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Chapter 187 A strange separation


Pan Lei had been in the United Kingdom for several days.

Seven days of vacation and an additional eight days for recuperation.

Tian Yuan had been spoiled rotten for the past half month, and all of his fantasies had come true.

Pan Lei followed him to class, dozed under the shade of trees, shared books in the library, strolled hand in hand along the street, and played with the neighborhood kids.


Jennifer would bring cookies, they would deny all evening company, have candlelight dinners, or watch movies on the sofa.

Despite the fact that the season was incorrect, Pan Lei lit the fireplace and drew the curtains.

Pan Lei wished to be 'tired' with Tian Yuan when he was tired of reading and conversing on the sofa.

He would light the fireplace to keep it warm and sit on the sofa with Tian Yuan.

He got close and intimate, unwilling to move his gaze away from Tian Yuan's warm jade-like skin that reflected the light of the fire.


They made out on the sofa in the dark, lingering, stroking, kissing, and undressing.


Every day was happy like a stay in paradise.


He got a good morning kiss when he opened his eyes, and the water for brushing his teeth was ready.

Pan Lei would call him from downstairs, and he'd come downstairs for breakfast.


Pan Lei was by his side all day.


At night, they talked while leaning against each other, did a certain exercise between lovers, then he rested his head on Pan Lei’s shoulder, falling asleep while listening to his heartbeats.


Pan Lei's wound healed rapidly.

He was stabbed and lost a lot of blood, yet these issues were not a problem for him.

The wound had already turned into a pink scar on the tenth day.

Tian Yuan licked the scar every time they made out.

When things got too heated, he'd take a bite.


Tian Yuan was well fed, healthy, and had a good complexion.

He had regained all of the weight he had lost after moving to the UK.

Pan Lei pinched his cheek and sighed contentedly. Look at how well fed he is, and how beautiful his complexion and hair are.


He Lian witnessed the couple's lovey-dovey lifestyle and realized for the first time what true sweetness was.


This couple ate even a piece of chocolate together, and at every meal, the scene was "You take a bite, I take a bite," smiling and laughing, then kissing.

Tian Yuan acted like a spoiled child with zeal, whereas Pan Lei was full of doting.

When Tian Yuan did anything bad, such as refusing to eat or decline to be picked up from college, Pan Lei glared, and Tian Yuan instantly cried out "Ge," causing Pan Lei to smile so wide that you could see his teeth but not his eyes, as if he'd swallowed a Xiaoyao Pill[1].


It's no surprise that everyone said the pair had a fantastic relationship! Look at this enthusiastic intimacy, sweet day after day as though first love, and He Lian guessed that this was how the couple will be for the rest of their lives.


This time, though, there was no sadness in saying goodbye to Pan Lei.


Tian Yuan's smile persisted, making Pan Lei very unhappy.


"Are you waiting for me to leave, baby You were reluctant to part from me the last time.

You're so eager to see me off this time Do you no longer love me Do you have another person in your heart Do you keep a gigolo here Even if you act, you must pretend to be unhappy and reluctant to part in order to show to me that you cannot live without me."


Tian Yuan shook his head.

It was nothing major.

He would start wrapping things up in the UK the moment Pan Lei left.

He needed to arrange plane tickets and pack his belongings because he was also returning.

How could he possibly feel upset over such a happy event Pan Lei was departing now, but they would reunite and resume their previous lives in a few days.

In contrast, he didn't feel too bad about Pan Lei's return to China this time.


"Even though the scab has fallen off, avoid strenuous exercise.

Be wary about infection from within.

Call me and let me know when you're on a mission so I can be sure you're safe and sound."


Pan Lei gave a nod.

He nodded obediently as soon as Tian Yuan stated it.


He was still nodding constantly, but Tian Yuan remained silent.

Pan Lei turned to face him.


"That’s it"


Tian Yuan mn-ed.


"That’s it."


"Shit, you've got to have someone else in your heart! You went on and on and nagged me to death the last time, but this time it's just a few words and you're anxious for me to leave."


