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Chapter 161 Grabbing the red packets on New Year's


This is a wonderful surprise, but I must keep it from Tian Yuan for the time being.

How romantic it will be if I materialize in front of him just when he misses me the most! Pan Lei excitedly tucked the piece of paper away.

This was a one-of-a-kind pass.

It served as a bridge for their love and was necessary for them to deepen their feelings.


Pan Lei pretended nothing had happened and went about his business as usual.


However, in the middle of the night, Tian Yuan was startled awake by a series of strange laughs.

God alone knows what kind of sweet dreams Pan Lei was having.

He was fast asleep, yet he couldn't stop giggling.

Tian Yuan thought it was amusing. What is he dreaming about in the middle of the night that makes him laugh like this


It was the New Year, and everyone was dressed in new attire.

Tian Yuan and Pan Lei awoke early morning to see the four gorgeous sisters in the family dressed identically, draped in different colored shawls, newly permed hair, and heels, receiving guests.


People in the military facility visited one another, and Grandpa Pan, the Pan family's senior, was no exception.

It didn't matter that he'd retired for a long time.

People came to pay a New Year's call to him because he was a senior revolutionary.

People from Pan Lei's generation also visited Pan Lei's uncles and cousins to wish them a happy new year.


It was a very lively atmosphere.

In the case of Huang Kai, calling him stupid did not wrong him in the least.

He was a rose salesman.

On New Year's Day, he arrived with a large bundle of roses in his arms to wish them a Happy New Year.


Zhang Hui and Lin Mu arrived with gifts and noticed this old boy with such a large bunch of roses.


Huang Kai proceeded to deliver flowers as soon as he walked through the door.

Every Pan woman, from the eldest Grandma Pan to the youngest Little LingSi'er, received a bouquet of roses.


He only said a New Year's greeting after handing out the roses, but it was enough to win the approval of the female elders.

Pan Ge smiled lightly and ignored him while drinking tea.


When Huang Kai was handing the roses to Second Aunt Pan, this brainless chap whose mental condition occasionally short-circuited, actually looked a little…embarrassed



Why would he be embarrassed


People who were paying attention could tell that Second Aunt Pan's bouquet contained the most roses and was the largest bundle.


Huang Kai glanced at Pan Ge but did not approach him.

He joked with Pan Lei and Tian Yuan before leaving.


They couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right.

But who cared about him It was the New Year, and everyone was having a good time.

The impression that "something is fishy" had long since faded.


The dumplings had not been fished out by late evening.

Grandpa and Grandma Pan sat in the middle, with pillows on the ground in front of them.

They were holding a stack of red envelopes.


Tian Yuan had no idea what this meant.


Pan Lei explained in hushed tones.


"It is the Pan family's tradition.

Seniors are the most important, so the ancient practices must be followed.

On New Year's Day, we kowtow to our elders and say auspicious words, and the elders will present us with red envelopes.

The first round is for grandparents, next for parents, and last for the few of us.

However, it is unsatisfying.

After all, only LingSi’er kowtows to us."


Eh Tian Yuan expected this military family to make a military salute and say, "Happy New Year Sir!" and then leave.

He had no idea there were so many customs in the family.


The eldest uncle and aunt, the second uncle and aunt, Papa and Mama Pan all bowed one after the other.

The Pan men had changed out of their military uniforms and into civilian clothes.

Eldest Uncle Pan's hair had grayed, but he still knelt, kowtowed, and said auspicious words. Huh How come my parents have followed suit


Tian Yuan thought it was excellent.

No matter how powerful you are, you need a family, and no matter how old you are, you must have a mother.

Isn't it a blessing to be able to kowtow to your parents for the New Year, even if you're 80 He hoped that when he and Pan Lei reached their parents' age, they would be able to kowtow to them and wish them a happy new year.


Pan Lei laughed when he saw Grandpa and Grandma Pan handing them red packages. You're in your 60s and you're still getting red envelopes You haven't grown up yet hehehe~


Pan Zhan and his wife, Pan Ge, Tian Yuan, and Pan Lei followed next.

They all knelt there as well.


They kowtowed and said auspicious words, and Grandma handed out red envelopes one by one, remarking that they were all good grandchildren; all were good kids.


Pan Zhan and his wife stood up, as did Pan Ge and Tian Yuan, making room for LingSi'er.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, pulled Tian Yuan and forced him to remain kneeling.

He smiled as he looked at the red envelopes in grandma's hands.


"I wish Grandpa and Grandma a long and healthy life."


He kowtowed once again.

Tian Yuan gave him a blank stare. Didn't he kowtow just now Pan Lei extended his hand and put his hand against Tian Yuan's nape, forcing him to kowtow with him.

Tian Yuan couldn't get rid of his brute might, so he had to kowtow again like Pan Lei.


Grandma Pan smiled and pulled out two more red envelopes, which she shoved into Tian Yuan's hands.


"Good boy, Grandma will give you an additional red envelope."


Pan Lei's eyes glowed.


"I wish my grandparents to be younger and younger, and their bodies to be better and better."


He forced Tian Yuan to kowtow once again.


Pan Ge smiled as he stroked his chin.


"Have you seen Iron Pear[1], Eldest Brother That TV show about a soldier bandit and the Third Concubine digging a grave and robbing a tomb"


Pan Zhan was laughing so hard that he couldn't stand.


"I've seen it, I've seen it, that's how the handsome guy forced Tie Lihua to worship heaven and earth and marry! He pushed his hand against the woman's neck and simply kowtowed three times, as though paying respects to heaven and earth.

Our Leizi is identical to the one on the TV show.

Even the way his palm presses on Tian Yuan's neck is the same."


