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Chapter 30: This Is The Legendary ‘Coming Out Of The Closet’

{T/N: To come out of the closet is to reveal one’s sexual orientation.}

“On his 18th birthday, he invited a group of boys and girls whose hairs were dyed green and red to have an adult drinking party at home.

He said that since he is already a man (an adult) beginning that day, he must break away from his ‘chicken’ boy identity.

So, while sitting on the sofa in the living room, he started becoming intimate with a young lady.

My third uncle and third aunt went to work that day and did not participate in the big celebration.

Therefore, he became more presumptuous.

Who would’ve thought that during the most critical moment, while he was untying the top of the young lady, my third uncle suddenly came home.

Having stayed in the army for 30 or 40 years, my third uncle is extremely old-fashioned and upright.

He was still wearing his military uniform when he arrived at home, just in time to see a group of young people dancing wildly around.

As he was looking around, he caught sight of Lei Zi pressing down on a young lady and thought that he must be doing something that’s against the law.

Seeing this, my third uncle erupted instantaneously.

He drew out his gun and fired it in the sky, stunning everyone.

The group of people didn’t dare make a noise while Lei Zi was still in a position that’s about to kiss the person.

My third uncle put his gun back on his waist, saying that it would only take a shot to kill him.

With this scene, the chaotic party concluded.”

Tian Yuan resentfully glanced at Pan Lei, who was currently drinking a big mouthful of alcohol. How dare he deceive him, saying that he had not kissed other people! Then how will he explain what happened to them with that young lady!

Pan Ge laughed so hard that his body trembled, but he still went on.

“He, my third uncle, severely scolded his son from midnight till dawn, spouting about things from morality to social chaos.

It was a very long-winded speech.

We, as elder brothers, also received a scolding from third uncle for poorly supervising our little brother.

Lei Zi didn’t react while lowering his head, an appearance of regret.

But, it was already too late.

It was already daybreak when the scolding ended.

This matter was originally nothing to be concerned about.

That man, Lei Zi, was never a scoundrel to begin with when he was young.

But after a week, he summoned everyone together including my grandparents, my uncles and aunts, my parents, and his maternal aunts.

The living room was full of people.

Nobody knows what was going on.

A short moment later, he suddenly knelt down before my grandpa and bawled like a child.”

Pan Zhan sprayed out wine as he laughed.

Pan Ge also laughed while hammering the table with his fist, and Tian Yuan almost fell off the chair.

Bawled Pan Lei

Right now, that one whose hands dance and feet trip [1], the man who fights bravely in the battlefield and now drinking merrily with three other people, and that person who was so noisy inside the room as he gratifyingly nitpicks on people… will cry

{T/N: [1] 手舞足蹈 | shǒu wǔ zú dǎo – hands dance and feet trip (idiom); dancing and gesticulating for joy}

From the time they met up until now, he only saw him with a serious face.

Or was it only because he roars at him whenever he embraces him that he showed him that stern face

That person who laughs like a fool all day, will cry

This 1.89-meter tall and burly guy, will cry Was he actually possessed by an alien

Did he watch Qiong Yao [2] drama at that time Did he see Daiyu [3] burying the flowers

{T/N: [2] 瓊瑤 | qióngyáo – Chen Che (born 20 April 1938), best known by her pen name Chiung Yao (also romanized as Chung Yao and Qiong Yao), is a Taiwanese writer and producer and often regarded as the most popular romance novelist in the Chinese-speaking world.

Her novels have been adapted into more than 100 films and TV dramas. Source}

{T/N: [3] Lin Daiyu (also spelled Lin Tai-yu, Chinese: 林黛玉; pinyin: Lín Dàiyù) is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin’s classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The romance between Daiyu and Jia Baoyu forms one of the main threads of the book. One of the enduring images of Daiyu, often portrayed in Chinese art and re-enacted in Chinese operas, is that of Daiyu burying the flowers (黛玉葬花, Chapters 27–8).

One day, overcome by a spell of melancholy after a misunderstanding with Baoyu, Daiyu goes to bury some fallen petals at a hillside and falls in deep weeping at the demise of the flowers. Source|

“Aiyo! His crying was so miserable.

All the snot and tears are coming out.

He sniveled like a three-year-old child.

It was a tragic sight.

