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Chapter 176 I want to marry you


Tian Yuan finally got a day off and no longer had to rush to class.

Pan Lei was still by his side, so the couple decided to go out and have some fun after a brief discussion.


Tian Yuan had been here for more than a month, but he was too preoccupied with studies and research to enjoy the so-called British scenery.

He merely shuttled back and forth between college and home, honestly living a well-behaved life without causing any trouble.


Pan Lei had never been to England before, and the couple happened to have some spare time, so they held hands while wearing matching outfits and went out to play on the streets of England.


They arrived outside Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard, then walked to a plaza to feed pigeons, bought ice cream for Tian Yuan, which the two men enjoyed eating in alternating bites, and sat intimately on a long bench in the park kissing while a flock of pigeons flew overhead.


They went to the British Museum and looked at the many exhibits.

Pan Lei muttered to himself as they viewed the Chinese exhibition.


"This is our country's property.

It was looted by the Eight-Nation Alliance.

These damned Brits pillaged our country's riches.

I really want to smack them in the face."


Pan Lei was incensed.

Things from his native country were instead showcased in the British Museum.

Tian Yuan hauled Pan Lei away quickly to avoid the incident of Pan Lei plundering the British Museum in his rage.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, refused to go and pointed furiously at a gem tree.


"Do you see this This is something from Yuanmingyuan[1].

Damn it! If anyone dares to invade China’s territory again, I'll blow them up with missiles."


Supervisory personnel were already keeping an eye on them.


Tian Yuan was well aware of Pan Lei's strong sense of justice.

As a soldier, he must have been outraged at the unfairness of seeing gold and silver jewelry and treasures stolen from China.

It was now a diplomatic issue, but it was not during the Eight-Nation Alliance.

If he had been born in that era, he would have been a patriot, a patriot who had given his blood for the country, but things were different now.

Diplomacy, meaning Foreign Affairs, was a political matter, and no matter how enraged he became, he couldn't seize it outright.


"Pan Lei, I saw a teddy bear shop outside the museum.

Please gift me a teddy bear."


I need to get him out of here as soon as possible.

I can't let him cause havoc here.


It was a case of making demands at random, but Pan Lei was a guy who had no bottom line about spoiling Tian Yuan.

Pan Lei would go to great lengths to obtain whatever Tian Yuan desired.

When he found out Tian Yuan liked teddy bears, he dragged him out of the museum without saying anything.


If they stayed in the museum much longer, Pan Lei might actually ransack it.


Teddy bears were popular among British people, and they were also a unique British product.

These teddy bears were well-liked because they had a perfectly round body and a charmingly naive appearance.

It was very popular among British girls at the time.

Authentic teddy bears were made of Angora wool, and limited edition teddy bears were quite expensive.


Tian Yuan didn't have any preferences when it came to these sort of girly things.

Just like the baby pandas back home, he thought the teddy bears were adorable, fluffy, and charmingly innocent.

He liked all he saw.


He indicated the largest teddy bear.

It was a brown baby bear.


"Give me that one."


Then he pointed to a baby bear that was pure white.


"That one's for Ling Si’er.

Dude, see if you can get them."


The ones he was interested in were both limited edition teddy bears that the shop owner refused to sell, no matter how much money was offered.

Tian Yuan sure knew how to pick the bears, huh


The business owner initially refused to sell them, but after much discussion, said they could compete.

He would give away the white baby bear if Pan Lei shot ten times and the average score of the ten bullets was the ninth ring.

The shop owner would clench his teeth and give away the super-sized baby bear if Pan Lei could shoot the tenth ring ten times.


Tian Yuan smirked.

He reasoned that if the shop owner knew what Pan Lei's vocation was, he would never ask him to meet such nasty and demanding standards.

He wanted to pit his marksmanship against that of a special forces instructor who could take out two birds with one shot.

Wasn’t this courting death


Pan Lei scratched his nose.

He had no idea such a simple thing would occur.

He estimated that if he had to spend money on these two bears, he would have to spend at least one or two hundred euros.

When converted to Chinese yuan, that was a substantial sum.

What a waste of money to spend so much money on a lousy toy.

Surprisingly, the shopkeeper was giving them away for free.


He hooked his fingers at his baby, snickering in his heart.


"Come, sweetheart, offer me love encouragement."


Tian Yuan was really generous.

He grasped Pan Lei's shoulders and kissed him passionately.


"It's up to you, my man."


It was little more than an air rifle.

Pan Lei took the gun and aimed.

The shopkeeper was taken aback.

When he held the rifle, why did he get the impression that this man was a professional soldier!


He had the two bears in his grasp in less than two minutes.


The shop owner was on the verge of crying.


Pan Lei placed the two bears in two large bags.

It is expected that all teddy bear aficionados would be upset.

The two of them scooped up those limited-edition teddy bears, those gorgeous teddy bears, into the bags.

They continued to play while walking hand in hand with two bear heads exposed.


Who would have anticipated that the man's marksmanship was that good Not a single bullet he fired strayed from the tenth ring.

Could it be considered a foul if all ten bullets hit the bullseye You set the rules.

You initially refused to sell it, no matter how much money was offered.

That's great.

The town store's jewels, the pricey limited edition teddy bears, were taken away without paying a dime.

Go ahead and cry.

Bawl your eyes out.


