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Chapter 42: Slightly Injured, Will Be Hospitalized

Pan Lei’s injury is considered to be minor and in fact, he did not need to be hospitalized.

When he goes back to the army, the military doctor will only give him a change of medicine in a week’s time and if the wound will not come in contact with water, the military doctor could already remove the stitches from it.

During war, of course, one must not leave the front line because of minor wounds.

However, this is a peaceful era.

I have to be hospitalized for minor injuries.

If I did not receive the best care and have not fully recovered, how can I continue to fight next time

These words originally came from Pan Lei’s mouth.

{TL: 輕傷不下火線 | qīng shāng bùxià huǒxiàn | one must not leave the front line because of minor wounds – This is a popular Chinese proverb that was adhered to during the war era.

It explains that although one is injured in battle, in order not to affect the combat effectiveness of the troops and as long as the soldiers can persist, they will not retreat and will continue to fight. Source: Chinese website

This common saying is used in the modern era to refer to a person who is serious and diligent in achieving his goal or in doing a task.

In short, one must never give up! Pan Lei clearly wants to resolve things between him and Tian Yuan so he thought of this proverb.}

Therefore, Pan Lei got himself admitted in the hospital and stayed in a private room in the surgical ward.

Also, this ward is just beside Dr.

Tian’s office.

When the higher-ups of the armed forces visited him, he made a fuss about not leaving the hospital and will wait for his wounds to scab before being discharged.

He can’t leave because his life and death depends on this hospital.

Tian Yuan watched Pan Lei as he pesters his superiors endlessly, while sarcastically commenting on the side that only a strong body can perfectly accomplish this kind of bull**.

Thought he didn’t know him yet Pan Lei’s mind is the simplest.

But the fire he has caused him has not yet dissipated.

Tian Yuan would take advantage of this time to be coaxed by Pan Lei.

The superiors of the armed forces don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A simple bruise and he wants to be hospitalized He is really fragile.

Forget it.

Just listen to him.

Who lets him have this privilege, anyway

After checking up on Pan Lei, his superiors left the ward which left only the two of them.

Pan Lei jumped out of bed and went over to Tian Yuan.

“Tian’er, say something.”

Tian Yuan twisted his waist and turned around elegantly following his white coat that swayed in an arc.

“The patient needs to rest.

This room shouldn’t be disturbed.”

Tian Yuan closed the door.

Pan Lei’s teeth clenched with rage.

This thing had never crossed his mind.

Aren’t they lovers How can there be a lover that’s so heartless He is currently wounded and bleeding.

As a lover, isn’t he supposed to pour him water Feed him meals and fruit Or wait upon him Shouldn’t he ask if the wound hurts or not If it’s boring being confined in the room or not He should accompany him 24 hours of the day! Can’t he attend to him just like taking care of a baby He is good, ah! Did he just leave him in the ward and went to work Such good time is wasted.

They should’ve shut the door and then talk sweet things to each other.

Kiss a little, touch a little, and their feelings should heat up quickly!

“Don’t think I can’t do anything about it.

Just you wait.” Pan Lei pressed the emergency button for thirty seconds, and the little nurse pushed the door open.

“Is there anything you need”

When Pan Lei saw the smile on the little nurse’s face, he was annoyed.

Pan Lei then waved his hand.

“Go and call Tian Yuan.

Tell him that I am in pain and bedridden.

No, just tell him I’m in shock.

Forget it.

Just say that I am in pain and bedridden.”

The little nurse replied affirmatively and went to call Tian Yuan.

Pan Lei is walking around the room.

He can not be too emotional again.

If Tian Yuan came in and saw that he is not in shock, he would directly break him up into pieces making it a reality.

Really afraid of this ancestor.

Tian Yuan went into the ward thinking that he had not given Pan Lei an anesthetic earlier and thus, he might really be in pain.

