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Chapter 39: The Skills Of A Commando

When Pan Lei got inside the car, he began to change his clothes.

He put on his camouflage suit, military cap, bulletproof vest, and military high boots.

Changing out of his casual jeans that he wore at home into his military clothes, his awe-inspiring masculinity had instantly rose to the highest level.

“Captain, why were you were not at your house”

Pan Lei tied his shoelaces and took the map to start studying the robbery scene.

“I live in my family’s wife’s home.

Damn this group of bastards for disrupting this lao zi’s good business.

I am still thinking of taking a few more days of vacation to cultivate my feelings with my family’s wife.

This ‘really good’ phone call wrecked my beautiful plans.

Who would not want to sleep in the middle of the night and instead rush to the gold shop”

Pan Lei urged the driver to speed up a little bit as he was thinking of finishing this task as soon as possible.

He would also ask for a few more holidays to properly and completely settle his family’s wife.

Being left hanging in midair, he is not confident in himself.

This is what he feels from the bottom of his heart.

He was afraid that during this period of time that he was not there, his family’s wife will hook up with some goblin and ran away together with him.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police had surrounded Pan Lei’s group and all of the members of his squadron were on standby, awaiting orders.

Pan Lei got off the car and the police chief rushed over.

“What’s the situation”

“This is a century-old gold shop with a total of three floors.

It has not been robbed for so many years.

There has always been two to five security guards working night shifts.

The gate, like the bank, was made of a three-inch pipe to cover all the doors and windows.

Th shutter doors are extremely thick.

The bandits were very mad, and they directly blasted the door with explosives.

The police rushed over due to the alarm, but the fire inside was strong and there were also hostages.

“Let me take a look at the floor plan.”

The vice captain placed the floor plan in front of Pan Lei.

“Using infrared binoculars, we have known that there are currently two people in a corner on the second floor and another two people are in the third floor.

Here, there are four hostages and one of the bandits is watching over them.

The person responsible for guarding the four hostages was also armed with explosives.

Also, each bandit has one Type 54 pistol in his hand.


Pan Lei pounded on the table and then ordered his men to gather with a thundering voice.

This prompted his squadron to stand in front of him quickly.

All the lads, each of them, looked valiant, firm and brave.

“Upstairs on the street opposite the gold shop, two snipers should go find a place where they could shoot towards the third floor.

Don’t let the people at the second and third floors have the opportunity to join one another.

The bomb squad will dispatch a person to go with me when I go in.

If by chance those old bastards also have a time bomb, it would be easier for us to tear it down.

The assault team will be divided into two teams.

One pair will go in through the window and contain the robbers in the corner of the second floor.

I will take the other pair with me and go in through the main entrance.

The main goal would be to save the four hostages and deal with bandit who’s armed with explosives on his body.

Take action quickly and all the bandits must have been contained within 30 seconds.

This task should be done within half an hour.”

All the team members shouted in acknowledgement.

“Check the equipment to ensure smooth communication and that the bullets are loaded.

These perverted bandits should be hammered to death for not letting people have some fun on the bed in the middle of the night.”

Pan Lei’s one-sided words made all the team members laughed.

Pan Lei smiled at them and dropped his hand as a signal.


In a flash, the sniper had quickly moved to find the best position to aim at the two bandits who were still rummaging things in the third floor.

“Captain, target confirmed, requesting instructions.”

“Take a silencer.

When we get in, you will shoot.”


Pan Lei looked at the already prepared small team and the team leader made an OK gesture to him.

Having gotten the guarantee of the team leader, Pan Lei’s hand made another signal to start the operation.

At this, all the members began to move with the fastest and fiercest speed.

When a team broke through the window, Pan Lei took his men and rushed into the second floor at the same time.

The sniper upstairs open fired and blew off the bandit’s head.

The action was quick and decisive.

The first team contained the two bandits in the corner.

At the same time, Pan Lei kicked the bandit who had explosives on his body.

The second assault team swarmed to subdue the most dangerous bandit.

Just thirty seconds and in a blink of an eye, a tough robbery scene that could not be solved was handled just like that.

The hostages were safe.

Two bandits were killed and the other three were captured alive.

The people in the bomb squad quickly came to take off the explosives.

Pan Lei blew a whistle and the members of the second team smiled and approached the bandit whose explosives have been removed from his body.

“Beat him hard for this lao zi for making this darn thing and creating such a huge disturbance.

This lao zi still needs to go back to sleep and hug my family’s wife in my arms.

Whack him hard!”

All the special forces on the scene laughed.

For disturbing their boss’s spring night’s good dreams, it can not be forgiven easily.

The young lads approached the bandits and really hammered them.

One man threw a punch, another person threw a kick, and when the police came over, the bandits already have bloody noses and swollen faces. 

Pan Lei waved his hand against his brothers.


Take the team and go back to sleep.

You still have training tomorrow.”

The special forces team were about to walk away when Pan Lei’s eyes swept a glance around just to see that one of the four hostages, a boy, was sneakily putting jewelries inside his pocket.

“Hey! What are you doing Stealing for yourself”

Pan Lei strode over and thought that the young security guard wanted to take advantage of the chaos to take some cheap items.

There is no weapon in his hand, no explosives on his body, and has a slender body which Pan Lei could contain with just one hand. Looting a burning house when somebody isn’t watching, will certainly frighten an honest man.

{T/N: 趁火打劫 | chèn huǒ dǎjié | to loot a burning house – is an idiom that means to profit from somebody’s misfortune}

Who knows when the young security guard pulled a gun out of his pocket and while trembling, threatened Pan Lei.

“Don’t come over.”

Pan Lei spat in contempt. His Niang Xipi! He did not anticipate that those bandits also have an accomplice inside.


f*ck it! Put the gun down and come over.

Are you even an adult yet You’re still young and you want to rob, ah!”

Pan Lei did not look at the other person in the eyes.

Instead, he focused on the gun on his trembling hand. Shoot Does he have the guts

“Now, let go of the gun.

You have already committed robbery.

If you dare to shoot, you will surely die.

Will you shoot Do you dare to shoot Do you have the courage What about heroes Put the gun down.”

Pan Lei continued to move forward.

“I, I will really shoot!”

“Then you give it a try.

This lao zi will grab you and snap your neck with a twist!”

With three or four steps left, Pan Lei can actually take just two steps to hold the muzzle of the gun and then turn the other man’s hand over.

With this, the young security guard will be controlled.

However, when the young security guard saw that Pan Lei had not stopped his footsteps, he shivered and pulled the trigger.


And at that moment, on Pan Lei’s body is a splash of blood.


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