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Chapter 189 His family’s darling dropped from the sky


When the CO of the military sector received word that General Pan was arriving for an inspection, he promptly assembled a line to greet him.


Tian Yuan followed Papa Pan out of the car and stood behind his father-in-law.

Nobody had said anything yet, but someone in the receiving party burst out in snickers.

Everyone turned around, and Tian Yuan recognized the individual who was laughing.


Who could it possibly be He was the head of the logistics department, the gossipy guy surnamed Chen who almost kidnapped him the first time he came to the military region and kept asking him how he and Pan Lei fell in love.


"Chen Ze! What are you doing"


The gossipy guy, uh, no, Chen Ze, coughed and winked at Tian Yuan as everyone looked at him.


"Sorry, I ran into an old acquaintance.


Tian, we've known one other for a long time, right"


Tian Yuan remembered this gossip guy banging on the window of the car parked at the gate and asking them to be a little more restrained.

Tian Yuan's face flushed slightly.


"My son is thin-skinned.

Stop teasing him."


In one sentence, Papa Pan shielded Tian Yuan.


Chen Ze took a step back as everyone entered and approached Tian Yuan.


"Doctor Tian, you and Lieutenant Colonel Pan get along so well.

How do you love each other so much that your relationship feels new every day I'm this old, but I'm simply an idiot in the army, so I'm very unskilled in this people-chasing business.

Please provide me with some suggestions."


Tian Yuan bowed his head, still wary of this gossipy guy.

General Pan laughed.

The inspection was one reason he came here, but the primary one was to bring his son-in-law to see his son.

Tian Yuan simply trailed Papa Pan.

After all, he was unfamiliar with these officials, and the only person he knew continued making fun of him.


His father-in-law couldn't take it any longer as he watched Tian Yuan's face turn redder and redder.

He swiftly summoned Pan Lei so that the young couple might be reunited.


"I haven't seen my son in quite some time.

Once he comes here, this little ba$tard forgets to return home.

Summon him.

I'll see him as well."


"Call the special team and ask Lieutenant Colonel Pan to come over, Chen Ze."


Chen Ze nodded, winking at Tian Yuan.


"I'll invite him over.

It'll allow me to see how long you guys keep making public shows of devotion following a chance reunion after a long period of separation, hehe."


Tian Yuan put up with the taunting for a while before exploding.


"You! Aren't you worried he'll kick you Just you wait."


"Yoyoyo, Dr.

Tian is not a bashful girl, eh" joked Chen Ze.

"You will not stand by and allow yourself to be harassed in every way."


Pan Lei was training when he received a phone call instructing him to immediately report to the administration building.

Apparently, General Pan had come over for an inspection.


That's odd. Since when did his father show such concern for him It wasn't that he hadn't expressed worry before.

It was merely that his father rarely visited his military base, let alone summoned him to meet him.

That had never happened before.

Why did he come here this time on purpose, and why did he want him to come over


Pan Lei drove over and noticed Chen Ze standing at the door.

God alone knew what was wrong with Chen Ze, but he was looking at him and grinning strangely.

What had become of these people They were all acting weird.

Overseas, his family's beloved kept giggling stupidly.

When he returned, it was Chen Ze who was strangely laughing and smiling at him.


After yelling "Reporting!" a voice from within asked him to come in.

His superiors and higher-level officials were all seated here.

He was standing with his back straight.

He saw his father with a sweep of his gaze, and then his family's baby sat behind his father.




Pan Lei rubbed his eyes, unable to believe it.

Tian Yuan Impossible! How could he be in the military area when he should be studying in the UK But he was seated right there! He was sitting behind his father, smiling at him.


Pan Lei couldn't stop himself from pinching himself.

Was it all a dream He'd been thinking about Tian'er all day and missing him like mad, so he was hallucinating, right In reality, that person was just similar to his darling, right But what was he doing waving at him


Papa Pan laughed, then coughed to cover it up.


Look at him! Useless son! His eyes are on the verge of popping out from gaping at Tian Yuan! What about a soldier's image, eh Can't you be a little promising


"Pan Lei, I'm here to see some old friends, so you can take Tian Yuan with you.

This kid stepped off the plane at noon today and told me he wanted to come over with me."


Tian Yuan stood up and walked towards Pan Lei.


Pan Lei rushed over and embraced Tian Yuan.


"It's truly you, my darling.

If you missed me so much, why didn't you tell me before you showed up What a pleasant surprise you gave me!"


His father's words verified that this was the true treasure he had been thinking about all the time.

Who cared about the CO, his father, the political commissar, or the other people in the room He raced over to hug his sweetheart, holding his waist and lifting him high, turning him around several times, and kissing him numerous times.


Talk about a major gift; Tian Yuan appearing out of the blue was the best gift for Pan Lei.

The person he longed for all hours of the day and night, the treasure he held in his arms in his dreams, the treasure that was his sweetheart, the one he believed he'd have to wait a month to see again; who could have predicted that he'd appear in front of him


He had often heard that someone had won 10 million yuan and another had won 200 million yuan, but in comparison to Tian Yuan, such gains were insignificant.

Money is inanimate, but his baby was alive.


