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Chapter 25: Pan Family’s Eldest Brother Sends His Dowry

Pan Lei tried every means to persuade his family’s wife to eat outside and finally, Tian Yuan gave in to his pleading.

Who knows that he had just put on his coat when he received a phone call from his second elder brother, Pan Ge.

His family’s eldest brother, Pan broken four children (T/N: refer to Chapter 14 for the name’s meaning) had returned to the country and learned that Pan Lei had already found his lifetime partner.

Hence, he immediately wanted his little brother to let him take a look at his person without delay.

In their generation, the family is lacking younger brothers and older sisters so the relationship among the cousins is pretty good.

Even their older sister Pan Yue, who acts like a tomboy, hangs out with them.

Whether Tian Yuan is willing to go or not, Pan Lei dragged him over to board on the car.

“Our family has this tradition.

When a member of the family had found the person whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, this person shall be presented to all the brothers and older sisters and he must pass their assessment. Once they have finished examining the person, they will then bring him back home for all the elders to see.

Afterwards, the couple will walk into the ceremonial hall.

We might not possibly be able to walk into the ceremonial hall hand in hand, but if you want to, we can also hold a Chinese wedding. Clad in a long crimson jacket, we kneel three times and kowtow nine times.

That would be quite good.”

Tian Yuan kicked Pan Lei’s foot while the latter was in the middle of talking rubbish and said, “I am unsuitable and I am not the person whom you should entrust your whole life with.”

Pan Lei looked at him with a serious face and said, “Daye [1], I firmly believe that my lifetime partner is you.

Opposing it is useless.”

{T/N: [1] 大爺 | Daye – This address usually means ‘uncle’ or ‘big uncle’ but in this context, it was used to show high regard to the other person.

It could be the same as saying ‘Sir’ to the person spoken to.}

Tian Yuan threw him a supercilious look and then ignored him. Claiming him as his own, he must also ask the person involved if he is willing, okay

This manner of speaking made Tian Yuan feel that they are not discussing a family matter but instead, he is under the impression that he is receiving a command from a superior in the army.

His decision had been set, so does it mean that the subordinate should not even think of refuting it

Pan Zhan told them that it will just be an ordinary meal.

He didn’t particularly pick a restaurant but just instructed them to go over to the place where they frequently visit.

After getting out of the car, Tian Yuan sighed and thought that this aristocratic family is living such an extravagant life.

Here is an eight-story building.

Looking at the entrance where people welcome guests, he felt ashamed upon thinking about his own pocket.

Coming here to eat is purely burning money.

Ignoring all of these, Pan Lei pulled Tian Yuan inside.

The lobby manager has been waiting for them and respectfully called, “Sanshao (third young master), the others have long been waiting for you.”

Others How many people are there Tian Yuan was startled.

No, that is to say, it’s a dinner with the Pan family.

At most, his two elder brothers will be there and that should be it.

The waiter led them directly to the top floor.

Tian Yuan’s hand that’s being held by Pan Lei is somewhat sweaty and he wiped it over his jeans around his butt.

The sweat on Tian Yuan’s palm touched Pan Lei’s trousers.

“Why are you tensed They are my elder brothers.

In the future, I will take you along with me when I return home to see my uncles, my aunts, my parents, and my grandparents.

When that time comes, will you also be this anxious Anyway, you don’t really have to worry because they are as good as I am and they will also treat you well.”

The problem is, except for teasing him, Tian Yuan can’t really tell how good Pan Lei is towards other people.

Tian Yuan cursed silently in his mind.

He really doesn’t want to come in contact with a group of overbearing and arbitrary children.

When the waiter opened the door, the people inside the room collectively cast in a curious probe on Tian Yuan.

The number of people inside is a multiple of two.

Tian Yuan said nothing and abruptly turned away.

He is not a panda nor an alien.

He does not want to be displayed in front of so many people.

Pan Lei caught him by the shirt’s collar like a chick and pulled him straight back.

He placed his foot against the door and closed it with a kick.

“What are you running away for It’s just seeing a few people.

What’s wrong with meeting with them I will instantly turn hostile to anybody who would dare to say something bad against my man.

Rest assured, you have me.”

Pan Lei held Tian Yuan to his side just like how any lover would have done to protect his sweetheart.

Tightly guarding his side, Pan Lei raised his chin as he looked towards all those probing pairs of eyes and proudly announced his claim to this person.

“This is my family’s wife and the person I am in love with.

