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Chapter 174 Taking it out on a love rival


Tian Yuan had requested a day off, so he had to return to class the following day.

Pan Lei was going to accompany him and had promised to 'talk' with that stupid moron.


Tian Yuan set the ground rules for him: no fighting, no causing trouble at school, and no going even slightly out of line.


Pan Lei despised his rambling but obediently followed him to school.


Tian Yuan just had to attend college classes today, and Pan Lei was so carefree that he accompanied him to the lecture hall.

He would surely fall asleep in an instant while listening to that bird language[1].


Tian Yuan chose a corner seat and piled books in front of him, knowing he wouldn't listen.


He'd just finished when Pan Lei noticed a handsome boy waving his hand furiously at Tian Yuan.

This individual was rather young.

The chap appeared sullen based on his height and body structure.

Pan Lei sat there casually, holding Tian Yuan's hand and pointing with his chin.


"Who is he The stupid idiot He Lian mentioned"



He is particularly fanatical about Eastern Culture.

He believes that all Oriental women wear cheongsams, have their hair in a bun or coil, carry beaded flowers, wear rouge, have small mouths with red lips, are petite, have phoenix eyes, and bound feet."


"He is abnormal as expected.

He should look at our brave older sister.

That is referred to as the modern girl in the East.

She is absolutely handsome, rides a heavy Harley motorcycle, and dresses in skintight leather jackets and leather pants, just like Tomb Raider's female lead.

She has a good figure, a good appearance, excellent marksmanship, good punching skills, and the ability to kick the enemy's spleen with one foot.

When I spar with her, I have to be extra cautious."


Tian Yuan messed about with the textbooks.


"I doubt I'll meet your older sister.

She is far too strong and heroic.

I'm terrified of seeing a female Rambo."


He Lian stated that Pan Yue was intending to visit the UK this year and would surely come to meet him.

She was intrigued by this man who had a special place in her younger brother Pan Lei's heart.

But after hearing Pan Lei describe her, Tian Yuan realized that he was better off if such a superwoman would never appear.


Pan Lei smiled as he rubbed his hair.


"You're my lover; you're the person I like.

They will all treat you the same way I do.

Everyone will like my baby; he’s so good and so cute."


"Stop it! The professor is here."


The teaching atmosphere was quite relaxed.

Although the teacher was an old man in his 60s or 70s, he was witty.

It was a serious course, yet he explained it in the most amusing way.

Tian Yuan was smiling, taking notes, and underlining important things.


Tian Yuan proactively responded to the teacher's queries, and the teacher complimented him on his diligence and studiousness.


Pan Lei covered his chin, drummed his neck, and stared at his lovely baby without blinking. Look! Look! How exceptional my baby is, and how hard he studies.

Serious men are the most attractive. Pan Lei watched Tian Yuan with bright eyes. Take a look at his profile; his nose and mouth are so good-looking. Why does the way he smiles and moves his brows make me want to kiss him so much


He would have kissed him long ago if they weren't in the classroom now, if Tian Yuan hadn't repeatedly told him that he wasn't permitted to do anything out of line before they left the house.


Pan Lei played with Tian Yuan’s hand, pinched his fingernails, pinched his joints, and then nipped his fingers.

Pan Lei pouted and then moved his lips in a kissing motion as Tian Yuan rebuked him, making Tian Yuan blush.

He ignored Pan Lei and let him continue his bizarre conduct.


Tian Yuan expected Pan Lei to sleep.

He was confident that the lecture would make Pan Lei doze off.

He claimed he detested and couldn't understand bird language.

Who would have guessed he'd be that animated, staring at his own profile with a passionate gaze He could feel his gaze, which caused his face to burn like if he had a fever.


He pinched his hand one moment, scratched his palm with his fingernails the next, stroked his wrist, loosened his shirt cuff, and caressed the hickey he left on his wrist.

Tian Yuan had no choice but to tear a page from his notebook and scribble a few words on it.


"Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Don’t snore!"


Pan Lei pursed his lips to hold back his laughter and reached for the spare pen.


"No way! How can I sleep alone with such a stunning beauty in front of me I can't fall asleep."


Tian Yuan responded with a curse.


"F*uck off!"


Pan Lei nearly choked up laughing.

God, his little baby was too delightful!


Pan Lei wanted to kiss his beloved.

His eyes darted left and right in thought as he devised another evil trick.

He moved his arm and "accidentally" dumped the notebook and pen.


Tian Yuan gave him a death glare.


"Can’t you sit quietly for a moment"


He grumbled in a low voice.

Pan Lei had been misbehaving since the beginning of class.

Like a small mouse in his arms, he stroked this and touched that.

Tian Yuan stooped to pick up the notebook, and Pan Lei bent to pick up the pen.


Their hands touched.

Tian Yuan remained bending and looked up at Pan Lei.

Pan Lei clasped his hand in his and looked up at him as well.


Pan Lei grinned, reached for his collar, and kissed him on the lips.


"I couldn't wait to kiss you."


They couldn't restrain the feeling in their hearts and silently sought to come close, just like two teens who secretly fell in love with one another.


Tian Yuan grinned at him, closed the gap between them, mimicked Pan Lei's movement, and kissed.


"I was itching to kiss you as well."


They gazed at each other and smiled, discreetly kissing in the corner where the desk was in front of them.


Tian Yuan's face was flushed, and the corners of his lips were curved in an uncontrollable smile as he continued to listen to the teacher.


Pan Lei was also well-behaved.

He sat obediently beside him, his chin supported on his fist, looking at him.


The atmosphere was fantastic.

His every move was in his sight as he accompanied him in class.

