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Chapter 17: His Family Cares About Him

“Go home.

Just by looking at you is upsetting me.

Go back home.

I’m going to sleep.” Contrary to what was expected, Pan Lei casually spread his four limbs on the floor and didn’t get up.

“I’m not leaving.

I’m staying here.

If you don’t give me a bed, I’ll sleep on the floor or on the couch.

I, originally, do not have much vacation time to expend and I just don’t want to lose half of it by staying far away from you.

In addition, I am hoping that in this limited time, we can spend more time together.

I don’t want to go.

I will not go.

Even if you kick me out, I still won’t go.

Even if you drive me away, still not leaving.

During this period, I must keep a close guard on you.

If I don’t hold on to you firmly, what if you will run away with someone else With great difficulty, I was given the opportunity to finally meet someone to my own liking, I can’t possibly let you run away just like that.”

Have you seen a few years old child who went to the play area in the city but afterwards, no matter what you did, he just didn’t want to come out

Just like that child, Pan Lei is such a spoiled brat, acting shamelessly like nothing has happened and it makes Tian Yuan neither want to beat him to death nor to throw him away.

Having known his personality, Pan Lei will absolutely not budge nor go away even if he was to be killed.

Tian Yuan is again having a headache.

He really can’t kick this man out.

Although he is very hateful, he could tell that he is a good boy from a good family.

Tian Yuan has never fought with anyone since he was a child.

He really doesn’t know how to deal with this kind of deliberately shameless rogue.

Sleep on the couch With his size His height is almost 1.9 meters and Tian Yuan felt like he would be making Pan Lei feel wronged should he let him sleep on that 1.5 meter couch.

Thinking about it, he really felt uncomfortable.

Pan Lei is not a south-fed Muscovy duck [1] where he must use a cage to tie him up and keep him until his bones are soft enough to be killed for consumption.

Sleep on the floor Although it was very hot during the day, it was also very cold during the night.

As a doctor, the last thing he wanted the most is for people to get sick.

Sleep on his bed He was guessing that he definitely won’t have any bones left in him when dawn arrives as he will surely be eaten by this hungry wolf whose eyes were burning with intense desire.

Sacrifice himself without sacrificing Pan Lei Man was not condemned by heaven and earth to the path of destruction.

Right, might as well sacrifice Pan Lei.

Whether he will suffer from a cold or a sore back tomorrow, he will not care about him.

Making up his mind, Tian Yuan was about to close the door when unexpectedly, the phone rang.


Tian, hurry and come to the hospital! There was a serious traffic accident which injured five people and they were sent to our hospital.

There are three patients who need surgery.

You quickly come and help!”

Doctors, like the police officers, sometimes need to comply with the demand.

When duty calls, whether they are on vacation, just got off work, or currently making love with their spouse, they should immediately prepare and rush to the hospital.

A doctor couldn’t bear procrastinating his actions at crucial times like this.

Tian Yuan put down the phone, jumped up and dashed to the door.

While looking flustered, he changed his shoes and reached out for a jacket.

“There was an accident.

I’m going to the hospital to help should something goes wrong.

If you want, you can go and use the bed.”

Duty calls.

Pan Lei knows that he cannot joke about this kind of emergency situation.

He moved fast.

He also changed his shoes and followed Tian Yuan out of the building.

“I’ll take you there.”

Tian Yuan tried to stop a taxi, but there was not a single taxi that intended to stop.

The more anxious he was, the more cars were not coming over.

Waiting here for one minute might kill someone.

Tian Yuan was so angry that he was ready to take a step and run all the way to the hospital.

But Pan Lei caught him.

“Wait, I’ll get you a car.”

Pan Lei walked into the driveway and saw a taxi from afar.

He stretched his arm and stood in the middle of the road.

He did not hide nor dodge no matter how many cars slammed on their brakes.

Because of this, the traffic got heavy.

This move is, undoubtedly, courting death.

A taxi quickly drove over.

He suddenly saw that in more than fifty meters away, there was a person who did not hide nor dodge, so the driver stepped on the brakes fiercely while looking at Pan Lei.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye.

Tian Yuan saw it clearly.

He saw the car getting closer and closer to Pan Lei.

He was very close.

If the driver does not slow down, Pan Lei would be knocked off flying into the air.

Tian Yuan looked pale and blue, and he even forgot to breathe.

In his mind, an unusual tragic accident that had been foreseen would certainly happen.

In the middle of the road, Pan Lei’s eyes were firm and resolute as he watched the car drove towards him.

