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Chapter 53 I'm back


Oh, no! Oh, no! Tian Yuan despised the fact that he couldn't drive at the time.

It was the middle of the night, past two a.m., and there were no taxis on the road.


‘I can't wait any longer, Pan Lei is waiting for me.

Perhaps he is waiting for me covered in blood.

Time is life.

I can't afford to waste time waiting for the bus.'


If something bad happened to Pan Lei, he would regret it until the day he died.


Tian Yuan began running desperately, stomping his feet.

His house was just a few stops from the hospital.

Pan Lei stated that he would arrive in 20 minutes so he had to rush to the hospital within those 20 minutes.


Tian Yuan was not diligent about working out.

He did not run long distances after graduating from university because he did not have time to exercise.

When he finally had a weekend off after a long week, he took advantage of it by sleeping in.

But at this point, even with a few stops, it was a long distance, and he ran it all in one breath.

It was an emergency, but his feet were filled with lead and he was gasping with his mouth open.

He leaned on his waist, took a breath, puffed up, and continued to run, his gaze fixed on the distant hospital.


Damn him for making him run all the way to the hospital at two or three a.m.

He would not have done such a stupid thing if it hadn't been for Pan Lei.

He had only one thought.

Get to the hospital as soon as possible.

He couldn't stand it any longer.

Tian Yuan wished he could sprout wings and fly the rest of the way.


A car came to a halt outside the hospital's main entrance, and the nurse and doctor in the emergency room ran out.

As soon as the car door opened, the special team jumped out and carried out a bloodied individual.


"This person was seriously injured in a car accident.

Is Tian Yuan here"


Pan Lei looked around, but his wife was nowhere to be found.

The entrance door slammed open as he said it, and Tian Yuan dashed in like a whirlwind.


"Pan Lei!" Tian Yuan yelled.

It appeared to be a repeat of the previous two situations.

Tian Yuan's heart was left hanging once more as special soldiers in camouflage field uniforms surrounded the area.

He shoved those people aside and stormed in.


When he heard his family's Tian'er call him, Pan Lei turned around.

"I'm here, Tian'er.

I'm here."


He turned around and hugged Tian Yuan, who was on his way over.

Tian Yuan couldn't care less about the thrill of not seeing Pan Lei in a long time.

He patted Pan Lei’s arms and legs up and down and checked his chest several times.

Although he had blood on his body, it was not his own.


"Don't worry, Tian'er.

We saw a car accident on our way back from our mission.

The driver, who was seriously injured, is this man.

We had no choice but to take him to the hospital.

We conducted a preliminary examination.

He's lost a lot of blood, is in a coma, has fractured ribs, and a broken leg.

The surgery required is extensive.

I called you because I believe in you."


Tian Yuan repeatedly confirmed that Pan Lei was unharmed and had not broken anything.

His mental tension abruptly dissipated.

The sudden long-distance running and relaxation following the tension made Tian Yuan's feet soften.

He squatted on the ground, clutching his stomach and sweat dripping down his brow.

He couldn't get up and he had a pale face.


Pan Lei was so terrified that he rushed to pick him up, placed him on the bed next door, and pressed his hand against his stomach.

Tian Yuan snorted and drew his legs to his stomach.

Pan Lei didn't dare to move him any longer, and he stared at him panicked.

He wanted to touch him but was afraid Tian Yuan would get hurt again.


"What's wrong What's the matter with you Doctor, doctor, come over and take a look at him.

What’s wrong with him"


Pan Lei screamed out loudly.

The emergency room was initially quite noisy, but when he yelled, everyone's attention was drawn to his side.


Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei to keep him from causing a commotion.

He took a deep breath.

His abdomen muscles were cramped and felt painful.


"I ran, I ran too fast.

I'm out of breath."


He began to feel pain in his abdomen about halfway through.

It had to be because he hadn't exercised in a long time, and suddenly his movements were too violent, making him breathless.

He clenched his teeth until he saw Pan Lei was unharmed, at which point he couldn't ignore the pain any longer.


"You...you...alas, my Tian'er, you always make me feel so bad."


Pan Lei gently placed his hand on his stomach and added some strength, rubbing the knotted and painful area for him.


"Boy, oh boy, it's exactly this manner." With staring eyes, a young nurse muttered to herself.


Pan Lei sat on the bed, wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan, and rubbed his stomach slowly.

‘I'm so annoyed ah, it won't hurt if you slow down.'


"I assumed you were in an accident.

Because I couldn't call a taxi, I had to run over."


"So I'm hoping you work out twice a week.

I’ll be more at ease if you take care of your own health.

Is it any better Is it still painful"


"Are you all right You are not hurt"


"I'm fine; the mission went off without a hitch.

I came across an accident on my way back and felt compelled to assist."


"Are you then returning to the army"


Tian Yuan tugged Pan Lei's shirt.

He was dressed in a camouflage suit, with his face covered in camouflage paint in green and black.

His strength as a man was undeniably revealed.

Everyone had at least a little uniform fetish.

In a military uniform, this man exuded majesty and strength.

He appeared taller and more powerful.


Pan Lei turned to face his teammates, then Tian Yuan.

His eyes were filled with apprehension; how could he be willing to leave at the time


"I'll let them go first, and then I'll leave tomorrow."


Tian Yuan sat up, a little relieved that his stomach no longer hurt.

He couldn't let the patient wait any longer now that he was here.


"I'm going to see the patient."


Pan Lei took command of his men, removed his camouflage uniform, bulletproof vest, and gun, and handed over all of his gear to his teammates.


"You return, and there will be no need for training tomorrow morning.

We'll resume training the day after tomorrow.

Get a good night's sleep."


The special forces team looked at the busy Doctor Tian, then at the captain, whose eyes were locked on Doctor Tian, immediately followed the order, and left with an ambiguous smile.


The SWAT team members had left, and the emergency room doctor had informed Tian Yuan of the preliminary examination results.

Blood pneumothorax[1], low vital signs, multiple fractures, and significant blood loss.


"Prepare for the procedure.

Is the patient’s family here Get their sign before we begin."


Tian Yuan started undressing and putting on a surgical gown.

The patient was pushed into the operating room by the nurse, and a young nurse went to the patient's family.

The doctor in the emergency room paused for a moment.


"There is a doctor on duty in the surgery department.

You can return home and let the doctor on duty perform the operation.

Today, Dr.

Li is on duty."

The ER doctor gave a bitter smile.


"Then the director must be on duty as well.

I’m not returning.

Don’t bother them."



Li, a lovely surgeon, and director of surgery were well-known throughout the hospital.

The director of surgery did not go home as long as Dr.

Li was on duty.

Instead, they “dated” in the hospital.

Who dared to call her



[1] Pneumothorax refers to a collapsed lung.


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