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Chapter 28: Helping His Family’s Wife To Dispose Off The Wine

At this time, the server brought a bottle of red wine.

Zhang Hui got up and personally poured wine into Tian Yuan’s cup till it’s filled to the brim.

The people around the table picked up their cups and respectfully made a toast for Tian Yuan.

“Henceforth, you are our younger brother.

If you think highly of our words, then you will drink this cup of wine till not a drop is left.”

Regarding these spoken words, how can he not drink However, Tian Yuan feels like it would be a waste to drink it.

This bottle of red wine is definitely expensive.

If he did drink, it would be like a cow chewing a peony.

No matter how much you chew, it would remain flavorless.

But, what can he do Of course, drink it!

A moment later, a gurgling sound was heard.

The cup of red wine that was filled to the brim just a moment ago, was now empty without even a single drop left.

Everyone smiled, and approved of this younger brother.

To drink it in one go, their little brother’s wife is very straightforward and not coy.

With this drink, they are now sworn brothers.

Afterwards, the banquet resumed its previous liveliness.

Zhang Hui, once again, poured wine into Tian Yuan’s cup.

Tian Yuan sees that the people around are busy talking and laughing, so he quietly pulled the wooden stool over to Pan Lei’s side.

He pulled the stool once more to draw in a bit closer, and in an instant, two people had snugly stuck to each other as though they are a single piece.

Then, he conveniently pushed the cup of wine in front of Pan Lei.

His baby usually hides far away from him, but now, why is he so suddenly close and intimate with him Thus, Pan Lei curiously asked Tian Yuan in a whisper, “What’s the matter”

“I can’t drink. I still have surgery tomorrow.

If I will drink three cups in one breath, I won’t be able to work tomorrow.

You should drink this,” replied Tian Yuan.

“The red wine’s alcohol strength is low so it should be fine.

Drinking a little also promotes blood circulation.

It can help you cure your low blood pressure.

Baby, you should drink it.

It would be difficult to turn down their warm hospitality.” Pan Lei explained as he persuades Tian Yuan.

At this, Tian Yuan just pursed his lips into a pout and continued to move his cup towards Pan Lei.

As he pushes it with his hand, he also raised his head, smiled at Pan Lei, and then stubbornly said, “Drink.”

Because of this smile that would not appear in a thousand centuries, Pan Lei felt like his heart was in a riot as it jumps and pounds in disorder.

This smile is like that of a little brat acting spoiled as he begs him to agree to his request.

This simple act is making his blood vessels swell due to excitement.

It feels like a hundred little rabbits are trampling over it, as his pulse is now beating rapidly at more than 200.

From the very first time they’ve been acquainted with each other, when has his baby smiled at him For this smile alone, it would be worth it even if he has to drink until he vomits blood.

Feeling like his love for Tian Yuan had gotten deeper, Pan Lei feels stuffy.

This thought made him even more determined to drink this wine!

A man who does not help his family’s wife to dispose off this cup of wine is not a real man! Isn’t it just wine Then, just drink! If his baby smiles at him like this all day long, he would also be very willing to bathe himself in erguotou.

Picking up the cup of red wine with both hands, Pan Lei quickly chugged it in, leaving only a mouthful left.

He pushed the cup with leftover wine towards Tian Yuan and said, “Drink this so they will not suspect you.”

Tian Yuan cheerfully drank the last bite of wine.

At this specific moment, Zhang Hui turned his head around and, by chance, saw that the wine cup is now empty.

Hence, he hurriedly called for the people to pour more wine into Tian Yuan’s cup till it’s full, and then said, “Dr.

Tian likes this bottle of wine very much.

I still have this brand of red wine inside my wine cabinet.

I will save it for you so that when you come over to eat, you can always have a little drink.”

“Hey, Hui Ge.

When we leave, send me off a few bottles of red wine.

My family’s wife has low blood pressure.

Drinking a glass of red wine before going to bed is good for him.” Huang Kai said with a smile, but then he added, “However, every bottle of red wine costs more than 10,000 yuan.

If Hui Ge will give away a bottle again, he will most likely to spit blood.”

{T/N: FYI, I Dare You To Run Away Again is actually one of the 5-book series of the author, and Huang Kai’s love story was the first book.

To date, I don’t have any plans of translating the other 4 books, but we’ll see in the future. (v^ー°) }

“I will give you one.

It’s just that I was not able to prepare a gift for Dr.


I will personally deliver it to you tomorrow at your doorstep,” said Zhang Hui.

Pan Lei made a salute to Huang Kai by raising his cup.

Zhang Hui turned his attention to Tian Yuan as he mused on some questions in his mind.

This doctor doesn’t like to gab, but his character is refreshing.

He was very curious.

