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Chapter 55 Singing a Lullaby for my Darling


"Let’s go home.

I'll ask for a leave on your behalf.

Let's go home and get some rest.

I'll leave tomorrow."


Tian Yuan removed his surgical gown.

He awoke in the middle of the night and ran all the way to the hospital.

He was completely exhausted and couldn't take it anymore.


Pan Lei turned around, squatted, and patted his back.

"Come on, I'll piggyback you."


Tian Yuan was not courteous.

Since Pan Lei wanted to piggyback him, so be it.

He was too tired to care.

Tian Yuan gladly hugged Pan Lei’s back.


Pan Lei stood up and considered the weight on his back.


"You’ve lost weight.

Look! Oh no, there's no meat on your butt.

Isn't this wronging me Plump is adorable."


Tian Yuan slapped him on the back of the head and snapped.

"You just want to play with me every time you see me Take me home as soon as possible.

I’m tired to the bone."


Pan Lei laughed mischievously, remembering how much he enjoyed teasing him, tricking him, and watching him get angry, blushing, laughing and cursing happily.

He was the happiest staying at home with this guy.

He felt good just looking at him.


"Let's go, let's go, Marshal Tianpeng[1] is carrying his wife!"


"You filthy pig! Take it easy! Take it easy!"


Pan Lei was very fast, and he did not use the elevator.

He dashed down the stairs, making Tian Yuan scream in terror, and hurriedly hug his neck.


"What do you want to eat, darling Go to bed when we get home.

I'll prepare a tasty meal for you."


Pan Lei had made light of Tian Yuan's weight, but he really needed to compensate for his face's thinness.

It wouldn't be fun to pinch Tian Yuan's face if there was no meat on it, he reasoned.


Tian Yuan checked the time as he changed into his pajamas.


"Isn’t it too late to cook You also completed the mission and stayed awake all night.

Let's just sleep."


“Roger!” said Pan Lei and began to remove his clothes one by one, smiling.


Was Tian Yuan’s “sleep” a verb or a noun Was it just sleeping, or did he want to do something before going to bed


Tian Yuan squinted beneath the quilt.

Pan Lei was only wearing his underwear when he kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek and patted him on the back.


"Wait for me to return and rock you to sleep, honey."


Tian Yuan kicked him.


"Get out of here and take a bath."


Pan Lei smiled and walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

He was almost in the midst of a battle bath, emerging within five minutes.


Tian Yuan was engrossed in a book.

He squinted his eyes as he saw Pan Lei emerge from the steam.

"Do you believe you're washing potatoes, ah Did you really take a shower"


Pan Lei flaunted his perfect physique.


"Do your potatoes have a similar figure to mine Sleep, sleep, you have no idea how much I missed you during this time.

Every night, I want to cuddle you to sleep.

I'm leaving tomorrow, and you still want me to take a long shower."


Pan Lei jumped onto the bed, wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan, and hugged him to his chest.

He snatched the book from Tian Yuan's grasp and kissed him on the cheek a few times, sighing contentedly.

Sleeping with the person you cared about was also a source of happiness.


So, what was the happiest thing It wasn't the kind of situation where "you have me and I have you" or "you love me and I love you" were said while looking into each other's eyes.

It was when after being tired at night, he slept in a big bed beneath a quilt with his wife, hugging together.


Tian Yuan, however, rolled over from his arms, fiddled with the phone, and then quietly set it aside.


"What are you doing Go to sleep."


"I'm unable to sleep." Tian Yuan sighed and rolled his eyes.


Pan Lei turned over and glomped on to him as soon as he heard something interesting, smiling wickedly like a rogue.


"You can't sleep That's fine; let's do some exercise to help you sleep."


Their lower bodies were in close proximity to one another.

He straightened his waist slightly.

Tian Yuan's face flushed immediately after the semi-hard thing rubbed him.

He grabbed Pan Lei's arm, saying, "Old rules.

Sing me a song."


Pan Lei shook his head, bowed and nuzzled Tian Yuan's neck incessantly.

He leaned against his neck without kissing him, sprinkled all his heat and breath on his skin, and looked at Tian Yuan's neck turning a little red with one puff which pleased him.


Their lips were very close together.

If he were to pout his lips would touch Tian Yuan’s lips.


"Tian'er, didn't your parents sing you a lullaby when you were a kid to get you to sleep"


Tian Yuan shrank his neck to prevent himself from becoming numb.

His thoughts were a little hazy.

When Pan Lei inquired, he reacted somewhat slowly.


"When I was a kid, if I didn't sleep, my mother would scold and beat me.

I sobbed and fell asleep.

After that, I was always well-behaved when I went to bed.

Nobody wants to be beaten before bed."


Pan Lei's nose slid down his ears and back and forth on his neck.

The sun shone through the curtains and reflected on his skin in the morning.

Tian Yuan's white and tender skin had a warm glow and appeared as warm and soft as a lustrous pearl.


Pan Lei smiled and kissed Tian Yuan on the neck, revealing a pale pink mark, when he heard what Tian Yuan said.

Pan Lei turned over and leaned on the bed's head, holding the man who had been beaten to sleep since he was a child in his arms, and raised the quilt to cover his shoulders, not teasing him any further.


"I'll be nicer to you than your parents.

I'm going to sing another lullaby.

Sleep well."

Tian Yuan took the phone close to Pan Lei’s mouth and signaled Pan Lei to begin singing.


‘Green flowers in the army’ was the best for hypnosis.

Pan Lei's low and hoarse voice fell on Tian Yuan’s ears, and his humming moved Tian Yuan’s heart.


Tian Yuan closed his eyes as he sang, and by the time he finished, Tian Yuan had fallen asleep.

He even forgot to put away the phone.


"Have sweet dreams, baby."


Pan Lei kissed him on the lips and took away his phone.

Something didn't feel right to him.

What was the purpose of the recording


'Oh, I see! This little thing recorded my singing.

Did Tian’er want to hear it every day Then I'll say something nice so he can listen to it every day.'


Pan Lei created an audio recording - Tian'er, my baby, when are you going to agree to marry me Let's get married.

Nod your head quickly, alright


Thus, Tian Yuan was left with a one-of-a-kind recording.




[1] Marshal Tianpeng refers to a 2020 movie.

It means 'The Pig King'.

He's Pigsy from the famous 'Journey to the West'.


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