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Chapter 185 An unexpected joyful event


A certain someone tossed that loathsome bear away in the middle of the night and threw himself upon Tian Yuan.

The bed then began to shake, and Tian Yuan yelled "stinky hooligan" before moaning and gasping, unable to berate further.


Midnight was the best time to do this, that, and everything related.


Did you believe that a teddy bear could ruin Pan Lei's happy occasion Pan Lei was on the bottom, Tian Yuan was on top, and the bed kept rocking as the couple's love making was quite intense.

The sounds of passion were incessant.

Someone kept begging for mercy, and the air was filled with the unending sounds of kissing, messy sweet talk, and shy responses to shameful questions.


And then, ahem, it was dawn when the bed stopped shaking.


Tian Yuan was sleeping like the dead.

Pan Lei felt unwell all over after only one day of being a Daye.

Getting Tian Yuan to pour him a glass of water to tease him was enough to make Pan Lei put on airs like a genuine lord.


What’s that saying Oh yes! If you treat your lover as a servant, you are also a servant.

If you treat your partner like a prince and consider him to be a king high above, you are also a noble.

Advance and retreat together, sharing weal and woe.

Pan Lei felt bad after teasing him for one night; it was impossible to continue in this manner for the entire visit.


Pan Lei stroked his beloved's hair, kissed him, then napped for a while until waking up about seven o'clock.

He had a shoulder injury, but he couldn't sit still.


Pan Lei changed into his workout gear and went for a run.

He felt very good here because the air was extremely good in the morning, and many people chose to exercise while wearing headphones.


He switched his shoes.

He could still jog despite his inability to workout vigorously.


When he returned, he had already purchased vegetables from the supermarket.


He couldn't utilize his right arm's strength, but his left arm was good, so making porridge and simple meals was no trouble.


This residence was filled with Pan Lei's belongings, including his clothes, shoes, and photos.

Tian Yuan had posted images of their recent sightseeing trip all over the wall, and a funny picture of them hung over the headboard in their bedroom.

Tian Yuan was pinching his face and he was stretching out his arms to take the photo while grimacing in pain.

Tian Yuan was so taken with it that he enlarged it and hung it on the headboard wall.


Pan Lei sat on the stairwell's corner, staring at their pictures on the wall.

He'd taken the majority of them for Tian Yuan or the small photo frames he'd found.

They were hanging all over the wall beside the steps, each embedded in a frame.


My baby is so good-looking.

Every expression and scene, whether Tian Yuan was laughing, smoking calmly, crouching in the square to feed the birds, hugging him, or holding a long-stem white rose in his hand, could be captured in a frame.

Just like the silly photo in his wallet of Tian Yuan wearing pajamas and looking into the camera with a dazed expression, each of them made him fall in love with him all over again.


Tian Yuan rubbed his eyes and approached him.

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around him, dropped his head, and kissed his cheek.


"Baby, our new home in China is enormous.

Every year, we'll take a lot of photographs and then hang them on every wall, okay We'll hang all of them on the wall, young to old.

Everyone who comes to our house can see from the images what a loving couple we are and how long we've been together."


Tian Yuan was wrapped up in his arms.

His mind was still fuzzy from sleep, so he nodded absently and buried his head in Pan Lei's arms, the strong and steady heartbeats relaxing him.


"Why don't you take the day off I see you're not feeling well."


Pan Lei held him, glanced down and noticed the faint dark circles on his face, and felt sorry for him.

He had harassed Tian'er a lot the night before.

He'd kept him on his body all night and didn't let him down.

Pan Lei was still in Tian Yuan's body when he fell asleep.

He couldn't bear leaving that hot, snug, and soft place; the kind of warmth that made him want to cling to every inch of his body.


"And who is to blame You're like a monk who hasn't eaten meat in 30 years when you come here once a month and run berserk like a famished beast like this.

You don’t let up when you see the meat."


"It's also because my baby is so gorgeous that I want to die on you."


Pan Lei bit his ears and rubbed his body.

Tian Yuan couldn't stand his molestation no matter how many times he experienced it.


He pushed him away and headed downstairs while gripping his waist with a flushed face.


"I have to attend class today.

After that, I’ll take you to the hospital for a check-up and then go buy some medicine.

I can treat you at home."


Tian Yuan shot him a glare when he entered the kitchen and saw the meat porridge.


"Who asked you to show off while you’re hurt Don't treat me like a three-year-old child.

In fact, I can take good care of you too."


Pan Lei stole a kiss and sat there cramming the spoon Tian Yuan brought into his hand.


"We don't want children, I said.

I'll raise you as a son."


"Pooh! Get out of here! You're just taking advantage of me.

Watch out; I'll sort you out."


Tian Yuan had to concede that Pan Lei's food was the most appetizing, and he couldn't stop stuffing himself until his stomach turned into a ball.

He wasn't used to the food and drink here.

He especially craved the food Pan Lei prepared, but he couldn't eat it frequently.

He could only fill his stomach when Pan Lei visited.


When they arrived at class, Pan Lei promptly fell asleep.

Tian Yuan also didn't bother him and let him sleep.


The professor smiled when he finished the lecture.


"Please come to my office if you have come for further studies this year.

