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Chapter 02: A Downright Rogue

While the surgery is going on, the men outside the room are smoking in the hallway as they wait for the operation to end.

The nurses did not dare to stop them due to fear.

“Pan is right.

The doctor was sincere with his words.

I always thought that the doctor looked like an angel when I first saw him,” one of the men remarked.

“Don’t freaking say that! I still feel somewhat daunted when looking at him, and I feel my nerves tense even more in front of him than facing a time bomb.

Furthermore, we must not also be too haughty on someone else’s turf.

As soon as I have a chance, I must fix this little doctor up.

This lao zi has never ever been threatened.”

In the operating room, the nurses all looked at Tian Yuan with adoration in their eyes.

This is the man who has met with difficulties.

Dealing with those fierce and wicked men head-on, he didn’t show the slightest fear.

This was truly admirable!

“Were you not afraid Dr.

Tian They squawked and entered the hospital just like bandits.

There were a few timid ones who dared not come out.

Are you really not afraid having a gun pointed at your head”

The nurse’s sweet voice made Tian Yuan smile.

“Can I not be afraid This is not a movie.

I am afraid that my hands will tremble and this can affect people’s lives.”

If his hands tremble when he cut a millimeter in the blood vessels, the patient would not die under the bullets, but under his hands.

The people outside the door are still waiting.

And if he did not do his best, the only thing he can do is apologize for being an irresponsible doctor.

Apologize to the group of people outside the door.

Apologize to the state who trained these special forces hard.

He really does not want to be killed by this group of special forces.

That was a real gun and it could kill anyone.

Therefore, he can only concentrate on putting every bit of his energy to the surgery.

He carefully removed the bullets, dug away the rotting flesh, and checked for residual shell fragments.

The patient’s blood pressure drops too quickly caused by excessive blood loss.

When the heart stopped beating, he performed a cardiac resuscitation.

He did it for twenty minutes until the heart started beating again before he continued the operation.

All the work was done by him alone.

The responsibility on his shoulders was heavy.

The fact that it is night time meant that many doctors were off work.

It took them a lot of time to call other doctors to rush over.

The operation was already half done when they arrived and took over.

In spite of that, Tian Yuan still did not feel at ease.

The vice president also came over and watched at the side.

When the last stitch was sewn, it was already six o’clock in the morning.

Tian Yuan had spent five hours to complete the operation.

He looked at all the instruments and they showed that the patient’s heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse were normal.

He took off his mask.

He slumped on a chair, and didn’t get up for a while.

The surgical suit on his body is totally soaked with sweat.

He was like a fish that just came out of water.

He was extremely nervous but this did not affect his full concentration on the surgery.

After everything’s done, he felt completely relaxed and his body unconsciously gave in to exhaustion.

“Xiao [1] Tian, ah! Not bad.

You were very professional.

Your technique was excellent.

Truly worthy to be called as the president’s favorite student.”

{T/N: [1] Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including ‘dawn, morning’, ‘little’ or ‘respectful, reverent’.

It can also be used with a person’s last name to call younger generation like for example, with a surname Tian, anyone that is older will call the younger person Xiao Tian.}

Tian Yuan smiled at the vice president.

His pale lips that rose to a smile was not looking good.

“You don’t look well.

I approve of you going home from work immediately.

Take a rest day, and come back to work tomorrow.

Eat more and don’t let yourself end up like those in Africa [2].”

{T/N: [2] This is not intended to be a demeaning remark.

The author was only using the situation in Africa for comparison purposes.}

The hospital’s backbone with superb skills deserves a special treatment.

He helped the hospital to create miracles.

The hero of the hospital should certainly be well taken care of.

“Thank you very much for the Vice President’s thoughtfulness.”

To earn a day off, Tian Yuan laughed thoughtlessly.

He is very happy.

When he gets home, he will take a hot shower, ate a bowl of hot noodles, and then sleep until the next morning.

The vice president patted his shoulder and left first.

After working for five hours continuously, no matter how good his physical strength was and not to mention that he is anemic, Tian Yuan cannot bring himself to get up from the chair.

The little nurse helped him to stand up and supported him to walk outside.

Tian Yuan smiled at the little nurse feeling apologetic.

It was difficult for the little girl to support him.

While being supported by the little nurse, he was resting his hand against the wall and slowly moved out of the emergency room.

The group of bandit special forces saw Tian Yuan out and quickly surrounded him.

“It’s okay now.

He was saved, right” Still the bandit guy talking.

The bright sunshine outside the window shone on Tian Yuan’s pale face and made him feel somewhat dizzy.

The bandit guy frowned.

How could staying up late made him barely lose half of his life.

“He’ll be sent to the intensive care unit soon.

As long as the six-hour period is over, he’ll be fine.”

He’s too tired and needs rest.

The operation was over.

He wanted to get off work as soon as possible.

The little nurse held his hand for support while his other hand held on to the wall before moving to his office.

The bandit guy did not go to see the patient with his brothers, but touched his chin instead.

The stubble pricked lightly on the palm of his hand and itched, just like his heart.

He looked at the frail little doctor who moved away step by step, and his heart itched.

I really have not met anyone like him.

His burning rage but calm demeanor really provoke people to get angry but no one dares to go against him.

However at this time, his weak body requires the support of another person just to help him walk.

Why is he so cute Why does it make him itch I really want to snatch him up and look at all the thousand expressions he’ll make.

I want to grab him, bully him, tease him, make him angry, make him cry and make him yell at him.

I think it’s best to bully him and make him cry.

His temper is so bad, just like an eight or nine year-old kid.

I want to see which is more amusing, would it be to bully him or bully him until he cries Only then will he be satisfied.

At worst, I’ll just coax him.

Thinking so, his body moved involuntarily.

Striding forward, he had already caught up to them after three or four big steps.

One hand grasped the waist of the doctor which is very thin while the other hand went to hold the doctor’s arm. Pan Lei felt that the body under the surgical clothes is somewhat skinny, ah!

When the doctor turned his head, he suddenly yanked him and slid the doctor over his shoulder.

“Whoa, what are you doing!”

Feeling distressed and pitiful, this poor man who had done five hours of surgery was still so weak.

He couldn’t be carried on his shoulder and hang him like a sack.

His hands and limbs are shaking, but he’s frightened to cry out loud.

How could this happen to me His head hung upside down while being slammed on his shoulders like a sack.

This increased the blood flow in his head making him look like a tortoise that’s turned over.

His four limbs were still moving trying to find support to fix them in place.

“Make a noise once more and I’ll throw you on the floor.

I’ll drop your ass until it breaks into eight pieces.”

Pan Lei raised his callused hand and placed it on the doctor’s ass.

Finally, he kneaded and squeezed it.

Feeling very satisfied, he nodded.

“Not bad.

The elasticity is better than a woman’s breast.”


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