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Chapter 50 Mobilize brothers to help him take care of his wife


Who wouldn't want to be cradled in someone's palm To be loved by them Someone was concerned if he even frowned.

To ensure that his stomach was full and that he did not have to worry about eating.

Tian Yuan was captivated by the feeling of being treasured as he relied on the affection Pan Lei gave and enjoyed his pampering.


Even when Pan Lei was not by his side, he took good care of him.


Tian Yuan intended to go to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast, but the doorbell rang as he was finishing washing up.

It was the waiter who delivered the previous night’s meal.

He arrived early this time to deliver breakfast.


Pan Lei's call came again around lunchtime, while he was dining in the hospital cafeteria.


"Have you eaten anything What did you have for lunch Is it delectable Is there anything in particular you wish to eat"


Those were all normal greetings, the type of call that anyone may receive—greetings between colleagues, queries between relatives, and concern between loving partners.

The most usual call, Pan Lei's, went straight to Tian Yuan's heart.

Caring and taking care of others, loving and indulging in love were not just words; they were actions.

Only then did he realize how much Pan Lei looked after him and how much he cared.


"I'm having braised eggplant in soy sauce, which isn't really tasty."


"No wonder you’re slim.

The food in the cafeteria is not only unsatisfying, but it also harms the body.

If it doesn't taste good, baby, eat less of it.

I'll request that my brother send you some munchies.

Zhang Hui will prepare something delectable for you to eat at night.

Let me know what you want to eat."


"Spare ribs." Tian Yuan expressed his desire greedily.


"Stir-fry or soup Would you like to eat fish Forget it; don't eat fish.

What if the bones get stuck I'll cook it for you when I get home.

I'll pick the fish bones for you."


"I'm not without hands.

I can live without others, you moron."


A young nurse on one side whispered, "Doctor Tian is acting like a baby, did you see!"


"Seeing him like this makes me want to fall in love.

If a man treats me like this, I will give him a baby right away."


Pan Lei went on to confirm the menu - braised spare ribs, stir-fried cabbage, and fish ball soup.

Only then did he cheerfully end the phone call.


Tian Yuan's ears were bright red.

He was eating while remembering Pan Lei’s last words to him, ‘Tian'er, I miss you.’


Pan Lei's emotions were never hidden from him.

He expressed all of his feelings.

Pan Lei called him anytime he thought of him, making Tian Yuan miss him as well.


"Hey, the rice is going up your nose." An ER doctor walked in and smacked Tian Yuan on the shoulder.

He was curious as to what Tian Yuan was thinking as he smiled so broadly while eating.


It was a common love syndrome—everyone who fell in love, including Tian Yuan, giggled without reason and grinned like fools.

People were no longer normal.


Those pink bubbles in the cafeteria… were they allowing them to mingle with bachelors Wasn’t annoying single people a crime He was in love, but there were others out there who weren’t.

Didn’t it make people envy and hate him


"Come to my house in the evening for dinner.

The food at the five-star hotel will undoubtedly appeal to you."


Tian Yuan could no longer ignore it.

Who wanted to eat sticky roasted eggplants with rotten tomatoes The eggplants were tasteless, and they didn’t even look appealing.


"Oh! If you fall in love, I, too, have benefits! You want me to join you Are you certain you can invite me to your house for dinner Your special soldier won't shoot me, right I’ll be shot if I mess with his wife."


"He dares! Who gave him the courage"


The ER doctor smiled.


Tian’s demeanor had always been gentle and elegant, modest and generous.

When did he get this stinky temper Sure enough, people who fell in love would become spoiled.


Before Tian Yuan went upstairs to his office, a police car pulled up to the gate, and a young police officer emerged carrying two enormous bags of goodies.


"You’re Dr.

Tian, right Our chief has requested that I bring you some snacks."


The ER doctor laughed so hard that he almost passed out.

This was too much concern.

Even if the partner was a girl and all the girls in the hospital were considered, no one could match the way Dr.

Tian was being pampered.

This level of concern simply made people envious to death, ah!


Tian Yuan was on the verge of exploding with rage.

Pan Lei had the audacity to make everyone from his family look after him.

What difference did it make if he wasn't there He drew his brothers and friends out to help him.

Was he under the impression that he was intellectually disabled Wouldn't he look for himself


"Pan Lei, you jerk, you're about to make me lose my face.

You're a little bit exaggerated, don't you think Your second brother has also invited me out.

If I'm late going home at night, will you make your father send someone to get me" Tian Yuan scolded over the phone.


"I truly want my father to come forward if you come across something that can't be fixed." If Tian Yuan became lost, if he returned home after work and was robbed, or if he was bullied by someone, his father would undoubtedly be called upon to seek justice for him and assist him in resolving the matter.


Pan Lei believed he was right.

He had done everything correctly.


"Go to hell, bastard!"


Tian Yuan hung up the phone with a snap, angrily handed the two bags of snacks to the nurse in the emergency room, and stormed upstairs.


"Captain, the one in your family has lost his temper again.

I believe your little wife needs tidying up."


"Buzz off! My guy yelled at me, acting like a baby in front of me.

He was conveying a message to me, asking me to return promptly and, without relying on the help of others, to take care of him directly.

Who doesn't have a short fuse His temper, I tell you, when he loses his temper, he is really radiant.

His eyes are round, his face is flushed, and his cheeks bulge.

I enjoy making him mad.

I just want to kiss him when he pouts.

Hey! I'm missing him again.

When will this dreadful training be over Don't you realize it's unethical for a couple to live apart I'm not sure if it will harm our feelings.

My Tian'er, I...

I miss you terribly."

The soldier who took the opportunity to taunt, looked at Pan Lei with the look of seeing a deity.

Then, numbed by Pan Lei to speechlessness, he covered his mouth and rushed to the toilet.

He was so disgusted.

Pan Lei, don’t look so forlorn okay He was a special forces soldier, not a bloody poet.

There was no need to trick people like this.


"It's disgusting to you, huh Just wait till I hear you when they force us to battle.

I’ll shove you down the toilet and flush you down the drain.

Hey, isn't this what my family's man said Tian'er, I really miss you."


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