I have some news to share."


This year, more than a dozen students were pursuing advanced studies with the professor, as well as accompanying him to the hospital to watch and emulate on-site while working on projects and preparing thesis.

Before graduating, every advanced course student had to publish a study in a medical journal and prepare a paper defending their dissertation.

To be honest, it was quite rare.


The students had all left.

Tian Yuan slipped a coat on Pan Lei without disturbing him because he was still asleep.

He went inside the professor's office with the other students.


The professor was a little excited, and he smiled when he realized everyone had arrived.


"Tian Yuan, this should be quite a joyous occasion for you."


Everyone turned to gaze at Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was also intrigued.

What could it possibly be He hadn't written any papers or conducted any research.

He just did his homework, so what good thing was the professor referring to


The professor patted Tian Yuan's shoulder.


"Your country has invited us to come to your country to conduct scientific study as well as to promote and apply innovative technology.

Isn't it wonderful that I have a close relationship with your mother's hospital Your mother introduced the most advanced minimally invasive cardiac surgery technology, and I am in charge of this program.

I'm going to your mother's hospital to spread the word about this technology.

It's also an excellent learning opportunity, so I've chosen to relocate the remaining months of the academic program to your country.

That is, towards the middle of next month, I will complete the necessary paperwork and bring you and your classmates to China to begin working."


For a brief moment, Tian Yuan was stunned.

In other words, he'll be able to return to China in the middle of next month! He will be able to study from home!


"Tian Yuan, why don't you welcome us Your mother has requested that you lead us to your home for dinner."


Tian Yuan was beaming from ear to ear.

He was returning to China! He was ready to return no matter how good this place was.

He could see his parents, as well as his mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Pan Lei could frequently sneak home and surprise him.

They didn't need to be separated by the Pacific Ocean, and they could go back to their regular lives.


He'll be studying on his turf This was fantastic news for him.


He felt like he’d won five million dollars.

He was so ecstatic that he kept laughing foolishly.

He was screaming in his heart, Mother-in-law, I love you! You’re my goddess, you are my Athena, you are my Holy Mother! Ahhhhhh~


She proposed introducing cutting-edge surgical techniques just in time for his professor to travel to China with this group of advanced studies students.

Tian Yuan felt as if a pie had dropped from the sky and directly swallowed into his stomach.

Continuing his studies in China was truly a wonderful thing for him.


"I cordially invite you all to dine on authentic Chinese cuisine in a five-star restaurant in an ultra-luxurious hotel."


Zhang Hui, I haven’t heard from you since I arrived here.

This time, I’m bringing back a bunch of people, so make sure you prepare plenty of good food and drinks!


Tian Yuan couldn't help but grin and giggle.


"So, the other students will have some time to deal with the affairs here.

Oh yes, that's Tian Yuan's nation; you can ask him for assistance.

You can ask him for help with things like renting a house.


There were those who complained, those who were looking forward to it, and those who were against it, but Tian Yuan was the happiest of them.

How could he be unhappy about returning home


They were all students who had a great bond and were studying together.

They asked Tian Yuan to assist them in their search for a house, hoping not to get lost.


"It's fine, it's fine, all of you can live close to my house.

If things don't work out, I'll give you my house to live in.

I will not charge rent.

I'll live with my boyfriend."


Everything was manageable.

He didn't mind even if they all ate and stayed in his house throughout this time.

Everything could be handled as long as he could return home.


"Won't your lover be upset He looks so fierce."


The students inquired playfully.

The closeness and intimacy between the pair had spread throughout the school.

Everyone knew he had a tall boyfriend who treated him well.


"My family has a lot of houses.

My in-laws bought us a new house.

He also has his own house.

We also have a room in my parents’ house.

He is not often at home.

I have the final say.

You are welcome to live there."


“Wow! Tian Yuan, your family is quite wealthy.

You're blessed." Many of them came to see Tian Yuan in the hopes of receiving better treatment.

Tian Yuan agreed one at a time. Whatever you say is OK.

Anything is acceptable as long as I can return. He could ask Huang Kai and the others to assist him in locating a place for his classmates.


He couldn't stop laughing and giggling as he walked home, not calming down even for a second.

He really wanted to rush over to Pan Lei and tell him the wonderful news.

He'd hug his neck and say, "I'm starving! You know what I'm heading home! I can finish my course at home.

We don't have to live apart; we can go back to our prior lives!"


Hold on! Tian Yuan came to a halt. Wait a sec… I can't tell Pan Lei about this!


His father-in-law had previously given them a large gift, but this jerk had kept it from him for more than a month.

Pan Lei had not revealed anything because he wanted to surprise Tian Yuan.

As a result, Tian Yuan vowed not to say anything.

When Pan Lei returned to China, he would call him and order him to go home and clean up.

When Pan Lei returned home, he would leap out of his bedroom and surprise him.

Wouldn't this be more shocking and romantic


Tian Yuan tried hard not to burst out laughing and to pretend that nothing had happened, but it was too difficult.

He wanted to jump for joy as soon as he thought he could go home.

His gait had become erratic, and he was nearly hopping like a small rabbit.

He couldn't help himself; he was just too happy.



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