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Chapter 43: President, Your Doctor Bullies People

Tian Yuan was so angry that he told him off in front of the hospital president.

His chances of getting promoted seemed impossible now.

“Pan Lei!”

Tian Yuan really wanted to beat him up again and kick his ass, else his nonsense will get more and more exhilarating.

The president wouldn’t think that he poisoned Pan Lei, would he

Right in front of the president, Tian Yuan looks like he’s rushing to catch a wolf, while the ‘wolf’ just rolled on the bed.

“Did you see that president He is terrible! President, you have to give me justice, ah! He is my doctor, but he doesn’t even care if I die!” Pan Lei, who acts like a battered little wife, finally got someone to back him up.

He grabbed this opportunity to complain, as if his life depends on it.

Capitalism is really evil! This vicious capitalist is making things difficult for the hard-working masses, ah! Obviously, this spoiled young master, the people’s hero, is fooling him (the hospital president) into managing the matter at hand.

The president wiped the sweat on his forehead.

This young couple is having a lover’s quarrel.

It wouldn’t be good to pull himself into it.

No matter what, even though Pan Lei doesn’t say anything, he has to take charge.

Pan Lei does not allow others to bully his family’s wife.

So, it should be that Pan Lei was actually the one who did something bad.


Tian is gentle and courteous, so he would not result to physical violence if he’s angry at someone.

“President, it wasn’t like that, it was him…” Pan Lei was the one who wanted to see him that’s why he’s here! Why is he complaining Does he still want to save his face

Pan Lei raised his chin.

“What did I do What did I do You kicked me! You sutured my wounds without any anesthesia! You left me here and didn’t care about me.

This is all your doing!”

Tian Yuan was so angry that he clenched his teeth.

Does Pan Lei think that because the president is here, he is afraid of him Once they’re left alone, if he does not peel off Pan Lei’s skin, he will share the same surname as him!

“Rubbish! Be careful that I might throw you into the anatomy room and chop you off into a bubble of formalin.”

“President, look, he’s threatening me! He’s threatening me!” Pan Lei shook his head and challenged, “Come on, hit me! I have a backer!

“That, Dr.

Tian, you will not treat other patients for the meantime.

Pan Lei is a Special Forces soldier and he needs special care.

Hence, you will be his exclusive doctor during his stay in this hospital.

All right, I have something else to do, so I will go first.

President Zhao hurriedly left.

He came over to offer his greetings when he heard that a high-ranking young officer was admitted in the hospital.

As the president, it is only proper to visit and ask how the patient was doing.

Who would’ve thought that when he entered the door, he suddenly got himself involved in a family dispute, ah! He just happened to see the young couple jeering and yelling at each other.

His sudden presence spoiled the fun.

He can’t afford getting himself mixed up in this.

It is best to leave without delay!

As soon as the president left, Pan Lei got up and jumped out of the bed to close the door.

With an evil smile, he looked at Tian Yuan.

“Tian’er, you are my exclusive doctor.

You are not allowed to leave me until I get discharged from the hospital.

You’re also not going anywhere today.

Just sleep with me in this room.”

“Sleep, my ass! Hurry and get lost!” Tian Yuan pushed him away, ready to leave.

Pan Lei held the doorknob, stretched out his neck and began shouting.

“President! Your doctor is starting to abuse me and beat me up again! He doesn’t listen to you! Come back and take care of him!”

Tian Yuan jumped to his feet.

He was so furious that he quickly wanted to catch the other guy and pounce on him! Why is he so shameless! How can he be so hateful He truly wants to rush up to him and pinch his face left and right, pull it up and down and pull it hard! This way, he won’t be able to run his mouth off and complain like he’s the guilty party filing a lawsuit! The president has not gone far, so Pan Lei’s bawling can make the president return in order to manage him.

Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan by the waist and picked him up.

Tian Yuan’s feet were already off the ground and he hadn’t noticed it yet.

Pan Lei had already expected that the hospital president would not come again even if his family’s wife would have to tear this husband to pieces.

He had already told the president earlier that this person is his family’s wife.

Hence, the president could only shut the door so that this young married couple can resolve their conflicts privately.

The president is just a guest.

He can go and never come again.

