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Chapter 32: Dare To Play Rouge Give It A Try!

Tian Yuan has never seen such a greasy person.

He clings to him while smooching him on the side.

He kept on kissing him whether in the lobby, on the roadside, or inside the car.

Tian Yuan feels that he will likely become the headline of tomorrow’s newspaper.

Two men are passionately kissing in the middle of the street.

Gay love is everywhere.

The marriage law is perfect and can protect the vital interests of these tens of millions of comrades.

{T/N: comrade – A term that means “homosexual” in modern Chinese language.}

With great difficulty, they finally got home.

Tian Yuan felt like he’s going to fall down due to dizziness.

Adding Pan Lei whose body is wriggling while going upstairs, they now look like conjoined babies.

Their bodies are not standing straight, nor could they walk in straight lines.

Their path is more twisted than the T pattern of the runway stage.

As soon as the door was shut, the beast that broke its switch could no longer control himself.

Turning around, Pan Lei pressed Tian Yuan against the door and used his superior height advantage to squeeze Tian Yuan between the door and his body.

With his towering height, he could almost see the crown of the other man’s head.

Since he had drunk alcohol, Pan Lei’s eyes are all red.

The way he looks at Tian Yuan is like looking at a delicious meal.

Pan Lei couldn’t help but gulp a mouthful of saliva. “Tian’er, I am going back to the army.

Let’s confirm our relationship status today and become a famous couple.”

Pan Lei is so close to him that the distance between their pair of eyes is no more than five centimeters.

Tian Yuan vigorously stretched his arms and legs to push him away. Why, what the hell is he doing! Taking advantage of being under the influence of alcohol to play rogue with him!

“Baby, you don’t know how much I want you to become fully mine.

It feels very hard and painful whenever I look at you.

Baby, touch it… touch me.”

Grabbing Tian Yuan’s hand, Pan Lei guided it downwards to feel his hardness.

But in fact, Tian Yuan doesn’t need to touch it. He can confirm it just by looking at that part between his thighs, which is bulging with desire.

Tian Yuan struggled to break free from his grip.

“Pan Lei, I warn you.

Don’t feign madness by using alcohol as an excuse.”

Pan Lei snuggled closely as he rubbed his entire head around his neck, while repeatedly swaying his body acting like a spoiled brat.

“Tian’er, don’t I love you enough I am just afraid that you will run away from me.

Baby, everything’s fine now.

The whole family knows that you are my family’s wife, and they will not oppose us.

See At an earlier time, I have already cleared the obstacles along the way so that no one would dare to mistreat you.

Rest assured that there won’t be any difficulties.

As long as you nod your head, we will love each other for a lifetime! Promise me, ah! Let us live well.

You and I, together, for a lifetime.

I will be good to you for the rest of my life!”

Tian Yuan doesn’t know if Pan Lei is really drunk, or if he is just pretending to be one so he can act as crazy as he like.

Playing rogue, but also saying such sweet words, and confessing to him like a young boy.

It doesn’t matter if most of the time, he was feigning madness, but this time, he definitely cannot let him get closer.

He must not let him take advantage of him, not even a strand of his hair.

“Baby, give me a kiss.” Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan’s clothes, and asked for a kiss.

He raised his head, and pouting like a child, demanded for a kiss.

Tian Yuan pushed his face away, but he was caught by him.

Clasping his chin, Pan Lei fiercely kissed him.

This kiss was the first time that Pan Lei didn’t use a bite to initiate the act, but this kiss was so deep that Tian Yuan was about to suffocate. His hand was grabbing everywhere thoughtlessly.

Pan Lei caught his hands and put them on his shoulder, forming a deep affectionate picture of two people hugging tightly on to each other.

Tian Yuan’s resistance yielded no results, so he could only grasp Pan Lei’s shoulders and let him black out his own eyes.

The effect of alcohol, at this time, revealed its greatest benefits.

Pan Lei drank two bottles of baijiu (white wine), and the heat inside his body is already unbearable.

This kiss brought all the chaotic heat out in his body to the extreme.

Tian Yuan’s limbs turned weak and he can only let Pan Lei do whatever he wants.

After having drank too much, Tian Yuan’s face had already turned pink.

His somewhat pale lips because of low blood pressure had now turned red.

His eyes were no longer proud.

It became confused and soft.

He did not push Pan Lei away anymore.

He is now obediently nestling on Pan Lei’s body, relying on his shoulders, and seriously responding and exchanging light kisses with him.

Putting the person he likes, looking so delicious, in front of him, is this some test of his willpower Pan Lei’s jeans is now a little tight, and the body in his arms had become hot.

He just wanted to crush him into pieces and eat him down to his stomach.

He wanted to kiss every inch of his skin, leaving his traces.

Strip him, let him cry out, let him scream, let him gasp for breath, let him forget forget about himself as he nestled in his arms while moaning in pleasure, and let him straddle his waist on top of his own, like a boat within the stormy sea, swaying by itself.

This isn’t good. If this goes on, he might possibly tear open Tian Yuan’s clothes directly, and he will do him on the spot.

Tian Yuan must become his not just in name, but also in reality.

However, they must do it properly inside the bedroom, befitting his family’s wife reputation.

Lifting Tian Yuan’s waist up and holding him in his arms, Pan Lei went towards the bedroom with long hurried strides.

The two pairs of eyes are opposite each other.

From time to time, Pan Lei will look up and kiss Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan got frightened.

The heat in those eyes felt like scalding him, scaring him enough to break into chills.

Being carried over in Pan Lei’s embrace into the bedroom, he would likely be eaten until not a little bit of bone residue is left.

Too scary. That kind of look is like being watched closely by a hungry wolf, like he is about to eat his most-awaited delicious meal.

At once, Tian Yuan’s fear sobered him up and all his daze and insobriety vanished in no time.

They can’t do this.

They’ve only known each other for several days, and their feelings have not yet reached that point.

Furthermore, he hasn’t promised him anything yet.

“Cold It’s alright.

I will make your whole body heat up from the inside out.” Pan Lei pressed his voice down, which made his voice even more magnetic.

This turned the heart of the man before him confused.

Tian Yuan is struggling so hard to break free from Pan Lei’s arms.

“I, I’ll go to the kitchen.”

How can he stop this wild animal in heat!

Assault him

Smack his head with a frying pan If he became silly, he definitely can’t afford it.

Trick him There is no anesthetic in his house, and he can’t constantly give him a strong sedative to knock him out to sleep.

What should he do now

Run away Most likely, he has not yet arrived at the door, and Pan Lei would’ve already carried him over his shoulder and threw him directly into the bed.

Scream He is not some girl who had encountered a rogue, although Pan Lei himself is also a wandering rogue.

“What are you going to do in the kitchen” Pan Lei is still acting intimate with him, and is not leaving.

He keeps on kissing his neck, his ears, and repeatedly touching his body.

Tian Yuan caught sight of the set of scalpel which Lin Mu sent him.

He clenched his teeth.

He has no other option.

He had to waste one of the blades of the scalpel.

Dragging Pan Lei to the kitchen, Tian Yuan placed a chopping board on the table, opened the refrigerator, and took out a raw chicken.

Then, he brought out the sharp scalpel, and faced Pan Lei with a cold light.

“I will show you once, how a surgeon dissects a corpse.

Do you know why a surgeon should not be messed with Because a surgeon’s scalpel can not only save people, but it can also… kill people.”


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