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Chapter 175 Catching little thieves late at night


Pan Lei's triumph was a foregone conclusion.

Could an academic researcher defeat a special forces soldier Pan Lei's single punch was enough to knock the Frenchman out.

Arms were vital for a future brilliant doctor, therefore Pan Lei avoided the Frenchman's arms and delivered a couple of powerful punches.


After a few punches and kicks, the Frenchman passed out.


Pan Lei straightened his clothes.


"Stay away from my man, I'm warning you.

Also, lovers are there to be loved, not to bet on."


Tian Yuan was finally free of his hatred.

He'd been tormented by the Frenchman the entire time, and he couldn't get away from him even if he tried.

After all, he was being mentored by the professor, and he didn't want to lose all appearance of politeness.

But it was the Frenchman's statement that he would belong to whoever won the duel that truly irritated him.

They weren't teenagers, so there was no excuse for him to act stupid and duel for love in this manner.


Just punch him down and knock him out, and the problem was solved.


Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan away, leaving only the Frenchman, who had been battered to the point of semi-coma.

This incident demonstrated one thing: Impulse is the devil, and love always blinds people.


Pan Lei and Tian Yuan sat on the hard ground after lunch to enjoy the afternoon sunshine in England.

Pan Lei laid his head on Tian Yuan's lap and spoke casually with him.

Pan Lei would rise up and wrap his arms around Tian Yuan, kissing him, as he turned through a few pages of a book or took a piece of the food offered to his mouth.


It would be so great if they could spend the entire year abroad taking lessons together, enjoying in the sun together; just thinking about it made them happy.


They returned home hand in hand.

Tian Yuan sorted out the study materials, while Pan Lei started cooking.

He Lian had previously eaten Pan Lei's cooking, so he ran over shamelessly that day to mooch a meal.

Even though Pan Lei loathed him for interfering with the couple's reunion, he still ran over to freeload for food.


Pan Lei looked at Tian Yuan and noticed that he was occupied in the living room, so he questioned He Lian quietly.


"Have those robbers been apprehended"


He Lian was chewing on meat bones.

He'd been abroad for too long, and he couldn't eat authentic Chinese food like these stewed delicious meat bones.

He hadn't had them in years.

He wouldn't have this happy knack for stumbling into great meals if it weren't for Tian Yuan's blessing.



Jennifer, the elderly lady, is ansty, as are many families.

That person was never apprehended.

People in the area are quite concerned."


Pan Lei added a handful of scallions to the braised fish, which improved the color.


"I'll go out tonight to investigate.

If the robbers are not apprehended, I will keep worrying.

Tian'er occasionally returns late; what if there is a danger We prepared a high-voltage stun baton for him, but he didn’t even remember to turn on the switch.

What can I do when my baby is so confused It is best to eliminate the source of the crime.

I'll be able to relax after I've apprehended the robber."


He Lian raised his thumb.


"You can do it, buddy.

Protecting national property and serving the people at home, as well as seeking justice overseas.



"It’s for my baby.

Do you think I want to give up sleeping with him just to catch the thieves"


The rice and soup were served after the bowls and chopsticks were placed.

Smack! Pan Lei slapped He Lian's hand that was reaching for the third meat bone.


"It's time to eat, baby."


Tian Yuan let out a cry and dashed over to eat.

When he saw the delicious food on the table, he rewarded Pan Lei with a kiss.


He Lian shuddered and nearly burst into goosebumps. There's no reason to provoke a single dog so much! Tian Yuan had degenerated into a small child since Pan Lei arrived, the kind that required to be cared for by people while he ate.


Look! Pan Lei even picked out the fish bones and shelled the prawns for him before handing it to him.

There was no need at all for him to pick up the vegetables himself.

Pan Lei knew exactly what he wanted to eat with a single sweep of his eyes.


He offered him a piece of fish one moment, a ladle of soup the next, and then asked him if he wanted more rice.


Tian Yuan accepted his care with confidence, even putting all the food he didn't like into Pan Lei's bowl.

Pan Lei accepted it without hesitation and ate whatever Tian Yuan refused to eat before serving Tian Yuan something else.


They were all seated at the same table, but no one asked him what he wanted to eat or if he wanted more of anything.

This made He Lian extra sad.


He secretly resolved to find a lover and compete with them to determine who might be the happiest.


He Lian, no matter how thick-skinned he was, couldn't keep interfering with the couple's private time.

They didn't have much time to spend together to begin with.

So, rather than remaining a light bulb[1] and keep glowing here, He Lian left after dinner.


Pan Lei embraced Tian Yuan, sat him on his lap, wrapped his arms around his waist, and kissed his neck and ears.

His motions were tender, lingering, and intimate, with no trace of erotica.

These were simple kisses expressing his delight at holding his treasure in his arms.

They demonstrated his affection for Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan chatted with him and mentioned nothing more than that when he arrived, the teacher was nice to him and his classmates were fine.

They were adults, after all, and they didn't want to live in England.

So this was good enough.


The so-called Chinese eateries, in fact, were run by people who had emigrated here in the last three generations, and the dishes they prepared were all too sweet for him.

He even wanted to eat the eggplant dish from the hospital at times, but what he really craved were the shrimp dumplings from Zhang Hui's restaurant.

Tian Yuan asked about his parents' well-being.


Pan Lei buried himself on his shoulder, relaxed, listening to his babble.

He wished he could hug Tian'er like this for the rest of his life.

