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Chapter 167 Is he crazed as a result of too much longing


Tian Yuan's teacher was excellent, and he was especially kind to him.

Probably because Mama Dang Hong expressly asked, every time Tian Yuan concluded class, the teacher would repeatedly ask, "Did you understand what I said Do you struggle with spoken English Do you want me to talk more slowly" Perhaps he'd give him some data, instruct him to analyze it, and ask him to write a research report.

This teacher mentored several students, but he was particularly attentive to this young man with a gentle demeanor.


After all, Tian Yuan had received Dang Hong's guidance.

It was not difficult for him to study, and he completed the research report without difficulty every time.

He could also discuss it with his mother-in-law if he didn't grasp something.

This year's coursework would be completed as long as he passed the professor's exam, accumulated course credits, completed the thesis, and published a medical report in a medical journal.


Naturally, for those who specialized in cardiothoracic surgery, anatomy, transplantation, and terminal diseases, textbook knowledge was insufficient, and they required clinical experience to advance, which took time.

Only by gradual accumulation of experience could he become a leading authority like Dang Hong.


However, not all surgeons had the same opportunity.

Tian Yuan was aware of his good fortune and worked diligently.

He reawakened the passion he had during his university days, and he only wanted to finish his studies early, acquire enough credits, and return home early.

"Baby, I miss you so much," Pan Lei would say every time he called.


I miss you too.

So, so much.


Tian Yuan was strolling through the streets of England in early spring, his head bowed.

When the wind picked up, he chuckled as he remembered Pan Lei's remark, "Eat a lot of rice and don't let the wind blow you away." He went around the block to the supermarket.

Pan Lei had turned him into a finicky eater.

He couldn't get accustomed to the food here, so he went to the grocery to grab some snacks he liked.

Pan Lei continued encouraging him not to mistreat his stomach, to eat anything he wanted, and not to be afraid about spending money since they were rich.

He’d end his nagging with: "I can’t rest assured until you start eating well and get strong, can I"


Why don't I try making some dumplings myself Pan Lei refused to let him touch a kitchen knife and warned him repeatedly not to assume he would cook with a kitchen knife just because he wasn't at his side.

What would happen if he cut his hand Then I’d better buy some ready-made meat stuffing.


He returned to his tiny villa after purchasing noodles, green veggies, meat stuffing, and a variety of snacks.


Tian Yuan was deeply mortified to discover how pampered he'd been.

He was a grownup, but when it came to chopping green veggies, he wasn't used to the kind of thin kitchen knife that was used here, and the blade cut into his nails.

Fortunately, he'd only lost a portion of his index finger nail.

There was no blood, nor was there a wound.

Even though the cut was on the nail, it was not painful.

Tian Yuan laughed at himself.


Pan Lei, you a$$hole! You're the scumbag who spoiled me and made me unable to live without you, causing me to be hell-bent on loving you for the rest of my life.

Grreat! I can work, but I'm going to live like an idiot here.

It's your fault that I remain hungry and become skinny here.


He wrapped dumplings while cursing Pan Lei and muttering incessantly.

At this point, he whispered that Pan Lei had also transferred the problem of talking to himself to him.


Pan Lei loved to ask and answer questions to himself, which he hadn't noticed before.

He'd take a bite of steamed buns, for example, and ask, Tian'er, do you love me After that, he'd swallow the bun and exclaim: love.


Love; love; love my a$$! Every time Pan Lei laughed foolishly, he was amused and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


But now he resembled Pan Lei.

He wrapped a dumpling and muttered something along the lines of: Hey! Do you think this looks like an ingot It looks like me If you despise my handiwork, please come and make me a nice one.

Don't you have to eat it regardless of how good it looks Doesn't it also become something that the body excretes Huh Why should I stop talking It's a matter of body structure; if you feel nauseated, don't eat.

Hey! Don't tell me you're pregnant with my child.

If you have the ability, give birth and show me.


When He Lian entered the room, he saw Tian Yuan preparing dumplings and amusing himself while smiling and laughing.


Should he probe and peek around the kitchen Who was Tian Yuan talking to He's very animated, but who's here


He was all alone, so what was he talking to himself so happily


"What are you doing, entertaining yourself"


When Tian Yuan saw it was him, he raised the dumpling in his hand.


"Let's eat at my place today.

Don’t you miss home cooking I made dumplings."


He Lian became interested.

This was a novel dish that was rarely eaten here.


"That’s great! Dumplings are my favorite.

But I don't have time to make them myself.

You happen to be here, so I have the opportunity to satisfy my craving."


"Nah, I'm just playing around.

Pan Lei makes delicious dumplings, believe me.

Pan Lei used to make a kind of three delicacy stuffing for me at home.

Every bite has a strong flavor of shrimp meat; yum! So good.

When you come to China, if there is a chance, let him make it for you."


He Lian smiled as he noticed Tian Yuan's pride in showing off Pan Lei.

It was absolutely a form of flaunting, the kind that I have but you don't. Your love is wonderful, but do you really need to stimulate this bachelor Huh


"I'll wrap a couple more and let the neighbors try it as well.

After all, they did bring me cookies."


He Lian wanted to help, so Tian Yuan promptly asked him to wash his hands.