Oh You think you encountered bandits You think you’ve been robbed Serves you right! Who asked you to rob our forefathers of so many good things! Don’t we need to snatch something in turn


Pan Lei held a V8 in his hand.

He intended to spend the entire day filming his family's baby and bringing it back to China.

When he couldn't see Tian'er, he could pull it out and look at it, remembering how blissfully they were playing at the time.


Pan Lei took numerous photographs of Tian Yuan.

These were his prized possessions.

He intended to print them all and hang them in his dorm room so that when he entered the room, he would have the impression he was seeing his husband.

He'd fill the entire room with Tian Yuan in various moods, which would give him such a sense of accomplishment.


These two dummies were taking selfies in front of the camera.

Regardless of how long Pan Lei's arms were, the two people in the camera were a little foolish, but very happy.


Tian Yuan selected the best photograph.

It was a photo of the two of them that he could display on his bedside table.


They walked to a small church and arrived just in time to watch a newlywed couple celebrating their wedding there.

Tian Yuan came to a halt and smiled as he watched.


In this lifetime, the two of them would be unable to marry.

He couldn't take the bride by the hand, but with this man by his side, he wouldn't trade it for anything, not even a harem.


Pan Lei hugged him after noticing him smiling at himself with his head cocked to the side.


"What You also want to get married Okay! Let’s go to the church right away and ask two passersby to serve as witnesses.

Let’s tie the knot!"


Tian Yuan shook his head.


"Stupid, in the case of same-sex marriage, both individuals must be British citizens before they can marry.

We can't change our nationality.

If we change our nationality, our family will skin us alive from head to toe.

Stop fooling around."


Pan Lei smiled and raised his head.


"No big deal.

We'll wait till you get home.

We'll marry after you're back in China.

You drive to the military compound, marry me, and then take me to the bridal house[2].

We'll reside in the house my parents purchased for us.

We'll conduct the wedding reception at Zhang Hui's place, Eldest Brother will cover all costs, and we'll collect all monetary gifts.

Like this, you will be my third next of kin, the most significant person in my life aside from my parents."


Tian Yuan gave a small smile.

It was only that his demeanor was a touch intimidating.


"I'd like to marry you.

Not because I can use that piece of paper to sue you if you have an affair, nor because I want to seize your wealth."


Pan Lei grew anxious when he heard him say this.

He wasn't that kind of person, you know Tian Yuan had his heart, head, and everything else.

He was Tian Yuan's all the way, and anyone who attempted to make a move would be killed without mercy.

Don't defame his love's purity.

He was the type of person who was "faithful unto death[3]." He will only love one person in this life, and that is this man.

He will adore him until he is old and gray-haired, until his teeth fall out, until his last breath, and he will continue in the next life.


"Hey, what nonsense are you talking about, isn't everything at home yours What assets are you referring to You are all my assets as far as I am concerned.

And what mistress are you alluding to, is that even possible You have my entire heart.

If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.

Is this heart filled with you"


Pan Lei then took Tian Yuan's hand and placed it on his heart.


"Listen, every heartbeat is telling you that I love you."


"I want to marry you not for these reasons, but because if you have an accident, the army will notify me as well as your parents.

I'll be the first to know about your news.

If necessary, I can sign the consent form for your surgery.

If something happens to me, I hope you will be there to accompany me on my final journey as my spouse.

Then we can be buried together, and my spouse, maiden name Pan, can be memorialized on the gravestone."


Pan Lei held him tightly in his arms. So that’s what he is uneasy about.

He had been torn between loving him so much that he couldn’t extricate himself from it and always worrying and being afraid for him.

Was it because he had regular nightmares in which he met with an accident that woke him up Or was it because he was left sighing and wondering about his safety


I want to marry you not to bind you, but so that we can be buried together after death, genuinely never leaving one another, and staying together for a lifetime.


Pan Lei reflected: I'm not good enough, and I've never been good enough.

I can give him a lot of love, supreme happiness, even unparalleled happiness, but I can't give him a stable life.


"I've disappointed you."


Watching over each other day and night, accompanying one another through thick and thin, and spending their days together.

He couldn't give Tian Yuan something so incredibly simple.


"All I want is for you to be safe.

I'll wait however long it takes.

It's all right to feel lonely and empty, but don't let go of my hand midway.

I can't take it."


"When you return to China, we shall marry.

Even if the law does not permit it, we shall marry."


I'll ask Second Brother to add your name to my household register.

The law forbids same-sex marriage, but I'll find a way around it.

Even if it means falsifying my household registration, I'll obtain a marriage certificate and make this commitment to you.


But the most important guarantee Tian Yuan required was that he was safe.


The church bell sounded, and the newlyweds kissed, kissed with their loved ones' blessing.


Pan Lei and Tian Yuan kissed as well.

Turning their heads sideways, lightly kissing and pecking each other's lips, lovingly looking into each other's eyes, and quietly swearing in their hearts: I'll always love you.

I'll never abandon you.


[1] the Old Summer Palace, destroyed by the British and French army in 1860.

[2] Pan Lei's phrases here indicate that he will marry into the Tian family.

So he tells TY, "Drive a car to my parents' house, pick me up (like a bride would be in a traditional wedding), and drive me to your house, where I'll marry into your family."

[3] Refers to Confucian ban on widow remarrying.


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