Pan Ge couldn't take it any longer and burst out laughing.

There was also a bandit in their family who looked exactly like that handsome man.

How could somebody kowtow to such an extent The only thing missing was red clothing, otherwise it could be a bride kidnapping scene!


Pan Lei was unconcerned about them.

He and Tian'er spend a lot of money on family gifts, so they had to get something back no matter what.

Tian Yuan was going abroad after the New Year, and the expenses were fairly significant, so he needed to plan ahead of time for their lives.

After all, Tian'er would be alone in a foreign country, and what was he to do if he couldn't eat and live well This New Year's Eve presented an opportunity to make a fortune.


He had no qualms about kowtowing.

He was happy to say the new year wishes and kowtow till dawn as long as it got them red envelopes.


"I wish my grandparents to live another hundred years."


As Grandma continued to hand out red envelopes, Grandpa raised his eyebrows.

They now had four red envelopes each, three more than Pan Zhan and the rest.


"Is there an end in sight You want to kowtow until morning, don't you, brat I'm not going to let you take all the money, you b*stard!"


When Grandpa slapped the table, Pan Lei pretended to be dumb.


"Grandpa, you are mistaken.

Eldest Brother owns a business and lives a worry free life.

Second brother is the bureau chief.

God knows how many gifts(bribes) he receives every year.

Even if he does not accept them, he is still single.

He won’t go hungry even if he eats his fill.

But the two of us have just begun a significant task.

I'm in the army; how much military pay can I expect each year My Tian'er works so hard, doing the night shift for surgery, and despite working so hard, he needs to take out a mortgage to buy a house.

He'll be traveling abroad soon.

If I don't provide him with enough living expenses for a year, should I send him abroad to study and wash dishes for others to earn a living We're impoverished, and all I'm asking for is a little more of the lucky money.

At the very least, my Tian'er will not suffer abroad ah!"


Pan Lei acted justly and firmly.

I feel awful for my husband; I can't let him go without money; I have to find a method to get him some.


It was simply a matter of explaining that I'm quite reasonable, and persistent pestering has never been my style.

What about erroneous reasoning, you might ask That is also reasonable.

They were together, they had to live a good life, and he wanted to give his baby the best life possible.

At the very least, Tian'er needed to live in a bachelor apartment when he traveled abroad for further studies, there should be a restaurant that delivered three meals a day to him, and he should have a thousand dollars in pocket money per month.

Overall, it was essential to obtain some red envelopes.


"You just want to grab it, bandit!"


Pan Lei's back was straight, and he was still acting righteous.


"Don't keep calling me by my nickname, Grandpa; I'll be embarrassed."


Grandpa Pan's mustache almost exploded in rage.

This rogue youngster! How did such a scoundrel emerge from their disciplined family!


Tian Yuan was trying to drag Pan Lei.

Why was he looting all of his relatives! It's not like he had no idea how much money they had.

They had enough money saved up.

There would be no problems if he went abroad for a year.


"Pan Zhan, you have money, so you give it to him.

Don't let him rob me and your grandmother again; we're old and don't have money!"


Pan Zhan was the most exaggerated in his laughter.

Who would have guessed that Grandpa's comments would transfer the target to him Pan Zhan roared in his heart: Grandpa, even if I had a mountain of riches, your youngest grandson will hollow it out.

He's a thief who spends his days dreaming out new ways to rob people.


"I'll find Tian Yuan a house where he can live comfortably, travel easily, and there are no bad people in the neighborhood, okay"


Pan Lei pondered for a moment.


"It should have two bedrooms, one living room, and a separate bathroom, preferably in a modern apartment building.

It's better to have a modest two-story western-style house with a garden downstairs if it's an independent property."


Can you have some shame, Pan Lei You should quit while you're ahead.


Pan Zhan was helpless.

After all, he was the eldest brother, and he would handle it as requested.


Pan Lei turned to face Pan Ge.


Pan Ge grinned.

Pan Lei had robbed Eldest Brother and couldn't bear the thought of letting Second Brother go.

This was Pan Lei's style.


"I'll give you a red envelope if you kowtow to me.

I guarantee that the pocket money will be significantly more than what he'll spend in a year."


People of the same generation will not bow down to one another.

Pan Ge was taking advantage of the situation.


Pan Lei was resourceful.

He turned around and kowtowed again.


"Grandma, I wish you to be like a pine on the top of Mount Tai and live for a thousand years."


Grandpa Pan was preparing to get his cane in order to beat Pan Ge.


Grandma Pan was someone who would be happy and give red envelopes as long as he kowtowed.


Only two of the large stack of red envelopes remained.

LingSi'er had the impression that things were not going well.

Her little uncle and aunt would grab all the red envelopes, leaving none for her.


"Wah~~" LingSi'er burst into tears.


"Little Uncle is a baddie; he stole all the red envelopes!"


Everyone was caught between laughter and tears as the child sobbed. Is this a case of Pan Lei robbing a child


"Pan Ge, hurry up and give these two little bandits your red envelope!"


Who could defy Grandpa Pan's command "Okay, okay, grandpa, at once," Pan Ge promised readily.

"I'll hand over the bank card right away."


Tian Yuan was dragged to his feet by Pan Lei. Everything's fixed.

Living expenses, accommodation, food and drink.

Everything was in order.


"Wow! After a long time of following a bandit, no matter how decent a person is, he will become a bandit.

Tian Yuan is such a good guy yet he now refuses to stop Pan Lei.

He'll rob alongside him."


This was necessary.

The purpose of robbing was to obtain benefits for their small family.


[1] A 2010 drama about the trials and tribulations of protagonist Tie Lihua, who is forced to marry a Kuomintang aka national party general.


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