"I'm not a people pleaser; it's just etiquette.

It's similar to the Chinese New Year festivities.

Didn't you go to Lin Mu's house to wish his parents a Happy New Year after Lin Mu called to wish your Dad and Mom As an adult, I am naturally aware of this principle.

I know, I know; I'm not going to send many.

I'll remember to put some aside.

I'll just take it out and cook it when I'm ready to eat it.

You're so pesky! You nag like a woman.

Pan Lei, in fact, you are a woman, aren’t you You lied to me about being a man.

This nagging problem you have is just like a menopausal woman."


He Lian had been standing at the kitchen entrance for quite some time, with an odd expression on his face.


When he returned from washing his hands, he heard Tian Yuan talking to himself.

He assumed there was someone in the kitchen when he neared the door, but he was the only one chatting to himself.

This… This was not a good occurrence! Many mental illnesses began with patients talking to themselves.

Many cases of paranoia also began with thinking aloud.

Tian Yuan had been here for less than a month.

Could it be that he was becoming delusional as a result of missing Pan Lei too much Was this why he thought Pan Lei was there in front of him, talking to the person in his fantasy


He’s lost it because he misses Pan Lei too much


"He Lian Why don't you come in and help What are you doing standing there in a daze Do you not want to eat"


He Lian hurriedly entered the kitchen and glanced around. There’s nobody here, is there Was it possible that the person Tian Yuan imagined was present Shit! Don't tell me he's communicating with a supernatural being...


What if Tian Yuan said, "He Lian, why don't you say hello to Pan Lei" First, he must notify the Pan family in China.

Tian Yuan seemed to be going insane from missing Pan Lei so much.

He must first take Tian Yuan to a doctor.


"He Lian, do you like to eat dumplings with vinegar, soy sauce, or hot sauce Pan Lei always likes to eat these three things mixed together.

How about you"


Tian Yuan started to cook the dumplings, and He Lian observed Tian Yuan from the door.


Tian Yuan had clearly lost weight in less than a month.

He was in good spirits.

He'd never seen him babble before, and he wasn't nervous or overly suspicious.

He seemed normal, so why did he start talking to himself



I enjoy eating them with vinegar."


Tian Yuan grinned.


"Me too.

Right! These are freshly prepared.

Please send them to Mrs.

Jennifer, who lives next door.

Let’s eat when you get back."


He Lian agreed and brought the old lady next door a plate of dumplings.

When he returned, he purposefully lightened his steps, and when he opened the door, he heard Tian Yuan still chatting to himself.


"I’m not a fan of your three-in-one dipping sauce.

What's up I won't try it if you don't eat.

I'm jealous today.

Bah! You a$$hole, if you dare to do anything to make me jealous, I'll chop you when I return! Didn’t I warn you not to mess with a surgeon I dare you to tease me again.

See how I deal with you when I return."


Oh no, oh no, oh no! He Lian sighed heavily.

This insane lovesickness; this vexing lovesickness! All it does is drive perfectly normal people mental.


He Lian finally decided to call Pan Lei after much deliberation. Pan Lei, hurry up and come up with a solution! Your husband is on the point of going insane!


Whatever the time difference, He Lian crept around in a corner, making sure Tian Yuan couldn't hear him, and dialed Pan Lei.


"You have to think of something quickly! Your husband has lost it."


Pan Lei was still dreaming, but this one sentence jolted him up.


"What's going on Didn’t I tell you to take good care of him What do you mean he’s lost it What's wrong with him My beloved is in your care, so you must look after him properly and ensure he is hale and hearty! Is this how you look after him If something happens to my baby, you’re dead meat."


Lost his mind What the hell


"Oh my dear brother, it’s not my fault! We’re eating dumplings today, and I found him talking to himself.

He appeared to be conversing with someone, asking and answering questions.

He was quite happy.

I paid close attention, and it looks like he was talking to you.

Something about him not liking your eating style of dumplings with three-in-one dip and being jealous today.

He was muttering something about how if you do something that makes him jealous, he will chop you when he returns, and so on.

I know how much you two adore one another.

He enjoys telling me about your life, your nasty temper, and your love.

There was no one in the room.

I was about to reenter the room when I noticed him cheerfully conversing with himself.

Isn't this madness Could it be that he misses you too much and fantasizes about you Does he see your soul"


"Bah! Laozi is not dead, and the dead don’t go flying around.

Don't be paranoid, he's simply playing by himself.

He Lian, listen up! That's my beloved, the only person I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

If you don't take care of him, don't blame me for being rude."


I've taken good care of him, but the question is, does he miss you too much to become abnormal like this Help! I can't cure this lovesickness!


He Lian was on the verge of crying.

Pan Lei urged him to look after his darling, but this individual had a mental problem and was suffering from lovesickness. Sigh, what a tricky situation.


"I'll try to make time to see him.

In the meantime, take good care of him.

There can't be any mistakes.

He's playing by himself, a little trick to coax himself.

Don't take it seriously.

I'll handle the rest."


Oh, my little ancestor, you won't let me rest easy for a minute.

What's wrong Why did you start talking to yourself


Pan Lei couldn't sleep any longer, so he dialed his lover's number.




I got nothin’


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