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Chapter 164 Baby, how about you stay


They both dreaded parting, but he had to go.

Pan Lei, no matter how skilled he was, couldn't get Tian Yuan off the plane.


Tian Yuan was still outside the security checkpoint even as the plane was about to take off.


Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's hand as if it were a matter of life and death.


"You must wait for me to come back.

Pan Lei, I beg you, please take care of yourself when I'm not at home.

Don’t be reckless when you go on a mission.

You must be safe and sound.

You won’t be able to see me, but promise to call me every day.

I can rest easy knowing you're fine.

Promise me, please.

Don't make me worry."


Pan Lei felt as though he was about to cry.

The foreigners with red hair and green eyes[1] were bound to rob his beloved darling!


"Baby, I’m gonna miss you so much."


"Promise me you’ll be safe."


Tian Yuan was particularly concerned about this.

Pan Lei's missions were far too perilous, and he was terrified that something would go wrong.


"I will.

I promise you."


Tian Yuan was only concerned with this pledge.

They were going to be separated for a year, and he wouldn't be able to see Pan Lei during that time.

He didn't care if his in-laws or someone else was watching over Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan seized Pan Lei's face and bit him hard on the mouth, kissing him deeply after getting the required promise.


Pan Lei held him and bit on his lips, allowing their blood to fuse together before they swallowed each other's bloody saliva while deeply kissing.


Loathing to part, they kissed one another desperately.


As though relying on a kiss to compensate for all the longing and sorrow of separation.

They could only let go of each other for a year by kissing and remembering the other person's taste in their minds.


The more they kissed, the more their hearts ached; the more they kissed, the less they wanted to let go.


Dang Hong stepped forward.

The airplane would not wait for anyone, no matter how agonizing it was for the young couple to separate.


She yanked them apart and pushed Tian Yuan to the security checkpoint.

Although this was a cruel action, Tian Yuan would miss the flight if she didn't separate them, thus she could only be the callous Queen Mother of the West[2].


"Hurry up.

You won't be able to catch the plane if you don't.

Remember to call as soon as you arrive.

If you have any problems, please notify me and your father immediately.

Take care of your health, child.

You'll be living on your own, so be cautious and avoid becoming sick.

Maintain a healthy diet and look after yourself."


Tian Yuan listened to the urging and nodded repeatedly, yet his neck was cocked as he stared at Pan Lei.


"Mark my words, Pan Lei.

We'll spend the rest of our lives together when I return safely.

Don't make me wait.

Be safe, don't put yourself in any danger, and just wait for me."


Tian Yuan didn't care that it was an airport.

He yelled at Pan Lei with all his might.


Pan Lei couldn't take it anymore and dashed over.

Tian Yuan had already passed the security check at this point.

Non-passengers were unable to proceed past this point.

Pan Lei could only grab the isolation tape at the security checkpoint and respond to him.


"Baby, baby, take good care of yourself; I'm waiting for you, I'll be waiting for you at home.

Don't worry; I'll come see you.

Baby, please wait for me to see you.

Foreigners are too open-minded, so stay away from them.

I’ll always love you, baby.

Baby, don't let me worry about your health; baby, remember to eat even if you don't feel like it; and baby, remember to buy rainwear and winter clothing.

Baby, take an umbrella with you.



Pan Lei was about to charge forward when Papa Pan grabbed him.

The security personnel would stop him if he ventured any further.

He was making a huge fuss and wasn't afraid of being embarrassed or arrested.


"Dad! Hey, Dad, why are you holding on to me! I have a few more things to tell him."


Pan Lei was still eager to rush forward.

He wanted to jump through the security checkpoint and hug Tian'er again.


"Baby, remember that I'll miss you; baby, I'll always love you."


Tian Yuan turned around to find him running after him, following in his tracks down the security check's isolation belt.


Papa Pan continued to pull him, but he continued to struggle and had already garnered the notice of the security personnel.


The scheduled flight was repeatedly announced as ready for departure, asking passengers to board the plane as soon as possible.

Tian Yuan desperately wanted to hug and kiss him again, but it was too late since he'd passed the security check, so he had to walk backwards, passionately waving at him.




Tian Yuan yelled at him, his eyes welling up. I'll always love you, ge.

Promise me a lifetime of feelings, and I will give you all of my love.

Separation is only temporary.

You must wait for me in the same way that I have been waiting for you.

When I return a year later, you must stand here and welcome me with open arms.

I'll rush over to hug you, and you'll lift me up and twirl three times.

You have to kiss hard no matter who is present to communicate the excitement of reuniting.


Tian Yuan’s words were like a shot of adrenaline.

Pan Lei didn't care about the consequences as he shook off his father with one arm, leapt, and crossed the isolation belt of the security check, ready to rush through.


"Baby, don't go.

How about we go home Don’t go anywhere, please.

Let’s go home; ge will support you for the rest of your life.

If you don’t mind, can you just stay with me at home Come back, baby!"


Dang Hong was furious.

She wished she could slap her son.

Tian Yuan had cleared security and was going to board the plane.

He dared to rush here at this point, seriously impeding him.

Did he think they'd be apart forever Did he have to scream and yell like they were the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl He was so unwilling to part that he attempted to hijack him!