Every time they separated, it felt as though they couldn't finish what they were saying.

They were rambling and had a lot to say.

They thought their words of care were insufficient, whether it was as simple as reminding him to sip hot water or remembering to dress warmly when he went out.

But now, a few simple words like this will be the end of the matter That was not an option! If Tian Yuan couldn't say anything else, if he didn't want to be long-winded in expressing his feelings, he had to communicate them by actions! Pan Lei tugged Tian Yuan and played a rogue.


"Tell me ten times you love me, baby."


"Are you crazy! Stop making trouble and let others see a joke."


With people passing by, Pan Lei, this tall chap, put his head on Tian Yuan's shoulder, refusing to act decently.

He shamelessly shook Tian Yuan and acted coquettishly, saying he needed to be comforted and that he would board the plane only after receiving enough words of care and concern.


Tian Yuan patted his shoulder and touched his cheek.


He was likewise reluctant, but this was nothing compared to being able to return to China to study in just a few days.


"You went on a mission after a long time, so let's talk about self-care.

Don't be rash, even if you're on a mission.

Don't fight the robbers hand to hand; just shoot them to death, okay You consider how sad it is for me to be without your news, knowing that you are injured.

We must live well.

You promised to retire and return home when you turned fifty.

I'm still hoping to live in harmony with you.

You cook and do the housework for me while I go to work to support you.

Ge, don't make me wait in vain.

You must be in good health.

I can only be well if you are well."


Pan Lei was satisfied.


"That sounds more like it."


Although it wasn't as emotional as the last time, it was at least reassuring that he(TY) didn't make him(PL) as concerned as the previous time.

And Tian'er still cared about him.

The problem was that he had no idea why his family's hubby had been acting strangely recently.


"He Lian."


This time, He Lian was wiser.

While the husbands were making public displays of affection at the airport, he moved to converse with the flight staff on the side early on, pretending that he didn't know the couple in order to avoid feelings of admiration, jealousy, and hate.


When he saw the couple put up a show of an emotional farewell for the first time, he was moved.

However, watching it twice was just asking to be upset.


As a result, He Lian simply turned away and did not look, thinking: out of sight, out of mind.


Who knew that they would only spend three minutes saying goodbye this time before Pan Lei called him


Pan Lei slung his arm across He Lian's shoulder, took a diagonal step, and lowered his voice so that his husband wouldn’t hear him.


"My family's husband has suddenly been acting strangely.

I've been attached to him at the hip and haven't found a love rival.

I also believe he will not fall in love with anybody else besides me.

There is no one in this world who can match with me.

I am confident that he will not two-time me.

But I think he's being strange.

Keep an eye on him and take good care of him.

See what he's up to and give me a call if he's up to any little tricks.

Don't let him do anything wrong.

I’m handing over my darling to you, so protect him well for me.

Tell me what he's doing.

Don’t let him do anything dangerous.

My husband occasionally acts brainless which doesn’t let me feel at ease.

Don’t let him be fooled by anyone."


He Lian turned to look at Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was acting strange But weren’t they billing and cooing the entire time


"Isn't he very obedient"


"He’s very obedient, but there’s something he’s keeping from me.

He's giggling for no apparent reason these days.

I'm quite worried."


"Doesn't your college have a business school There must be business grads there.

This husband of mine just wants to live a peaceful life, make some money, and have a happy family.

If a businessman deceives him into investing money and promises that his earnings would double, he will believe it and hand over all of his assets.

I am afraid that he will be duped.

My baby is so innocent that I'm frightened he'll be scammed."


After thinking about it for a few days, Pan Lei concluded that this was the only possibility.

Tian Yuan had been chuckling and laughing like a fool lately, and Pan Lei was terrified that he had been conned by someone.


"No problem, I'll look after him for you."


Pan Lei patted him on the shoulder, relieved at last.


He reached out his arms to Tian Yuan.


"Give me another kiss, baby.

