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Chapter 26: Not A Good Date

Pan Zhan wished to open his mouth and say, ‘this is not a dowry; this is actually a betrothal gift’ but he chose to remain silent.

{T/N: The betrothal is an important part of the Chinese wedding tradition.

During this exchange, the groom’s family presents the bride’s family with betrothal gifts to symbolize prosperity and good luck.

Moreover, the bride’s family receives the bride price in red envelopes.

The bride’s family also returns a set of gifts to the groom’s side.

Additionally, the bride’s parents bestow a dowry to the bride. A dowry is a transfer of parental property, gifts or money at the marriage of a daughter. Source}

His family’s little brother had all along been extorting other people’s belongings.

Since childhood, he has always been the the local hegemon.

He even dared to make his elder sister, Pan Yue, cry when he was young.

That was certainly not an act of coaxing a person.

Since his little brother most probably will not know how to please his lover, he had no better option but to come forward as the elder brother and fawn over their family’s little daughter-in-law.

It wouldn’t also be bad calling him little sister-in-law, right

“I will marry you.

This matter should not be an issue.

I, Pan Lei, taking you as my wife, and you, Tian Yuan, marrying me, are two entirely different things.

In this lifetime, you can only be my wife.”

‘Absolutely not! I will not allow this matter to persist! Who cares whether it is dowry or a betrothal gift!’ Tian Yuan clutched the back of Pan Lei’s hand and twisted it fiercely to make a 180-degree turn.

Pan Lei yelled loudly and inwardly cried. ‘It hurts! It hurts!’

Did Pan Lei bring him here so he could bully him They’re in a public place! Couldn’t he save him some face “Who is your wife Think more about it and then say it again.” Tian Yuan said in a threatening tone.

Pan Lei nodded in a hurry.

‘I got it! Got it!’ He would never dare again to refer to him as xifu (daughter-in-law) or laopo (wife) and the like.

This ancestor’s self-respect is so strong that it becomes frightening.

He would not dare to slightly utter a word that his wife would think to be insulting.

“I am your wife.

Isn’t this good already Let go quickly or you’ll choke me to death.”

Pan Zhan cleared his throat and pushed his eyeglasses.

“We don’t care about how the two of you label each other, but don’t banter flirtatiously in front of us to prove that your relationship is good.”

With a solemn expression, Tian Yuan would like to tell them off that he isn’t afraid of flirting openly with the other man, but it depends on the situation.

The whole family looked very serious.

If they hear the words that he wanted to say, they may be displeased.

Tian Yuan’s face reddened as he looked at his eldest brother’s stern appearance that seemed looked funny at this moment.

Somewhat embarrassed, Tian Yuan seemed to have covertly admitted his relationship with Pan Lei. {T/N: Baby Tian’er, you, really, are, a, tsun-tsun! LOL!}

Pan Lei laughed to the point where his big teeth were fully exposed.

His brows were raised in delight and his eyes were smiling. ‘Look, I stuck to his side and finally, I got my family’s wife to concede and acknowledge that we are one family.’

Looking at Pan Lei who’s beaming with joy, all the people around laughed.

Afterwards, Pan Lei continued to introduce the rest to Tian Yuan.

“My second brother, Pan Ge, you already met him.

Next are the guys whom I grew up with as brothers.

Before, we used to live in a military compound.

They were all beaten up by me until they eat dirt.

I didn’t think that at present, they would even put on airs.

When I was a child, they followed my fart closely behind my back while shouting ‘Fight!’ and ‘Kill!’.”

“That one is Huang Kai.” A handsome man stood up and waved at him.

“Lin Mu was somebody with a runny nose during his childhood.

His snot would always seem to cross the river and while he snivels, he followed behind us to play.”

“You can’t say such thing.

That’s not good.” A somewhat slender man stood up.

“I heard that you’re a surgeon.

I happen to work at the Armed Police Hospital, but I’m not a surgeon.

I am an oncologist.

Let’s talk some more if we have the chance.

By the way, Lei Zi, why don’t you ask Mother Pan to transfer your wife over If we all work in the Armed Police Hospital, then there are more people to take care of him.”

“My mother also hopes that he will transfer over, but I have not yet asked his opinion.

If he wants to go, my mother said that he will always be welcome.”

“That one who’s drinking and who’s a bit older than us is Zhang Hui.

We call him Hui Ge (elder brother Hui).

He is more promising compared to the rest of us and this restaurant is also his.

By the way Hui Ge, how can you be called an elder brother if you do not give anything”

Wearing a casual black T-shirt with a half long flaxen hair, a man whose laugh is a little bit wicked conveniently fished out a VIP complimentary pass from his pocket.

Then, he handed it over to Pan Lei.

“No matter how much he consumes here in the future, it will all be free.”

Pan Lei tucked it into Tian Yuan’s pocket and was very satisfied.

“Tian’er, this is good.

If I go out on a mission and you don’t want to cook, just come here and eat.

If you wish to eat anything, tell Hui Ge.

He has the best chef, so the food is guaranteed to be tasty! I will also feel at ease if you come here since you will be staying alone at home when I’m not around.”

“Broken four children, you’ll pay for half of the money.”

Pan Zhan did not say a word.

He leaned sideways, then threw a drinking glass that spun like a tornado to hit Zhang Hui’s face.

Pan Lei pressed Tian Yuan’s head in his bosom, which slightly evaded the lethal weapon that passed by them.

“I told you.

Don’t call him broken four children, else he will really kill.”

Pan Zhan grabbed a bottle of wine in his hand, and turned it upside down, smiling at Pan Lei.

“Brat, you don’t want to live anymore Say my nickname once more and I will not be polite.”

Pan Lei sticks out his tongue and lowers his voice to speak in Tian Yuan’s ear.

“In fact, I am the most honest and most obedient person at home.

At least, I wouldn’t kill people with a smile.

My eldest brother’s abilities are the most vicious.

Also, you must not think that my second brother is an earnest person.

He takes advantage of the police department’s influence and authority to inject new bloods.

People would even call the training ground as a field littered with corpses.

These few individuals think that they are good people.

Look at Huang Kai.

He looks outstanding with a sunny personality, but he actually mingles with the underworld gangs.

Holding the hilt of a hacking knife, he chases people along the streets.

Like you, Lin Mu is also a doctor.

You will most likely use anesthetics during your surgery, but Lin Mu, on the other hand, would not give anesthetic to his patient.

I think he was sexually harassed by a male patient before.

And Zhang Hui, to dare challenge my eldest brother, is also not a good son.”

Tian Yuan nodded to indicate that he understood it all.

No wonder they all hang out together.

They’re all bandits of the same origin and certainly, they are birds of a feather.

Not at all a good date.

After the introduction, Zhang Hui claps his hands and the waiter starts serving.

A male server came in with six bottles of liquor.

All of it have been opened and were placed on one side.

Pan Lei began to suddenly pick dishes for Tian Yuan to eat.

The dishes on his plate piled up and asked the waiter to bring a larger plate over.

The salmon from the West Lake was brought over and Pan Lei clipped half of it onto Tian Yuan’s plate.

After his sweep, the exquisite food on the table became as chaotic as the battlefield.

One-third of the food went into Tian Yuan’s plate.

Seeing this, Tian Yuan’s head is full of black lines.

He is not a pig! Pan Lei doesn’t need to feed him like a pig as his means of assuring that his stomach will be full.

Also, it’s not as if there wasn’t any food to eat.

He just went on and grabbed anything that his hand could touch!


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