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Chapter 20: Secretly Helping His Family’s Wife

Tian Yuan knows that he can only sleep for two hours for he must still go to work today.

However, when he woke up in a still-muddled state, he saw that the window curtains were blocking the light outside and the room was murky.

In addition to that, whenever he stretched out his arm to reach for his alarm clock, Pan Lei would always take hold of his hand, clasped it within his palm, and then lowers his head to softly plant a kiss on his forehead and whisper: “It’s still early.

Go back to sleep.

I’ll call you when it’s daybreak.”

Defeated by his weariness and dizziness, Tian Yuan went back to sleep.

Pan Lei took the alarm clock and walked into the living room.

Once he stepped out of the room, he directly punched the alarm clock into pieces of scrap and threw it into the rubbish bin.

With a glint of darkness in his eyes, Pan Lei looked at his family’s wife sleeping deeply on the big bed, and he felt it necessary to do something.

His small body can’t stand this labor-intensive kind of work.

The hospital does not see its surgeon as a human being.

He must find a way to solve this problem.

“Mom, it’s your son.”

Pan Lei took his cell phone and walked towards the stairway.

He absolutely could not let Tian Yuan know about this.

As soon as the call got connected, his mother, who was always gentle and virtuous, immediately became the tigress on the eastern side of the river, and began to roar across the phone.

“Pan Lei! You, brat!”

Pan Lei hurriedly distanced the cell phone away from his ear.

His mother’s tiger roar was too fierce! “Mom, remember to be gentle… be gentle, okay My dad loves your gentleness the most!”

“Bastard! Get the hell out of my house! I am warning you.

If you dare not go home all year round, I will let your dad notify the military district immediately that we have severed our ties with you!”

Pan Lei cheekily laughed at the other end of the phone and pretends to be naive while acting dumb.

“Mom, am I not trying to find you a daughter-in-law The moment I have wangled your daughter-in-law into submission, I will take him back and let you see how good my lover is.”


“Isn’t that nonsense! How could it be a big girl! I’m not a scourge.

Your son isn’t such a wicked man.

Hey, Mom… did you go back to the Armed Police Hospital Are you the president now Is there a vacant post for a surgeon in your hospital Let me tell you, ah, my family’s medical expertise is first-rate! But the hospital here bullies him and always gives him arduous work.

I want to transfer him over to your side.

You are the president and you will definitely not maltreat your daughter-in-law.

When I’m not at home, you can help me take care of him, right”

Mother Pan was completely disappointed with her son.

She thought that the ‘cure’ was effective.

He was a soldier for eleven years and he lived in a place where no woman could be seen at all.

He had also not done anything with that young military officer and she thought that he was really finding her a daughter-in-law.

This time, she had completely given up.

Her son’s heart already has an owner.

“Surgeons are forever scarce.

You tell him that as long as he agrees, the gate of my Armed Police Hospital will always be open to him.”

“I knew my mother was the best mom in the world! Mom, when my eldest brother and second brother have their children, I will snatch one to give you a grandson.

Is this okay”

Mother Pan who was still angry earlier was laughing now.

Her bastard son was always making her mad but he always finds ways to tease her and make her laugh to death.

“When you have the opportunity, bring him home earlier.

Let us at least know what kind of person had made our family’s great son to cut off our descendants.”

“Mom, you first talk about this with my dad.

My wife is a proud man.

So Dad shouldn’t pull a long face in front of him.

If you let my wife suffer any injustice, I really won’t go home.”

Mother Pan hung up the phone in response.

This son was brought up in vain.

If she had known it earlier, she should have sent him back home then.

That way, their hearts as parents could’ve been better.

Pan Lei chuckled.

He had already settled things with his mother’s side.

Now, what’s left is the hospital.

He made a phone call to the president of the hospital where Tian Yuan works.

“President Zhao I am the son of the President of the Armed Police Hospital, Pan Lei.”

The Armed Police Hospital’s President is Pan Lei’s mother.

Who does not know about her in the medical profession

In the past, she was hailed as the golden knife in the surgical profession.

Not to mention her fame that traveled outside the country, this female president’s background should not be belittled.

