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Chapter 40: Bluffing

“Go to the city and take me to the First Hospital.

Look for Tian Yuan and tell him to treat my injury.”

Pan Lei finally stopped his repeated chattering after giving his instruction and was carried to the ambulance.

Tian Yuan went to work today but he is not as lively as before.

Even the little nurse teased him and asked him saying something like ‘Dr.

Tian, there’s a new wound on your mouth.

Is it a cat or a dog bite Or was it kicked by a donkey’

Tian Yuan is not interested in talking back to him.

Turning his head away, he went straight to his office.


Li, who limped off, continued to provoke him with no reason at all, but Dr.

Tian did not even raise his head.

So, Dr.

Li could only stare at him coldly.

After 4:00 AM, that is, after Pan Lei left, Tian Yuan could no longer go back to sleep.

Hence, he watched DVDs and as such, his eyes became sore and his head hurts too.

He didn’t even know what he was watching anymore.

As soon as it was time to go to work, he took his bag and went out.

The hospital is always chaotic.

Fortunately, the floor where Tian Yuan’s office is located fares better.

There are no children who constantly cries, or other similar noise that makes people worry, especially the ambulance’s siren that makes people scared.

Even if you don’t have any heart ailment, you will feel like having a heart attack whenever you hear it.

Tian Yuan’s never-before-seen impatience allowed a glass of hot water to scald his hand.

He was so angry that he threw the cup aside.

This won’t do.

He can’t help but think randomly and unable to concentrate.

There is no patient, no surgery, and at this rate, he will most likely meet an accident.

He couldn’t keep thinking about Pan Lei.

He needs to calm down and get to work.

Pan Lei is out on a mission.

He can’t die.

He has to live on.

How can a person who suddenly appears, disappears just like that

What is wrong with me

I am just going back to my old life, but why do I feel like this

I must focus.

Tian Yuan opened and reviewed a medical file because after a while, he will go to the ward for his rounds.

In the next few days, there will be several interns coming from the medical school and he will also have to look after them.

Thus, he need to prepare well and do a good job!

Who knows that after he had just written a few words, the door of his office was kicked open with a bang!

A direct kick! This caused a visible crack between the door lock and the door panels.

Tian Yuan snapped the pen into two and wanted to rush up thinking that it was Pan Lei who again destroyed his door.

Pan Lei, you did a good work, your mother! You kicked my door once and setting an example! Everyone could just kick my door to enter my office!



Tian was just about to get angry and scold the man when he saw an unfamiliar tall man in camouflage standing at the door.

No, even though his face is smeared and although he is wearing the clothes of the Special Forces, although they are the same people, he is not Pan Lei.


Tian, right Our captain was shot.

He said that you must take the bullets out.

He is in the emergency room at the moment, so you can go down and take a look.”

Tian Yuan jumped up and ran out, using the speed he knew he never had.

Pan Lei was injured!

Pan Lei was shot!

Pan Lei is in the emergency room and needed him to save him.

I can’t stop for a second!

Hurry! Faster! This damn elevator! How can it not come down quickly!

Tian Yuan slammed the elevator door.

As he can no longer wait, he pressed the elevator button, turned and ran towards the stairs.

Regardless of whether he bumped into a nurse or a patient, he can’t think of anything else but one.

He had to see Pan Lei quickly! He needs to know how Pan Lei is doing.

Even the special forces soldier couldn’t keep up with Tian Yuan’s speed.

Tian Yuan ran all the way.

Even if he almost rolled down the stairs, he didn’t care.

In the emergency room, a lot of people in camouflage suits crowded together.

They suddenly saw a doctor wearing a white coat who’s running all the way to their direction.

This doctor was the ‘master’ who was able to make a compromise with their captain.

The same doctor who threatened their captain with a scalpel!

Tian Yuan dashed his way to the emergency room.

Pan Lei was lying there, with his left shoulder covered with blood.

Pan Lei’s right hand is still on his left chest on top of his heart.

His face was a little pale.

His lips were a little dry and cracked, and he is looking at him with bewildered eyes.

As soon as he saw him, Pan Lei showed a shallow smile.

“Tian’er, you are finally here.

I thought I’d never see you again.”

Tian Yuan’s hands began to tremble.

He tried to take a deep breath, deeply breathed again, and restrained himself from losing control as he looked at the other man.

He controlled his voice to sound as calm as possible and tried to lift up Pan Lei’s hand that’s grabbing his heart.

“You, you put your hand down.

I have to look at your injury.”

It’s gonna be fine.

Even if the bullet hits his heart, it’s going to be fine.

Wasn’t he able to save the special forces soldier last time Since that soldier is still alive, naturally, he will not let Pan Lei die!

“Tian’er, I want to see your face for the last time.

Now that I have seen it, I am perfectly satisfied.”

Pan Lei took a breath and closed his eyes.

Tian Yuan inhaled deeply and before he could start to talk, his eyes have become moist.

“It’s gonna be okay.

I’m here, I’ll save you.

You let go.

Let me see it, Pan Lei.

Let me see.”

He couldn’t control it, and his voice turned a little choked.

Having such a person who teases him, takes care of him, does every possible thing he can to amuse him, dotes on him so much, and after getting along, his heart was moved.

How come this man is now suffering God is too unfair.

Why give him this person, if he will only take him away

“Don’t cry, Tian’er.

I feel bad when you cry.

Tian’er, I have no regrets now.

When I closed my eyes, I hope you can sincerely call me ‘elder brother’ (ge), so that I will pass on peacefully.”

If it had been in normal times, Tian Yuan will just slap him in the face so he won’t worry about calling him elder brother.

“Bull**! I won’t let you die.

You listen to me and let your hands off!”

Pan Lei twisted in pain.

The hand on top of his heart did not let go.

Whether he lives or dies, he will not let go or else, Tian Yuan will see the wound.

“Tian’er, you don’t love me.

I am already like this and you still don’t want to satisfy my last wish What’s wrong with calling me elder brother You will just let me close my eyes and die You are a very tough person.

Why don’t you want to call me, elder brother, ah”

Tian Yuan grabbed his hand and tried to force it away.

This way, after he takes his hand off, he will know where the injury is.

But as soon as he tried pulling away, Pan Lei’s hand strongly resisted the force.

Tian Yuan feels that something is wrong.

This person who is seriously injured should not have such great strength.

He only cared about Pan Lei’s situation.

Now, when he looks at it, something is not quite right.

Looking around, he saw all the special forces soldiers restrain their laugh as shown by their distorted faces.

The doctors in the emergency room were also quite helpless, and the faces of the nurses turned red as they looked at the both of them.

Why does it feel like everyone is watching a show, like he and Pan Lei are the protagonists

Now that he thinks about it, Pan Lei is already seriously injured but he still keeps on saying that he call him elder brother.

Pulling his hand violently, Tian Yuan saw that there’s no blood on the spot covered by Pan Lei’s hand.

He was not shot in the heart at all! He looked up again, and saw Pan Lei cheekily smiling at him.

Tian Yuan gave him a heavy punch in the stomach.

“Pan Lei, f*ck your uncle!”


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