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Chapter 18: Laozi Is The Doctor’s Family Member

There would always be a group of worried people waiting outside the operating room in the hospital.

If there are close relatives inside the operating room, people were more scared and anxious than usual.

They would constantly pray for the doctors to use their magical hands to bring the dying back to life for fear that King Yama will collect the patients’ souls at any moment.

Waiting like this is torture itself.

When the traffic police arrived outside the operating room, they were trying to understand the situation as they saw that five or six people either cried or sighed, or locked their brows, except for one person.

Steady like Mount Tai [1], this person was sitting on a chair while playing with his mobile phone.

He was either looking up at the light in the operating room, or standing up and going to the window to smoke.

He was not nervous nor was he worried.

He was an especially weird person.

The traffic police officer stood beside this man.

His face was showing a dignified look.

After all, this accident was very serious.

That scoundrel of a driver was drunk driving and became a road killer.

“Are the people in the O.R.

your close relatives”

Pan Lei felt a little strange.

The traffic police has nothing to do with him so why is he talking to him

Is the man in the operating room his family Yes, of course.

Not only is he a close relative, but he is also the man he is madly in love with.

“My family’s wife.”

The traffic policeman’s face went stiff.

If he remembered correctly, the wounded victim was a 30-year-old man and his wife is still crying in one corner while waiting for the surgery to finish.

However, this man in front of him is wearing a smile.

To the policeman, it was like a tacit acknowledgement that what he is thinking about this situation is indeed like that.

Pan Lei was thinking that his family’s wife has outstanding medical skills and medical ethics.

There are not so many people like him in this world.

As he got a unique insight of finding him, how could he not show off!

“As far as I know, that person is the wife of the wounded.

Who are you” The policeman pointed at the woman who was past her prime.

The woman had also sped up her weeping.

What is this situation The wounded victim is a bisexual A wife and a male lover

Pan Lei was also getting confused by the words of this traffic policeman.

Who was he Was he thinking that he had anything to do with the traffic accident What the hell! They’re investigating them! He is simply here to wait for his family’s wife to finish his surgery.

“I’m not the victim’s family.

Who cares about this mere trifle What do you need me for Why are you not investigating the cause of the accident” Pan Lei’s violent temper came up.

The policeman was also astounded by Pan Lei’s reaction.

Nevertheless, he was still a soldier.

In this place, his military rank held weight.

“If you are not the family of the wounded, what are you doing outside the operating room”

The policeman’s temper also flared up.

Wouldn’t the family of the injured be mixed with the people outside the operating room This is a mess.

Pan Lei’s bad temper exploded and so, he pushed the police.

“Laozi is the doctor’s family.

I don’t feel good staying at home so I am waiting for my family’s wife here.

Who said that only families of patients can stay outside the operating room Can’t the family of the doctor wait here too Are you in charge Or the traffic team Has the city bureau included this area in its jurisdiction”

The policeman held back his temper as he tried not to let things go to his head.

It was also because he had not figured out the situation first that he had gotten himself into an unexpected big mistake.

No wonder the person would lose this temper.

But it did not mean that he could casually push the police.

He is a policeman.

Could anyone arbitrarily push a police officer “I’m warning you.

Push me again, and I will accuse you of assaulting a police officer.”

“Assault, your grandma’s head!” Pan Lei took out his military officer’s certificate.

His rank was much higher than these policemen.

The captain rank was on the battalion level and there have been reports of him being promoted to the rank of major.

A small policeman is like a private in the army and he dared to challenge him.

If he is one of his soldiers, he will let him do two thousand push-ups, and let him survive in the wild for two weeks.

The policeman looked at the rank and immediately did not utter a word, and made a salute.

“Won’t disturb you.”

Stepping away, Pan Lei snorted.

Assaulting the police Even the chief of their city bureau was punched by him.

Naturally, when the three brothers got together, they will hold a martial arts contest.

During these occasions, he would always put the city official, Pan Ge, on the ground.

Not to mention a small police officer.

This surgery was very difficult.

Pan Lei looked at his watch several times.

Three or four hours have passed.

They rushed over at eight or nine in the evening.

Doing three or four hours of surgery, can his family’s wife bear it Working during the day plus a work shift at midnight, can that waist on the small physique of Tian Yuan, which he can encircle with one arm, be able to endure

Should he discuss it with their president to give him a day off tomorrow so Tian Yuan could rest well If he had known earlier that Tian Yuan will be having an operation tonight, he wouldn’t have disturbed him with all his might during the day.

When they get home, he will make sure to let him rest well.

At this time, the light in the operating room was extinguished.

Pan Lei leaped up and walked to the entrance of the operating room.

He wished that he could immediately see his Tian’er.

The nurse first opened the door and pushed out the hospital bed.

The family members threw themselves over while shouting and bitterly crying again.

Tian Yuan untied his mask.

His face is pale but he was still able to put on a smile at everyone’s hopeful eyes.

“The operation was very successful.

After the eight-hour critical period, he will be sent to the general ward.”

The family members were smiling and crying as they grabbed Tian Yuan and repeatedly thanked him, like how they give thanks to the Buddha himself.

The doctor’s words can make the shattered hearts of a family become whole again.

This gratitude and joy are incomparable.

Tian Yuan smiled and said it was their duty.

Pan Lei stood behind the crowd, looking at the contented and clean smile on Tian Yuan’s face, and suddenly felt that he was like an angel described in the Western Bible: holy, clean, and philanthropic.

When he laugh, he seemed to bring good luck! He found such a neat and transparent man and fell in love with him.

Now, he just wants to have him in his life for all eternity.

Why is it that seeing him seemed not enough, hugging him felt like he was not close to him at all, and kissing him also felt something is incomplete.

Spending one more second with him means finding out one more reason to love him.

This brings him a nice surprise and an unspeakable comfort.

How good of a man is Tian Yuan And how lucky of a bastard is he to have caught such a fine man.

The crowd dispersed and the nurse pushed the hospital bed back to the ward.

Tian Yuan’s smile also disappeared as exhaustion invade his body.

He leaned against the door of the operating room and took off his hat.

Pan Lei saw that his hair was wet.

With such high concentration during the surgery, it made him highly stressed as well.

Standing too long caused him unable to endure so Pan Lei approached him and single-handedly supported his waist.

“Tired Let’s go home.”


Notes:[1] Mount Tai – (Chinese: 泰山; pinyin: Tài Shān) is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Tai’an, in Shandong province, China.

More on Wikipedia.


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