Her husband is the chief of the military district and the power of Pan family is unfathomable.

This family of soldiers is an influential family for generations whether it be in the business community or in the political circles.

Although the younger generation of Pan brothers do as they please due to their wanton personalities, their positions still hold authority.

When you speak of the Armed Police Hospital, you wouldn’t help but think of her husband and the Pan’s new generation of three brothers behind her.

“Oh, oh, Pan sanshao [1]! You really surprised me.

Is something the matter, sanshao”

{T/N: [1] Sanshao – means “third young”.

It could be translated as “third young master” but it would be too long for a form of address so I retained the pinyin for it.}

President Zhao feels a little strange.

Isn’t it that this sanshao had always been in the army Why did he suddenly call him

“Nothing big.

It’s like this.

My lover is a doctor in your hospital.

My mother likes talent so I was planning to transfer him over to the Armed Police Hospital.

I hope the president will not stop him and allow him to transfer.”

Pan Lei spoke in a cold manner.

He does not like this president.

Surgery is always busier than others, but if he does a reasonable allocation of work, then a single person will not need to shoulder the work of three people.

He wouldn’t have to see the dog-tired appearance of Tian Yuan.

“I really don’t know which doctor is the daughter-in-law of the president.”

“Tian Yuan.


President Zhao’s eyeglasses almost fell off at the mention of the name.

Tian Yuan That gentle young man He also asked him yesterday if he had a girlfriend who is a doctor, or was it a male doctor But what about this strange appearance of a man from a large and influential family talking to him at the other end of the phone This man did not fall for a good woman, but actually fell in love with the gentle doctor Tian Yuan!

“Sanshao, Dr.

Tian is doing very well with his work.

Our hospital needs such talent.

His medical skills are excellent as well as his medical ethics.

His reputation is very good too.

He will be doing the same thing as treating illness and saving people to the place you are telling him to go.

Why must he go to the Armed Police Hospital If he goes there, he might as well stay here in my hospital.

Besides, he did not submit a resignation letter to me.”

“Doing well Of course he is, ah! But you, as the president, were not doing a good job! He worked the whole day yesterday.

Then he received a phone call in the evening.

You let him perform two consecutive surgeries! He was put to work until he was too tired to even stand up! Is that what you do to your surgeons! He is not a machine! He was also not in good health.

Do you have to squeeze your surgeons like that until they’re half-dead!”

Pan Lei began to roar.

If it were not for him pressing Tian Yuan down, and destroying his alarm clock, Tian Yuan would have crawled out of bed and went to work.

This kind of work in this hospital does not also allow people to live.

“That, sanshao, the number of surgeons is already very scarce.

This is a common problem in all hospitals.

Nobody can avoid this kind of thing happening in the face of unexpected circumstances.”

President Zhao felt somewhat unable to make heads or tails out of this thing.

Doesn’t the work of all doctors involve things like this

If all the family members call him and yell at him about the intensity of the doctor’s work, will the hospital remain open

“I don’t care about those common problems.

Again, I will say these few words.

You let him worked so hard until he didn’t have a bit of strength left in his body.

Whether you agree or disagree, I’ll immediately transfer him over.

Last night, wasn’t there a doctor on duty Not that he’ll die if Tian Yuan did not go to see the patient.

Tian Yuan should’ve only been called in if something went wrong.

Bullying people, ah.

How many doctors does the hospital has in the surgical department Why must he be called Even if he was, shouldn’t other surgeons have to go as well

Inside and out, he was exhausted to death! He, himself, had suffered a major traffic accident yesterday.

But as a surgeon, he still went to the hospital upon receiving the call.

What about the director The deputy director Are all of them f****ng dead!

In the three operating rooms, there were only four doctors.

Tian Yuan ran two operations himself and worked until half past three in the morning.

If I did not keep him under control today, he would have still rushed to work.

Would you also not let him live

Don’t think that he’s easy to bully because he does not talk.

Don’t forget that he is my lover.

I don’t agree that he should just stay quiet and not say anything when he’s already at a disadvantage.

Also, today he is on holiday.

Whether you agree or disagree, he will not go to work today.

If you dare to withhold his salary, then I dare you to give it a try.”


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