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Chapter 61 Resign without going to the countryside


Tian Yuan went to work the next day and moved to the new office with the support of this group of individuals and Pan Lei.

The deputy director's nameplate was changed to Tian Yuan.

"Deputy director," the little nurse responded with a smile when she saw him.

Tian Yuan gave her a piece of candy.


Tian Yuan celebrated his promotion by giving candies to everyone in the surgery department.


When Dr.

Li saw it, she burst into tears and dashed into the director's office next door.

She went to the old man and sobbed.


Tian Yuan was unconcerned.

The director lacked the guts to go to the dean and request that he be removed as deputy director.


With a helpless expression on his face, the director summoned Tian Yuan.

His chest was dripping wet.

At first glance, he assumed Dr.

Li was crying and nestling in his arms.


"Xiao Tian, you’re aware of the circumstance.

You’re a mature man, just ignore her behavior for now.

As a man, you should give women some leeway."


Tian Yuan played with his pen without saying anything. Allow the woman some leeway Sure, but the premise was that this woman must be aware of the scenario.


"She was crying so much because her heart was out of whack.

The dean's order has been issued, and no one can alter it.

Her anguish is for naught.

That is something I am aware of.

However, the surgical section has only a few doctors.

She cries all day, and this has a negative impact."


Tian Yuan remained silent. She loves to cry, so just coax her out of it.

Aren’t you her old lover


"Xiao Tian, she is crying because of you.

What are your thoughts on this"


"Did the dean ask for my resignation Or did you find me a transparent cloak that allows me to be invisible when I wear it She likes crying, so let her cry.

Even if she ruins her eyes, what does it have to do with me Her behavior interferes with the surgery department’s routine operations.

I believe it is necessary to criticize her at least once.

If she wants to work, she must work hard.

If she doesn’t want to work, she must resign as soon as possible."


Tian Yuan believed it was vital to be harsh with Dr.

Li now that he had taken over the new position.

Inform her that he was now the deputy director, the deputy director in charge of her.


Tian Yuan unexpectedly stopped the director's path, causing him to cough shamefully.


"She won’t resign.

In our hospital, you are now considered a senior doctor.

You should not argue with her.

Why bother with her, Xiao Tian She's a woman, you're a guy.

Just let her be.

Let's do this.

A medical team from the hospital has been organized to travel to the countryside.

The surgical department must also deploy some personnel.

Do you want to be a part of the medical team Her heart will have calmed down after a month or two, and she will be able to work normally.

You, too, will resume work at the hospital."


Tian Yuan frowned.

Why should he leave The director was a bit too protective.


"According to the hospital, the various departments will relocate doctors to the countryside.

I had intended to do the same.

You're on the list of doctors heading to the countryside this time.

You pack your belongings.

You'll be going to the countryside tomorrow.

You already have the seat.

In reality, your prestige will rise once you return from the countryside.

She will no longer argue, and the situation will be resolved."


"Why doesn't Dr.

Li go to the countryside"


"It is inconvenient for her as a woman.

The road to the countryside this time is a bit longer and takes a long time.

Women find it inconvenient.

You don't have a familial obligation, and you already have your promotion, so don't refuse.

Go and get ready."


In other words, whether or not he was promoted to deputy director, he had to leave for the countryside.


"I don't have a familial obligation, but I went to the countryside last year."


The director's face sank.


"Your temper has worsened since you were promoted, Xiao Tian.

The decision to visit the countryside was made a long time ago.

If you refuse to go, you are simply shirking your responsibility.

What negative effects will you cause This is an honor, and you should support it.

You have the talent, you can support the policy, you represent the surgical department, and you are the most qualified candidate.

If you continue to refuse, I will have to discuss your disobedience to management with the dean."


Tian Yuan walked out of the director's office, breaking the pen.

He was afraid he might lose his cool even more.

Wasn't it just traveling to the country for over two months What was so great about it He traveled to the countryside last year, and when he returned, he was promoted to deputy director.

When he returns this time, he will trample Doctor Li, that mistress, to death.

He would discipline that woman and strictly manage her.

He would grasp her by the tail and trample her to death if she didn't behave and made any blunders.


He was packing angrily, and the more he thought about it, the more irritated he became.

He was so enraged that he wanted to sweep away the file folders from the table.

They always bullied him since he didn't have the responsibility of family.

Wasn’t the lack of a family[1] the finest excuse He was assigned duty during the New Year because he didn't have any family to drag him down.

Going to the countryside, they also allowed him to participate because he still didn't have any family to drag him down.

He genuinely wanted to slap the file in the face of the director and inform him that Laozi had a partner.

He didn't have a family, but he did have a lover, so he couldn't take part either.


When the phone rang, Tian Yuan answered it without looking at the caller's name.

"Who is it" When he asked furiously, there was a raucous chuckle.

"My dear, it's me.

Who provoked you and caused such a temper I’ll bludgeon to death everyone stupid enough to provoke you."


"Oh Then come over here and hammer him to death.

The director asked me to participate in the rural medical care program.

He can justifiably protect his lover by forcing me to go to the countryside."


"Don't go."


Pan Lei's smile had faded.

His expression fell, and he flatly opposed the proposal to travel to the countryside.


Going to the countryside would take about a month or two.

The circumstances were terrible, the surroundings were deplorable, and the travel was lengthy.

Not to mention that he still had half a month to complete the training, which meant that they would be able to meet again in at least half a month.

He was looking forward to meeting him, but Tian Yuan had to depart to the countryside.

Tian’er would be unable to return for at least two months.

If he went to other places on duty at the time, their meeting was out of the question.


Pan Lei thought they were more tragic than Meng Jiangnu[2] and more pitiful than The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl[3] as a pair in love.


As for the environment, where was Tian Yuan going in the countryside Traveling to the countryside meant going to the rural areas, going to Qinghai-Tibet or the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau also meant travelling to the countryside, and going to Xinjiang as well meant travelling to the countryside.

For ten miles, you couldn't see a single person.

And what about Tian Yuan He was unable to return to work the following day after two consecutive operations.

He remained anemic.

Would he treat people for medical treatment if he went to the countryside in this physical state, or would he take care of himself first Tian Yuan had a stubborn temper.

He might clench his teeth all night and be uncomfortable.

He couldn't handle the thought of letting Tian Yuan go for this kind of exhausting work.


[T/N: The locations described in the preceding paragraph are all remote - desert, mountain, and so on.]


He wanted to cherish the person he loved to the best of his ability.

He couldn’t bear the thought of letting him taste bitterness.


[1] Please note 'family' here means that Tian Yuan is not married with a wife and kids.


[2] A Chinese tale.

Lady Meng Jiang's husband was pressed into service by imperial officials and sent as corvee labor to build the Great Wall of China.

Lady Meng Jiang heard nothing after his departure, so she set out to bring him winter clothes.

Unfortunately, by the time she reached the Great Wall, her husband had already died.

Hearing the bad news, she wept so bitterly that a part of the Great Wall collapsed, revealing his bones.

[3] A Chinese folk tale which tells of the romance between the titular characters.

Their love was forbidden and the couple was allowed to meet only once a year.


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