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Chapter 37: Have The Ability To Pull It Out And Compare

With potato chips and milk tea on his hands, Tian Yuan sat on the floor and watched Pan Lei doing push-up.

He did not believe that he could really finish two thousand push-ups like what he claimed.


1,900… … 1,996..



1,994.” Tian Yuan clipped a piece and took a bite of his potato chips.

He also drank a mouthful of milk tea while randomly counting to confuse Pan Lei.

“Is that how your family count numbers” Even though Pan Lei is doing this kind of training every day, he would still sweaty profusely.

Large beads of sweat covered his cheeks and even his sleeveless tank top is now soaking wet.

“This is how my Mathematics teacher taught me.

Why, got a problem Any opinions If you don’t finish two thousand, you are not allowed to get up.

Continue… 1,996..



Raising his chin up, Tian Yuan looked at Pan Lei like he was proud of himself.

He had let this rogue tease him and take advantage of him for how many times already.

Now, he won’t allow this bastard to get up until he’s out of physical strength.

This rogue must not have known that Dr.

Tian is also not good to bully.


2000!” Pan Lei did not care about Tian Yuan’s random count as he had been silently keeping track of his numbers in his mind.

He hurriedly sped up and finished two thousand.

Using his one hand to prop himself up, Pan Lei put down his legs from the sofa and quickly pounced on Tian Yuan, smearing his sweat on the other man’s face.

Tian Yuan screamed and fled, but Pan Lei would not let him off.

When he caught Tian Yuan, Pan Lei started to tickle him.

Tian Yuan laughed and screamed.

He was like a fluttering fish under Pan Lei’s hand.

He really couldn’t endure being tickled and was most afraid of someone grabbing him.

But Pan Lei found out his weak spots.

He tickled his waist and then his armpit.

Tian Yuan struggled with almost no strength left as he shouted: I don’t dare! Won’t dare anymore! I was wrong!

Pan Lei let him go, pressed him on the floor, and laughed at Tian Yuan’s smiling flushed face.

It really feels so good to interact as intimate as this with his family’s wife, same with eating together, watching TV together, and exercising together.

This is, indeed, what people call LIFE!

Tian Yuan had laughed enough and looked at the person in front of him whose face is covered with sweat.

The skin he touched was hot and tough.

He is strong, charming, and sexy.

He is absolutely the ideal man.

He has to admit that Pan Lei has all the charisma of a man.

He has a sense of humor — although this humor was always used to tease him.

He is strong —  but this strength (due to his stocky and muscular built) gives off an overbearing difficult-to-approach “man of steel” vibe.

He is also capable of housework, a sincere man, and is attentive to people.

For those he likes, he dotes on them completely.

However, he acts like a bandit or like a gangster when he deals with irrelevant people.

Above all, he treats his family with utmost care and tenderness.

This is what a man really is, a pure and honest man.

“Baby, fall in love with me.

I must say, my charm has no boundaries.

So, you will definitely fall in love with me.” Pan Lei proudly declared.

A person’s emotions that could be seen through their eyes will not lie.

They looked at each other for a minute without speaking.

After the laughter in Pan Lei’s eyes subsided, he stared seriously at Tian Yuan.

His eyes became tender and watery, with a bit of intense passion — a look that speaks of infatuation and obsession.

Tian Yuan is damned.

His heart was moved but he did not want to admit it himself.

“Love you, your head! Go, take a shower! You reeked of sweat!” Tian Yuan was a little shy and pushed him away in a panic.

“You love my head Come, my big head will kiss you and I will also let you touch my little head.

If you want to kiss my little head, I am also willing!”

What big head What little head He only got a skull.

Tian Yuan was innocently confused.

Pan Lei’s smile slowly turned into a cheeky one and began to untie his belt. “Here, I’ll introduce you to my little head.

Go ahead and touch it as much as you want.”

This, this vulgar and shameless rascal! Tian Yuan took back all the praises and beautiful things he thought about him! He is not a man.

He is a rogue, the most shameless rogue of all!

