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Chapter 04: Getting Kidnapped Going Home

“I won’t be going home.

Help me with my mom and just tell her that I didn’t come back yet from Myanmar.

I’m fine but one of my men is in danger… okay, I’ll protect myself.

Did you find it So slow.”

Probably, the person at the other end of the phone was asking Pan Lei how he was doing recently.

Pan Lei frowned.

He’s a little bit impatient to wait.

Just then, only about 30 seconds have passed when Pan Lei got a response and directly informed the driver of the address.

Tian Yuan stared at him with big round eyes expressing his shock.

No way! He only needed a minute to find his home address

Pan Lei smiled at him.

He reached out to rub his messy hair which made his head look like a chicken coop.

Then, he pinched his face once more.

Feeling good, he squeezed it again a few more times.

Tian Yuan turned away to evade his actions.

Pan Lei’s palms have calluses and there are also ones on his fingertips.

Whenever they brush over his face, he felt his skin sting in pain.

Moreover, this big guy likes to sexually harass men.

“Tian Yuan, 28 years old, was born on March 25.

He went to school at the age of six.

He graduated from the medical university.

He has three years of practical experience and possesses first-class medical skills.

He was promoted and then became a surgeon.

He broke up with his girlfriend six months ago.

His parents are not around.

He bought a house with two bedrooms and a living room under a twenty-year loan after paying the down payment.

He doesn’t have a car, no marriage history, and no child.

Checking on his private life, he doesn’t have bad habits, just occasional smoking and drinking.

He has a gentle personality and was also dubbed as the hospital’s diamond bachelor.”

That’s it. Tian Yuan’s entire background has been dug up by this man.

Even his personal habits were laid out in the open.

What else does he not know

“What are you planning to do”

Tian Yuan tried to struggle even though he has no more strength to exert.

He still does not understand what Pan Lei wants to do.

Was he sending him home to thank him But he doesn’t need to kidnap him to show his gratitude.

“If your anxious to say something, wait until we reach home.”

Then Pan Lei no longer opened his mouth to talk.

He allowed Tian Yuan to stupidly struggle.

Want to struggle We’ll see if he has the ability to break free.

Don’t think that he will be able to escape from the palm of his hands.

What a funny doctor he is.

His unbridled arrogance seems to reach two meters high, but if only he can do something about his skinny physique.

His waist is so thin.

If you think of moving him and holding him into your arms, one arm is enough to encircle his waist. His little cheeks are as lush as the green onions.[1] Even at 28, his skin is really good, unlike them who were naturally raised by crawling on the ground with their bare hands and obtaining wounds from being hit whenever they fight.

Compared to him, he is like a princess that comes out of fairy tales.

As for himself, he is like one of those rough knights in those fairy tales.

But then, such a thin body actually had such a bad temper, isn’t that funny

{T/N: [1] Lush means growing abundantly when referring to vegetation.

But here, lush means juicy, soft, tender, luscious like that of a sprouting bulb of a green onion.}

Looking at him, he felt the urge to pinch him, tease him, and bully him.

Bully him until he cries out loud just like the scene in the hospital last night where he yelled at him, then he picked him up and carried him onto his shoulders.

Watching him panic made it even more fun.

Finally arriving at their destination, Tian Yuan remained motionless even after he was dragged into the front door.

It seems like he does not have any intention of bringing out the key.

Pan Lei didn’t care about it as he took this chance to touch his body from top to bottom.

He searched the pockets inside Tian Yuan’s pants and then moved his fingers up.

He also touched his legs towards his forbidden area.

Tian Yuan almost jumped up of surprise.

“Bastard! Where are you touching!”

Pan Lei was embarrassed but still, he continued to trace over Tian Yuan’s private area.

He is not a woman.

What a darn thing to be doing this kind of indecent actions to him![2] Tian Yuan’s face turned red and then white, then red again.

And now, he’s starting to fume with rage once more.

{T/N: [2] I guess the author was trying to say that Tian Yuan is a man and it would be unnatural for another man to touch him indecently.

The norm is that sexual intimacy must be done by men with women.}

He bit his teeth until they were almost rotten.

He was so angry that he could almost die from it.

Pan Lei finally pulled out the key.

He opened the door and pushed him forward.

In an instant, he blocked him off and then locked the door.

Then he threw the key into his own pocket.

“Okay, you’re home! I’ll go wash my face first.

You behave inside the room.

Look after yourself and don’t go off without my permission.

This is the 9th floor.

If you open the window and jump off, you will surely die.

I locked the door, too.

Meaning, you can’t open it without me.

That’s it.

Now, I’m hungry.

Do you have anything to eat Prepare a little more because I have a big appetite.”

Pan Lei felt aggrieved as he touched his stomach while calling out to a certain person.

Afterwards, he turned into the bathroom, moving around as though he’s a family who has been living there for a long time.

Using Tian Yuan’s towel, he washed his face.

Tian Yuan rubbed his wrist.

How much strength did he use His wrists are now purple in color.

Cook for him Let him eat sh*t! He gave a vicious kick to the couch, but he hurt his big toe instead.

With a bang, he slumped onto the couch.

He felt extremely wronged, awfully wronged, okay He felt that things are inexplicably unfair to him.

He did the best he could and gloriously rescued a patient.

And then he was kidnapped.

But not only that, the kidnapper also locked him up inside his own room.

Not to mention that he had also yelled at him before.

He is typically abusing his authority by obstructing his movements.

Why must he be intimidated by this bandit

Five minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Pan Lei walked out.

He took off his field jacket which then revealed a pure white short-sleeved t-shirt, a buzz cut hairstyle, toned muscles, and a tall figure.

Adding on his field trousers and a pair of ankle-high field boots, he vividly demonstrated a man’s strength, his military might, and his heroic spirit.

[The man wearing a military uniform is the real man.] This sentence is not false at all.

Even if he did a lot of bad things, after seeing his clean face that revealed his original resolute face, Tian Yuan’s heart beats involuntarily fast.

He slightly drew in a breath to calm himself down.

Pan Lei’s eyes were unyielding.

His nose stood upright and strong.

His pursed lips and the corner of his mouth showed his unexpected tenderness.

All the words of praise befitting the military were not enough for him.

He is firm, strong, and valiant.

With just him merely standing there, it couldn’t hide the fact that he is a soldier — the most outstanding soldier in China.

A close-fitting, pure white short-sleeved t-shirt worn on his upper body displayed his powerful chest where no traces of excess fat could be seen.

Was it due to training A man with an outstanding physique really makes people envious.

Pan Lei looked towards the kitchen.

The food he was expecting was nowhere to be seen.

Never mind.

Let’s solve the most crucial matter at hand first.

As soon as the 1.9 meter-tall sturdy body crossed over the coffee table and stood beside him, Tian Yuan got almost scared to shrink into his feet.

He quickly swallowed his saliva.

Can his fists kill a bull In case he punched him, his ribs would definitely be broken.

“Hey, what are you doing Let me tell you, this is my house.

I can just say that you broke into my private home.

And with just a phone call, you can be arrested.”

Pan Lei squats beside him while feeling entertained at how funny he looks like at the moment.

How amusing.

He was afraid.

Has the previous arrogance disappeared What seemed to frighten him

Reaching for his shoulder, Tian Yuan’s neck subconsciously shrunk in fright.

He thought that he had reached out to strangle him.

“I will never hit you.

I will not let anyone hurt you.

I swear to you.

This is my oath.”

No one can harm him, including himself.

No one can make him sad.

No one can attack him physically.

If anyone dares to hurt him, he will not let that person live.

“What are you doing!”


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