Who would’ve imagined that when he pushed open the door, Pan Lei handed him a sliced and pared off fruit, with a flattering smile on his face.

“Baby, you’ve been busy for quite a while.

Tired or not, sit down and eat some fruits.”

Tian Yuan, however, pressed the intercom.

“Bring in morphine.

Since the patient is in too much pain and unable to get up from the bed, do not let him be hurt any more.”

Pan Lei grabbed the phone and miserably looked at Tian Yuan.

“I don’t want to take that kind of thing.

Stay by my side and it won’t hurt anymore.

You are my pain-killer.”

Tian Yuan silently cursed.

Isn’t it because of you that I nearly had a heart attack! That I broke into a run with a record-breaking speed! That I almost broke into sobs in front of so many people! That as soon as I heard you were shot, I was scared witless!

Pan Lei was able to achieve his desired outcome that he pulled Tian Yuan over to the bedside, peeled and sliced a fruit for him, and gave him snacks.

He is like a loyal dog fawning over his master.

Tian Yuan looked at him with intense anger.

Is it just nothing to him that he scared people to death when he was bluffing! He thought it was a joke! But this joke made him tremble in fear.

Can’t hold it in anymore, he kicked Pan Lei’s calf.

The more Tian Yuan thinks about it, the more he feels mad about it.

The more he feels mad about it, the more he wants to kick Pan Lei off.

Pan Lei held his calf as he hopped on one foot.

Tian Yuan couldn’t put his foot down.

He was so angry that he turns around and about to go.

At this rate, he will die from intense anger.

If he will take another look at Pan Lei, he wouldn’t think twice of kicking him again.

Pan Lei went up and embraced Tian Yuan’s waist.

No matter what, this shameless guy will not let go.

“Tian’er, you can hit me, curse at me, and scold me.

So, will you forgive me please I really don’t dare next time.

I swear to God.

I really will never ever tease you with that kind of thing again.”

Tian Yuan shook him off and looked at him coldly.

“Do you know what you did wrong”

Pan Lei made a vow to the heavens.

Never again will he dare.

This cold treatment from his most important person is even more deadly.

Tian Yuan sighed.

He really couldn’t take Pan Lei’s expression now.

It is obvious that this guy is a nasty person, that he wanted to beat him to death.

But seeing his sorry appearance, he just became soft-hearted.

“You work is extraordinary.

Your missions are all dangerous.

Wouldn’t you protect yourself well I am a doctor, but I am not Yama.

I can’t bring the dead back to life.

Although I am used to seeing life and death, I do not want to see you meet an accident.

Do you understand”

{TL: 閻王爺 | yán wáng yé – same as 閻羅王 which means Yama, King of Hell.

He’s like the Hades of Greek Mythology}

Pan Lei smiled.

Tian Yuan is concerned about him.

He is interested in him.

He is a tough man but he was almost on the verge of crying just then.

Wasn’t it because he was worried about him He knows it was bad, but seeing Tian Yuan become afraid for himself, Pan Lei felt satisfied.

He pulled Tian Yuan’s hand and swayed it again from side to side.

“Do not worry, I am now a family man.

I will definitely protect this little life of mine.

We haven’t had a physical contact yet, and we have to deepen our connection.

If I die, I haven’t even gotten my eyes on it.

Tian’er, now that I am back from this mission, let us be sincere with each other.

Let’s make love, and use our bodies to express our love.”

Tian Yuan kicked him off.

“You’d better go to hell!”

It was at this time that the door opened and President Zhao came in.

Pan Lei fell on the bed with his stomach and yelled.

President Zhao, however, clearly saw that their patient has evil schemes towards their hospital’s doctor.

“President, the doctor in your hospital abused me! He didn’t give me treatment! He also kicked me! He kicked me and would let me die! He doesn’t care about me, so you have to manage him well, ah!”

President Zhao’s head is full of black lines.

Family problems, marital problems, internal conflicts, these things he can’t control as a president, ah!


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