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Chapter 184 Role reversal: Tian Yuan serves Pan Lei


Pan Lei's eyes darted left and right as he plotted yet another diabolical scheme.

His face fell as he raised his right arm, frowning.




Tian Yuan sat next to him quickly and felt his arm, visibly concerned.

He handled Pan Lei's arm as if it were a valuable jade artifact.


"Is it painful Can you raise it I'll adjust your medication today and check on the wound.

If it does not recover properly, you should be hospitalized."


Pan Lei was obviously acting coquettish by appearing to be pitiful.


"Feed me."


He wasn't left-handed, and his right arm was wounded, so he couldn't move around freely.

Tian Yuan approached him with the bowl and spoon-fed the soup into his mouth cautiously.


The bowl was actually quite small, and it contained only chicken soup.

Pan Lei could have simply grabbed it and drank it by lifting his neck and chugging.

But he didn't, since he wanted to be fed.


Pan Lei sipped the soup with his mouth wide open, shouting that Tian Yuan wanted to feed him the spoon simultaneously.

He gladly finished the bowl of soup while pouting and smacking his lips.


"Give me a chicken leg."


Tian Yuan split a chicken leg for him, held it up, and placed it in his mouth.

Pan Lei bit into the meat, approached Tian Yuan, and brought it to his mouth.

Tian Yuan was amused and took a bite, and it was only then that Pan Lei swallowed his half with pleasure.


The meal was consumed in this manner by the two men taking turns eating.

You take a bite, I take a bite, and we finish the meal bite by bite.

Pan Lei began clamoring and persuading for a bath.


Tian Yuan was scared that his wound might become wet, so he purposefully purchased plastic wrap.

He wrapped it neatly for Pan Lei, double-checked that there was no problem, and found Pan Lei's pajamas and underwear.

He acted with caution, as if he were actually serving a Mr.

Arrogant Idler, and invited this gentleman in for a bath.


Pan Lei had been anticipating this moment.

He waited for Tian Yuan to take care of his garments, opening his arms wide.

Tian Yuan busily assisted him in undressing till he was happy, then asked him to finish his wash and went to make the bed once only his briefs remained to be removed.

Pan Lei was unhappy once again.


"Tian'er, Tian'er, baby, I can't take a bath by myself.

Come in and help me."


"Daye, you have a lot of demands today," Tian Yuan sighed as he patted the pillow.


Fine, I'll help you in bathing for the sake of your immobility.


Tian Yuan rolled up his sleeves and entered the bathroom.

Pan Lei stood there butt naked and carelessly, not a drop of water on his body.


Given Pan Lei’s height, could Tian Yuan wash his hair easily Of course not.

He pushed Pan Lei to sit on the tub's edge, bow his head, and wash his hair.

Pan Lei had his hair trimmed into a crew cut, and cleaning his inch-long hair was faster than washing potatoes.

All it took was a good wet, some shampoo, massage, and rinsing.


Pan Lei turned around.


"Help me wash my back."


Tian Yuan scrubbed his back, finding it weird.

This time, Pan Lei was quite well-behaved while having a bath, which was suspicious.

He used to cajole and trick him into going to the bathroom because he wanted to do bad things.

Pan Lei had duped him numerous times and had held him on the bathroom sink, and then...


Tian Yuan flushed and reprimanded himself. Stop thinking and just focus on assisting him with his bath! Pan Lei had a strong physique.

He'd piggybacked Tian Yuan several times and carried him in his arms.

The man was like a mountain: calm, steady, majestic, immobile, and unyielding.


Tian Yuan's fingertips brushed the old scars on his back as the shower gel washed across it.


Pan Lei's body was covered in scars of all sizes.

He stated that some were left during training and others were scars left behind while on missions.

He had been a military instructor for the previous few years.

He didn't go on missions until he was deployed for something significant, therefore his scars were less serious.

But it was still a stunning sight, and here came another scar to join the others.


"Can't you be a little more cautious When you are provoked, you throw away everything and rush up to fight.

