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Chapter 194 The gang gathers for drinks


The next day, Pan Lei drove Tian Yuan straight to the Armed Police Hospital, where his professor was about to begin courses.


Pan Lei shamelessly asked for a goodbye kiss before Tian Yuan stepped out of the car.


"I'll go to my parents' house and pack, and I'll pick you up after class.

Your stuff is all in the military compound, right I'll go there and get it.

You can go to class with peace of mind."


They both quite liked Tian Yuan's house.

Despite the fact that it was now rather far from work, they felt at ease there.


Tian Yuan smiled happily.

He had nothing to be concerned about.

All he had to do was wait for Pan Lei to return home and focus entirely on his studies.

All he had to do was that.

He didn't have to worry about chores or family responsibilities.

Pan Lei could arrange everything while he'd enjoy himself.


He gave Pan Lei another generous kiss before exiting the car.

Pan Lei drove to the military compound, picked up Tian Yuan's bags, and went to the house to tidy it up.


Lin Mu circled Tian Yuan and lowered his collar to take a peek when he noticed him looking pleased as punch.


"Tsk tsk, how intense.

Look at all these hickeys.

The director of the urology department and I are classmates; let me take you to him to get your kidneys examined.

You probably need to eat whatever penis[1] or maybe some supplements like Dihuang Pills[2]"


"You have to tease me as soon as I return, isn’t that right"


They were indeed a nest of vipers.

They teased him the moment they saw him.


Lin Mu chuckled and walked alongside him.


"Your mother-in-law is so good to you.

You already have an office in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department.

Your classroom is on the top floor, which means a combination of theory and practice; you may see the procedures and perform the surgery yourself, with the teacher's instruction.

When I pursued advanced studies, I obediently spent a year abroad without making a single friend.

But you're having a good time.

It's so relaxing to return to China to finish your studies and take classes right on your doorstep.

Others do not have their own office, but you do.

Look how wonderful it is to have a good mother-in-law.

We shall be colleagues when the time comes.

You specialize in cardiothoracic surgery, while I specialize in orthopedics.

I'll be your deputy if you want to be dean."


Tian Yuan smiled but said nothing.

These were statements for the years ahead, at least ten years in the future.


Lin Mu kept joking with him.

Dang Hong walked over, saw the two of them chatting a mile a minute, and smiled.

Lin Mu patted Tian Yuan on the shoulder, a kind of dread for his immediate superior, this aunt who had watched him grow up.


"It's Zhang Hui's treat tonight; I'll claim it's to welcome you back.

Don't forget, okay.

Let's go after work together."


He quickly fled with a wave of his hand.

Dang Hong grasped Tian Yuan's hand and led him upstairs.


"Coming back at this time is also the best opportunity.

Your professor will teach you theoretical courses.

When I am operating, you will observe, and the two of us will teach you together.

As long as you earn enough course credits and publish a paper in a foreign medical journal, you can graduate early.

You are an excellent surgeon, and nothing in the cardiothoracic division is too challenging for you.

The so-called advanced study is simply having a diploma and theoretical understanding, but in your own hospital, theory combined with practice will quickly turn you into an accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon.

I'll conduct the procedure for you to witness for the first several months, and then you'll assist in it.

The surgery will then be performed by you, with me on hand to assist.

I've compiled data from all heart surgery surgical reports over the years for you.

Study them thoroughly and get experience.

My son will be in charge of the cardiothoracic department by the end of this year."


While the others had a teacher, Tian Yuan was being directly guided by two authority figures.

These were powerful medical professionals, which meant that everything was being done to prepare him to be a world-class doctor.


He was studying hard while the specialists worked hard to instruct.

Success was on the horizon.


It is said that a horse doesn't get fat without extra feed[3].

He had his mother-in-law’s backing, so what was he afraid of


"Don't put too much pressure on yourself; remember, Mom is here.

You will definitely succeed."


Dang Hong smiled and patted her son's hand.


"Thank you, Mom."


Pan Lei gave him his entire family.

He rallied everyone to care for him and look after him while he was not around.

It warmed his heart.


Dang Hong's strategy was straightforward.

Tian Yuan would work in the cardiothoracic unit.

Every doctor was taught by someone.

When a young doctor joined a hospital, they were mentored for several years by an experienced doctor who was also an expert.

She wanted to personally mentor her son-in-law for a few years, pave a smooth path for him, and let him climb the ladder straight up.

When the time comes, her son-in-law will take over everything at the Armed Police Hospital.


"Mom, I talked to Leizi about it.

I want to ask my parents if they want to come over, and only then will we decorate.

If they don't want to live with us, we won't do the interior.

After all, the two of us will be busy for the next couple of years, and my focus will be on study this year, so I'll be a little overwhelmed."


"I don't mind; you make your own decisions.

It's fine to renovate in a few years; I only feel bad that you live in such a small place.

You should relocate to the military compound and live with us."


Tian Yuan smiled as he bit his lower lip.

They were snuggling in bed the night before, whispering and discussing everything.


"Pan Lei said he likes my apartment, and it's just the two of us so it's not too small.

It's just right."


Dang Hong laughed.

The affairs of the children should be left alone.

They are free to do whatever they choose.

Everyone has hopes and dreams.


It appeared that the pair had discussed it, which was good.

The younger generation had their own life and could choose how they wanted to live.


"In that case, make time to see your parents."


Tian Yuan agreed and pushed the door open.

The professor and students assembled and began the class.


Lin Mu changed his attire and arrived at the door early when it was time to leave work.