How did the Pan Family’s unsophisticated hegemon got a hold of him Looking at the situation, he can also manage this boorish overlord and make him docile.

What a good method, ah!


Tian, why don’t you drink a cup” Zhang Hui suddenly asked.

Tian Yuan forced a smile.

He was able to escape the second cup, but he could not dodge the third cup.

His alcohol tolerance is low.

Although it is just but a red wine, he will still get drunk.

As such, Tian Yuan casts a glance at Pan Lei.

Seeing this, Pan Lei moved a bit closer to Tian Yuan and pressed in his ear, “Drink half, then put the remaining half into your mouth and spit it on the napkin.”

In the banquet table, there are numerous tricks of hiding alcohol.

However, the man who was only testing the alcohol (aka Pan Lei) doesn’t have so much knowledge about these things.

Tian Yuan confidently drained the cup in one gulp in front of Zhang Hui.

Right after, Pan Lei quickly wiped Tian Yuan’s mouth.

“Look at you.

Drinking a cup of wine in one go can get your shirt dirty.

Quickly wipe it.

Otherwise, the shirt will be ruined.”

Tian Yuan took this opportunity to spit the big mouthful of wine in his mouth on to the square-shaped napkin.

Pan Lei took the napkin and threw it on the floor, eliminating the evidence.

Lin Mu saw everything with his own eyes.

His eyes changed direction to the napkin that fell on the floor.

His hands moved, as he bent over.

He picked up the napkin that’s stained with red wine and was thrown under the table, and then waved it in front of the others.

“Hey, hey, brothers! Take a look at this! Liking a person does not mean you also have to deceive people like this, ah! There had never been a time when the introduction of a family’s wife hurts people.

Lei Zi could be the first one.

Even though Dr.

Tian can not drink, Lei Zi taking his place to drink a cup of wine does not count.


Tian is also not good because he approved Lei Zi to help him cheat.

This cannot be done.

Tell me, how should we punish him”

Huang Kai picked up a bottle of baijiu, came over, and smiled maliciously.

“We can’t ruin his white clothes and harm the body of our angel.

If Dr.

Tian continues to drink, Lei Zi will definitely not let us off unscathed.

So, it’s fine to spare him.


Tian doesn’t have to drink.

Let Lei Zi drink for the both of them.”

Tian Yuan has a deep blush on his face.

While Pan Lei is twisting his neck and acting cool, shameless enough to not admit what they’ve done.

“Huaquan [1], let’s play huaquan! The loser will have to drink!” Lin Mu also joined the others in the fight.

He came with a bottle of baijiu, while Zhang Hui placed the red wine in front of Tian Yuan.

“Today, if you don’t drink up this cup of wine, we won’t let you go.”

{T/N: [1] 劃拳 | huá quán – This means “finger-guessing” game.

In this game, two people stretch out fingers at the same time while shouting out a number from 2 to 20.

If one shouts out a number that is equal to the total number of fingers extended, then he will win, while the person who shouts a number that is lesser, will lose the game and has to take a drink as a punishment. Source … and here’s a video clip of how it’s done.}

The banquet was on fire as the finger-guessing game started.

The numbers 15 and 20 were drawn.

Playing a drinking game could really transform a naive little honeybee into a big crab whose legs stretch out and neck shrinks alternatively.

Once again, another round of finger-guessing game started.

Their arms draw out numbers and the loser shall shrink back to gulp a cup of wine.

Zhang Hui, Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Pan Lei are in a frenzy while playing finger-guessing game.

While Pan Zhan and Pan Ge sat next to Tian Yuan, as they led him to drink a cup.

Tian Yuan was not willing to drink, but his two brothers urged him to drink this bottle of red wine and he does not want to be disrespectful.

So just like that, all of it entered into Tian Yuan’s stomach.

Lin Mu stealthily gestured an “OK” sign towards Pan Zhan and the latter answered him back with a nod. If you want to get Pan Lei and Tian Yuan drunk, you have to scheme for it separately.

Now, both sides have completed the goal of tonight’s banquet.

The idiot thought that this banquet was a warm renqin [2] party.

But in fact, acknowledging the person whom his little brother had entrusted the rest of his life with was just a brief interlude.

The main task of tonight is to get these two people drunk.

{T/N: [2] 認親 | rènqīn – It means to visit new in-laws after a marriage. Don’t be misled by this word (take note, Pan Lei and Tian Yuan aren’t married yet), as it was probably used by the author to relate the banquet to what usually happens during a renqin.}

This time is a good opportunity to take revenge and vent out their resentment against their little brother.

To have let Pan Lei become the tyrant since their childhood and to let him bully them for a long time, a payback must be carried out.

Tonight, these people who have suffered under Pan Lei’s tyranny all these years, will bully him back.


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