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Chapter 54 Who is the cutest person


"I'll wait for you to come home with me."


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's mouth through the mask while buttoning Tian Yuan's surgical gown.

Tian Yuan’s eyes bent in a smile.


"I have a bed in my office; why don't you sleep there first"


Tian Yuan needed to operate.

Pan Lei was concerned about his wife's situation.

He remembered Tian'er telling him that Dean Zhao wanted to promote him to deputy director, but how many days had passed since then He should get what he deserved right away because he was such a steadfast person.


It was quite late at night when Dean Zhao received a call.

He answered the call in a sleepy voice.

"How can I help you, Pan Sanshao[1]"


"I want to know, what’s the holdup Dean Zhao, I heard you wanted to appoint Tian Yuan as deputy director; why hasn't there been any word If you don't want him, I'll poach him from you.

My mother has mentioned countless times that she wants Tian Yuan to work with her.

Don't consider yuanbao[2] to be a treasure.

Tian Yuan is circumspect and conscientious.

Tell me honestly, why have you not promoted him"


Dean Zhao felt a pang of embarrassment.


"I've been contacted by the director of surgery.

Doctor Li is a formidable rival for Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan is still slightly inferior in terms of qualifications, time in charge of the job, age, and prestige."


It was truly a situation that caused people to lose their cool.

The director of surgery was powerless to stop someone like Pan Lei, who was from a powerful family,  and tracked down the dean.

The director of surgery still carried some clout.

The dean was forced to choose between two options.


"It's all **ing nonsense.

Who, in the entire hospital, is more steadfast than Tian Yuan He has good medical skills, is conscientious, and does not fear the knock in the night.

You are blind if you let such a doctor suffer a loss.

Since you don’t appreciate such a great doctor, I'll ask him to resign tomorrow."


Pan Lei snapped and hung up the phone, convinced that his family's Tian Yuan was being bullied.

He didn't want Tian Yuan to come into contact with this filthy society and these dirty tricks.

Since someone dared to bully his family, don't blame him for being rude.


He returned to Tian Yuan's office and began to write a letter of resignation.

He wished to transfer Tian Yuan to the Armed Police Hospital, make him deputy director, allow his mother to provide more opportunities for him to further his education, and allow Tian Yuan to write more research papers.

He wanted to take advantage of his mother's status, and when Tian Yuan was 40 years old, he wanted Tian Yuan to be the dean of the Armed Police Hospital.


Who knew that just as he was about to begin writing, a chorus of sobbing voices would interrupt him A woman knelt as soon as the door was opened.

Pan Lei was so terrified that he jumped to his feet and grabbed the woman, who appeared to be in her forties.


"Many thanks to all of you People's Liberation Army soldiers.

My husband would have been in danger if you hadn't been there and rescued him as soon as possible."


Pan Lei recognized the woman as the person who had been at the scene of the car accident.

They were returning after a mission at the time when they noticed a car accident ahead.

A woman was sobbing alongside an injured person.

They loaded the seriously injured man who was lying by the side of the road into the car and drove him straight to the hospital.

They left the woman to work with the cops.

That woman rushed to the hospital after reporting to the police.


"This is what we should do; don't get too worked up about it."


Pan Lei was a little concerned about this sort of thing.

He had no qualms about speaking in front of a member of the military.

It was okay for him to go rogue in front of his friends, and it was also okay for him to pull pranks on three generations of soldiers in his family.

But he was afraid of women's tears, particularly grateful tears.


"The patient is in the process of being rescued.

Please go and complete the paperwork."


Who knew that a group of people would break in at that time A short-skirted girl held up a microphone, while a man carried a camera and pointed it at him.


‘This is bad.

I can’t appear in the news.' Pan Lei took a quick step forward, blocking the camera lens with his hand.


"Sorry, this is against army rules.

Photographs and interviews are strictly prohibited in order to protect the personal safety of our team members."


Special forces were not permitted to take photographs or give interviews.

They were a mysterious army force, and they must remain so.

The missions they carried out were all classified, and the people they imprisoned were all criminals—major criminals and dangerous people.

It would be a serious loss if the personal information of the special forces was leaked.


"Allow us to conduct an interview with you.

You did a good deed by assisting others and buying time for the injured.

The members of the family wish to express their heartfelt gratitude to you."

Pan Lei was slightly dissatisfied.

This military rule was not insignificant.

Nobody was allowed to reveal the secrets.

Pan Lei went over to the camera, opened the case, and removed the video tape with one hand.


"It's best if you don't make me break any military rules.

If this information spreads, I will most likely be forced to surrender my military uniform."


The host felt a little self-conscious.

When Pan Lei appeared cold, he was terrifying.

The interview was in violation of military regulations.

They couldn't report this handsome man's good deed.


‘This is a good opportunity,' Pan Lei's mind quickly came up with a win-win solution.

Didn't Dean Zhao say Tian Yuan's reputation wasn’t as good as Doctor Li's Then he would use this opportunity to promote Tian Yuan.

It was worth noting that his family’s wife went out of the way and rushed to the hospital late at night for surgery.

He dashed all the way here to save lives and heal the injured.


"I can't give an interview, but I can find you a protagonist.

The doctor is currently performing surgery.

He was not supposed to be on duty today, but as soon as he learned that the patient was in critical condition, he dashed to the hospital and ran to save the patient.

He was exhausted, but he insisted on performing surgery.

We rescued the patient, but who is truly saving lives"


The reporter burst out laughing as soon as she heard it.

It was also firsthand knowledge.

The special forces rescued people during their mission, which was breaking news.

But because the news contradicted military regulations, there was no way to report it.

But there had to be a hero in this story, and this doctor just happened to be one.

It was great material for front-page headlines.


Everyone gathered around the operating room's door.

The reporter and cameraman were prepared and eagerly awaiting first-hand information.


Tian Yuan pushed open the operating room door, and when he saw the crowd, he took a step backwards.

‘What exactly is this situation!’


Pan Lei, who was standing behind the crowd with folded arms, burst out laughing.

Tian Yuan's position as deputy director was now secure.


The woman immediately knelt in front of Tian Yuan.

He rushed over to help her up.


"Isn't this shortening my life[3] Get up quickly.

The patient has been transferred to the intensive care unit and is expected to awaken this afternoon.

The emergency has been averted."


All of the cameras, video recorders, and microphones were trained on Tian Yuan.

The reporters had many questions and spoke quickly.

Tian Yuan could only respond that the patient had been transferred to the intensive care unit and that the green channel[4] had been opened.

The operation was carried out first.

There was no holdup despite the lack of a deposit.

It was the doctor's responsibility to save the injured and heal the sick.


He couldn't take it any longer; he'd never seen anything like this before, and he'd never given an interview.

He looked to Pan Lei for assistance.

Pan Lei coughed.

His family was crying for help, thus he couldn't ignore him.

He was cute when he was dazed, like a milk cat messing with the yarn and getting trapped inside.


"Go see the patient or inquire about the situation."


The reporters and the patient's family quickly left, and Tian Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

This was more exhausting than surgery, ah!




[1] Third young master.

[2] Yuanbao are mock ingots of silver/gold burnt as offerings in worship.

Not real gold or silver.

[3] The woman is older than Tian Yuan.

The Chinese revere their elders.

It’s a taboo to kneel for someone younger.

[4] Green channel refers to expedited action where the standard procedures are skipped to save someone.


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