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Chapter 57 Promoted to leadership!


Pan Lei made porridge for Tian Yuan, bought him some steamed dumplings, then entered the bedroom quietly and kissed him repeatedly.


"I'm leaving, baby.

I'll be back once training camp is over.

Please wait for me."


Tian Yuan slept soundly.

He slept the most deeply at five o'clock in the morning.

Pan Lei moved lightly, and even though he kissed him and touched his face repeatedly, he didn't notice.


Pan Lei sighed, looked at Tian Yuan, who was sleeping like a pig, and smiled once more.

'Wait for me to return, my darling.'


Pan Lei quietly pushed open the door.

On the side of the road, there was already a car waiting for him.

He'd return to the military camp and begin another day of training.


Tian Yuan sighed as he touched the cold bedside—after getting together, time always flew by.

He pumped up his spirits and went to work after drinking the hot porridge.

He'd only just walked into the office when a young nurse rushed over, urging him.


"Doctor Tian, the dean is holding a meeting and all doctors are required to attend.

Please move quickly."


Why was the meeting so early in the morning What did the dean want to say Tian Yuan dragged his feet a little.

When he walked into the conference room, he felt surrounded by white angels.

He looked again, and they were all simply dressed in white coats.


Tian Yuan sat on the far side, nudging the doctor next to him.

"What does the old man desire With such a large meeting, I figured it would be a nice New Year's bonus."

The ER doctor had his mouth half-covered.

"According to reports, the prize being presented is even more lovely.

Someone has been promoted, according to what I've heard."


There were few promotions in the hospital, and all of the departments were in good shape.

Those with extensive qualifications, advanced degrees, and connections were naturally appointed as chairs of the various departments.

In the last eight or ten years, new doctors have not been hired.

There had been no major papers published (in medical journals), and no one had retired, so all the doctors were available every day.

There had been no retirements or resignations at the hospital.

Someone had been promoted, which was strange.


Dean Zhao appeared to be in a state of agitation.

He shook a newspaper that had a significant front-page headline about a doctor who was assisting a patient's family.

The headline was dark and thick.

Dean Zhao used the newspaper as a medal and flaunted it.


"Our hospital has always had a stellar reputation.

The doctors save the injured and treat the patients with compassion.

Tian Yuan, another good doctor at our hospital, has taken these good qualities to the extreme.

He is the youngest and most promising surgeon, and he is a professional with high medical ethics.

Tian Yuan is a hard worker."


Tian Yuan was still perplexed as to when Pan Lei had left.

He slept too deeply and was unaware of it.

Suddenly, he noticed that everyone's gaze had shifted to him, as if they were staring at him.


With a smile on his face, the ER doctor poked him.

All doctors smiled but they were curious, envious, and resentful.


The beautiful Doctor Li's eyes were about to burst into flames.

This lovely lady doctor and Xiao Li Fei Dao[1] came from the same Li family.

As a result, Doctor Li was skilled at flying daggers.

Fortunately, they lived in a peaceful society where killing was prohibited.

She channeled all of her murderous energy into her eyes, and her razor-sharp gaze pierced Tian Yuan like a dagger.


Tian Yuan felt a chill on his back.

‘Why is she staring daggers at me’


"He was not on duty that night, but he awoke in the middle of the night and rushed to the hospital for the patient's safety.

He didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning after a few hours of surgery.

He is a jing[2] god who aids the dying and heals the injured, and he serves as a model for all doctors.

It is not the first time he has performed such a noble deed.

Many times, he has rushed over as soon as something happened in the hospital.

He took the patient's life very seriously, whether he was on duty or not.

All of the doctors in this hospital should take notes from him."


Tian Yuan was breaking out in cold sweat.

In fact, he didn't want to get out of bed that night.

He did so because Pan Lei was the person in question.

Pan Lei had called him and his concern for Pan Lei had led to his intervention in saving the patient.

He blushed and felt guilty when he was called a role model and a god of healers.


"The hospital can't let such a good comrade’s talent get buried."


Dean Zhao was agitated and ecstatic.

Tian Yuan was mentioned in the newspaper, and the hospital was mentioned in passing.

Their hospital was even praised by the mayor.

Because there were so many patients, it would undoubtedly be beneficial.

Pan Sanshao hoped he'd get the treatment he deserved.

In the current situation, if Tian Yuan was promoted to the position of deputy director, he would not only be giving face to the Pan family, but he would also be fulfilling everyone's hope that 'good people get rewarded.'


They couldn't let Tian Yuan go because he was so talented.

It should be noted that Tian Yuan, as deputy director of surgery at City’s No.1 hospital would propel the hospital to the forefront.

That was a type of intangible asset.

He would become Tian Yuan, a surgeon at the Armed Police Hospital, if he was transferred there.

Dean Zhao rose from his seat and shook open a letter of appointment.


"This institution's leadership team has determined that Tian Yuan has a good heart, a noble moral character, excellent medical skills, and is a competent doctor.

He has been promoted to the position of deputy director of surgery.

Congratulations, Deputy Director Tian."


The applause was led by the ER doctor, and the group of white-clad doctors joined in.

It was a good thing for someone to be promoted, regardless of who they were.

Everyone kept saying 'congratulations,' which made Tian Yuan feel even worse.


"Go, go, go.

Get the appointment letter.

You are the deputy director.

Why are you hiding in this place"


The ER doctor drew him out and pushed him to allow him to pass and accept the appointment letter.

His future rank, welfare benefits, and pay (salary) had all significantly increased.

'I definitely want him to treat me this time.

I'll have a good meal in that five-star restaurant.'


Tian Yuan felt remorse for the wounded patient he had rescued that day.

In fact, he ran the entire distance, terrified and concerned because it was Pan Lei.

This promotion came as a complete surprise.


Dean Zhao patted him on the shoulder, as if he recognized the proud student of the younger generation.

“Good luck, young man, and take care of yourself.

Continue giving it your all.

The hospital will not treat you badly.

So, don’t consider joining elsewhere.”


Tian Yuan felt strange; where else could he go if not to this hospital

Doctor Li stood up angrily, kicked the chair over with a bang, and disrupted the cheerful atmosphere in the conference room.

This stunning lady had a terrifying tantrum.

The doctors were all taken aback.


She smashed the table nearly in half in front of the hospital's entire leadership and medical staff.


[1]Xiao Li Fei Dao means 'Little Li Flying Dagger'.

It is a series of five wuxia novels.

The author is joking that Dr.

Li is a relative of that flying dagger.


[2] mythical goblin spirit.


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