I won't be able to see you until the following month."


Tian Yuan's eyes bent in laughter when he heard this.

There was no trace of grief.

He clearly wasn't feeling as horrible as he did the last time Pan Lei left.


"I'll come to see you."


"Alas, this kid in my family is really a little fool.

Silly baby, not unless your teacher gives you a vacation.

Didn’t you say that studying is very intense You won’t have time to visit."


Pan Lei wanted to say something like "my dumb wife," but if he did, Tian Yuan would immediately kick him into the plane.


Pan Lei bit Tian Yuan's lips, and no matter how many people watched, he held Tian Yuan's head and kissed him hard and deeply until he was out of breath, and then parted reluctantly.


"Baby, wait for me."


They were reluctant to part.

Whatever they said, the fact was that they wouldn't see each other for several days.

Tian Yuan grabbed his sleeve and gripped on tight, unwilling to let go.


"Wait for me, sweetheart," Pan Lei said as he touched his cheek.

"Next month, I'll see you again.

I'll bring you something tasty and look after you.

When the weather permits, I'll take you for a tandem cycling ride."


He waved as he picked up his luggage.


Tian Yuan took a few steps forward, thinking that this airport was not a nice site, especially for this type of separation, which often upset people.

Even if they would see each other again in a few days, he would miss Pan Lei.


In the check-in line, there was a person ahead of Pan Lei.

He returned his gaze and noticed Tian Yuan staring at him.

Pan Lei felt sorry for him since he looked pitiful.

He returned, hugged and kissed him once more.

After all, they wouldn't be able to meet for a long time. Don't show this expression, I will be much more reluctant to leave.

Baby, please smile, even just a little.

Don't make me feel like I'm abandoning my lover by looking at me so eagerly.


Pan Lei didn't care about anything, including going through security.


He simply tossed his stuff aside and dashed over.

Tian Yuan hurried up to Pan Lei, arms spread, and hugged him fiercely.


Pan Lei bowed his head, Tian Yuan embraced Pan Lei's neck to meet him, one asked, one gave, hugging and kissing.


They didn't care if their lips were torn, their tongues were numb, and their nostrils hurt.

They simply desired to imprint the other party's taste in their subconscious.


"I love you, baby.

Wait until I see you again."


Tian Yuan trembled and nodded in his palm.


Pan Lei let go of him, turned to leave, and took the luggage from He Lian's hand.


He didn't dare to look back for fear of being unable to leave.

He passed through the security checkpoint and headed to the waiting lounge without looking back.


He Lian scratched his hair.

Alas! He was stimulated every time he drove them to the airport.


"How about I take you for a walk around the plaza"


Tian Yuan smirked.

His lips were swollen and like red cherries, his face was flushed, and he emitted a charming flavor on his body.


"No, let's go home.

I want to cancel my lease and pack my belongings.

I’m going back to China."


He Lian yelled.


"Hey! Why do you take things so hard It's only been two or three months.

Why don't you continue your studies Nobody will agree with you if you do this.

Even if you miss him like crazy, you shouldn't give up your studies."


"I'm returning to China for further studies.

Teacher decided half a month ago to go to China for work and bring all of his students with him.

It will not interfere with my schoolwork, but it will allow me to study at home.

I've been rejoicing about this for quite a while.

Now that Pan Lei has left, I need to quickly organize my stuff.

I’ll be going back home in ten or twenty days."


[1] The Xiaoyao Pill is real.

It calms the liver and spleen, nourishes the blood, and regulates menstruation.

It is used to treat depression and discomfort produced by spleen deficiency and liver stagnation, as well as chest pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, and irregular menstruation.

However, I'm confident the author meant the literal meaning of "Xiaoyao" in this context, which is "free and unfettered." Pan Lei is basically coaxed into happiness anytime TY calls him ge.




I'm not sure what the point of this arc is.

Was it solely for the purpose of introducing He Lian and Pan Yue Perhaps the author was stumped for ideas for this arc and chose to simply return the action to China.


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