He rolled about and made an unreasonable scene.

Holding my grandpa’s legs, like chancing upon a wolf, he yelled: Grandpa, I’m sorry I let you down.

I’m damned.

I’m ashamed to face my ancestors.”

“Why, why did he say that” Tian Yuan was very curious.

To mention his ancestors out of the blue, it was obvious that the matter was not an ordinary one.

“Lei Zi, as a child, when a whip thrashed down on him, he will only grin and can still eat four bowls of rice.

He has never been so miserable.

Although what he did was ridiculous, everyone was still distressed.

All the loved ones, like a swarm of bees, rushed up to console and coax him like that of a child as they also ask the reason why.”

“Lei Zi continued to sob while kneeling before grandpa’s feet.

He looked like a traitor pleading guilty of his crimes.

He begged our grandpa to exonerate him if he had done something to shame our ancestors, and also to guarantee his personal safety.

He said further that he was afraid of his dad killing him with one shot.”

Pan Zhan, with a laughing expression, looked at Pan Lei, this bastard with quite a nimble mind.

“My grandpa naturally guaranteed that with him there, no one can punish him.

Lei Zi then looked at my third uncle with obvious resentment.

He said that during his 18th birthday, he was interested in a young lady.

But my third uncle’s single shot frightened him to the extent that his ‘little guy’ shrunk back.

Since then, he wasn’t able to get it up.

He felt very uncomfortable.

Whenever he sees a young woman, he remembered my third uncle firing a gun and so, he restrained himself from liking young ladies.

Soon after, he discovered that his body’s reaction had become different when facing a fair-skinned young man.

As long as the young man showed his neck and exposed his wrist, his ‘little guy’ gets excited.

He also felt that his body felt extremely good as he masturbated.

He was afraid that my third uncle will threaten him when he finds out about his homosexuality so he thought of coming out of the closet in this grand way.

Maybe afterwards, he could no longer stay in the Pan family because he can’t fall in love with women after being aware that he likes men.

If the whole household disagrees, he will leave home.

In any case, he has this obstacle.

If he was forced to marry a woman, he will only let people keep guard of an empty room for a lifetime.

Thus, it would be better to ask them to wait for him to find the man whom he will entrust his whole life with and live with his man for a lifetime.”

Listening to this made Tian Yuan very speechless.

This kind of absurd thing, only the shameless Pan Lei could do it.

To dare frighten his whole family with his homosexuality Does he think that people are illiterate so he takes unfair advantage of them

Taking into account his character, who fears nothing in Heaven nor Earth, would he really be scared if his ‘tool’ can’t stand up Really sly. He pushed his own problems to his old man even knowing that the Pan family lacks male offspring.

Was he deliberately trying to scare his father

His mother is a president, and certainly will not believe this kind of nonsense.

As shameless as he is, exposing his staged act would be a waste of energy.

Inside the room which is full of men, women, young and old, who are all serious and old-fashioned people, he dared to speak about masturbation And adding to that, he said he got an erection He really is ultra-shameless.

“His dad didn’t whip him to death” Tian Yuan asked.

“My grandpa is sitting there.

Who would dare to touch him We, the younger generation, have collectively endured ourselves from laughing out loud.

But the older generation’s faces were all unimaginably distorted.

My grandparents have been deceived.

They truly believed Lei Zi.

My grandma hugged him while weeping for she was deeply hurt seeing her crying grandson.

My grandpa waved a big hand and asked my third aunt if this illness could be cured.

My third aunt’s face crumpled at this question for she understood that this thing is innate.

It is not a disease nor a neurological problem.

Therefore, it can’t be cured.

This outcome reluctantly caused a rupture in the family’s affection for Lei Zi but this was barely enough to end our family ties with him.

My third aunt still felt distressed and as she weighed this matter, she could only shake her head.

My grandpa thought that this was a terminal illness.

As it can not be cured, then why bother about it There is no need for things to be awkward for Lei Zi.

My grandpa then spoke on the spot.

No one should make things difficult for Lei Zi.

No one can force him to take a wife. No one can give him pressure.

Whether he likes men or women, no one should care about it.

No matter what happened to this child, our grandparents delivered him to this world.

No one is allowed to bully the person who will be with him in the future.

This matter was such decided.”

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