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Chapter 163 Baby, I can’t bear saying goodbye to you


After weeks of planning, the actual New Year's celebrations came and went in an instant.

The third day of the new year arrived in the blink of an eye after New Year's Day, with the departure of the two uncles' and aunts' families.

Grandpa and Grandma Pan, as well as Tian Yuan's parents, left on the fifth day.

They would have to wait a year to see their son again this time.


The Tian couple were lengthy in their urging to Tian Yuan to be cautious about everything when he traveled overseas, to avoid visiting dubious areas, to study hard, and to return as quickly as possible.

They suggested that Tian Yuan bring Leizi home to meet them once he returned to China.


"Leizi, work hard in the army and be careful about your safety," they said as they left the house.


"Thank you for your hospitality, Mother and Father.

Please come and stay with us if you have the opportunity.

I hope we get to see each other often."


"Don't worry," Dang Hong remarked with a smile.

"When Tian Yuan returns, decorate the house according to your tastes, and then invite them to live with you.

The recently purchased house is extremely close to our military compound; you can join us for a meal at any time; it's only a half-hour walk away.

They can pay a visit to their in-laws while out for a stroll.

We sisters will be companions when I retire in the future."


Tian Yuan's flight was scheduled for the 8th, and Pan Lei was set to return to the barracks on the 9th.

That is, after seeing off Tian Yuan, Pan Lei would depart as well.


The Pan household, which was currently warm, lively and noisy, would soon become cold and cheerless.


Tian Yuan was also taken home by Pan Lei.

There were only two days left, and the young couple wanted to make the most of their last chance to be affectionate before a year apart.

They had no choice but to part, no matter how much they hated it.


Papa Pan gazed around at their completely vacant house and wrapped his arms around Dang Hong's shoulders.


"Tian Yuan's work will be consistent and dependable after he returns, so you can retire.

Let them adopt a child, and if they are unable to care for it, we will assist them.

The family will be more animated."


It was therefore with this goal in mind that they chose a house near the military compound for them.

It took half an hour to walk and only a few minutes to drive.

Tian Yuan would be preoccupied with work, and Pan Lei would be engaged with the army, but that didn't matter.

They could take care of the adopted child.


Wouldn't it be perfect


Pan Lei pounced on Tian Yuan from behind and lifted him up like a sack as soon as they reached home, before Tian Yuan could take off his jacket.

He kicked open the bedroom door with Tian Yuan on his shoulder and tossed him on the bed, bearing down on him.


"Let's agree that throughout this one day and two nights, we'll go at it like rabbits.

If missing you isn't enough, a year apart will suffocate me to death.

We'll have a solid physical relationship during this period to avoid going insane when we don't meet.

I'll pack your bags for you, but you are not permitted to get out of bed."


A year of longing, a year of separation, this kind of yearning would drive them insane.

It was too terrible for them to be apart when their emotions were at their peak.

What is the most agonizing thing in the universe, the most heartbreaking pain It's called love-sickness.


Separation in life and parting in death was the most agonizing thing in the world, especially for them.


Tian Yuan's eye rims turned red, and he could only fiercely hold Pan Lei's neck.


"That sounds good."


He was solely concerned with the present, regardless of what happened in the future.

Intense lingering, fervent burning, as if giving vent to all thoughts of longing for the year, only deep entanglement and meeting of the body and soul could push aside the bitterness of separation.


Tian Yuan indulged his wildness, his hard ramming; even when he screamed in pain and begged for mercy, he didn't let go even a bit, just kept saying, "Ge, ge, hold me tight! Hold me tight."


Pan Lei kept whispering random endearments into Tian Yuan's ear, and Tian Yuan allowed him.

Endearments like "sweetheart" and "honey," which he used to dislike, suddenly felt good to hear.

It was he and him alone, no matter what endearment was used.

He was Pan Lei's baby, ancestor, and honey.


Have you got a toothache Do you think it's a little too sweet But the more he was addressed in this manner, the sadder Tian Yuan became.

Could such acute lingering actually compensate for a year of yearning Could it help him cope with his loneliness and quietness as an expat Give me a little more, give me a little more, whether it's pain, being limp and numb, the kind of daze that comes from being brought to the pinnacle and free falling, or even if he was in a semi-stupor owing to excessive ejaculation, it was all wonderful because it was all from Pan Lei.


Tian Yuan desired to be infected with his breath, to carry his scent with him for a year, so that whenever he missed Pan Lei, he could close his eyes and mislead himself into thinking Pan Lei was by his side.


Pan Lei was penetrating too deeply, giving Tian Yuan the sensation that his body had been run through, displacing all of his internal organs.

Tian Yuan was indifferent to Pan Lei's frenzied thrusting, which severely rocked him every time Pan Lei slammed into a certain place. A little more, a little more.

I'm going to suck you dry and make it impossible for you to look at anyone else.

I'm going to possess your body and soul such that you never react to anyone else in this life but me.


All he wanted was Pan Lei.

To be possessed, owned, to embrace and be embraced, tossed violently, thrown into an inferno, touched lingeringly, and screaming indiscriminately for one day and two nights, or a lifetime.

He wanted it all.


Tian Yuan felt that nothing could erupt anymore, but he was still aroused, which caused him to get frantic every time.

Finally, he cried.


Pan Lei loved him even more passionately and fiercely when he yelled "gege" with tears in his eyes.


"Baby, you drive me crazy, completely insane, I'm crazy about you!" were the words Pan Lei said the most.