Tian Yuan quickly jumped up and and kicked Pan Lei in the leg, and ran back to the bedroom with lightning speed.

He buried his flushed face inside the quilt and kept punching the pillow to vent his anger.

He will not get along with anymore! He will no longer care about him! What kind of a man is he! Every word he said was flirting with him and playing tricks on him, without properly talking to him!

Pan Lei is the one in the wrong here and went overboard.

His family’s wife is shy, but this despicable rogue, Pan Lei, is not.

He stealthily opened the door and threw himself over to the bed, pressing Tian Yuan under his body.

His hand began to move naughtily as he slid it inside the quilt. “Let me kiss your big head too and touch your little head.

I haven’t seen yours yet.

You have already touched mine and you can’t be unfair.

Let me touch it and see if it developed well, okay Actually, even if the development of your little head isn’t better than mine, you don’t need to feel inferior.

In this lifetime, this little head of yours cannot help you in carrying on your ancestral line.

So even if yours is like a toothpick, I’ll like it just the same.

I won’t mock you like other people usually would.”

Tian Yuan grabbed his hand and twisted it to the extreme.

“Yours is a toothpick!”

Pan Lei pulled open his quilt showing a facial expression that was not convinced.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and knelt beside him.

“If you have the ability, you take it out and compare it with me! Let’s see whose little head is a toothpick! If yours is bigger than mine, I will let you push me down in this lifetime! I will be your wife and I will call you husband.

You will also be my grandfather! What do you say”

Tian Yuan was so angry that it’s unbearable, making him feel dizzy and light-headed.

He also knelt on the bed.

He was already thinking of pulling down his pants and compare heads with him, but as he placed his hands on the edges of his pants around his waist, he suddenly calmed down.

This isn’t right.

Something’s abnormal here.

Didn’t this seem like a method of goading somebody into action due to extreme rage If he took off his pants, and compared heads with him, doesn’t that mean that he’s letting Pan Lei look at his member voluntarily To strip himself naked and be taken unfair advantage of, well, he is not that stupid!

Raising his chin up, Tian Yuan snorted, grabbed the quilt and draped it all over his body.

He is now wrapped up like a cocoon without a gap left for Pan Lei to squeeze in, not even a slight crack. “As if! I will not be looking at yours!”

Pan Lei howled and began to punch the mattress fiercely.

“How come you suddenly became smarter, ah! How can you see through my plan Cunning boy, you learned something bad.”

Tian Yuan smiled proudly.

This sly man has deceived him a number of times.

Hence, he already knows how to be a bit clever to understand things clearly.

See He said it himself that this was a crafty scheme of him.

Pan Lei sat across the quilt and pouted while muttering words of complaints.

Since his little trick failed, he felt melancholic and a bit depressed.

“What’s wrong with touching I just want to look.

What’s wrong with that Cheapskate.

Hey, Tian’er, don’t sleep.

Talk to me, okay If not, I will kiss you.

I will really kiss you! Still dare to close your eyes If I kiss you, I won’t be able to stop and eat you up directly, do you believe it or not You even dare to snore Do you think that I really won’t dare to do anything to you I will really, really do it!”

Tian Yuan did not pay him any attention.

He lay down his body on the bed and slept with a peace of mind.

He understood that this man, Pan Lei, will usually play tricks on him, will sometimes utter vulgar and naughty words, will likely kiss and hug him, and will also most likely take off his clothes to let his eyes eat some tofu, but he will not do anything out of the ordinary.

He believes that Pan Lei respects him.

Tian Yuan was right.

As he slept in the dark, Pan Lei continued talking nonsense.

He touched the sleeping man a little bit and then dropped a kiss on his face.

With that, he confirmed that his baby had  really fallen asleep.

Pan Lei stretched out his one arm and used his other arm to place Tian Yuan’s head on his resting arm.

With both Pan Lei’s arms hugging Tian Yuan, he looked like a child sleeping in his embrace.

He stared at Tian Yuan’s sleeping face and smiled silently.

“Good night, my love.”

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