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Chapter 35: Take A Seat on Ge’s Lap, Ge Will Teach You How To Drive

Pan Lei pulled Tian Yuan and ran away.

When they arrived at the garage, Tian Yuan crouched down in laughter and wasn’t able to get up for awhile.

It was so embarrassing.

The director was slapped in the face and wasn’t able to react.

The beautiful woman kicked him in the foot and when the elevator door opened, the beauty left fuming with rage.

The director covered his face feeling wronged.

This scene is enough for Tian Yuan to remember for a lifetime.

“Knowing that people dare to bully my family’s wife, I will let them pay the price.

No one is allowed to harm you, whether it is psychological or physical harm. My grandmother! If someone dares to bully you again, I will go directly to your president! Tian’er, why don’t you transfer to the Armed Police Hospital I guarantee that my mother will not bully you, and that your future prospects will be much brighter.”

“I am not going.

I’m doing well here, even if they are pushing me aside.

I haven’t done anything wrong, why should I leave Do you think I am naive, waiting for them to bully me If they dare to touch my bottom line, I’ll find a place to reason out with them.”

Pan Lei opened the door to let him get in the car.

“If someone dares to bully you again, just tell me.

I will pour spit into their teacups so they could die from nausea!”

The new car model looks really good.

Obtaining this new car is just like a pretty girl getting a new crush.

It feels fresh and exciting! Or more like having a first love, it makes people burn with passion!

The car was parked in an open space, without any obstacles.

There aren’t even poles around it.

Hence, it will not be dangerous even if he opened the door horizontally.

Tian Yuan was nervous and excited at the same time. This experience is new to him so he is filled with curiosity.

He opened the door to the driver’s seat.

However, his grandfather Pan Lei sat in the driver’s seat as steady as he could.

“Get off and sit in the front passenger seat.”

Pan Lei didn’t come down.

How can he get in and hold the steering wheel if Pan Lei is sitting there too

Pan Lei is shameless, really brazen, ah!

Pan Lei patted his thighs.

His eyes were full of smiles, and he hooked his finger towards Tian Yuan, just like how an old man flirts with a woman.

“Come on, sit on ge’s lap. Ge will help you find the feeling of driving.”

Tian Yuan kicked him in the leg and glared at him.

“Go to your grandpa! Hurry up and come on down.

What are you doing How will I learn You want two grown men to sit together in this space”

Pan Lei felt wronged.

What’s wrong with this space Is there not that sentence which says: In a narrow single bed, the lover will never fall off when sleeping together He set aside a place for him to sit down that could give him a sense of security, a sofa covered with his skin.

He could give him warmth, hug him, and help him when he is flustered.

That, uh, the most important thing is if Tian Yuan sits oh his lap, he can imagine a certain kind of posture.

Even if one does not explain, anybody can realize it, right

“Are you sure you won’t be anxious to step on the brakes and accelerator the wrong way Are you certain you can grip the steering wheel and get it right Are you confident that when a thing or a person suddenly run in front, can you stop right away Not that I am scaring you, but have you seen the news There was a newbie learning how to drive the car, and instead of the brake, he stepped on the gas pedal so the car crashed against the wall.

The car got into an accident and it’s okay because there is an insurance company.

If you crash the car, I won’t feel bad about it.

Just in case an accident happened, will you let me die or not let yourself live”

Pan Lei sat steadily, that is, he did not get out of the car, and he talked big about danger.

For those who have touched the car for the first time, this is a threat and intimidation.

Tian Yuan was indeed a little scared.

What he was most afraid of was that he has no idea of the severity of such case.

He know that when the accelerator was pedaled, the car will start to run.

“You, will you be fine”

Pan Lei patted his chest to show that he’s good with it.

“I drive a military tank.

It is rare for me to be able to drive a manual car in the city.

I can drift beautifully and stop the car in a precise place.

Come up, I will help you find the feeling.”

When he reached out, he pulled Tian Yuan into the car and made him sit on his lap.

Well, if a couple would like to learn how to drive, it is recommended to buy a car with a bigger and wider space.

The feeling of Tian Yuan’s leg is now similar to the kind of grievance he felt when he was still in school.

Still, do not imitate this! {T/N: Agree! This is too dangerous!}

How much space can two big men occupy, when one of them is almost 1.9 meter tall

Adjusting the seat backwards, Pan Lei smiled.

The buttocks of his family’s wife are really firm and outstanding.

Being together with this beautiful man, who is currently sitting on his crotch, gives him a sense of happiness.

As soon as his arm stretched out, Pan Lei wrapped Tian Yuan in his embrace and held his thighs and put them on his lap.

He also placed Tian Yuan’s feet on top of his feet.

The steering wheel is almost against the stomach of Tian Yuan, and he felt sullen about it.

When he moves, he feels uncomfortable.

When he moved again, Tian Yuan’s face turned red as he gnashed his teeth.

“Despicable rogue!”

Tian Yuan turned his head and yelled at Pan Lei.

What is that vulgar thing between his buttocks Don’t say that he put a flashlight in his pocket! He knows that this rogue didn’t have good intentions and now it has been revealed!

Pan Lei timely took this chance when Tian Yuan turned his head to gently bit on his mouth.

“I am man who has his favorite person in his arms and naturally will have a reaction.

Don’t move about randomly.

I’ll do my best to control myself.”

Alas! Car sex is something that he had hoped for, and he wants to eat him now to his heart’s content.

But with his family’s wife sitting on his body, isn’t this like his fleshy meat is almost ready to attack his baby’s mouth

He, maybe, is a rogue but he has to take care of his family’s wife.

If their feelings are mutual, he will not be doing such thing as teaching him how to drive, and will just directly carry on with the adult things.

The revolution has not been successful, therefore he needs to put more effort.

He’ll just write down this account today and when the time comes, he will demand for payment.

“First release the handbrake.

Then, step on the clutch.

Right, step on my foot, and slowly use force.

Then, move to the first gear and lift it up.

Don’t loosen the clutch. Oh, right, gently step on the accelerator.

Look at the front.

Don’t tremble.

Slowly release the clutch pedal and slowly step on the accelerator simultaneously.

The gas pedal is pressed gently and the clutch is slowly being released.

Really smart! Is it not moving yet”

The car slowly started, and Pan Lei’s hand also encircled Tian Yuan’s waist.

“Don’t be distracted.

You must pay attention to the road when you drive.

You can’t reach out and grab your back even if its itchy.”

Then Pan Lei started to touch Tian Yuan’s back.

Then he touched his waist for a while, then his arm, and then his thigh again.

Tian Yuan’s mind was all focused on the car, so he did not lash out at Pan Lei while he was groping him all over.

Pan Lei felt happy and laughed at how cunning he was.


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