“I have let you, bastard, complain about me! Let me rip off that foul mouth of yours! You asshle! Son of btch! I was so scared but you were just bluffing! I got scared for nothing! I was worried for nothing! And yet, you still have the nerve to tell me off to the president and pressure me! You are violating the rule of law! I will beat you to death, hammer you till you die! You son of a b*tch!”

Pan Lei put Tian Yuan on the bed before pulling his paws down, and kneading the flesh on the latter’s face.

The little bandit’s rough and brutish kneading almost made Tian Yuan’s face into a large flat bread!

“Good boy, Tian’er, good boy.

I am to blame and I feel distressed for you.

Look at these two big black circles around your eyes.

It must be because you have not slept well last night.

It’s fine if you don’t see other patients at this time.

I stayed up all night on a mission.

So, let’s both just take a rest.”

“I’ll take a rest in a short while.

I still have other tasks.”

Pan Lei took off his shoes and went to remove his hospital gown.

“Besides being working adults, we are also a couple.

If you pay more attention to others, I will be jealous.

There are so many doctors here.

Since your president had already assigned you as my exclusive doctor, then do your job.

Don’t worry anymore.

Come on, why aren’t you taking off your coat yet and wants to sleep in it That’d be too uncomfortable.”

“I will not take it off! I don’t care if you live or die! I want to work!”

Pan Lei ignored his shouting and screaming.

If this person is mad, it is useless to reason things out with him.

Instead, he wrapped his arm around Tian Yuan’s waist and smoothly took off his white coat.

“Good, no wait, why is the stethoscope still hanging around your neck”

He stretched his hand out and as soon as he did, the stethoscope was taken off and set aside.

Tian Yuan was about to kick him when Pan Lei grabbed his foot and placed it on the bed.

Just like that, the whole person is now in bed.

Pan Lei spread out the quilt and covered Tian Yuan.

He looked at the door and made sure it is locked before turning to bed as well.

Tian Yuan brushed off the quilt and threw it on the floor, sat on the bed and glared at him.

“Baby, be good.

Don’t make a fuss.

Let’s just rest.

I promise that I will not do anything improper.

This is not the right place.

If it’s at home, then I’ll do you with pleasure! Although this is a single room, next door lives a man of sixty or seventy.

This laoye zi is afraid that the sound of activity will be too loud and will cause the elderly to have a heart attack.

Let’s just sleep.”

{TL: 老爺子 | lǎoye zi – my (you etc) old father; polite appellation for an elderly male}

Picking up the quilt, Pan Lei covered the other man and holding his waist, he pressed him to the bed.

When Pan Lei’s hand stretched out, Tian Yuan’s arms were blocked, and his legs were pressed.

Even if Tian Yuan was an invincible King Kong, he could not escape this body cage.

His whole body was kept under Pan Lei’s pressure so struggling to break free from it is futile.

Tian Yuan thinks that he is like a tortoise with his four limbs turned over.

No matter the struggle, he can’t break free from his tight arms.

Pan Lei was perfectly satisfied and finally slept with his family’s wife in his arms, feeling happy.

Pan Lei is happy, but Tian Yuan is obviously not happy at all! He’s so angry it’s unbearable.

In an instant, he grabbed Pan Lei’s arm and bit it with intense force!

Pan Lei loudly called out, sat up and screamed in pain.

His arm was bleeding.

“You know me, right When I’m on fire, I beat people up!”

The husband is depressed.

He only wants his wife!

Tian Yuan raised his chin.

“I have guts doing that to you, dare to beat me up”

“Beat who” With an apologetic expression, Pan Lei smiled and stroked Tian Yuan’s back, just like giving a cat a back rub.

“You should beat me up.

I shouldn’t have scared you.

I shouldn’t have complained about you in front of the president.

I shouldn’t get in the way of your work, but I am also your patient, ah! Taking care of me is also your job.

Listen, don’t make any more trouble, okay My baby is the most obedient! Let’s rest now.

Although the gunshot wound is just a bruise, it still hurts.

The wound is inflamed, so I’m still burning with a mild fever.

I don’t feel well, so comfort me, okay Stay with me by my side.

I am also a reasonable person, so won’t you accompany me”


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