You even let Second Brother lie to me without a second thought.

Do you realize how concerned your parents would be How worried I was Please don’t let yourself be hurt."


Pan Lei smiled as he bowed his head.


"Who knew that sonofab!tch was such a filthy trickster It couldn't be avoided.

But I also didn't let him off lightly.

I kicked him and kicked out his spleen.

Complete win."


"What, you wanted to show off your ruthlessness in battle That’s just like you.

If you hadn't been a soldier, but a civilian, you would have been a local tyrant.

Be careful in the future.

You nearly nicked your aortic artery and lost 1000 units of blood.

You think you're Superman, don't you"


"Hey, I'm not Pan Yue."


When Pan Yue was mentioned, Tian Yuan immediately remembered how this pair of siblings had teamed up to put him to the test and scared him so much that he didn't dare to return home.


"Pan Yue told me one thing before she left.

It was about why she suddenly came into my room on the first night.

Tell me..."


Pan Lei knew he was in big trouble when he heard that.

This was the strategy of single-outing the enemy.

His darling was still unhappy because they had played tricks on him together.

He was certain to be punished.


"Hey, hey, hey! You’ve finished washing my back, right.

Please help me wash my front.

My shoulder hurts, and I can't do it myself."


Tian Yuan bit his lip and chuckled softly. Fine, fine; go ahead and try to fool me with your typical buffoonery.

You’re hurt, so I’ll let this one slip for now.

We’ll talk about it later. However, talking about it later didn’t mean Tian Yuan was muddled enough to spare him.

Wasn't this a$$hole hooked on teasing him Okay, then! Just you wait, old boy.

Once you're better, I’ll just clean you up for life.


"Turn around.

I’ll help you wash."


Pan Lei was taken aback and feared his ears were damaged.

His sweetheart's voice had remained unchanged.

He remained mild, and his hand strength remained constant.

He was warm and sweet, which implied he had been fooled. That's great, that's great. Fooling Tian'er meant that he'd simply let bygones be bygones, right In any case, he was simply flaunting to others how wonderful their love was; nothing else.

Everything was now in the past.

It wasn't like his Tian'er would settle accounts with him at the most convenient time, right


He looked at Tian Yuan furtively. Yup, I’m in the clear! There was no anger in his brows and eyes, and he was still docile and obedient, squatting beside him like a little wife and quickly washing the foam on him.


You can't spoil a man, you know.

He will rely on your pampering and become haughty if he becomes accustomed to being spoiled.


Tian Yuan, however, was a rare good boy.

He was docile, honest, and dutiful, and he didn't allow Pan Lei to have many petty temper tantrums.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, was a classic case.

Pan Lei went back into his sly mode after seeing that Tian Yuan had forgiven and forgotten, as well as not being upset.


Pan Lei’s hair, back, front, and legs had all been washed.

The plastic wrap was tightly bound over the wound, preventing it from becoming wet despite prolonged contact with water.

Tian Yuan grabbed a large towel, wanting to wrap it over Pan Lei’s waist so they could leave the bathroom.


Pan Lei avoided the towel and looked serious.


"We can only go to bed once we've washed.

What’s up Do you want to sleep in the bathroom tonight"


Tian Yuan was a little baffled.

What was Pan Lei talking about


"There's a place you didn't help me in washing."


Tian Yuan looked up and down, convinced he had rubbed off a layer of skin.

Wasn't that sufficiently clean


Pan Lei took his hand and pressed it on his small head.


"I clean this area when I take a shower.

You have to help me clean it too."


Tian Yuan's patience had run out.

He bundled the towel and threw it on Pan Lei’s face.


"Your uncle! You can sleep here if you don't want to come out.

I gave you some color, and you want to open a dyeing workshop.

I gave you face and didn’t care about your outrageous behavior, taking care of you with kindness, but you’re making fun of me You deserve a beating!"


"Ouch, it hurts like hell!"


Tian Yuan was puffed up at first, thinking that if Pan Lei could tease him, he had to be fine.