Hugging and hoisting him up to twirl a few times wasn't enough for Pan Lei to express his happiness, so he kept kissing Tian Yuan.


Everyone in the military district knew that the previous time his sweetheart arrived for a family visit, Pan Lei kicked open the person in charge's office door and made him sign.

However, only Chen Ze had witnessed their intimacy.

Nobody had ever seen them so close.


All of the leaders were staring wide-eyed.

Could this Pan Lei, who had always been like a bandit descending the mountain to loot and had even dared to kick the CO's door, be so sweet and passionate He could twirl and hold someone high They imagined a parent seeing his son and scooping him up.


"Stop it, stop it, Pan Lei, stop it."


Tian Yuan struggled desperately. Don’t! There are so many people here; don't make me lose face, okay


Chen Ze erupted with laughter. Wow, I've finally seen how much Lieutenant Colonel Pan adores him.

This kind of enthusiasm and pampering makes people super envious, you know


Tian Yuan urgently pushed Pan Lei's shoulders, attempting to stop him.

His father-in-law, the CO, and a slew of others were onlookers.

Tian Yuan struggled to break free from Pan Lei's hug and keep Pan Lei from kissing his face.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, was unconcerned.

He persisted in kissing and clutching his family's treasure in his arms. He’s really back!


"Ahem, Pan Lei, take Tian Yuan to your place."


Papa Pan couldn't take it any longer.

He didn't mind if his son did whatever he wanted at home, and didn't care even if he saw his son and son-in-law cuddling and kissing each other.

However, because this was happening outside, Leizi had to be more reserved.

He couldn't frighten this crowd.


Pan Lei giggled.

Now it was his turn to laugh foolishly.

Pan Lei's wide grin revealed his small tongue but concealed his eyes when he saw his beloved and was able to hold him in his arms.

Could you please give a thought for your image, handsome


He intended to leave the room while holding his beloved, but Tian Yuan pinched him viciously.


"Act decently!"


"Ouch!" Pan Lei grunted but continued to smile.

He let go, but kept Tian Yuan's hand in his.

He could truly feel his baby right there in front of him only when holding hands like this.


"I'll go for a ride with him, Dad.

We'll return later."


"Tian'er will not return today, Dad.

Return on your own and let him join me.

We haven't seen one other in a long time, and there's a lot to talk about."


"Absolutely! A short separation is better than being newlyweds.

When a couple reunites after a long separation, they will naturally make love."


Pan Lei stepped forward and kicked Chen Ze, who moved away.

Tian Yuan's face was the color of a tomato.


Papa Pan simply nodded.

He had anticipated that Tian Yuan would not leave once he arrived.

It was hard for his son to leave his lover.


Pan Lei strolled out the door, his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulder.


He took up Tian Yuan, wrapped his arms around his waist, and raised him up like a child before approaching and kissing him.


"My darling, you are an immortal who has dropped to Earth, and you have unexpectedly materialized in front of me.

Please pinch me.

I believe I'm having a dream."


There weren't as many eyes on them anymore.

Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's shoulders and looked at him condescendingly, but his eyes were filled with joy.


He was happy, so very happy.


"Actually, I found out about it while you were in the UK.

My professor mentioned a collaboration project with Mom's hospital, and the country for the remainder of the advanced course was transferred to China.

I kept my joy to myself for a few days since I didn't want to tell you.

Who asked you to get a special pass from your father that allows you to meet me once a month without telling me! So I'm not going to tell you about this happy occasion either.

I wanted to appear unexpectedly and spring out at you.

I've been dreaming all day that when you see me, you'll think you're seeing a ghost, scream, and flee.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you.

I was waiting to see you make a fool of yourself."


Pan Lei squeezed his waist.


"You made me worried, little rascal.

I thought you were being duped.

Why didn't you tell me sooner You've turned bad."


Tian Yuan smiled proudly.


"But I didn't get to see you fleeing in fright."


"Why would I do that I'll hurry up to kiss my baby when I see him.

I'll bite you and eat you up even if it's a female ghost who has transformed into you."


"Bah! You should have seen your idiotic expression right now."


Pan Lei was itching to kiss him hard till he passed out.


"Don't leave today.

Sleep in my dorm room.

I'll give up the quilt for you.

Are you tired Let’s go to the dorm and rest."


Go to the dormitory, close the door, then embrace each other like the young couple who had been apart for a long time, and talk about how difficult it was to separate.

Kiss, hold each other, exchange words of love, or make love.

Use their bodies’ lingering to express the depth of their emotions.


"Doctor Tian, ​​I haven't finished all of my questions.

I've been observing couples, but I don't have much experience in dating.

Would you like to come to my place first and tell me about your love story Tell me how a romance can be kept fresh, and how you two can be so loving I'm really interested in acquiring knowledge about love management, so I can find someone to practice it on."


They had no idea when Chen Ze sneaked out, nor did they know how long he had been watching the billing and cooing between the two of them.


"Get lost! Don't disturb us.

We haven't seen each other in nearly a month.

You, someone who has never loved someone, will be unable to understand our yearning.

We’re etched in each other’s memory.

I wish I could fuse with him right now and tell him I missed him so much that it hurt."


"I got it, I got it.

Ah love, you’re such a mystery.

Oh my love, my darling, when will you come"



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