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Chapter 58 The beauty Dr.

Li goes crazy


Several deputy deans and deans were still present in the conference room.

There were also doctors from the emergency department, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, thoracic surgery, neurology, and urology.

A small surgeon slapped the table.

Didn't it make the dean look foolish


Dean Zhao's face darkened at once, resembling an ink pot.


"What does this mean, Director of Surgery Take back your subordinate and look after her.

Don't let her believe that if someone backs her up, she can be lawless."


Everyone was aware of the affair between the lovely Doctor Li and the director of surgery.

Many doctors laughed in response to the dean's remarks.

'That's right, don't think that because you're with the director of surgery, you're like the director's wife.

You flaunt your good looks, wear high heels in the hospital, and think you're the flower of this hospital, trampling on the other female doctors under your feet.'


The director of surgery was embarrassed as well, so he extended his hand and pulled Dr.


She blew up, for better or worse.


"Why are you yanking on me Let me say it clearly.

Why should he be appointed as deputy director Is he better qualified, more professional, and more prestigious than I am I was working the night shift on the night of the accident.

What does the fact that he arrived in the middle of the night mean Wouldn't I be able to function without him Can't I help people He dashed over to snatch honor from me.

I would have been in the newspaper if it hadn't been for him.

Why should I give him the position of deputy director, which should have been mine What does it mean to call him to the emergency room if no one in the emergency room informed me that there was a patient You don’t take me seriously.

Even though I was on night duty, he came to work hard and conscientiously, with what intentions He simply wanted to demonstrate to everyone that he made significant contributions.

Only he is a doctor, and the rest of us are mere props.

Is he the lone hero of the surgical department Is he the only one with merits He pushes himself to the limit and destroys others in the process.

This decision does not sit well with me."


The emergency room doctors were all extremely dissatisfied.


Li had pulled them into the water.

Why didn't they dial Dr.

Li's number On the one hand, Tian Yuan arrived, and no other doctors were required.


Li, on the other hand, was engaging in inappropriate activity with the director of surgery.

Who would dare inform her


"Every doctor is responsible for treating patients and saving lives.

I happened to be in the hospital and had something to catch up on.

Should I stand there and watch the patient slowly die in front of me"


Tian Yuan was not slandering her maliciously.

He listened to the crying idiot and almost scolded her by pointing at her nose.

He couldn't take it any longer.

Although it was said that a good man never fought a woman, this woman was the queen of shrews.

He scowled and began to fight back.


"You know why you rushed to the hospital, don't say it so nicely.

Isn't it true that the man who sent the patient to the hospital is also the man who entangled you You became involved with a man as a doctor.

What kind of personality do you have You're referring to high medical ethics I'm sick because I work with someone like you."


Pan Lei teased Tian Yuan once in the emergency room in front of the nurses and doctors.

Many people witnessed Pan Lei picking up Tian Yuan and acting intimately, laughing and playing.

Many people had inquired about Tian Yuan's mouth wound and those purple-red hickeys.

Because the hospital was in a small community, rumors spread quickly.

Some nurses thought this was the real-life version of men's love, because it was so beautiful, loving, and adorable.

However, some people were disgusted.

After all, love between two men was not at all common.

All of the doctors, both those who knew and those who didn't, were now aware that Tian Yuan had a close relationship with a man.

Whispering in private, some of them began to point fingers.

Tian Yuan clenched his fists, enraged.

In his entire life, he had never been subjected to such an insult.

He no longer cared about his coworker or her as a woman.

He was sarcastic in his repartee.


"At the very least, I avoided getting involved in other people's families.

Nobody was harmed as a result of my actions."


This was more serious than slapping Dr.

Li across the face.


The ER doctor burst out laughing, and the other doctors in the emergency room lowered their heads and laughed as well.

Even the director of surgery struggled to keep his dignity.

Many doctors were laughing and anticipating a good performance.


Tian, who was rumored to be in a relationship with a man, and Dr.

Li, who was clearly involved as a third party with the director of surgery, put on a good show.


"Okay, okay, the meeting is over.

The letter of appointment has been sent.


Tian, please go prepare for your appointment."


All of the doctors had to disperse when the dean waved his hand.

Some were forced to leave even though they did not want to.


Tian Yuan was pushed out of the room by the ER doctor.

[T/N: author-sama, give him a name, will ya.]


"A good man does not fight with a woman, as the saying goes.

She's insane.

She bites everyone she comes across.

You know how she is."


His voice wasn't too low or too high, just loud enough for everyone to hear.



Li became even more enraged when she heard it.

"What exactly do you mean"

Tian Yuan remained motionless and wished to argue with her.

The ER doctor pushed him out and told him not to fight a woman.

This woman had given up her body for nothing in return, so she was bound to go insane.

It was tedious to argue with her.


The conference room was cleared, leaving only a few key members, the director of surgery, and Dr.

Li, who began crying and causing a commotion.

They could still hear Dr.

Li crying hoarsely even after walking a long distance away.


Tian Yuan became agitated all of a sudden.

It was a good thing, and everyone would be pleased to be promoted, but it didn't sit well with him.

It was like stealing someone else's credit and fighting over a man.


The ER doctor followed him slowly.

"Don't take it to heart.

This woman was in her thirties when she got together with a balding man who had a beer belly and was nearly fifty.

His wife chastised him for having a mistress, and the entire hospital mocked her.

She was certain she could become the deputy director.

Who knew you'd be better than her and get promoted while she's still a junior doctor Naturally, she is not at peace.

Because it is difficult to deal with, she scolds and slanders you.

You must remember to make her life difficult after taking office."


Tian Yuan laughed angrily at him.

He was unaware there was such a black-bellied guy beside him.


"My relationship with Pan Lei has nothing to do with her.

It was pointless for her to say anything."


"Doctor Tian, you feel happy as long as you believe you are happy.

I will support you even if you fall in love with a corpse.

I can't help but sympathize with you.

The nurses in the emergency room treat your and Pan Lei’s situation as if it were a sweet danmei novel.

They scream all day that two men falling in love is as natural as being left-handed.

They believe that love between two men is anti-discrimination and anti-oppression.

I cannot afford to offend those aunts and grandmothers."


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