The gang was getting together today to welcome Tian Yuan back.

Even Pan Zhan, the busy bee, was joining them.


Tian Yuan had called Pan Lei ahead of time and asked him to bring the white teddy bear.

It was always intended as a present for Ling Si'er.


"Why don't you give Ling Si'er both teddy bears With that bear, I don't have a spot on the bed, and you frequently use the bear as a buffer zone, preventing me from getting close to you."


This irritated Pan Lei.

In truth, he was only forbidden from approaching Tian Yuan once, and that was because Tian Yuan was worried that Pan Lei's injury would worsen.

Nonetheless, this petty guy held a grudge.

He couldn't wait for a chance to give it away, as if the teddy bear was a killer who hampered their love.




Tian Yuan was adamantly opposed.

He wanted to keep the present Pan Lei had exchanged for 20 dollars.

Although the teddy bear was too large and it was awkward to have something so cute in the room of two mature men, he had no intention of giving it away.


"That's mine; the white one is for Ling Si'er; don't you dare give my bear away, Pan Lei; I'll whip your ass!"


Wow, his family's temper was getting bigger and bigger.


Huang Kai ran over with a woo-hoo as soon as he saw Tian Yuan.

He hugged Tian Yuan as if he were a long-lost brother.


"Tian Yuan, my man, this gege lost his appetite as soon as you left; I missed you; when I received the liquor you sent, I pounded the table and shouted, this buddy didn't let me down; he's abroad but still thinks about this gege.

I’m so happy! There were so many people, but I was the first to receive the booze.

What does this mean It shows the depth of our friendship.

Because of our strong bond, I drank the bottle that very night.

It tastes fantastic! It’s so delicious and authentic.

Tian Yuan, please tell me you brought back a box when you returned this time."


"Huang Kai, you jerk, he is my family’s husband; why the heck did you lose appetite! Digging my corner; you’re asking for a beating."


Pan Lei became annoyed and shook his fist at Huang Kai.


Huang Kai The Reckless also offered Tian Yuan a bouquet of roses.


"Brother, welcome back to the motherland’s arms!"


Pan Lei howled and charged towards him.


Pan Ge yanked Huang Kai's collar back, reaching out to stop Pan Lei.


"Second brother will help you teach him a lesson."


Pan Ge stared at Huang Kai, cleared his throat, but said nothing.

He didn't say anything and just stared at him.

Pan Ge coughed just as Huang Kai began to pull his neck away.

Huang Kai swiftly became well-behaved and was no longer as provocative or rowdy as he had been.


"I'm just glad Tian Yuan is back."


Even though he was grumbling, he did so calmly and softly.

Pan Ge laughed only with his eyes, but Pan Lei was not so reserved.

He laughed out loud and wrapped his arms around Huang Kai's neck, swaying him from side to side.


"F*ck me! Buddy, when did you turn into a little wife"


Pan Zhan was still the eldest brother in charge.

He motioned for this gang of little ba$tards to enter.


"Come, come, come, Tian Yuan has finally returned; don't stand at the door, guys."


Zhang Hui went to grab some alcohol.

Huang Kai caused a commotion, declaring that he wanted to drink genuine British whisky and Zhang Hui had to get it.

The party was happy and eager to get drunk.


Pan Lei threw the white bear to Pan Zhan.


"A little thing that Tian Yuan got from abroad for Ling Si'er.

Little girls seem to like this kind of thing.

If you have nothing to do, bring her to our place to play.

Just say that there is a big bear as tall as a man at her Little Uncle's place."


Pan Lei was plotting in his heart.

That dumb bear was interfering their love making.

There was a large bed, they were a couple, and simply sleeping was fine.

But the bear was so cute that Tian’er had to drag it and use it to keep him at bay.

Didn’t this make the bear the culprit


If Ling Si’er saw it and fell in love with it, even if Tian Yuan couldn't bear to part with it, he couldn't quarrel with a child over something, could he He’d naturally give it away, right


Tian Yuan glared at Pan Lei furiously.

There couldn’t be anything in their home that prevented Pan Lei from being a hooligan, or he will want to get rid of it.


Pan Zhan held the bear and observed it.

It was actually a rather large cute white teddy bear.

Pan Lei casually tossed it over, but Pan Zhan stroked its fur and nose.

It was so adorable.


"My family’s little girl, sigh, buy her a Barbie doll and she'll break one arm and one leg.

It’s better to give this bear to her mother.

Your sister-in-law is very girly and likes these little things.

I'm a little worried now.

If Ling Si’er grows up to be like her aunt, what should her mother and I do"


Tian Yuan spit out the drink in his mouth with a pfff.


Scary, really scary.

A Pan Yue could kill people, and if Ling Si’er resembled Pan Yue… Oh God! No way; this cannot be, this cannot be.


Pan Ge was the first to laugh aloud, and everyone else soon followed.

They had all grown up together and were familiar with Pan Yue.

Pity the hearts of the world’s parents[4].

Pan Zhan was smooth and slick, but there were some things even he couldn't handle.




[1] Eating penis Sounds bizarre, right There is a misconception in TCM that eating a certain organ of an animal cures the sickness associated with it.

Consuming a tiger's penis, for example, is said to be beneficial to a man's vigor.

[2] A kidney yin and essence nourishing medication.

As you may be aware, kidneys are linked to sex drive in C-novels.

[3] A saying which suggests that success is impossible without aid.

[4] A phrase that means children cannot understand, and sometimes even misunderstand, their parents' painstaking efforts, yet parents continue to care for their children in every manner imaginable.


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