He is the person whom I would like to entrust my whole life with, Tian Yuan.” Pan Lei proudly declared while hugging Tian Yuan on his side.

This is his man.

He is especially good, unusually adorable, and he loved him so much that he is unable to part with him anymore.

Whoever would dare to look down on him and be disrespectful to him, he won’t be polite.

Towards his family, he hopes that these people who grew up with him since childhood will love his baby in the same way that he loves him.

Do not underestimate him nor despise him because he is a man.

Don’t say anything unpleasant because his family’s temper is not good.

To look down on Tian Yuan is to look down on him, Pan Lei.

That is the same as looking down on the entire Pan family. If you offend the Pan family, you better be careful.

Nobody is allowed to say anything bad against his baby.

Not to mention rolling your eyes at him, even throwing a little bit of cold face at his wife will make this husband angry.

The person whose hand is clasped in his hands is the man who holds the most important part of his heart and he won’t allow them to detest him. If you disapprove, then you can just get the hell out of here.

Don’t think that the Pan Family is easily bullied.

Tian Yuan took a deep breath and raised his head with his chest out.

There was nothing that he should be ashamed of.

Even if they are both men, there is no need to receive other people’s disdain.

In the concept of love, sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Disapprove Then, get your ass outta here! It’s not your business to mind anyway! {T/N: Can’t help but comment here.

He-he! This paragraph is clearly an acknowledgment of Tian Yuan about his relationship with Pan Lei.

Lol! It’s a pity that the person himself may not be still aware of it.

–deep sigh-}

After introducing Tian Yuan, the people inside the room turned silent for three seconds before collectively laughing out loud.

“Big brother (referring to the eldest cousin brother), I say this smelly brat is so serious.

Look at this formal introduction.

It’s not fun.” Tian Yuan looked at the people in front of him.

He only knows Pan Ge, the Bureau Chief of the city’s police department.

He is not wearing his police uniform and was dressed casually.

His expression was not so serious and instead, he was slightly smiling.

He raised his wine glass towards Tian Yuan’s direction as a sign of his recognition of him.

“Ah, Tian’er.

Let me introduce you to my eldest brother, Pan Zhan.

I have already told you about him.”

A gentleman with glasses came over and patted Tian Yuan’s shoulder.

“My little brother, this smelly brat’s temperament is like a bandit.

If he bullies you, I’ll help you teach him a lesson.

As the saying goes, the eldest brother is like a father.

During childhood, he had received a few beatings from me.

Even though he had already grown up, he dares not to disobey me.”

“Big brother, how could I dare bully him He is my baby.

I can’t bear to hurt him.” Pan Lei grumbled.

What he has been doing all this time is to love his family’s wife dearly.

Even if he was only teasing him, he would still let Tian Yuan retaliate against him.

Due to Tian Yuan’s biting, his neck is still sore now.

“Eldest brother, how must you express your greetings on your first time meeting my Tian Yuan When you introduced sister-in-law to us, we gave our gifts during the first meeting.”

Pan Zhan hammered his little brother’s shoulder.

When this smelly brat got inside the room, he had forgotten just who the elder brother is.

“Yes, the jianmian li [2] you gave was a box of tripe.

I got beaten by your sister-in-law when we got back.

This elder brother does not want to be at odds and bicker with a smelly brat like you.

Thus, I am well aware that I have to prepare a jianmian li when I heard your second elder brother mention yesterday that you had finally fallen for a certain person.

I have already bought the gift.

The formalities will be finished tomorrow and the car will be brought to you afterwards.”

{T/N: [2] 見麵禮 | jiànmiàn lǐ – gift given to somebody when meeting them for the first time}

Hearing this, Pan Lei hurriedly showed off to his baby.

“See As long as I say it, eldest brother will comply.

Even if he doesn’t want to, he will still have do it.

He is our eldest brother after all and he ought to give in to us.

Since you’ll be getting your own car, I’ll teach you how to drive tomorrow.”

How could this family not even have a single virtue! Had Pan Lei done a lot of evil things or does he have a vile character that no one dares to be together with him! Therefore, when his second elder brother met him last time, he immediately sold his little brother to him.

And now, his big brother even sent him an expensive jianmian li simply because Pan Lei had chosen him to be his lifetime partner!

Tian Yuan vigorously pushed Pan Lei away and looked at him with a cold face.

“I wouldn’t marry you even if you gave me more dowry!”


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