But as Pan Lei yelled in anguish, Tian Yuan's heart leapt to his throat, and he didn't care about anything else.

He rushed up to check Pan Lei's wound.


"What's wrong What happened Did the towel land on your wound just now I'm sorry.

Does it hurt Let me have a look."


Tian Yuan came up close and gingerly raised the towel, fearful of seeing blood on the gauze.


Pan Lei moved his left arm and tugged Tian Yuan, clutching him with his left arm, just as the towel was ready to be withdrawn.

He stooped and crammed Tian Yuan under his arm like a luggage roll.


"Just use your body to wash my small head, baby.

You can only use your body to wash it if you don't want to use your hands."


"Pan Lei! You sex fiend, rogue, bandit, robber! F*ck you, you a$$hole! Put laozi down!"


Tian Yuan chastised himself for being a sucker. How long have you been with him, you moron Don't you know he's actually a wolf in human skin This ba$tard has pulled all kinds of tricks, but you still got fooled.

Don’t you have a brain!


You deserve to be taken advantage of by him; you're begging for it.


But he didn't even attempt to struggle desperately.

After all, Pan Lei had lost blood and had a wound, so he didn't dare to do anything that would reopen it.


Tian Yuan despised himself a thousand times in his heart, yet still let Pan Lei throw him on the bed.


Pan Lei started tearing the plastic cover off.


"Taking care of the patient entails caring for the entire body.

You must comfort both the body and the heart.

I desperately need your comfort right now, both physically and psychologically.

Come on, it's about time we had a couple’s happiest time!"


Tian Yuan looked at him and coughed lightly when he realized Little Pan Lei had become a mighty general once more.


Pan Lei touched Tian Yuan's face and lay down on the bed with a big grin.


"Serve Daye well."


Tian Yuan nodded and knelt beside him.


Pan Lei was a little confused.

How did his family’s precious baby become so obedient He was doing everything he said.

It stood to reason that Tian Yuan should smack his head with a pillow and tell him to f*ck off.


Instead, he was quite obedient, kneeling beside Pan Lei and even smiled at him.


Could it be that Tian Yuan was totally submissive to him since he was injured


This injury welfare was much too great.


Tian Yuan clenched his teeth, fighting back his rage, and grabbed up the plastic wrap that Pan Lei had tossed on the ground, tying it directly to his little head.


"If it's still dirty after a nice bath, don't bother washing it.

Cut it off and put it in a pot to boil.

I guarantee it'll be clean."


Tian Yuan squeezed ruthlessly, causing Pan Lei to howl loudly.


"Ancestor, I dare not do it again.

Let him go.

When did you learn this trick You always pinch me.

You know how painful it is for a man."


Tian Yuan snorted and dusted his hands off.


"If you dare to tease me again, laozi will cripple you."


"Cripple me We haven't seen each other in a month, ancestor.

It’s too hard for me to see and touch yet not eat.

Be lenient, baby.

I love you to bits.

I'm definitely not making fun of you, can you see It's so late, let's turn off the lights and go to bed."


Tian Yuan jabbed him with his elbow and immediately knocked off his ingratiating smile.


"Doctor's orders.

Pan Lei's injury is severe and has not yet healed, therefore he cannot have sex in the near future."


"You're kidding!" Pan Lei howled tragically.


Tian Yuan grabbed the super-sized limited edition teddy bear, placed it between them, and patted the bear.


"This is the buffer zone[1].

Ge, keep your distance for your health to improve quickly."


Sweet, gentle, and clever… as if! Pan Lei yanked at his hair and shrieked inconsolably.

Bad examples had tainted his family's darling. Pan Yue, you witch! You took my baby and turned him into a little bandit!


[1] Raws say "Chǔ hé Hàn jiè" which literally means "the river that divides Chu and Han." It's a metaphor for a dividing line between rival territories. In Chinese chess, it also refers to the central area of the board that separates the players' sides.

Han and Chu are represented by the red and black sides, respectively.


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