Tian Yuan didn't know why he was crying; perhaps it was because he loathed the fact that his time with Pan Lei was coming to an end and he couldn't take the thought of having to part ways so soon, which was making him cry Or was he very aroused and got carried away, causing him to cry In short, he cried while clinging to Pan Lei's shoulders, and there were green-blue and red marks on every part of his body, including his fingertips, underarms, and between his thighs, from sucking, kissing, or Pan Lei's firm grip.

Pan Lei had thoroughly marked him.


He felt hot and as if he had died over and over, yet the scorching heat that spilled into his body made him unable to stop erupting with Pan Lei.


Pan Lei would go and pack his luggage for him while he was surrounded by darkness.

From Tian Yuan's outerwear, underpants, and socks to his coffee mug, he packed everything.


When Tian Yuan scowled and yelled for water, he fed him one sip at a time, patted his head, and told him to keep resting.


Maybe they'd eat something and Pan Lei would carry Tian Yuan to the toilet when he opened his eyes.

He truly helped him hold the little head this time.

Tian Yuan couldn't stand up without Pan Lei's arm to support him.

Pan Lei assisted him in going to the toilet, wiped his little head with a wet tissue, and then began kissing in the bathroom before carrying him back to the bedroom and loving him again.


Pan Lei had stated that he would not allow Tian Yuan to leave his bed.


Pan Lei was successful.


The day of parting always came quickly.


Tian Yuan's mother-in-law and father-in-law all showed up to see him off.

Pan Lei had packed him five suitcases.

He stated that the suitcases would be checked in and that someone would meet him at the airport, so it didn't matter how many bags he took.


He draped a scarf over Tian Yuan's neck, stroked his cheek, brought their foreheads close, and spoke quietly.


"Don't forget to eat on time, carry your jacket, and remember to charge your phone.

I should be able to get in touch with you at any point.

Every ten days, you must write a letter and send hundreds of emails every day.

Remember to memorize the address and phone me when you arrive.

Don't go out alone at night; rather, have a baseball bat by your bedside.

It's okay to go to the neighborhood shop and buy a gun for self-defense; it's sold on the black market.

If you don't know where to buy it, I have a comrade-in-arms there who will buy it and send it to you.

For food, go to a nearby Chinese restaurant for the entire year.

When you're hungry, get something to eat.

Don't be afraid to spend money as we're well-off.

When going out, avoid taking public transportation and instead take a taxi; it's safer.

When you arrive, visit the embassy.

One of Dad's old pals works there and will take good care of you.

Stay away from demonstrations and the like.

Don't bother about anything other than your academics.

When I have time, I will pay a visit to your parents.

Study diligently, but don't put yourself under too much stress, you know Don't stay up late, smoke less, don't drink alone, tell me when you feel wronged, when you're down, and when you want to cry.

Please, baby, cry when you return.

You'll be sad on your own, but I won't be able to come over and comfort you.

Take good care of yourself, avoid getting sick, and avoid being lonely.

It won't be long before you're back.

This period will be over fast."


Tian Yuan kept nodding.

He nodded in agreement with everything Pan Lei stated.

Pan Lei was still concerned, no matter how many directions he gave.

He was always taking care of him, including meals, daily living, and the details of life.

Pan Lei handled everything.

How could he be reassured now that Tian Yuan was leaving for the first time Tian Yuan had been so pampered by Pan Lei that he didn't even know how to use gas.

This was both a good and a bad thing.


Pan Lei placed a light kiss on Tian Yuan's brow.


"I love you, baby.

I’ll always love you, honey."


Tian Yuan's tears streamed down in a flash.

Pan Lei wiped them away, his heart sore in his chest.

He could feel his eyes misting up, but he knew that if he cried again, Tian Yuan would be unable to leave.


"Baby, baby."


He kept calling him "baby," but he couldn't say anything to console him.


"How about not going, baby Just wait for me at home.

It's not like we'll have to beg for food if you don't work.

Don't bother going."


Who could have predicted that Pan Lei, who had been spouting emotional monologues, would suddenly use words to hold back Tian Yuan He appeared to have held back on speaking this for a long time before it eventually burst forth in this manner.


Dang Hong kicked her son out of the way with a well-aimed kick.


"What are you crying for You’re a grown man! Don’t be so embarrassing! Your father wasn't clingy like you when I was gone for two or three years.

Tian Yuan, my lovely son, someone from the medical school will contact you and pick you up once you arrive at the airport.

I graduated from that college, which now has a collaborative relationship with our hospital.

They are aware that you are my son and will take excellent care of you.

Your professor is a cardiothoracic medicine expert in Britain.

Every year, he only admits a few PhD candidates.

He is a doctor of the British royal family and a PhD tutor at the medical school.

But don't be scared of him.

He is a friend of mine.

Simply question him if you don't understand something.

Pan Zhan has already found you a suitable residence.

I've had everything ready for you over there.

Don't worry, Mom will pay you a visit from time to time."


Everything was set, and Tian Yuan only had to go through it.

At one point, he feared he'd have to live in a tiny apartment, wash dishes, and work part-time to earn living expenses.

But now he had millions in his bank card, and could even travel around Europe.

This amount did not include Pan Ge's pocket money, which was enough to last a year.

A luxurious residence, first-rate tutors, and the ideal learning environment.

He would be able to live much more comfortably than when he was in college given he worked hard enough.

When he returned, he would skyrocket in the world.

With the Pan family’s support and his own efforts, Tian Yuan's future was limitless.


The next arc is here~ I never imagined a sex marathon could be described in such a calm manner


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