Yuan didn't dare to gaze at the whirling floor directly.

He was terrified he was going to puke.

He'd crawl into the bathroom and sleep there until daylight.


He rummaged about for the phone.

Before going to bed, he wanted to listen to the audio left by Pan Lei—the green flower in the army.


He had previously heard it in its entirety and was so enraged that he clenched his teeth and wanted to delete it.

But when he couldn't sleep, he needed Pan Lei's low voice singing gently to lull him to sleep, so he saved the recording.


In a trance, he took out the phone and switched on the recording, still remembering this habit.

His phone cover featured 'drop protection' and a lengthy battery life, so he could still use it.

Tian Yuan couldn't help but smile when he heard Pan Lei's familiar voice.

He thought of Pan Lei the most when he was inebriated.


He yearned for Pan Lei and desired to hear his voice.

No matter how excellent the recording was, it was not as good as seeing him in person.

Pan Lei held his drunken self and kissed him the last time they drank together.

His lips were swollen, yet he continued to kiss.

Why, then, was Pan Lei not by his side when he got drunk again


Pan Lei hurriedly connected the phone after seeing the call.

He had tried calling all afternoon but had received no response.

'Buddy, don't worry, your man got drunk with us.

He'll most likely sleep until tomorrow afternoon.

He can't go to the countryside even if he wants to when the team departs,' Huang Kai had informed him.


Pan Lei was still concerned; had he consumed too much alcohol Could no one look after him Who knew this ancestor would call right then


"Pan Lei!"


Tian Yuan yelled out his name.

Pan Lei grinned.

In truth, Tian Yuan wasn't particularly skilled when it came to wine.

When he drank too much, he behaved like a brat.


"How much did you drink, Ancestor You eventually picked up the phone.

Did you realize I was going to be upset with you Do you feel nauseous after drinking happily Stop fooling around and go to sleep.

Be obedient."


"Pan Lei! You are a complete moron!"


Tian Yuan smirked and scolded cheerfully.

He wanted to scold him a long time ago - He was a jerk of the highest order.


"Yes, yes, I'm a moron.

Baby, are you feeling better after drinking wine You’re no longer depressed, are you Don't worry about anything, okay Can you sleep now, ah"


Tian Yuan was both enticing and exasperating when drunk.

But Pan Lei adored Tian Yuan either way.

Drinking too much would hurt Tian Yuan, and cause headache and nausea.

Pan Lei couldn't wait on him or take care of him even if he wanted to.


"Sing! Pan Lei, sing!"


"Okay, I will sing.

You close your eyes."


This ancestor was extremely difficult to serve when drunk.

Put him to sleep as soon as possible, and he wouldn't have to worry about him.

It would be best if he slept till the afternoon of the next day.

It didn't matter what he liked about the hospital.

He wasn’t going to be affected any longer.

That would be perfect.


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