With gray hair and missing teeth, they'd cuddle, watch TV, listen to music, and talk about unimportant matters.

Wouldn't that be fantastic


"Ge, I'm sleepy."


Tian Yuan's body could no longer remain upright.

He yawned as he sank into Pan Lei's arms while talking and napped on his shoulder.


That was the appearance of a sleepy small milk cat.

Pan Lei was so fond of him that he cradled him gently, as if he were clutching his own treasure.

Tian Yuan was held in a princess carry as though he weighed nothing.

Pan Lei walked with the steadiness of a mountain, and Tian Yuan always felt extra safe in his arms.


Stripped off and tucked into the quilt, Tian Yuan instinctively found the most comfortable position and hugged Pan Lei’s waist.

Tian Yuan quickly fell asleep as Pan Lei lovingly patted him.


He fell asleep easily in his care, in his companionship.

There was no such thing as being completely unable to sleep.


Pan Lei patted his back, wrapped the comforter around him, rubbed his hair, and kissed his brow.

He cautiously withdrew his arm and rested Tian Yuan's head on the pillow after about an hour.

Tian Yuan frowned, and Pan Lei swiftly kissed him several times, softly coaxed him, placed his pillow next to him, and Tian Yuan fell fast asleep.


This obstinate little thing! He always claimed he didn't need Pan Lei's pillow, but hadn't it come in handy


Pan Lei went downstairs and carefully opened the door.


He vanished into the darkness as soon as he moved.

He'd purposefully dressed in black to better conceal himself.

He had to track down the robber and take him to the police station.

He refused to let any danger come close to Tian Yuan's life.


He didn't detect anything unusual after running a few streets.

Pan Lei kept walking back.

When he turned around and returned to Tian Yuan's neighborhood, he noticed two dark shadows approaching Mrs.

Jennifer's house, Tian Yuan's neighbor.


Pan Lei crept around the corner, approaching slowly.


Did they decide on the old lady's house today Were they planning to assault Tian Yuan the next night Fortunately, he arrived early; otherwise, Tian Yuan would be looted in his sleep, putting him in danger.

He was afraid just thinking about it.


Tian Yuan would undoubtedly be safe while he was here.

But what if he wasn't here and Tian Yuan was sleeping The robbers would sneak in, steal money, and even assault him.

He didn't even dare to think about it.


One of the two men was keeping a watch while the other was picking the lock.


In China, the most infamous burglary was basically this minor thievery.


Pan Lei stepped forward as the two opened the door to Mrs.

Jennifer's house.


"Hey! What are you up to"


Don't think of him as a mountain bandit with no culture.

What is that saying Yeah! Hoodlums are not frightening; what is frightening are hoodlums with culture[2].

This smart bandit could not be provoked.


He could speak bird language despite his dislike for it.


When the two robbers realized they had been caught in the act, they panicked and attempted to flee.


Pan Lei reached out his hand to grab them.

He wouldn't mind if there were twenty of these little thieves.

With a kick, he sent one flying and slammed him to the ground.

Pan Lei spun around and hit him in the stomach when the other ran up.

Within moments, both robbers collapsed on the ground and were unable to rise within moments.


Pan Lei gave them one more kick.


"Damn it! It's not worth wasting laozi's 'holding my baby to sleep' time to catch you.

It's too unsatisfying to beat you up.

This ability to slip the door open and pick the lock isn’t worth **."


He lacked a sense of accomplishment.

Robbers who couldn't fight and were defeated in two blows.

What a waste!


Pan Lei knelt down and grabbed their shirt collars.

"F*ck you!" exclaimed one of them.


Pan Lei smacked him across the stomach.


"F*ck you, my a$$! Shouldn't it be laozi who scolds you I'm going to beat you till your stomach bleeds."


It was deafeningly quiet.

Tonight, the two small burglars could be said to have met an expert.

Pan Lei questioned what the English[3] cops ate that they couldn't even arrest these little criminals, which caused alarm among the public.

Consider our Chinese soldiers, who can knock somebody out with a single punch.

What outstanding soldiers!


Pan Lei dragged them to a street corner where there was a crossroads and police officers patrolled 24 hours a day.


Pan Lei turned these minor thieves over to the cops and explained the facts plainly.

He claimed to be a tourist who had heard that there were robbers stealing in that area.

He happened to come across them and capture them.


The cops expressed gratitude.


"It's nothing, it's nothing," Pan Lei waved his hand.

He couldn't afford to make a big impression.

After all, he had a unique identity.


Pan Lei preferred to keep things simple.

He turned around and ran home after handing over the thieves.

His baby was still awaiting him.


He stayed in the living room for a few minutes to make sure there was no cold air on his body before returning to the bedroom, taking off his clothing, and carefully getting on the bed before holding his baby in his arms.


Tian Yuan rubbed against him, shifted, found the most comfortable position, gripped his waist, and slept like a little pig on his chest.

He was snoring as well!


Pan Lei kissed him, shifted his body slightly, and hugged him to help him sleep better.

Indeed, he moved his body, and Tian Yuan's snoring stopped.


It was late at night.

It was time to go to bed.


[1] Third wheel.

[2] Thieves are not frightening, but educated thieves are.

A burglar, for example, is simple to deal with.

Consider educated and intelligent people who steal money/ commit fraud.

The money involved is huge, and their acts can have an impact on all levels of society.

[3] Raws said French cops, but I believe the author made a mistake.


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