"Drag him to me!"


Dang Hong was outraged.

Could her unpromising wretched son behave like a man Anyone who comes into contact with him should forget about the future.

A man should have his own career.

As his military position rose, he would be promoted and gain reputation, but Tian Yuan would feel wronged if he spent the rest of his life following him.

Why, in this time where men and women are equal, did he want his spouse to stay at home! Men needed to work harder and build a name for themselves because women no longer stayed at home simply fulfilling the conventional obligations of a good wife.

She supported her son-in-law unconditionally.

He had no choice but to leave; there was no reason for him to stay.

The children were reluctant to part since they were in love, but only by letting go would they be able to achieve even more.


Dang Hong directed their personal guards to go up and restrain Pan Lei's excessive conduct.

They did so by wrapping their arms around his neck and waist and pressing him down.


"Baby, I can’t bear to let you go.

Please come back; let's go home."


"Why don’t you think about him, you loser! You're not at home for months, so you can't leave him to watch the house alone and wait for you to come back.

How painful it must be for him.

He will be happy only if he has a decent career and a clear goal in his life.

You consider yourself a man How can you be such a stumbling block You dare to refer to yourself as someone's lover You're an embarrassment! Don't you realize it's stupid to keep him at home and force him to wait alone Do you want to see him struggle with depression Are you certain you love him Don't you realize you're causing him harm You piss me off, you bast*rd!"


"I hate saying goodbye to him, Mom."


Pan Lei was particularly aggrieved.

His darling had left, and he had not met his eyes or seen his back for the final time.

His mother reprimanded him, putting her hands on her hips and pointing at his nose, calling him a drag and a moron.

But why couldn't his mother comprehend his state of mind


His baby was a rabbit in that alien land with red hair and green eyes and was sure to be bullied.

When the young couple was separated for a year, they had barely passed their honeymoon phase and were spending their days immersed in sweetness.

How could he stand it! He might as well take him home and shackle him to his side.

Only then could he rest assured.


"You…you make me mad! Don’t call me mom; I don't have a worthless son like you!"


Dang Hong angrily turned around and walked away.

Papa Pan, on the other hand, understood his son quite well.

Back then, Dang Hong turned around and left, leaving him and his small son behind.

Because he was stationed in the military district, his son had to be entrusted to his Eldest and Second Uncle.

Despite his military duties, he missed his wife and son.

He was all too familiar with the kind of agony that made one's heart and soul ache.

Being left behind was difficult for a man.


All men wanted to have a career, and they couldn't clip other people's wings, could they Separation was always painful, but Tian Yuan was not eloping with others.

Pan Lei should fully support him because he'd left to learn and enhance his talents.


Papa Pan grabbed his son and asked him to calm down.

Despite his son's bitter countenance and pitiful expression, exactly as he had been when he'd lost his favorite toy as a child, he still had to persuade him.


Papa Pan patted his son’s shoulder.


"Oh son, didn't Dad give you a pass You can go to see him if you wish.

Don’t act like this; you’ll make us soldiers lose face.

A man can bleed and sweat but cannot shed tears.

Dad knows you miss him.

I, too, missed you and your mother terribly back then, but didn't I handle it It's only a year, and it’ll be over soon.

You can go see him, so what's the big deal Don't behave as if you are the Cowherd and Weaver Girl; it's too unsightly."


Pan Lei's sadness subsided slightly. That’s right! His father gave him a pass as a gift that allowed him to visit Tian’er once a month.

This meant that their period of separation wouldn’t be as long as a year; rather he’d be able to see Tian’er once a month.


"Isn't it wonderful to surprise him and then spend some time with him This is the kind of life you are living now, got it Pack up quickly and return to the army.

Don’t stay and embarrass us.

And you really wanted to crash through the security check! Do you want a distinguished general to follow you and be taken to the nearest police station by the airport police That would be extremely humiliating for both me and your mother.

I can tell your mother is upset.

Don’t go near her since it will only ruffle her feathers, and that will be bad for the both of us.

Go; return to the army."


Tian Yuan was traveling in first class.

When the flight attendant instructed everyone to turn off their phones so as not to disrupt the flight signal, he sent Pan Lei one final text message.


"Go back and look at the piece of paper in your drawer, ge.

If you keep me waiting, I'll turn that scrap of paper into a final farewell for the two of us."


He switched off his phone and then requested a sleep mask to conceal his eyes.


The sleep mask absorbed the leached tears.

He was equally unwilling to part, but he was determined to be an excellent doctor.

He'd sacrificed their reunion for the sake of a better life for them in the future.


He wasn't scared about this year.

What he feared the most was that something would happen to Pan Lei when he was not by his side.

All he could do was exhort Pan Lei to be careful about everything, to return safely, to avoid doing anything dangerous, and to exercise caution when going on missions.

Pan Lei was so used to spewing nonsense that what if he forgot


Please wait for me, ge, please wait for me.

Wait for me to return; you must wait for me to return.


[1] This description does not refer to any particular nationality.

Rather, the ancient Chinese found Westerners ugly and referred to them as monkeys/ghosts/demons.

Westerners were dubbed "foreign devils" as a collective.

[2] In the classic The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, she is the villain who separates the lovers.


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