Pan Lei could see everything he did at close range: his smile, frown, the way he bowed his head in thought, the way he made careful notes, the way he answered questions.


That's why teachers at school want students to sit at a single table! The teachers are killing puppy love and nipping it in the bud.


The classroom was a little warm.

He'd removed his jacket when he entered the room and sat in the corner where no one could see him.

There were a few dark red hickeys on Tian Yuan's neck and below his earlobes when he bowed his head to take notes.

Pan Lei glanced at the hickeys, his head drooped, and he eventually succumbed to the bird language and fell asleep.


He felt as if he had entered a vast forest, complete with birdsong and fragrant flowers.[2]


Tian Yuan noticed he was sleeping and placed his coat over him.

He must be fatigued as well.

He had been very busy since he arrived, either cleaning the house, washing clothes, or cooking.

They'd gone to bed late, and he still did this and that.

Tian Yuan covered him with his coat and let him sleep after estimating that he would undoubtedly sleep deeply.


Pan Lei slept peacefully, and Tian Yuan was always in his hands, putting him at ease.


Tian Yuan pushed Pan Lei.

The professor had already left.

It was midday, and he was still sleeping.

They’d miss lunch.


"Let's go eat, Pan Lei.

Don't sleep, just get up."


Pan Lei lay there, pillowed on Tian Yuan's palm, his eyes closed, muttering.


"The prince's kiss awakens the princess."


Tian Yuan had no choice but to kiss him on the lips.

Pan Lei cheerfully opened his eyes and stretched his body.


"I slept well."


"You slept so well that my hand became numb as a result of it."


Pan Lei took his hand in his and kissed it several times before rubbing it while chuckling.


"Let's eat, I'm so hungry I’m gonna clean out the food."


Tian Yuan burst out laughing.

Pan Lei stuffed his textbooks into his rucksack and placed it on his back.

Despite the fact that he was carrying a computer bag on his back, he seemed out of place.

He was born to carry a gun and carrying something so student-like felt weird.

It destroyed his image.


The idiotic fool of a Frenchman who waved his hand furiously at Tian Yuan ran over just as they were ready to leave.


He dashed over in good spirits.

With blue eyes and blond hair, he looked really good.

His height was also a respectable 180 cm, but in comparison to our Leizi, he was a mere drizzle[3] and hardly worth noticing.


"Let's go eat, Yuan.

Today is my treat.

I've heard that today's pepper steak is excellent."


Tian Yuan dodged his arm as it moved naturally to hug his shoulder.

What a joke! Pan Lei was a vinegar jar.

It would be like putting a huge radish into a pot of vinegar for twenty years if he allowed someone to hook an arm around his shoulder in front of Pan Lei! Pan Lei's heart would be totally sour!


Pan Lei stood in front of Tian Yuan and used two fingers to lightly clamp the Frenchman's wrist.


"What exactly are you doing You dare to paw at my man If you're sick of living, I'll gladly break your hands and legs.

Laozi will annihilate you."


Pan Lei rebuked him bluntly, disregarding what the person stated in bird language.

"Ow, ow, ow!" The Frenchman shouted in agony and yelled at Tian Yuan.


"Who is he Why is he so savage Is he a vicious bandit Why is he being so unreasonable! I want to fight him!"


Tian Yuan arched his brow.

His family’s Pan Lei was savage This was something their family could naturally say.

He was a bandit, and their family chastised him for it.

But how could someone who didn’t understand anything call his family’s Leizi a violent bandit


"He wants to duel you, Pan Lei.

I'll make you sleep on the sofa if you don't obey what I taught you today."


Pan Lei knew he had to win when he heard this.

He hauled the stupid fool out by the collar of his shirt.


"Don't think laozi doesn't understand bird language, sonofabi*ch.

I'll make everything perfectly clear."


Pan Lei dragged him to the roof, clutched his shirt collar, pointed at his nose, and spoke to him in an Oxford English accent.





I warn you to avoid my lover from now on.

I don't want any ignorant jerk to get near him.

Don't you want a fight Come on! Laozi has long seen that you are incapable of fighting.

I'll knock out your two front teeth while leaving your arms alone."


Oh ho! I had no idea this guy could speak bird language.

Didn't he join the army at a young age Where did he learn to speak English so fluently and articulately


The Frenchman seemed to never make a compromise for love.


"He will be mine if I defeat you."


Pan Lei punched his nose.


"I’m going to f*ck you up! Laozi's man is not a bet or a bonus.

He’ll be yours! I’ll not only knock out your front teeth today, but I’ll be happy to teach you a valuable lesson about respecting your lover as well."


This f*cking scumbag! Betting on a lover Could a lover be laid out like money He would belong to the winner That was an insult to Tian Yuan.

He’d hammer this ba$tard who didn’t know how to respect others to death.

He’d smack this scumbag who was eyeing up someone else's lover to death.

See if he still dared to approach his baby.


Tian Yuan cheered Pan Lei on.


"Beat him up! Don't twist his arm! A doctor's arm is very important.

Punch him in the nose and chin! Yes! A left hook! You’re so strong; it's too sexy! I’ll give you a hot kiss when we go back!"


[1] Incomprehensible language is one meaning.

It's similar to saying, "It sounds like Greek to me." It also has a second meaning.

The ancient  Chinese derogatorily referred to the language of barbarians and foreign countries as "bird language."

[2] Idiom: the enchantment of a beautiful spring day.

[3] There's a play on words here.

Leizi is Pan Lei, but léi means thunder; mine (weapon); terrifying; terrific (Internet slang).

So, unlike Pan Lei, who is "thunderous," the French guy was merely a "drizzle/sprinkle."


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