His eyes didn’t even falter as he fixed his stare at the driver.

The car just came to a 90-degree drift from a one-meter distance when it stopped.

Some people on the sidewalk shrieked in alarm, and some screamed.

Tian Yuan felt that he had no more strength left in his body and he was almost soft on the ground.

“Courting death! What’s the big event this evening that drew you out here in the middle of the road” The driver was also in shock but he was still able to shout while facing Pan Lei’s middle finger.

“Police here to expropriate your car.”

Pan Lei seized Tian Yuan’s hand, opened the car door and stuffed him in.

“Go to the hospital and use your fastest speed.”

The driver was so scared just like in the movie “Rush Hour” where Jackie Chan expropriated a taxi.

The taxi driver was also surprised and frightened but Jackie Chan did not let him go.

The driver thus hurriedly turned his head around and drove straight to the hospital.

“No need to worry anymore.

Look at your anxious face.

It had turned white.

Life and death are ruled by fate.

Are you anxious that King Yama will re-focus his energy and receive my soul earlier Anyhow, I want to tell you that you should drive my car.

If the family has a car, it will be more convenient.

Drive my car tomorrow and if you don’t like it, we’ll buy a new one.

But make do with it first.”

Pan lei grabbed Tian Yuan’s hand, clasped it within his hand and caressed it.

“Why is this hand so cold I will have my mother give you a few health prescription because you must be nutrient deficient.

You should keep and raise a healthy body.”

Tian Yuan was still breathing heavily when he resentfully looked at Pan Lei.

Did he not have any alternative other than to frighten him Stopping a car in the middle of the road He thought he was a Monkey King [2] He took advantage of his abilities and thought that he was an invincible King Kong! Moreover, he was also good at putting on appearances.

He had seen people who looked miserable because of a car accident, and Tian Yuan does not want those fresh gory pictures to appear on Pan Lei.

Even if this person acts like a bandit and a shameless rogue, he still dare not think about him falling in a pool of blood.

“Next time you scare me like that, I’ll abandon you!”

Pan Lei’s heart felt sweet.

His family finally knew how to care about him.

He pulled Tian Yuan’s hand, put it on his lips and planted a kiss on it.

“Relax, I’m fine.

I’ll never do this type of dangerous thing ever.

Don’t be mad at me, okay”

Tian Yuan pulled back his hand and twisted his neck before he snorted.


The anger that resulted from him being scared had already been dispelled, and Tian Yuan felt that he did not hate him that much anymore.

Pan Lei smiled.

He took Tian Yuan’s hand once again and not only did he rub it, but he kissed it the second time! He sure like doing it a lot.

The bitter driver in front thought that the police officer’s behavior was too rogue.

Oh, yes, he said that he was a police officer.

But he didn’t see his police card.

Is he impersonating However, the people’s police officers are meticulous and righteous.

There isn’t such a police officer who appears like a frivolous rogue.

Though the driver had these questions in his mind, he dared not voice it out.

As soon as they arrived, Tian Yuan left the car first and ran to the hospital.

Pan Lei was responsible for paying the fare.

He gave some more as a comfort fee.

Tian Yuan rushed to the first operating room where a surgical gown could be found while Pan Lei chased after him.

“Slow down a little, and be careful not to fall.

You shouldn’t run faster than you already are.

Why are you in such a hurry”

Tian Yuan had no time to pay attention to him.

Pan Lei stayed outside the operating room and waited together with the families of the patients who had been crying.

“What’s the situation” Tian Yuan rushed in even though he was still gasping for breath.

The nurse quickly handed him the information.

“A drunk driven vehicle ran to the sidewalk and hit five people.

Three were seriously injured.

The patient with the most severe case has a fractured left leg, fractured ribs, pneumothorax, and two units of blood loss.

He is in a moderate coma.”

“Call the orthopedic surgeon, get the anesthesiologist ready, and let the head nurse assist me.”

The nurse quickly complied and raised her head to look at Tian Yuan.

But then, she saw a slightly larger wound on Tian Yuan’s mouth with a bit of blood in it.


Tian, why do you have another wound on your lips”

Tian Yuan brought out a mask and then stared at the nurse.

“Dog bite.”


Notes:[1] Muscovy Duck – It is a large and heavily-built, black duck of tropical rivers, ponds and marshes.

Muscovy Duck is commonly kept in captivity.

Read more here.[2] Monkey King – Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a figure who features in a body of legends, which can be traced back to the period of the Song dynasty.

He appears as a main character in the 16th century Chinese classical novel Journey to the West (西遊記). Wikipedia


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